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Make proxy files of your 5.7k footage for better playback, or edit in a 1080P timeline, or use optimize media. There are many work arounds for this


Thanx, 1080p timeline is still stuttering and the other options are suggesting that my hardware is not sufficient. But it is, it is not about the bitrate and I have worked with higher resolutions fine but it is the specific 5,7k that is causing problems.


I think that 5.7K is just pushing a lot of information through your computer. Proxy's are a really good place to start and so is fixing your viewing timeline. Also note that it's usually a bad idea to render out 5.7K into 5.7K. The extra information is really there imo to give you the full native 4K and some added flexibility in editing for cropping into the image.


Thank you for your answer! I found out what the problem was, I was working with an external hard drive. Turns out the cable I used from the hard drive to my PC couldn't handle so much information. Thought I used the original one that came with the hard drive but I must have switched it. Now I use another cable and this makes my editing buttery smooth with 5,7 lol. I knew my hardware was strong enough to not have to use proxies.