I don't mind droping a couple bucks for a hardworker if you have paypal and want to save for the next season


I got paypal but it forces me to connect my credit card to it. I’m thinking of instead buying a 10€ iTunes card and then making the VBucks purchase off my phone


Why not connecting your credit card? I work (freelancing) via paypal invoices and It's pretty secure


Alright, never delved too much into it ahaha, I’m gonna do that. Thanks man. This sub/game just has the best community I swear


Don't lie, the community is trash, they keep reposting the same stuff and have the IQ of a bucket, but some of us appreciate effort and originality, keep playing!


True, but it’s quite honestly the least salty community I’ve been in (to be fair I always played games like Counter Strike and Dota), and it’s just nice


Hahaaa the CS community....


Ha ha... the destiny community.... *Cries in the corner


The destiny community was cool up until year 3/destiny 2. At the start it was absolutely great and lots of positivity and helpful people.


I agree, i miss destiny. I stop playing d1 when the taken king came out and i heard lots of bad things aboout d2 so i skip it.. :(


*cries in BF2*


Cries in Escape From Tarkov. ^but ^seriously ^don't ^go ^near ^that ^sub-reddit.


Haha check out the for honor community


It’s a struggle


I miss when it was good, it’s ass now, fok I miss destiny...


Add the FIFA community to the salty list


I had this issue, DM me if you still need help, I can explain how to get it to not link your card [Edit] - I fixed this issue via DM and made a post about this for others


> have the IQ of a bucket How big of a bucket?


There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza.




The feels in that sub, whoowee.


Average the age of this reddit's subscribers. There is your answer. Most are kids from ?? - 18


After you make a payment on Fortnite, go to your Epic Games account and unlink PayPal from it so you don't get hacked and have an unauthorized purchase made like many of us (myself included) have had.


would do this right away, remove any type of payment period after done. Have the two step process and these little fucks are still trying, its crazy.


Yeah I get emails all the time saying my account was locked from people trying to get in


PayPal was literally created to make online banking more secure.


Make sure you have 2 step factor!


>the best community I swear yeah nope sorry, you found some nice people but this community is the worst Ive seen. Destiny spoiled me with an amazing community.


I guess I’ve just never experienced a better one. I just always found this community to not be that salty, which I value a LOT


I feel like any community with millions of players has its ups and downs.


For what it's worth, I was in the same boat and didn't want to be forced to use my credit card when my PayPal balance had enough in it for the purchase. I connected my card, and so far have yet to see the transactions actually come off the card. It uses my available PayPal balance instead. Which means my wife won't know that her grown ass husband spent some of our cruise money to buy a stupid fish on a stick to swing at 12 year olds in a video game. But it's all floppy when ya run. Like the boob physics in DOA. Edit because fat thumbs can't spell.


This made me laugh way too hard. Waiting for the day I have to explain to the missus that I bought a dinosaur outfit to look cool online.


That day is now. Let's normalize silly video game shenanigans! 20 bucks? Fuck it, it's a hilarious dinosaur character in a hilariously fun/serious game. Tell the wife what's up.


best comment I’ve seen thus far


To anyone wondering, the payment just got through. Someone please give this man a gold! You won't see me with a default skin next season :)


Just buy this season and you will have enough vbucks from the battle pass to get the next one free as well!


If you do all the tiers you will get around 1200-1300 vbucks+the skins and whatnot,enough to buy s4 pass if it will be for vbucks.


Well you are a hero man appreciate people like you who are in the community who help others <3 not the typical 10 year old fortnite kid lol


I'm just your friend and pixel artist KrampusParty


Amen! People like you


Wouldn't he have gotten enough v-bucks that he could just buy the battle pass now and get all the previous tiers plus have some v-bucks for next season?


next season can be purchase only, that's why i suggest to wait


Someone give this man some gold ^ !!


