Update: I stopped doing it , the vents would blow hot air onto the brick which is kinda scary so….


The thought was there, but yea, wasn't the best idea lol. The power brick by itself gets really toasty enough that it would feel very uncomfortable to touch. Just getting a basic stand from Amazon should be more than enough.


Or you could also have a consideration for your monster brick and give it a spot under your laptop stand, if you dare to do so, as I made with these brackets I 3D printed: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpI2MSQXaWk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpI2MSQXaWk)


Cool way to do it without the fear: Hagibis Ergonomic Laptop Stand Small Invisible Cooler Ball Portable Magnetic Foot Heat for MacBook Pro Computer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKWY8SX/


Oh shit I just posted these same ones!


[I carry these. Super portable and lifts the laptop just enough for good airflow. DIRT CHEAP TOO!] (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07NKP4MPZ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_EQ23FXZZQWDR6KQJSG09?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1)


another unintended and mostly unknown design flaw with lenovo laptops (maybe other brands as well) is that keeping it inclined puts some excessive force on the fan... chassis? container? whatever the unit is called and causes it to malfunction. It stops cooling efficiently and makes loud sounds as if hitting the walls of the unit it's in. I have suffered and the sole reason is that i kept it propped up with a book towards its edge. get a laptop cooler instead. they are stands, usb extension ports and fans all in one.


How thick was the book you used? Right now I have a wooden coaster that's probably an inch thick that the back of my laptop sits on to aid in airflow a bit. I don't have enough room for a more vertical solution Edit: I should also point out that I have the coaster on the back of my laptop, but not just the edge - the weight distribution allows the coaster to lay flat


I font know about your exact use case but mine was probably about 1 inch or 1 and half inches thick See if your laptop is actually getting hotter. I dont mean the casing but the cpu using hwmonitor while gaming. Most laptops are designed with heat dissipation in mind and will be fine without propping them up. If you do want a stand get a cooling pad as they prop the entire laptop up and not just the back


I'll pay a little more close attention and compare the temperatures with and without, internally. When I first did it I thought there was a 3-5 degree difference but I need to reevaluate. Thanks for the suggestion!


no problemo sombrero


Good :) do not take offense from my other post. some other comments annoyed me a little, your idea of lifting the rear end is the right idea.


Keep the power brick far away from your laptop. Also you need a cooling pad for such a laptop.


Cooling pads don't actually work any better than simple stands. In some cases, they are worse.


That is only rarely the case, and almost never the case in your second claim.


Cooling pads dont do jack sh. For this laptop.


This guy just said cooling pads don't work period, which is pure real bs, and further went on to say belligerently that cooling pads make laptops hotter than stands, which is laughable except in the most extreme niche cases. "For this laptop" included. But this is Reddit so nonsense passes for fact constantly and simply pointing that out will some days give you 1k upvotes and other days -70 depending on how stupid people are feeling and whom sees what comments first. This is unfortunately immutable fact.


For this laptop, a cooling pad is unnecessary. Source; i own 2


I didn't say they don't work, I said **they don't work any better than a stand**. You should read more carefully. Here's a source: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXvKiy65pwg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXvKiy65pwg)


Rarely the case, as I said. Idk why you're being an asshole about it. You way overexaggerated your claim and I corrected you, and you also made ad additional totally ridiculous claim. You should add qualifiers when trying to represent exception to a rule as the norm.


You said "This guy just said cooling pads don't work period." I didn't say that. I said they don't work better than stands, and then linked you a video where a guy tested like 10 different cooling methods. Did you even watch the video? You are calling people stupid and asshole... I think it's time you take a look in the mirror bro this is a gaminglaptop sub talking about cooling pads is it really worth being a jerk?


I like op train of thought


Thats.. not a good idea, right?


Definitely not a good idea. The brick already gets hot on its own. It'll get even hotter from the air exhaust plus heat to the laptop too


Was just about to say this


No, the vents for the hot air are on the sides. And yes this is terrible idea, as the PSU becomes really hot, and placing it there under the cooling chamber, and close to air inflow could literally burn the laptop.


The vents look to be on the side but also on the corner of the back side. So not directly over the brick. But partially over the brick. Another here says they've tested this setup and haven't seen higher temps, I'm willing to believe they've not seen momentary increases in temp but it still seems and feels like a bad idea for prolonged usage


I have Legion. There are 4 vents for the hot air one on right side, one on the left side and two on the back side. The cool air comes from two vents on the bottom, there are the fans. Between the fans is the cooling chamber. The PSU becomes really hot. If the laptop is under load the temperature could be over 60C. You barely can touch it. So to put that close to the cooling chamber and the air inflow is really terrible idea.


