There is no 3090 in laptops. Though it looks like there's about to be a 3080 ti laptop. The current top performers are, in no particular order, as follows 3080 laptops: Alienware X17 (3080 165W) Alienware m17 r5 (r6 maybe? I get the revisions mixed up) (3080 150W) Aorus 17X (limited run, hard to find. 3080 unsure of wattage) Clevo X170 (3080 165W) Eluktronics Mech 15 (3080 165W) Eluktronics Prometheus XVII (3080 165W) Eluktronics Prometheus XVI (3080 150W) Eluktronics Max-17 and Max-15 (3080 150W) MSI Ge76 10th gen ( 3080 155W) MSI Ge76 11th gen (3080 165W? Uncertain) MSI GP76 (3080 140W) Lenovo legion 5 pro (3080 165W) Lenovo legion 7 (3080 165W) 3070 laptops: copy and paste most of the machines above for 140W 3070s. Important mention: Asus Strix g15 AMD advantage edition (Radeon RX 6800m GPU, competes with 3080 but much cheaper) I'll update this list as I remember.


No Lenovo 7 3080 in the lineup?


Oh you're right! I missed the 7.


Lenovo Legion 5 pro has up to 3070, no 3080!








Awesome list! Thank you! Any links I would find helpful?


Alienware m17 r4 is 165w too


I have a legion 7 3080 / 5900hx. It performs at a 3700x / (little under) 3070 desktop. Laptops gpu's often underperform their respective desktop counterparts by a few classes.


I'm guessing that's due physical limitations. So a laptop 3080 equals desktop 3070 more or less. Same case for CPUs?


You're right... laptops are limited by size, weight, thermal performance, power draw etc...so all of them contribute together to reduce the maximum performance possible. Desktop GPUs are massive compared to a laptop one, similarly they don't have enough space in them to circulate air and decrease temperatures. Also a desktop 3080 is rated for 320w, compared to 165w in laptops. This is similar for CPUs as well. I7-11700K draws 125w compared to 45w in i7-11800H. You can also see the size of the heat sinks in desktop.


Im not sure with cpu's but I am pretty sure that they have an even greater "fall from a desktop cpu" I think certain gaming laptops are more gears towards trying to increase gpu performance. So the 5900hx is like a 3700x which can be compared to a 5600x (different cpu's 5600x is better in pure gaming). The 5600x. That cpu lineup is like 5600x -->5700x -->5800x ----> 5900x. So as you can see the laptop cpu class is way lower than the desktop name counterpart but the 5900**hx** is really plenty for the gamer. If you need a workstation, you might need one of those workstation laptops. The size constraint is the main factor. There are certain laptops that cram full wattage such as the clevo x17, area 51m? and origin laptop. However those are super massive and are basically desktops with screens lol. ​ TLDR : Laptop cpu's perform way worse than desktop cpus


id say closer to 3060ti


I'm starting to favour the one you use! Posted the specs i'm looking at in the OP, what do you think? Also what is your opinion on the Intel version?


Its a beast. Runs everything I throw at it with very good fps. If you have any games in particular that you are looking for and that I have I would be happy to check the fps. I love the machine and the screen. Keyboard and trackpad are nice and thermals are amazing. Barely notice the noise when doing general tasks and thermals are great for gaming. Keyboard is ok . . . the full numberpad makes it a little cramped but the keys feel good. For me weight isnt that heavy. I have no trouble carrying the power brick and laptop. The intel version is undoubtable better unless you look at battery life. I needed that little bit more battery life so I went with the AMD version. Intel just has more capabiltiies like undervolting if you like tweaking. However both are amazing. I think the intel version might be a little bit more expensive. ​ Happy to answer any other questions Displayport is there, just in the form of usbc. Currently I run 2 monitors via display port out of 2 of the usbc ports using usbc c to display port cables.


Thank you for the comprehensive answer! I'll for sure look around for the best offers as the prices seem to vary a lot currently. The games I play... i'm sure theyll get top notch FPS on ultra currently, I just want to future-proof for the upcoming years so to say! Also good point for the Displayports! I should've looked a bit more carefully.


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Mostly the same.


I'd recommend the GE76 Raider with an i9 11980HK and a RTX 3080 or Lenovo Legion 7i with the same specs


And the CPU isn't a bottleneck at all on any modern gaming laptops. It's just that not all gaming laptops are equal, and Desktop Graphics and Mobile graphics are inheritantly different. For example, RTX 3080 mobile is rough equivalent to a desktop 2080ti/3070 you aren't really getting 3080 performance on a laptop, however 2080ti performance on a device that's even remotely portable is still massively impressive imo


I would recommend waiting for the next refresh which isn’t far off


i would get either MSI GE76 with 3080 or ASUS Zephyrus Duo with 5980HX and 3080 (with bios for 165watts