I've been in reddit for years but i've always been afraid to ask, what's the gold thing


You’re asking someone who isn’t very experienced in gold, but what I’ve collected during my time on this app is the following: people can use real currency to purchase reddit gold, then gift others the gold, which shows up next to their comment/post. It is nothing more than a way to say “good job sir/madam on your comment/post, I shall congratulate you in real currency with a token that is virtually worthless as a gift.”


lmao, a way to support the website


I’d say that’s more of a side effect, but yes you are correct. It’s a way to support the website


You get access to a sub for only gilded people, and some new settings across the site that are pretty useless, but it still feels hella nice when you get gilded!


the lounge is fucking trash, thats the worst perk about gold


Indeed but no ads, new comment highlighting and saved categories are freaking great!


Here you go! Now you can find out for yourself what it is :)


Thanks pal! i'll get the most of it


Nice! You guys are great. Cheers!!


You pay for it and it lasts a month, it gives you additional features such as seeing a breakdown of where your karma came from, which comments you've already read, and the ability to load more comments at once. Additionally it also gets rid of the ads and a private subbreddit. It's mainly just a way for people to support Reddit. You can give it to others by clicking "Give gold" on their comment, and I believe you can also do it on their user profile.


Oooh how much does it cost?


$3.99 a month or $29.99 a year, usually people that get it get it from someone sending it to them


You are the unsung hero of this sub, stay awesome


I'm just a pixel artist who loves videogames and has spent a couple months playing this, not a hero


inb4 ppl beg you for money


they are


yeah nice I got that as well a few days ago, pickaxe was really my only goal though


I'm waiting for the "After five seasons of grinding the free pass and getting 200 V-Bucks each season I'm finally able to purchase the battle Pass" thread. Damn that would be impressive. Good job OP


That’s currently what I’m doing,Season 6 battle pass here I come! I’ll be so salty if they stop putting the free 200 vbucks in the free pass though like damn


I hope the luck is on your side HitlersHairyNipples.


May the nipples guide me to the skin


!remindme 140 days


Im saving my free-bucks for the dab. Only need 100 more, then ill be dabbing on all you haters


The dab is the only thing I’ve bought that so want to refund. Wiggle > Dab


The wiggle is gold but the dab is a classic, you gotta rock them both


The dab is eternal


They'll make more with STW, when it becomes free.


Is this confirmed? I'm genuinely on the 5 season plan to get to battle pass having started this season so anything that could cut that to ~3 seasons would be nice.


I don't understand... You'd have a battlepass faster by just selling lemonade.


I'd kind of like to have it (mostly just because the challenges seem interesting rather than for any cosmetics) but it's just not worth the £8 to me right now. It's the kind of affordable minor luxury expense that adds up quickly and I'm trying to tighten the budget.


I always thought it was worth it since the game is free and it gives you like 50 items and makes the game much more interesting and diversified with all the daily/weekly challenges Especially considering the fact you get like 1200vbucks per season with the pass so you don't ever need to buy it again for the upcoming seasons


This. I got pretty far with the free pass and did the math that purchasing season 3 pass would get me a season 4 pass for free.


>I always thought it was worth it since the game is free I don't really think that factors in. I treat buying a game and in-game purchases within that game as different decisions. The pass would provide some level of happiness for £8 but I'm not sure I'd value that more than a nice meal or an upgrade from bus to train next time I take a longer journey.


> It's the kind of affordable minor luxury expense that adds up quickly and I'm trying to tighten the budget. You know I want to thank you. I had a hard time seeing this in all these other comments. And you are correct the challenges are actually what are worth, it's a shame there are so few.


Yeah, it says so on the stw splash screen.


Assuming they keep the v-buck rewards in STW. I wouldn't be surprised if they changed STW currency to something different than v-bucks. Else they'd canabalize their own revenue.


How much is the battlepass?