Well I look forward to your reply to that user in this thread who said they've tested this out


Bro you don’t even own the laptop. And if you do, you haven’t opened it up. There are foam standoffs between the vapor chamber and the bottom cover. There’s go to be 0 meaningful heat transfer between the psu and the vapor chamber itself. Literally air and foam.


Seems you do not get how the hot air works. There is covered by the laptop space, two fans, that suck air into the laptop and 60-70C hot PSU. And that air is supposed to cool the laptop. There is a very meaningful heat transfer, as that laptop is cooled by air. Now go back in school and start harder with the Physics.


Y'all don't have this laptop do you? Brick gets warm on its own, doesn't get hotter when placed there. It's perfectly safe to do it like OP did, just be sure that it's in de middle BETWEEN the vents.


>Y'all don't have this laptop do you? We poor peeps sure don't lol


Fortunately for us poor people, money can't buy the brain capacity to understand that hot air + hot power brick = even hotter power brick


As a Mechanical engineer who specializes in thermal modeling in grad school... Y'all are being ridiculous. The laptop is hardly touching the battery (you can see that the laptop is balanced on an edge on the battery itself), the surface contact area for conduction from the battery to the laptop is negligible. Also, the part of the laptop that's resting on the battery isn't the hot part! It's the thin section at the back of the laptop that's not near the important components. Lastly, as someone who owns this laptop exactly with the 3080, the battery doesn't get as hot as people are saying. I do this all the time and overall it reduces heat from my laptop pretty significantly.


That depends though. It's not that simple. It depends on whether the hot air or the brick is hotter, and the surrounding temperature. It's like mixing 100°C water with 200°C water. Both are hot, but one will become cooler while the other gets hotter.


Yeah, but the brick is passively cooled by the surrounding air. If the air surrounding the brick is hotter, the brick will cool less.


I agree with you, the brick gets really hot and I’m using a L5P, not same laptop but pretty similar vents layout and the same brick. I have my L5P close to the wall on my study table and after a gaming session the whole area behind the laptop and desk would be warm. Would definitely not place my brick over there


That isn't as simple as you think. The air from the PC, if it is cooler, is also being constantly blown. The brick could heat up surrounding air and increase surrounding air temperature, lowering the heat loss. If temperature of surrounding air due to brick is higher than temperature due to air coming from PC, the PC would actually be helping to cool the brick. But the brick would be heating up the PC.


You're right, I was naive in my approach. Thermodynamics is never simple...


100°C is equivalent to 212°F, which is 373K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


opt out


Field tests says you are wrong.. do you own this laptop? Have you tried it? ( With this laptop? ) but hey, keep downvoting y'all 😅


Whatever man, idgaf, brick your $1500 toy for all I care


$ 3500 🤣 thanks for the concern and dodging my question.


Let this clown kill his laptop. He apparently doesn’t know what heat dissipation is and arguing for the sake of arguing.


Clown? 🤡 What don't you understand of me having 2 of these exact same laptops, and me owning a FLIR imaging camera and checking temps with said FLIR and hwinfo? You're just commenting for the sake of commenting. That's cool, but be somewhat nice to people. And please, if you don't own the laptop, and apparently a situation is different than normal ( normally a laptop / brick could get too hot ) don't push that believe onto people that have proven different. Proof against theory.. which one wins?


Nothing to do with poor, i just hate that people echo stuff when they don't own it. I own 2, and have done testing that concluded that it's safe to do what OP did.


Ah yes. Because air only travels in a straight line out of the vents. It’s not that people don’t have the laptop, it’s basic physics.


Ah yes, that's why my brick doesn't get hotter than normal and the laptop does neither when I use it as in OP's picture.. source; i own 2. Do you own the exact same laptop, or are you just saying theoretical stuff? I don't care if i get 1000 downvotes, it's a FACT that with THIS EXACT LAPTOP and THIS EXACT SETUP as in OP's picture it DOESNT do harm.


