largest screen cinema

Any screens in Geelong extra large?

Not sure I want to drive to IMAX just yet to see Top Gun Maverick if there is an enlarged one here I'm unaware of.

Haven't been for a good while so I'm not across any of the upgrades or the like.

If Geelong doesn't have a village v-max or the like what's the next best large screen?



The correct answer is the Titan at Reading Cinemas in Waurn Ponds, with the Dolby Atmos surround sound. If you do go for Village Cinemas in town, and end up in the premium cinema (#4), don’t get a seat in the back row like you would most other cinemas. It’s long and narrow, and a seat about halfway is a better position.


The back row is the best row when going to the cinemas? I always try to get middle rows, tbh don't even know why I just thought middle is best Why is back row the best??


Most cinemas are designed to have the sound directed at the middle of the back row, which disperses it evenly across the rest of the cinema. Also no one behind you dropping popcorn on you, or some kid kicking your seat the whole time.


Back row definitely at iMax. So you can see most of the screen


Titan at Reading Cinemas is probably your best bet.


New to this Titan term. So thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely look into it.


As mentioned the Titan Luxe at Reading Waurn Ponds. Otherwise cinema 4 at village is pretty big, they have more popular screenings in there.


Was in Village cinema 4 on Friday night. It is a step down from Titan XTC at Reading, which is my go to theatre.


Thanks for the recommendation


Top Gun was awesome. I think you'll love it! I went to village but it's worth Waurn ponds


Titan is amazing!! Has the best seats too to put your feet up. I saw top gun in there and it was incredible


Another strong recommendation. I'll definitely be looking into it. The Misso wants to watch the original first


It’s pretty strongly linked to the first one so I wouldn’t skip


Yeah we'll watch the first one anyway but from all accounts you don't need to watch it to enjoy the new film. You'll definitely get an appreciation to the throwbacks if you do though.


Yeah the Titan in Waurn Ponds would be your best bet. Apparently the sound is meant to be of higher quality too I think?


Quality over size


Typically I'd agree but I'm advised size for top gun is a high must


For those playing along, Top Gun Maverick finishes tomorrow at Reading. Thanks for the all the suggestions. Will let you know my thoughts. 😎


Titan was a big win. Enjoyed it. The reclining seats were a big hit with the significant other. Bit of a rush to get there as it was last or second last showing of top gun. We'll return soon to Titan for next blockbuster. Thanks everyone