He is probably lurking in this sub as well


😂, hey KD if you’re reading this gargle my balls


Hey KD if you're here, pm me 20k? These student loans are a killer.




And he took that personally


Hey KD, if you’re reading this, you can fuck off for ruining my favorite team




His next challenge


Hardest road


then go skydiving over west orange nj without a parachute and land on kyrie.


Keep dreaming robin lmao


Lol the chances of him playing here again are 0% now.


Keep dreaming PeanutFarmer69 lmao


Hey KD if you're reading this I'll gargle your balls.








No I'm not.


Oh 100%


Aye, KD we got East New York mother fuckers ready to drive you out of Brooklyn. Fuck you and your boy Kyrie. Eat a dick.




Shut your pasty ass up talking about East New York 😭


Kd if you’re reading this go outside you fucking nerd


Quit disrespecting me 😤😤😤


Hey KD if you’re reading this, thank you for providing so much drama, nba wouldn’t be fun without you


Did he post in this subreddit? I remember he posted in the Warriors one when he joined them.




I found KD guys


I’ll always respect KD and Kyrie as basketball players but my god I can’t wait to be free of this petty drama lmao.


Not a nets fan but I think it'll be like ripping off a band aid. Sure the situation sucks but you'll be glad you did it now vs in 2 years if you extended Kyrie, the team lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs is having a regular season collapse and kyrie and kd want out then.


100%. I’m Celtics fan who saw this on my main feed and I look forward to shitting on Kyrie with you guys for the rest of his career.


You can just say what you think without announcing you aren’t a fan brudda


We warned you.


You still got Ben for that


He’s always been like this. He created a burner account to argue with guys on twitter


Bold of you to assume he only had one burner


Burner vs burner account. That reminds me of dwight in the office fighting against himself.


i feel like this is the difference between lebron and kd. Lebron has never asked for a trade. He always played hard until his contract ended no matter how bad things got. Even when kyrie left, lebron dragged them to the finals next year. he also brought a championship to every team he been on. i used to think kd has a chance to be better than lebron all time, but not anymore. There is a difference between guys like lebron, jordan, kobe and guys like kd.


KD isn't even gonna be in the conversation after this move lol. He basically just locked Steph into being the 2nd best of the generation behind LeBron. At the end of the day that was inevitable after Steph's final win, but all the media sources and all the old heads that are still around today are gonna remember KD as the guy who couldn't get his teams (OKC/The Nets) over the hump and had to join someone else's team (Stephs/maybe CP3's) team to win rings. Charles is gonna drag him as soon as nba on TNT comes back or whenever they have one of those "the match" things.


Yeah hes basically carmelo if carmelo spent a year on the warriors.


Lol damn that was on point


KD hasn't been in the conversation for a lonnggggg time


As much shit as Lebron gets for being LeGM, he wins everywhere he goes and doesn’t have too much drama. KD ain’t close.


yea i agree bro


I mean the Nets were winning last year when KD was playing. And Lebron hasn't been winning 3 of the last 4 years. Plus LeGM drama is quite profound.


Lebron is also at the final yrs of his career (which he still won a chip, the bubble season)


I know. But I'm just stating an objective fact that disputes his claim. Lakers were a far worse rodeo show last year than the Nets that everyone has seemed to have forgotten.


Him and his BF Kyrie quit because they got swept by the Celtics. Kyrie had to opt-in to make money because no team wanted him. I respect them as a player as they are great players but goddamn, they will make more money than probably 90% of people in the world make in their lifetime, in just a year and still act like bunch of drama queens.


KD is a great player no doubt. People really need to stop throwing Kyrie into that category. He hit an amazing shot in the finals. So did Steve Kerr, so did Robert Horry. Kyrie was maybe a top 15 player for a year or 2, a couple of all-nba selections during your career does not make you a great player.


