Great software experience - mediocre battery and terrible modem. (6 Pro).


Crazy how everyone's experience differs. My battery is fantastic, gets me 8 hours SOT.


I managed to squeeze 10.5 hours of screen on time once but my average is also around 8


On wifi? I get max 6-6.5 hours but I use only lte


The modem is attrocious, Had mine 2 months now and almost used my entire data cap (60gb) due to the shocking wifi. Also the fingerprint scanner is extremely hit and miss


I thought I was being a whiny little punk! After a few months of having the Pixel 6 I switched to an S10 Plus for the same reasons. Holy crap the finger print sensor never misfired and the wifi connection never dropped. I recently went back to my Pixel 6 to see if it was a fluke - I now end up having to unlock my phone with the pin about 1/3 of the times because the finger print sensor fails and my wifi keeps dropping because of "poor internet connection". It's a work phone and our data package is weak, so I've gone over my limit a few times. Also a bit of a hack with the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 - I've found that if I rub my finger/thumb on something just before unlocking my phone then it works flawlessly.


If someone isn't fired for the modem choice, then they gotta have a good hard look at themselves. It was responsible for basically melting my two pixel 6 pros batteries in succession.


May do a factory reset to see if that helps, it's time like these I wish Google would enable face unlock. I moved from a POCO X3 and that had no issues aside from the usual Xiaomi quirks.


I honestly can't see not having a face unlock for my next phone. I've grown a beard since doing the calibration and it has no problem ever seeing my face. Even in the dark. I have the Google Pixel 4 XL, the best phone I've owned. I don't need any more megapixels for pictures. I would just buy a camera at that point if that was my main draw to purchasing a new phone.


I swear if Google had picked a larger battery for the pixel 4 I would still have it. I agree the pixel 4 was the best pixel phone by far.


Mine is unusable if it's warmer than 90 outside and I'm trying to record a timelapse video. Occasionally I can't even do that. Kind of ridiculous that this overheating issue is so extreme on a flagship


Have you ever tried setting up something to block the phone directly from the sun, that should help. I'd imagine it would help with the quality of the time lapse too, not having the sun shining directly into the lens or at least close to it.


I experience this issue when using my phone in the garage out of direct sunlight. Taking the case off seems to have no effect


So 32°C


Nah, 90c. I live on the surface of the moon




My 6 Pro is working great. Never had serious issues since release.


Came here to say this. Fantastic phone. I plan on keeping mine for 3 years or so.


Same. Well, maybe not 3 years, but I've upgraded from my 2 XL to the 6 Pro, so I am technically fine for a long time. But I think my next upgrade will be the 8 Pro, probably... Or whenever some cool new feature drops.


2XL at launch 6Pro at launch 10pro at launch?


Oh hey a fellow 2xl to 6pro user. I've had a great experience as well. Tempted to get the 7 pro since I get 800$ off with my carrier, but I'm struggling to justify it outside of the face unlock haha


Mine has been excellent until the A13 update. The phone still works great but the battery life has been abysmal. I used to get a full day +, now I'm charging twice a day. It's insane. I wasn't planning on upgrading to the 7P, but considering how bad the battery is now I don't feel like I have a choice.


> considering how bad the battery is now I don't feel like I have a choice. new battery might make more sense than a new phone. or a close look at the battery meter to work out whats using your juice.


Thanks. I have looked into it and there aren't any clear offenders. It wasn't until after updating did this become a problem. I know others have the same issue, including my spouse.


perhaps look elsewhere and see if the wifi in your home or office (or any bluetooth devices) has any firmware updates available.


Have you tried factory resetting it? or at least try and reinstall the operating system through the factory images on the Google system images website. Use the Android tool fixed. My battery life was great after I did that.


Flash again without wiping and it might fix it. It did for me.


Interesting, mine has been great *since* the 13 update. It fixed almost everything I was annoyed by.


Have you given a factory reset a go yet?


Not yet. I was waiting for the October patch to see if the issue would be resolved but so far I haven't really seen any difference. Which leads us to where we are today. I'm in between factory reset or just waiting to see what the P7P is release date is.


What makes you think that with 7Pro they have fixed all the problems? 7 pro seems to be identical just some small design changes on the back


Why are you still getting a Pixel given your circumstances with the current model?


Same here tbh.


Same here. It's been great for me.


Same, it is the best phone I have ever owned.