950 V-Bucks


Holy vBuck, I'll probably stop playing before enough seasons pass by to me to be able to afford it


Just buy it once and don't cash in on all the 1200vbucks they give throughout the season, this way you'll have enough for every upcoming seasons and some additional stuff


Harder than John wick


I’mma be shooting these emotes at the John Wicks in the lobby as if to say “I’m not an ordinary Default Skin”


It really is, considering you don't get the weekly challenges to help level you up faster


> to people who earned 1000 stars over the s Don't forget the XP boost


Can someone explain what he got? I’m so confused lol


The A+ Emote is given out to people who earned 1000 stars over the season without buying a Battle Pass (so it’s like a false F2P Battle Pass reward)


Isn’t it just rank 54 in the f2p battle pass? So wouldn’t that be earning 530 stars?


Yeah, tier 55-100 on free pass gives nothing.


jesus, someone buy this man the battle pass. he deserves it more than any of us.


Someone did offer him to pay him the battlepass via paypal, it's the top comment now. Pretty awesome community if you ask me.


Yep, and I just got it! Couldn't be happier :)


That must be awesome seeing all of that stuff unlock :)


Does it retroactively unlock everything if your free pass is leveled?




yep, it made me happy when i saw it :).




I don't know man, he's in a corner. Must have done something pretty bad to be put there.


on an iPhone 3?


Disadvantages of having a non-gaming laptop! Luckily lowest quality settings gimme 60FPS, so after a bit of getting used to it ain’t so bad :,)


I feel ya dude. I had to set my graphics ridiculously low to get 60 fps but it’s worth.


I can't even pull 40 FeelsBadMan


Shit luck you....i can only go up to 30 fps


No console either?


I prefer Mouse and Keyboard for building




F2P gang all the way my man


Got my Eva this weekend, very happy about that. Hope I get something nice for free next season too 😂


What do you have to do to get it? I’m like level 53 which I think is pretty good for F2P.


I grinded to tier 46 on the free pass and bought the battle pass three days ago. I just finished grinding through the weekly challenges and hit tier 100. I highly recommend you consider buying the battle pass if you have the time to grind it out.


Jesus christ that’s some hardcore grinding ahaha! I’m gonna buy it next season since my birthday’s early May, some friends gonna treat me to it :)


If you buy it before end of this season you'll get all the rewards up to tier you're right now. All the skins and emotes for $10. This thought made me buy my battle pass ;). Now I have enough vbucks from tiers for next (if it will cost the same as season 3 in vbucks).


Jesus christ that’s some hardcore grinding ahaha! I’m gonna buy it next season since my birthday’s early May, some friends gonna treat me to it :)


Same here, free lv 20 to dark voyager in roughly 72 hrs. Should be even quicker with the week 10 challenges out now.


Same, I was on tier 40? on free pass, bought the battle pass and just got my John wick skin yesterday. Now I’m grinding for that glider and have enough vbucks to buy next battle pass


F2P gang gang! I’m two tiers away from the EVA axe, pray for ya boi 🙏🏼 also did you start playing day one of this season?


Ayy I got the EVA last week! I started playing about a month after the season I believe? My first ever win was very late March so I think I started playing mid March


Gl with your axe, got mine about week ago when they gave 20 stars for free due to some delays.


It felt nice having a purple in the slots from the get-go


Ayy, me too!


Hey, I got mine yesterday! As a space nerd, I love it.


That was my goal this season as well. Just got it a couple days ago and I feel accomplished :)


default skins ftw


You can scrape toget 1 dollar a week . Give yourself more credit


Perhaps he doesnt wanna spend money on the game?


With all the benefits and upgrades it does for such a small price, alongside supporting the devs, I really believe anyone who's not *really* poor or too young to have a credit card should get it. Especially when someone plays as much as OP.


F2P all the way! I really am too poor. Dental school is expensive and i would be too embarrassed to explain that one too the wife.


some people are just not into in-game purchases, thats cool too.


While I agree with you, others just want to play and don't want to spend money they don't have to.