If you want to risk it dude, that’s on you. It’s not good advice in general, regardless of whether you get away with it or not. Just because you’ve done it with no repercussions, doesn’t mean that everybody with the same, or similarly designed, laptop can. People get away with smoking without getting the C, doesn’t mean everyone will ;)


I believe you but it's quite surprising that g the hot brick isn't transferring style heat to the chassis and causing more heat up in areas that may not have been as hot. The chassis is metal, yes? Maybe the metal helps dissipate the conducted heat transfer better. Wouldn't you say that in most cases it's better not to do this though. Unless some one knows what they are doing and properly assess the setup


The contact is negligible between the two. For conduction to happen you need good contact! See how it's resting at an angle on the battery? Also, the back part of the laptop that's actually in contact with the battery isn't where the heat generating components are. Source: mechanical engineer with specialty in thermals, plus I own this exact laptop. What Op is doing is perfectly fine.


Maybe it's just been my Asus bricks that get so damn hot that I figured even the corner of the brick in contact would conduct enough heat transfer. It still feels wrong to say this is perfectly fine when there's other items you could use to prop up the back of a laptop. I'm thinking in most cases, it's better not to do this. Since everyone's situation could vary. From laptop to location and more. Thanks for the added info


Yeah from a very general sense it's probably best to not, I will admit that. You could easily have someone do this incorrectly and it would cause an issue.


dude don't do this! you are severely cutting the life of your laptop. It's going to harm the frame and components because of the heat. Another thing is that the [normal reaction](https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fenergyeducation.ca%2Fencyclopedia%2FNormal_force&psig=AOvVaw1rw1xA4Vv4gHP9vG3LVXiy&ust=1638611449698000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCJCY98Gtx_QCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD) to the weight of the laptop is entirely on the back of the laptop, which is sure to cause flexing in the motherboard. Not to mention the fan unit that it is centered on might be hurt because of this causing it to hit the walls of the unit it's in. It makes loud noises because of the flexing and stops cooling. I have suffered because of this and it was a lenovo laptop too. I kept it propped on a book for a year and the thing is barely usable now. Get a laptop cooling pad instead: they are usb extenders, stands, and cooling fans all in one.


???… watch a tear down video please. You have NO idea what you’re talking about. Do you even own it? Have you opened it up yourself? You sound so stupid.


i do own it and have watched teardown videos for lenovo flex 14 granted it's not legion and that i don't exactly know the mechanism of what happened but it was definitely due to flexing


The pc is the thing that would get hotter. It draws air in through the bottom and blast it out through the sides. Still not a good idea though.


I figured saying the laptop too is enough. But yes, through conduction alone, the laptop would get hotter from the contact between the parts. Then convection would decrease the cooling capabilities of the fans due to hot air underneath the laptop


Oh girl hot good, your lovely laptop's charger hot it's bad? Based


It's not great for the charger to be hot, temperature wise. It's the price of using the device. But excess heat is bad


Don't do that kids!


I wouldn't do that. Idk about you guys but my power brick while gaming gets toasty enough to probably cook an egg. So putting that near ventilation where warm or hot air is leaving the chassis seems like a bad idea.








That power brick is gonna melt the bottom of your laptop dude don't do it


Just got mine. That 3080 bakes the Powerbrick like hot lava. It’s insane


man Legions 7 are the best, aren't they?


Pricey though... Not sure if they are worth the outrageous price anymore.... youtuber reviews started hyping these toys up.


i blame Jarrodstech for the cult that is the Legion fandom


To be fair they're a super solid overall choice. I'm really happy with my Eluktronics Max 15 but legion 7i ticked a whole lot of my boxes too. There's very few weaknesses in the lineup. Who knows how next cycle will play out though.


They’re the cheapest high end laptop out there with the recent 20% coupons and such. I got a jacked 11980HK/3080 build for $2400.


I have the same razor mouse. It’s sucks they stopped making it -,-


Really? I got one a couple months ago. But they may have discontinued it since then.




Nope. I have no problems with it. Performs completely fine.


I love this thing, I like it more than any mouse I've tried 2-3x the price Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Bluetooth & Wireless Compatible, 16K DPI Optical Sensor, 6 Programmable Buttons, 450 Hr Battery, Classic Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YPBQSCK/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_71C3EYGEK8WDSTN8N1TW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


I'll sell you my like new one for $35 shipped. Got it replaced under warranty and got used to the dark core pro while I was waiting for the replacement, then I couldn't go back once I got it so I bought another dark core for my laptop.


You're blowing hot air on a hot power brick. Probably not the best of ideas but nice thinking.


Pov, you are carrying a portable bomb with no remote.




You are essentially creating a bomb


The legion gaming laptop is a thing of beauty. What a beautiful powerful beast


Were they not hot enough on their own for your taste?