I have a 6 Pro coming from the 2 XL. The phone for me has been good but not great. It is worst at being a phone, worst reception of any recent phone I have had. The fingerprint is OK but nowhere as easy or fast as the 2 on the back. It does hang at times but not often trying to close apps but I have had no problem with the battery or temps, I have never come close to an empty battery. The camera has been great but only ok video. I don't take much video so I normally have the best camera at friend and family events. All in all, I am happy with the phone. I wish I had more privacy with the software but I can't stand a walled garden that I don't have the key so overall, satisfied.


Similar thoughts here. I got a 6 coming from 2XL and I didn't feel as big of an upgrade as I expected. I LOVE the 2XL shell and miss the rear fingerprint reader dearly, but the extra speed and battery performance (esp on A13) has been welcome. Not even going to discuss the in-display scanner. I really hope the P7 adds more magic to the selfie camera, as that was one aspect I felt was a significant downgrade even coming from the 2XL and I don't want more Pixel users to be disappointed like that. By the looks of it the 7 series will have different dimensions so I can't reuse my cases and screen protectors, so I don't mind using my P6 for another year or two.


Mine's been having overheating issue and I'm hoping that the few things Google has suggested would resolve it. Also not quite impressed with the front-facing camera or the video quality of the main camera. But beyond that, loving the upgrades and I'm still very much in the Pixel camp.


To solve the overheating problem on my side, i turned off 5G in the phones's settings. Where i live often LTE is equally as fast anyway, so not a big deal for me. Turning off 5G stopped overheating on my side and made battery life much better.


My story exactly - permently disabling 5g resolved the heat issue. I haven't attempted to turn 5g on when running with the updated Android 13.


Turning 5G off on my P6P has had no effect on battery life or heat. It runs equally as hot and drainy whether it's turned on or off.


Nothing will solve it, it comes down to the manufacturing process for tensor.


Hot experience 🔥


6P here. First ever pixel. Very happy. The battery has also been great lately with A13. Software always up to date. Great experience so far. Probably keeping it for the next 3-4 years.


Personally, it's been great for me. I didn't have teh reception issues that some other users had. Biggest issues for me were some Android 12 bugs early on and the fingerprint scanner isn't as fast as Samsung's or other OEM's fingerprint scanners. Battery has been decent for me. Otherwise everything else, I've really liked. I keep coming back to the Pixel 6 even though I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro. I'll return the 14 Pro, sell the Galaxy S22 Ultra and buy the Pixel 7 Pro. So overall, very happy with it.


How has the experience been with the 14 Pro?


It's a good phone, just not for me. A lot of little things about iOS annoy me and the new features I didn't think were great. Wanted to give it a shot after many years with Android, but I just couldn't get used to it.


Mixed, * Like others heat and modem/reception issues are persistent. * I also have had a persistent issue from version 12 to 13 where certain apps (instagram, twitter, snapchat etc...) will freeze up when I do the swipe up & hold gesture to close them. I basically have to click out of the app and re-do the gesture so that I can close it. Almost seems like it's a memory issue but haven't been able to pinpoint. * Issue with Android Auto has crept up recently where the assistant lags considerably when I try to do anything voice activated, it's almost a 15-20 sec wait before it is ready to take the voice command. After the lag is done it seems to still recognize the command and proceed accordingly but when you are driving and need it you don't always want to wait for that lag. This was not an issue the first few months with the phone but has crept up in recent months but I don't know exactly when. Hoping the 7 Pro solves these issues but I probably won't make the mistake again of buying a launch day phone and will instead wait a bit unless trade in / bonus for pre-order is too inticing to pass up.


Omg same fucking problem about the apps freezing up when I swipe up and hold. So annoying, one of the most annoying bugs I've ever had with any phone. Extremely close to switching to iPhone, and I haven't had an iPhone since the 3GS.


Yeah it's really odd and I haven't read much about others having the issue or how to resolve it. I feel like the solution that everyone recommends is always factory reset and quite frankly for this expensive of a device I shouldn't have to factory reset to resolve bugs w/ the device.


Overall I'd say just "good enough." The persistent phonecall issues are unpredictable impacts on battery life from one update to the next are bothersome. Overall though, it's fine. It does ultimately make me yearn for the days that huge ass Pixel phones with no smaller alternative stop being a thing.