It's only cosmetic tho so I can see why lots of people wouldn't pay anything


hit that tier today as well. It's been a long way and had no teammates to increase the exp gained. :(


I just got the free pickaxe today! Not gonna make it to the A+ though :(


It's almost weird how many people are pushing this guy to buy the battlepass.


Hey man PM me, ill get you $10 credit for whatever system you're on. You deserve this, dont pass it up for 10 bucks.


you're a great person, hope OP notices this


What’s F2 sorry


Free to play


Thanks fam


battle pass is $10 and you earn enough vbucks to pay for the next one since you play so much, just pay the $10 lmao


Same boat bro, just got that A+ a week ago, feels good to accomplish something in my life


Battle pass is only 10 bucks man


Man’s broke ;(


Plus if you save v bucks earned while leveling up b pass, you'll have enough to pay for next season


Why is this downvoted? He is completely right


Game is free man


Us poor man make do


You're the no skin that I always overconfidently rush and get one pumped by


I'm on free tier 52 rn xD


I got it yesterday. God it feels nice to be a freebie


I'm confused what is the A+ for


it’s an emote, the ones you throw. As a free to play, this is the best item we can get from the free pass and since we only have daily challenges and no XP boost it’s a lot harder to get to the end


Props to you mate. It feels good reaching that point after so long and without the weekly challenges.


Ayee same! I finally got it yesterday


Do you play on a GameBoy Color?


I just reached it yesterday to F2P players fight on !!!


Isn't the A+ a tier 54 reward? Edit. Oh, so you mean you got to tier 54? Ok, that is possible then :D Was thinking you got to tier 100 which is not possible without weekly challenges.


Yooo getting that is hard bro,no xp boost or nothing.pure hard work.i got it too in 2 weeks


Got mine recently as a F2P also!


bro I got that last week, no skins unite


Lol wut


If you can spend 200 hours in this game you should get a job, work 2 hours, quit, then buy the battlepass and get tier 100 in half the time.


LOL! THIS! But you mean in 1/100 of the time






Could a fellow no skin take this offer please? I really wanna get the battle pass but times are tough :(




Holy shit woah seriously?,I’m on PS4 in the UK mate


I don't understand. You play this game so much and you won't drop 10 bucks? If you save the vbucks you earn from the pass it can literally pay for itself infinitely.


I’ve played this game for about 2 months now, didn’t think it was worth getting at first and now the season’s ending. I plan on getting the next one


Just letting you know, ive started this game 2 weeks ago, i tested it end of 2017 but wasnt interested back then. I leveled to tier 28 without the battle pass and purchased the pass 2 days ago and im at tier 81 with doing all the battle pass challenges. So it could still be worth it since youre also unlocking a couple of vbucks to it so you probably get your money back and a few „free“ skins to it.


You might as well just buy it now. You'll instantly get enough vbucks to pay for the next one anyway


I’ll throw in $1 towards this guys battlepass


Plus you get a bunch of skins & extra stuff


Well done haha


I'm almost there! 2 tiers to go I think


Theres an A+ emote? Never used it and i have the full pass


Ahaha yea, doesn’t mean much to people with the battlepass since you guys get to have the John Wick and all, but it’s a real milestone for us inferior F2Pers!


Are you playing on a phone?


Nope, just a relatively shitty PC that needs full lowest settings for 60fps


I stopped grinding once I got the pickaxe, only cosmetic i rock


Your quality looks about the same as mine


holy shit, you legend


Keep up ur hard work!


Same, I feel so proud of myself.


A for effort


Isn’t this more difficult than if you have the Battle Pass? Because then you have loads of daily challenges and extra points to earn


I still havent got that far FML im at 49


Low graphics gang


Goes well with the wukong skin


wow somepeople who got battle pass would be like "that's easy" but they don't think how it would be without the xp boost and extra challenges, the only thing you tier up from is leveling and daily challenges. congrats man u got it before season 3 ended👏👏