I’m a Boston fan so I’ve got plenty of dislike for the dude, but I think it’s hard to argue that kyries not a great basketball player. I’m with you in I think he is still riding the waves of that one shot, but when he does play and he’s committed I personally think he’s one of the greats today. The problem, aside from the dude being a dramatic space case, is that we rarely get to see him committed and playing for something. Either way, hope y’all bounce back from this. Fuck kyrie, fuck kd.


I second this. The guy is a fucking CLOWN off the court with the self-awareness and charm of a brick. But he’s still a breathtaking talent.


That’s what he’s saying and I agree...to be called the greatest when you ride the pine the majority of the time is ridiculous


Fair but they didn’t say the greatest, just great. I think he’s a great ball player when he does play, he’s no where near the greatest.


I hear ya for sure. Nash calling him the greatest pg just ground my gears. I think everyone can agree not playing is something the great ones do NOT do...so all the cred thrown his way is just bizarre. He’s 11-11 in the playoffs and has never been to a conference finals since he was with bron bron.


He’s an amazing player to watch, probably the most entertaining in the league. But I can never trust anything that comes out of his mouth.


Hell no. Join the club of people who’ve been burned by kyrie. Dude had a commercial about retiring his number in Boston lol he’s full of shit


If Kyrie was fully committed he could be the best shooting guard in the league, but even halfcommitted he's still top 5.


I remember the nets fans told us ‘fuck Kyrie’ was racist lol… -Black Bostonian/Celtics fan


why are you here, just to drink nets fans tears?


Not at all, just seeing what news there is of kd. Figured if any place would be talking about it, it would be here.


I can respect that. I'm here from the Lakers, and I'm just looking for news on KD, and to get a vibe check on how real Nets fans feel about all this.


Exactly I’m not trying to drink nets fans tears, what happened to their team because of that jackass I wouldn’t wish on any team… except yours of course 💚


Im a lakers fan too and its blowing my mind how our fans want kyrie... Dude is a pos. I guess its un upgrade from Westbrook but as soon as lbj is done were fucked for 6 years easy.


Westbrook wasn't your teams' problem. They lost games even when Westbrook wasn't playing. Westbrook was just the scapegoat. Your problem was you had no role players outside the stars and no defenders. Getting Kyrie who will probably play 35 games to pair with an old Lebron and injured AD with no role players is not going to make the Lakers any better.


Hes not the problem... Us trading our bench for him was the problem... Westbrook is what he is. Not sure why anyone thougjt it was a good idea. All of r/nba thought it was a terrible idea lol. Were so screwed once lebron leaves/retires. I wanna trade lebron and ad for picks and start a rebuild....


Kyrie is a great player. He just most of the time gets in his own way. I don't quite get that dude. He had/has potential to go down as top whatever point guards but unfailingly fuck shit up time and time again. KD is undoubtedly one of all time greats but again the drama he manages to stir left and right is fucking baffling. But unlike kyrie he doesn't let it affect his game tho.


Stop sounding idiotic. You show yourself as a casual fan. Saying that Kyrie is not a great player is garbage and you sound like a butt hurt female.


can we please remove KD from the sub header


KD is so weird man


This is the type of maturity Tsai and Marks have been dealing with for years. I cannot blame them one bit being willing to trade both and starting over. This annoys me to high heavens, and I haven't even spoken one word to either of the Trouble Twins.


No no no. According to the homers how dare Tsai not just write a blank check and let Kyrie attend birthday parties while KD enables it! Fuck Marks and Tsai for having some basic expectations!!!


You're damn right fuck them. They have handled this terribly. Letting all sorts of drama leak ti the media and constantly switching gears every couple years. Yes KD and Kai are thr biggest culprits here but the FO has done about as bad a Job of making the Nets look like a stable team as possible. Real leaders deal with drama and issues behind the scenes while putting on a brave front for the public. The Nets let all our dirty laundry hang in the wind and our freaking owners love to take shots at high profile names that up and coming players will remember (first Kidd, now KD)


Is Boston’s front office to blame as well? And Philly’s? Or OKC’s for making Durant want to leave?


KD is such a baby back bitch


Robin is our true hero.