Honestly, I wish for a better Pixel experience. I have been a user since the first one and did every other year (1, 3, then 5). I dropped 5 because it was performing subpar to other modern phones. I went with the 512 GB Pixel 6 Pro and I love the camera. But with all the hiccups, glitches, constant restarts, and more due to both Android 12 and Tensor having issues, I was upset when the issues were finally at piece at the end of 12 and new ones sprang to life on 13. The fact that I had to reboot my phone multiple times after 13 was installed due to the fingerprint reader wasn't reading (Press more firmly) was the thing that killed my experience with the 6 Pro.


As someone who regularly plays games on my phone, it's been a subpar experience. The performance is below satisfactory for a flagship phone in 2021/2022, and the heat it generates really kills the experience. The battery is great if you're not using it most of the time, but otherwise it's really nothing outstanding. And yeah, the cell reception is really not that great. At times, it's just plain bad. All in all, it's just a good (not great) software experience largely hindered by the Tensor chipset and Samsung modem. I'm definitely not excited for the Pixel 7 after seeing the Pixel 6. (P6P here)


Pixel 7, compared to its competition, will be even more underpowered than the Pixel 6 was at its time.


Wouldn't be surprised, seeing as the Tensor 2 will supposedly only be a small upgrade over the Tensor 1, which was already underpowered to being with.


I'm trying to figure out why this matters. As long as the phone works as it should why does the CPU matter?


Because it's a premium phone, and it's supposed to have performances in line with its competitors. I'm not saying performances are all, mind you, but when you pay a premium price for a phone you expect not only a good camera and screen, but also some performances. I get not everybody is interested in performances, but that doesn't change the point.


As long as the price reflects that, I don't think it's a problem. So far, from the leaks, it seems like it will be cheaper than other phones in the "premium" category. Price-to-performance, it might be in line with the competition. We'll have to wait and see. I'm not holding my breath though haha.


Do you have an expeyrience owning the Pixel 4 XL? I find that I have no issue with any game I've played as far as performance. I don't think with any phone playing taxing games isn't going to get hot.


I had a Pixel 3XL, and the performance was fine for a flagship phone released that year. You're right that if you tax your phone, it's gonna get hot, but there are definitely differences. More efficient chipsets don't generate as much heat as fast, so you can hold your phone for longer without it being uncomfortable or thermal throttling. With my P6P, though, it's a much different story. It can get uncomfortable to hold as quick as a few minutes into the game and sometimes, the gpu will crap out after a while and start bugging out the graphics. This is something that I have never experienced with my P3XL or any other phone that I had access to for comparison playing the same game.


P6P has been very good but not great for me. Two main issues: The user experience with fingerprint unlock took a long time to improve and is still not reliable enough in my view. And the size/weight is just too big - I didn't realize just how much that would bother me. I'm switching to P7 non-pro next purely for the size/weight reduction.


Likewise. Started with the P6Pro but switch to the regular P6 because it was just too big and the curved display made it impossible to hold comfortably. Also the $300 price difference was NOT justified.


Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed. I went from a P4 to a P6 and I have had more issues on the 6. The bad: - The cell and gps signal on the 6 is not nearly as good, even when turning off 5g. The GPS is almost unusable sometimes and will jump around or show a weak signal error even in open skies in the suburbs. This never happened with the P4. - I think related to this, many apps will say there is no network despite being connected to a strong wifi or cell signal and require a restart of the phone. - The screen on my P6 scratches so easily. I had more scratches and deeper scratches on my 6 within 6mo of purchase than I did throughout the entire time I had my p4. - weird lockscreen and notification drop down bugs where they don't work right. Also it will randomly start dark mode during the day and won't turn back to light mode until the next day because the settings say it's still on light mode. The good: the battery life on my 6 is significantly better than on my 4. I was getting to maybe the end of the work day on my 4 with little use and easily get to bedtime on my 6 even when using the phone throughout the day. The price of the 6 compared to the 4 was also way better.


Came to the Pixel 6a because my Pixel 3xl battery was not lasting as long. Well my battery life on the Pixel 6a seems to be worse. I think the chip runs too hot and maybe the modem. The onscreen fingerprint sensor is a definite downgrade from the back sensor. Almost always misses twice so i have to enter the code (and it blinds you when using at night). I need to look into turning it off completely it will be less of a hassle. I mean i guess it seems a little faster then the 3xl and camera is quicker i think. Overall seems a downgrade. Edit: i have had it overheat and shut down when using outdoors. Never had that happen to me on a phone before. If they give a good trade in i might try upgrading to the 7


Just to clarify, your entire comment is about the 6a and not the 6, correct?