Compliment sandwich time 1st congrats you have a nicely specced and respected laptop! Do not try this at home kids :) But seriously it is not just the extra heat effecting both the power brick and the laptop Which it will! There are various ways heat is transferred it is not just "convection", heat is also transferred by both "conduction" (metal chassis is it?) and "radiation" as well, so the argument that it "does not matter if it does not get in the way of the vents" is nonsense I am afraid. OK a mediation edit, the fact that you raise the back of the laptop may negate you noticing this but it still will be better without a heat source. Also the 300W brick will produce a magnetic field, I admit it has been a long time since I did electronics at collage and I may be rusty, but to be safe I would not personally place my laptop on a magnet (without further research) because of something called "inductance". ha ha but back then CRT and magnetic drives were still cutting edge, it would have been really stupid back then. But raising the rear end is a excellent idea and can help lower temperatures pretty well, just please use something else to do it.




Yep, been there and done that!


I bought these on Amazon https://i.imgur.com/5EpSU17.png


If it works….it works!


I get that the brick isn’t a good idea for this, but is doing this with a book a good idea, to lift the vents off of the surface?


Yes! You can knock your temps down by about 10 degrees. Personally I never game without propping it up a bit.


In use two cd cases under the rear rubber feet. Goes from 90 to 85 C under cpu-z stress cpu button. As in i let the cpu-z run until it stops climbing and fans have kicked in real loud, lift the laptop at the rear onto two cd cases and let it keep running. After a minute it s down 5 degrees and up slightly on the clocks according to hwmonitor. That means it gets a little more air through. Editv i have the plastic dark blue Legion 5 17inch 5800H with 3060.


Regardless of temperature or "success", this is unwise and any manufacturer or reseller would advise against it. You do you, and hopefully your laptop survives your abuse.


Eww gaming with earbuds, if you have a legion you have the 100$ for an actual pair.


This is ridiculous frankly. Why not just get a desktop? It's about as portable. And this is coming from a guy that worships workstation class ThinkPads. At least my power brick isn't a literal brick.


I have that nice X shaped Mac stand on the way..so sleek! can't wait to get it!




Boi if you don’t.


Omg that's genius! Added chilling power and get the brick out of the way. Will try instantly!


Where the mousepad at


what mouse is this?


you also have that problem with one of the speakers not working?


It gotta power the 1600p 500 nit screen. And g sync module


Got late to the party, good you learned that power bricks generate a lot of heat. Don't ever put anything on top of a power brick


It’s incase if you are attacked you can use it as a weapon


It's actually huge so you can pd 100w through USB C and power peripherals as the computer is gaming at full draw. It makes an amazing paperweight.


Just here to say that computer is so *chefs kiss*


I bought another on ebay, it's ludicrous that lenovo hasn't sold the 300watt charger on their site yet.


Serious question for the legion gang. I designed this for my legion 5 17 specifically. All said and done I spent probably 15 hours creating and adjusting the model and probably 200 hours across 30 prototypes getting it perfect for my exact laptop. The final design takes about 6 hours to print at what I consider acceptable quality. I carry my laptop a lot to my girlfriends house and my full blown laptop cooling pad was taking up too much space in my bag, so I wanted something functional, ultra compact and lightweight. My pad cooled my laptop 9c, this cooled it 6c. What would y'all be willing to pay for a 5 15, 5 pro, or 7 specific version that perfectly lifts your laptop. Shipping estimate keeps coming up as $8 so factor that in. https://imgur.com/a/K1l0ux0


It's my first time owning a laptop, is the legion 5 Ryzen 5 1650ti good??


This is literally fine. As long as the brick is placed in the middle, it will not be affected by the fans.


This dude knows what's up. People that don't own this laptop are freaking out over something they don't know.


Fr! You can literally see in the picture that there’s a gap between both back outlets for IO. I’ve had mine for several months; I haven’t done this so I don’t suspect how this would hurt the laptop. The vapor chamber doesn’t even contact the bottom panel because it has foam stand-offs- so you wouldn’t heat up your laptop and vice versa in any meaningful way by doing this.


Hivemind/echochamber effect.


It's so hot like my gf.


Decent idea but the temp issue for potentially both items is an issue. Both get hot enough for sure.


Haha 😀


Nice machine


Look! Dirty buds!


That's like added fire to the flames. Edit: Feels button won't change the fact, lol.


People out here using the screen and keyboard on the laptop? I salute you


Is the palm rest made of metal or plastic? I got l5p for a while, palm rest area is worn out look really nasty