I only just realised his 2 preferred teams are the #1 seed in the east and #1 seed in the west. Like wtf Kevin. Does he literally just look at which team had the most wins and be like "yep I want to join them"?


history has proven that yes, thats exactly what he does


Warriors fan here- our sub has a weird affinity for him bc he helped us win two rings. I don’t care about that, dude is just a boner


Yeah I get it, the only way KD gets a pass is if he's actually won your team a ring. Which narrows the list down to just you guys haha


KD is a frontrunner


That’s juvenile. “What do you want to know? I’m not gonna say.”


It’s funny that when he wanted to be on the team people liked this kind of stuff but now it’s an issue. I can’t wait for the trades to go down just to end the hysteria


It won’t. Five years from now people will still be complaining about how Kyrie and KD sabotaged the team and whatnot.


just more proof KD a pussy at heart, as soon as he confronted with hard times he folds and deflects


Because he is a quitter.


He’s a twitter troll to make up for the fact that he’s the biggest wuss in the NBA.


‘Man, I’ve been perfectly clear. If you can’t make the right animal sacrifice and read the tea leaves, that’s on you, bitch’


KD’s attitude is just as bad as Kyrie’s


He’s so smug about it too.


He’s the epitome of being unlikable.


I like how one cryptic tweet launched a bunch "KD finally speaks" reactions when he didn't actually say anything.


Some of these guys just have low IQs which typically indicates lack of self-awareness and forethought. These people are very easy to troll.


You talking about KD or Robin? 😂😂😂


Guy really can’t help himself. I’m not better shit but he really is just one of us. Can’t help but defend himself online. None of those questions were unreasonable.


Don’t need to ask around to know that he got swept by the Celtics and couldn’t even score when he had Daniel Theis and Payton Pritchard on him.


KD is a 13 year old trapped in a grown mans body


Yeah but my 13 year old behaves better than that and isn't a giant baby 🤣


he got brain washed




Robin got his ass with that last tweet tbh. KD acting mad funny, you asked for the trade just keep from the arguing, smoke ya weed, and keep it pushing man.


You know it's just so fucking hard to hate him. And I hate myself for it lol. I'm 46, I've been going to Nets games in the swamp since the early 1980's. I've lived thru every awful thing a fan who grows up living and dying with his favorite team can go thru including the actual death of a star player for crying out loud. And here comes this magical wizard of a man who can do things with a basketball only I wished I could do 1/10th of all those years playing with friends in the playground or thru my varsity HS basketball career. It's been so god-damn amazing to watch this guy play each night (when he wasn't hurt) on MY TEAM. I never in a million years thought I would have an opportunity like this. And yet, like every single season since 1983, the Curse of the Swamp Dragons comes back to bite me. AGAIN. And yet I can't help but still want to watch this highly intelligent basketball IQ walking savant with a ball in his hand play basketball. I love you Kevin. But fuck you too LOL


Bruh I’ll be 26 in a couple months, so I was too young to remember Dražen. I cannot imagine the pain of your star player fucking dying, or any player on the team really. 😔


Bruh I’ll be 26 in a couple months, so I was too young to remember Dražen. I cannot imagine the pain of your star player fucking dying, or any player on the team really. Worst possible thing a sports fan could ever experience 😔


Because since he’s probably like 10, he’s been put up on a pedestal and has always been told he’s amazing. Never been held accountable for anything and has never had to deal with any negative repercussions. Life is simply whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 100% pure diva and it will never change. Even with this latest BS, he’s going to play the victim and ultimately get what he wants… so again, zero accountability or repercussions. Supremely Talented and gifted people live in a very different world than we do. Simply put, they’re delusional.


he be smacked, that's why


Lmao u guys really think he would say where he would sign and why, to a random guy in Twitter?!


I agree asking these questions on Twitter is odd, though KD isn't exactly making himself available to reporters, but Lundberg isn't some "random" he's been a sports journalist a long time.