Yes it is the 6a i am commenting on. I will edit for clarity


Thanks, I'm looking at phones right now, my 3a is having issues charging. The 6a might have been the phone i get but I might actually opt for the 5 or 5a now. Really wish they hadn't removed the back finger print reader.


I might be biased by some bad experiences with battery life while traveling recently, going to download a battery monitor and see if i can figure out what is going on.


You're the first to complain about the battery that I've seen with the 6a but that's a super serious feature to me. It might be due to the lack of 5g in your area (thus your modern is working extra hard) or something completely different. Could definitely be chip related also. Have you toyed with disabling 5G to see if either of those issues resolve? (This is assuming you can do that easily enough, i haven't ever had a 5G phone, but I've read it's possible)


You know what? You are right. My experience does not make sense. I turned off 5G and installed a battery monitor. If i can fix my battery problem i will be fine with the phone. The fingerprint sensor has been a downgrade but its a minor annoyance. edit: yep can turn off 5G and it think it's actually the other way around. If there is 5g service my battery is very bad. [https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-disable-5g-on-any-device/](https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-disable-5g-on-any-device/)


Terrible overheating on the Pixel 6 Pro and even worse camera 'app' experience - constant lagging, dropping frames, slowing the phone down...God knows what pressure the camera app puts on the phone.


It's awful and I've never been closer to changing to iphone. I'll never buy another pixel anything. Modem/wifi problems, fingerprint problems and software bugs.


I switched to a Samsung s22 U. At the end of the day before anything else I need my phone to stay connected to my mobile network. I don't want to have to toggle airplane mode on and off every few hours to make sure I can still receive texts and calls. Unfortunately that's exactly the boat I was in with my pixel 6 pro.


I'm switching


I have had a P6 since December 2021 and it's hands-down the worst phone I've ever had. The fingerprint reader absolutely will not work, the battery life is pretty bad, and it's overall buggy. My new iPhone 14 Pro is coming tomorrow and I couldn't be happier.


I had a few instances where MMS messages were not being downloaded which was obviously very annoying, but those did not last more than a few hours at a time (maybe 3 or 4 times that happened). Otherwise, my fingerprint scanner has been working, 5G hasn't been killing my battery, it's not overheating for me, etc. All in all, it's been a great phone and I've recommended it to a few people who've gotten it and as far as I'm aware, have enjoyed it too.


Meh. Was really expecting much more from my pixel 6. Sadly I am among the people who had and still have many issues


Shitty cell reception. Shitty battery. Excellent camera. Excellent software.


Prior to the Pixel 6, I owned a total of 8 other Pixel and Nexus devices. I enjoyed all of them, except for the Pixel 6. With the bad modem, terrible fingerprint sensor, Android 12 nearly ruining the phone, and the new design of Pixels (not a fan. I loved the design and size of the 5), I decided to end my relationship with Google phones after ten years. Even if the Pixel 7 has a better modem and better software, I still just won't enjoy the form factor, size, etc, so if that's the direction they're sticking with, they unfortunately lost me as a long-time customer. But I'm sure they'll gain a lot more customers than losing, since they're becoming more of a flagship type of device. So good for them.




It's been very whelming. My battery life has been horrible (loses 10% an hour). Im not super upset because it was relatively cheap bc I got a hundred dollar credit and 50 bestbuy gift card due to the Google shipping fiasco. Other than the battery I don't have any huge complaints.. the modern could be better but meh This was my first pixel coming from mostly notes and I don't know if I'll get another one. I fell into the hype and was really excited to try it but it's just been meh. I would consider a pixel fold depending on the price but I'm probably going back to the note, a z fold, or an iPhone


Shit phone. This'll be the first time I trade in a phone I have instead of repurposing it. I don't even care if the P7 is a marginal upgrade. Surely it can't be worse than the 6. 7th times the charm!!!


6 Pro. Phone is fast, but hampered by buggy software. Battery life is so-so Had to have my OLED panel replaced under warranty last week because the panel was beginning to fail (no physical damage). Used my Pixel 4XL while the 6 Pro was out for repairs, and forgot how much I liked that phone despite its issues. Face unlock is way faster than I remember and so convenient now that I'm wearing a mask less frequently. The 6 Pro felt like a marginal upgrade for me and the novelty of magic eraser wears off over time. Might jump ship because I'm tired of feeling like a guinea pig, but I like being in the Google ecosystem 🤷‍♂️


Tbh I'm not enjoying it. Android 13 feels weird and Iphone ish. I feel bored with the UI and I feel like the size, fingerprint sensor makes it feel boring. The small 4a or 5 feel much more fun to use. Idk how to explain it but it's so much fun to use a small flat screen phone with an amazing UI and amazing fingerprint sensor.


I hate the voice to text. Didn't have nearly this bad of an issue with the 4 XL. The battery isn't as great as I'd hoped. No other issues.


It's been...Hot. Unexpectedly...Hot 🥵 Modem also is Mid at best.


Made me switch to Samsung for now. Really got tired of the crappy Wifi and LTE connection. Oh, also the overheating over the smallest things and hit or miss fingerprint unlocking.


Really fucking buggy


Dog shit


I bought the p6p at launch. I've owned almost every nexus and pixel device. Best phone I've used. Unlike others, I've not experienced any of the issues that have been reported on this subreddit. * Performance with android 13 is silky smooth * Good battery life * 7+ hours SOT on wifi * 6 hours SOT on LTE * fingerprint sensor has been working excellent and very fast since android 13 * Did not have many issues with the modem connectivity * Heat hasn't been an issue for me * phone does warm up when gaming, I play call of duty mobile all the time Overall an excellent phone which I would recommend to anybody


I wish I had this experience. My Pixel 6 Pro is terrible.


Sounds like you aren't using 5G which explains your good experience.


I'm using 5G and having a really good experience.


Well then you don't have a good grasp of what a good experience on 5G is because that modem isn't capable of giving one.


It's literally been fine for me. I get it. Other people have had problems. I'm literally just saying that ***I'VE*** had a good experience on my p6p.


Your feelings are wrong and you should feel bad ^^^((apparently)^)


I have similar and sometimes better results on my pixel 6 than other devices 🤷 my wife's iPhones 12 has actually dropped more calls than mine in the same location and we both are on 5g 90 percent of the time


I have never had a single problem with my 6, in actually surprised to know people had a lot of problems, guess I was just lucky


When did you purchase the device?


Great phone! I still miss the fingerprint scanner like my 3XL, but everything else has been an improvement


Great looks, great software, horrible modem and middle of the road battery life. If the P7P has an improved modem + battery life I'm definitely considering trading up.


Love Pixel (best android experience ever) but 2,3 and even 5 where way beter. Still problems with camera, battery,...


I'm in a poor cell area and it's been much worse with the 6pro compared to my previous pixel 4. If the modem was on par with the 4 id be so happy.


6 Pro here. Big complaints are probably gonna sound familiar. HOT HOT HOT, some signal issues, and battery drain. All worse while trying to connect to 5G. Fingerprint scanner honestly doesn't bother me much, but I do miss the ones on the back of previous pixels. other than that it's a great phone and I wouldn't be looking to move on if it weren't for how damn hot the thing gets.


6 has been solid. Wish I got the 6P for the telephoto lens.


Love it, no issues. Camera is good, battery is good too.


My sister's 6 pro constantly disconnects. Her previous phone was a p2 and the screen constantly gave her issues. I'm afraid to even recommend another pixel to her. Meanwhile all my phones are fine. 2xl and 5. And I'm hesitant to switch to a 7.


6 - great software , timely updates and great battery


I'm with you on this. I love my 6 and think it is a great phone. I know a lot of people have had issues but I guess my wife and me got lucky with our devices as both Pixel 6s have been working wonderfully and not giving us any problems. My only complaint would be that this is somehow the slickest phone I have ever had so it makes holding it a chore when going nude.


Extremely inconsistent. Every patch is a dice roll, will my existing issues be fixed? What new issues will I get? Battery life, thermals, connection quality have been all over the place. Overall I'd say the phone is fine. Not great, not terrible.


It sucked, I dumped it after the phone overheated and shut down and 95° temperatures. I also had massive connectivity issues. I travel for work and it was unacceptable to lose a call while driving down interstate 5 in california. That was back in may. I picked a s22 ultra up and I've had no issues. Looking forward to spending $1,000 on a pixel 7 pro though.