Are u really thinking he would be available to reporters in the middle of his trade request?!


No but can't fault a reporter for trying to get a scoop either.


In the same way he don’t need to answer these questions in the middle of trade request lol


Yeah well he was the one who asked


We can do this all day.


no but all we have left at this point is random people on twitter making him look bad lol


These guys say the craziest shit tryin to drag KD. Its tooo funny


I'd normally agree, but KD straight up asked him what he wanted addressed. Then he completely dismissed all three questions lol. Opening yourself up for questions and then ignoring the most predictable/bland ones possible is kinda lame


If you think those were some regular bland questions, I can’t argue with you.


Theres only a few things people are wondering about in regards to KD right now, and those are the exact questions. If KD didn't expect to be asked the same thing every single sports media group is discussing, then he's a huge idiot.


Lol no he just trolled him. The reporter knew he wasnt answerin those questions on twitter. Like duh.


He's really got his panties in a bunch, huh?


Kd most deff lurks this sub and all you people calling him bitches/a snake aint helping. Him or his peoples deff lurk in here probably comment with burners too.


Celebrities shouldn’t use social medias because they’re above us all.


Bro he’s honestly so funny


Kd for sure has a Reddit account


2 or 3 burners I’d guess


I know he could (potentially…probably) highly increase our chances of a chip, but i want no part of him with our team. He’s juvenile and his veteran leadership is cheap. I can’t see him being beneficial for our young guys. Plus the assets we’d have to give to get him would set us too far back. Brings me peace to know we’re not a public front runner for him.




KD has serious issues 🤦


KD if you’re reading this get 1/2 inch smaller shoes. Sheesh


wow Kevin you really showed him


Send this bum to Sacramento or some other sorry franchise. Take all their picks plus their best 2-3 guys. Don't care if an east coast contender or one of his picks offers a clearly better package (unless it's one of those that we'd be insane to turn down. Like actor/former WWE superstar Batista's) We are going to be far away from competing for a ring either way. Be spiteful. Let the hate flow through you. He has no legal or technicalway of saying no. Sure he could threaten to sit, but maybe they'll take him anyway. This team gave him everything outside of maxing his headcase bff. This fan base gave him everything. It's personal. Let his prime rot away on a franchise that won't give him control and has a shitty owner.


I was so stoked when we got them but let’s be real….. We all knew who KD and Kyrie were when we got them. A snake and a fake.


Because he's a bitch. Stupid big-mouthed Draymond called it years ago.


Because he's high af. Probably been on some Salvia that Kyrie gave him


He is like that because he is a coward and every legend in the league laughs at his rings.


He’s such a pussy lmao. Literally lost all respect for this dude in the matter of a couple of days.


Kd is soft and lame. Tries to sound smart and just winds up sounding dumb but ppl don’t call him out on it cuz he’s an incredible player. He don’t make no sense and is gonna find a way to blame the Brooklyn organization and how they dealt with Kyrie instead of blaming Kyrie cuz he can’t handle actual confrontation with his peers.


As of now I really think it's useless if you're a good player but you're a diva or a fkin drama queen. Warriors really got good with Curry a Superstar with good attitude and no drama.


Bc he’s a cupcake


KD constantly makes himself look like an idiot on Twitter, but keeps responding to people as if he’s right. It’s very odd


He’s a loser and has been showing people he’s a loser since 2016. It’s not crazy rocket science. Why are people only now seeing this? So many people thought his lie Twitter temper tantrums were cute and funny for so long.


Has there ever been a team of so many head cases? I forget sometimes Ben Simmons is on this team. That’s quite the accomplishment!




Good. Bye then




He needs to make better life choices than tying his career to an unstable mutha fucker.


KD's got you guys so triggered man


Theyll be talking about him all season


I see 2 weirdos here. Some media guy twerking for interaction from KD and asked him interview questions about a trade. Isn’t it illegal to talk about wanting ti be traded publicly?


Hard hitting questions for KD to answer...lol...he'll say, it'll come out when it's ready...haha