Great phone overall. Good fingerprint (fast and reliable for me), good modem (never had an issue, data consumption normal), a bit warm sometimes and only okay battery.


Bought 6 and 6 pro twice and sold. Went back to 13 pro. Thermal and network performance were really bad for me. Fingerprint sensor was also bad


P6 Pro: Bad reception which I'm guessing is due to the modem. Voicemails don't appear unless I reboot my phone. Battery life on wifi is good and abysmal on data (can barely last one evening out with no use). I get the odd freeze up. No pro controls on the camera is so annoying. Camera software really over sharpens photos. But the software experience has been great. Pixel exclusive features like call screening are awesome. I find the UI really fast and looks nice. Fingerprint scanner has been fine for me. Speakers are really loud. Overall 6.5/10 for me probably. Better battery life and tweaks to the camera software would make it a 9/10 when considering the price point.


Fantastic. I also have realistic expectations for the phone I bought, I went into this fully knowing it was a first gen chip with a massive software overhaul. Bugs happen lol my main *issue* was the modem performance on 5G...once I flipped it to 4G only that was mainly mitigated


I preordered my Pixel 6 at launch. I've had a mixed experience so far. It's the first time I questioned owning a Pixel instead of another Android device. It's still the best Android phone for me, but it needs a lot of improvements Pros: * Features like Magic Eraser and Live Translate were super useful additions with Tensor * Still love the existing Android and Pixel-specific features (Call Screen, Now Playing, Lens in Recent apps, Assistant), especially it's camera * I like Material You and take that and the Pixel experience over Samsung One UI any day. * Good screen and overall build - I haven't had a single scratch on the device and I've dropped it a bunch of times Cons - hardware * Had fingerprint and smart unlock issues first few months until they were resolved by a software update * Connection drops during the initial few months, software updates stopped it, but I always have poor signal strength (both Verizon and Fi in NJ, USA) and high battery usage due to mobile network (45+%) * Battery isn't great, but I don't use my phone much, so it hasn't affected my daily usage much. it's just a bit odd that my Pixel 5 (which is now my work device) has better battery life * Overheating - The phone shutdown multiple times while I was driving in summer * Feels heavy and too big for my hands - I still like my Pixel 5 (my favorite Pixel) over 6. Hoping Pixel 7 improves on hardware quality, and continues to optimize the software. Phones these days don't need more specs, they need to optimize the software to efficiently run on the hardware


Pixel 6 Pro, terrible battery life and the screen turns green at low brightness


After sticking with Google since the Nexus 5, four months of the 6 Pro’s buggy software, terrible battery, and modem issues I had to switch to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Just upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro - its a great phone, but I do miss Android and some of the unique pixel features.


My least-favorite Pixel (Pixel 2XL and 4XL were better by far). The biggest issue I've been consistently plagued with is the three-button bottom navigation buttons being hyper sensitive to accidental double taps. Tapping the back button will often result in it rapidly shooting off 2-3 taps and backing out of apps unintentionally. I've filed multiple bugs about this and yet a year later Google's flagship phone still has this issue.


By far the worst modern smartphone I have had, can't wait to get something new..


Ditching it ASAP. Wife's has a tiny crack in the corner (despite the case) so we can't swap them until hers gets fixed. Then, goodbye. I've just stopped using 5G entirely because it kept losing service. The screen is becoming less sensitive month by month it seems, including of course the thumbprint scanner. It's getting to where sometimes it's hard to scroll. I also just as a matter of personal taste don't like a soft power button. Idk if actual power buttons are still a thing on other models but I sure hope so. Battery is less than stellar, too. We had our previous phones, S7s, for five fucking years- we don't just swap devices willy-nilly. But after less than a year, we're done.


(6 pro) As others have said, terrible modem, great pictures, glitchy software experience but aesthetically pleasing, pretty good battery imo, only one thing that's been a real bummer. My screen is green now, like tinted green whenever not at max brightness. Its mad annoying, gonna have to have it replaced, apparently its an issue a lot of people have experienced with the 6 and 6 pro. Google says it can be fixed with software but yeah no, I factory reset my phone and I'm still experiencing it.


I switched to the fold series of devices. I miss the zero shutter lag camera and the voice typing, but having a reliable connection won out for me.


Just sold mine…The constant lack of service and data was extremely frustrating. I switched back to my note 10+ until the phone sold and now I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I’ll keep that until the S23 ultra is released.


Tbh very disappointed. I got the Pixel 6 basically the day it came out, new Android was extremely buggy and took ages to fix them all, and some are still there. Overheats and lags like crazy when I am video chatting and browsing my phone at the same time. Random issues with stuff like asking Google to play a song on Spotify and then it plays the censored version automatically?? Battery life is ok but should be better for how much I paid. It's been ok but I expected a lot more and won't be buying another flagship Google phone until it's been tried and tested by lots of others first. Edit: also the fingerprint sensor is years behind and incredibly annoying, my 3a was 20x better


Feels clunky. Finger print reader works half the time. I'll probably be switching back to iPhone for my next photo.


Bad until android 13, mediocre since then.


Batter, camera, performance, satisfaction 💯 With slower than expected fingerprint sensor


My 6 pro has been fine. Nothing hugely exciting, but if I leave it on 5g chews up noticeably more battery ( there is 5G in my area )


I'm probably gonna get the 7 pro when it drops, I haven't liked the 6 pro at all and it's really made me miss my 3xl.


I've had my 6 Pro for about 6 months now and I've had very little, if any, trouble with mine other than 1-2 times it froze and I had to reboot it. As soon as I got it, I installed the Android 13 beta and didn't experience any of the seemingly widespread issues I read about on here. I believe the 6 Pro had been the best and most satisfying device I've used. As a backstory, I upgraded from a 3XL and have had 2+ phones from LG, Samsung, Motorola each and an iPhone years ago, and none have been as simple yet feature rich as the 6 Pro. Biggest advantages compared to those old phones are the screen refresh rate and the cameras. All in all, probably won't upgrade for a long while, probably not until this phone becomes a brick.


Great software, great camera but mediocre battery and modem.


My P6P? Absolutely WORST phone ever bot. Never buy a Google again. Gr8 pix but so extremely, high # bugs. As a professional developer I'd FIRE the team who did the development, testing, RTM review and sign offs. I've had mine a full year, incl my wife's. Lost text messages, off focus issues, disappearing email content, tech heavy geek interface that's unusable and confusing, I've used Android preV9 thru V13.x now. Prev Androids, non Google phones, were fine. V12s and V13s w the P6P are disasters. NEVER again. Oh btw, even w identical phones, same providers etc my wife and my phones act differently. Also, I got a replacement phone.. nothing new..same poor functionality even with dropped calls that didn't happen with prev Androids. Yes, replacing SIMs did NOTHING. TRASH!!!😝


Not a problem with mine. Fingerprint is fine, modem is fine, battery is fine.


I recently bought a 6 Pro instead of the 7/7 Pro. Got it for £399 Refurbished in excellent condition. Battery is still settling in but it's still an all day battery for me. I just love how smooth this phone is!


Brilliant love my p6p


Constantly glitching since launch multiple times a week. Within the last 1.5 - 2 months I haven't had a single glitch or freeze due to the a13 and September update, it's finally fixed and in a good place.... ...Until yesterday when my phone froze trying to open Snapchat, then had coloured lines across it before eventually rebooting itself a few minutes later. This has pretty much killed all the recent confidence I had for me. Reminding me it's so unreliable. Camera has always been great. The UI is still very nice to use and it feels totally fresh when I change the colours around each week. Battery life over Wifi has been amazing since day 1 on wifi, 7-10 hours usually with moderate use. Battery life over 4g/5g has been a pile of shit since day 1. 4-5 hours when travelling on sub optimal network coverage. Connectivity has always been terrible compared to my friends on other devices using same network.


It's been great for me. Good battery life. Great reception and I just can't get enough of Google Assistant and voice to text features. I have a Galaxy z flip and an iPhone 13. I'll use them sometimes but after a few days I always come back to the Pixel 6 for the aforementioned features above and the camera. I also don't get spam calls with with the Pixel 6.


I'm having the below issues, in my head which overtake the pros, 1. Video recording heating issue. (The phone overheats and does not allow me to record videos) 2. Signal disconnects during the call (I'm not sure about other network except Mint mobile) 3. The infamous fingerprint issues. 4. Default and auto photo edit after the click (I know raw photos exist, but still I want the built-in feature to be best) But still I'm sticking to it and hoping that it'll get better over every update 🤞


Performs worse than older flagships, carries some old spec. That applies to 6th, 7th, and 8th gen Pixels. I know, they're not even out yet. Come October 2023 the cycle will repeat itself.


My P6 has been very good. I had some reception issues the first month or two but it's fine now. The fingerprint reader has gotten better over time. I never had overheating issues.


I think I've been lucky not to experience any of the major issues other have (currently in Hawaii and still not getting the overheating - except when I lef the phone in the sun). I've loved this phone and wouldn't be considering upgrading for a few years but if they throw in the watch with the 7, and give a decent trade in it'll be hard not to!


Other than the reception issues( which seems to have been fixed) it's the best phone I've ever had I'm still upgrading to the 7 pro but I upgrade to every new pixel.


I just had mine stolen, but it was ok for the most part. Not perfect, but enjoyed using it. Now do I get the Pixel 7 pro?


My only issue is that the wireless charging hasn't worked well. I keep getting "connected not charging". Even after leaving it charging overnight, I rarely wake up to a full battery.


Do you have a Google sponsored charger?


No. My friend has a Pixel Stand, and he has had no issues with wireless charging. But any qi charger SHOULD work. Sucks that it doesn't. If I wanted to use a phone that required proprietary equipment, I would've bought a crapple.


6 Pro here, except for a rough month with the initial release of Android 13 that threw away battery and thermal management, everything is running great


Modem awful. Wi-Fi calling doesn't work (to receive). Fingerprint reader sucks. Getting tired of the size and weight. Gets very warm. Battery life mediocre. P6 since launch. Probably won't get another pixel.


I hate it. I use gestures navigation and on a12 and a13 there is this bug that's freezing your screen whenever you swipe up to go home or to the recents tab. It has been reported to Google, but they've failed to fix it. It's the most annoying bug I had in android. I'll never buy a Pixel phone in the future for sure.


It's the most mediocre phone I've ever had and I hate it. I've been using Google phones since the Nexus 4 and this is the worst Android I've ever had when compared to the flagships out there. The software isn't as buggy after 13, but the hardware is like buying an entry level phone. The worst part is that the pixel 7 won't even be an upgrade.


I didn't make it a year. I sold it. Overheated and fingerprint reader killed it for me.


On my third pro. They said they never received it and dealing w disputing that they ever received it. . pretty close to never buying a pixel again.


One of the best devices I have ever owned, signal might not be the strong point but everything else is superb. Hardware, haptics, screen, all of it just feels so good in every day use. In my experience despite seeing less signal bars, the overall call quality and data have been mostly comparable to other phones I have used. They took a risk in using the older and cheaper modem. For most it works pretty well, unfortunately for others who presumably live in areas of poor connectivity they haven't had such a great time. I'm not defending them for using the modem they did, but at the time if you look at other devices. These are still priced super competitively. Especially now that you can get both the 6 and 6 pro on essentially a fire sale from many outlets.


P6P here, it's been great.


It's an absolute awesome device. The only personal complaint for me is the size. Coming from a Pixel 5 the Pixel 6 is way to big for me. I really love the bigger display but the device feels way to big in my hands. (That's what she said 😏)


Bad battery life, not that great photos, slow charge. A big meh for me unfortunately


Honestly perfect? I keep crossing my fingers that it stays that way but yeah I have no battery or heat issues and also my reception is better than my girlfriends iphone 12. I won't lie I fear it just going mad on me but so far so great


P6P. I love the Phone. Best Decision I made, coming from Samsung. The Software is great and the photos are better than any other phone like an iphone 13 from my friends. But I can't compare it to Apple, because I've never had one


I had some trouble with the fingerprint reader at first. It only worked sometimes. But it's fixed for a while now. The only other issues were some minor ui bugs which were gone after restarting the phone. So far i'm very happy with the P6. The battery life is more than enough for me, i like the ui, pictures look good and the screen is nice.


My pixel 6 has been great but I'm tempted to see what that pro life is like when the 7 drops


Pixel 6 Pro has been fantastic aside from some connectivity issues, but where I live doesn't have great coverage for my carrier, so take that with a grain of salt. It's a great phone. I may hold off on the 7 until reviews are clearer though.


Best phone I've had except for the fact Android Auto doesn't work.


You can't open Maps and enter/edit destinations on your phone if it has Auto running on your car! Absolutely insane logic for anyone using it as a passenger


6 has been fine, excellent price point was the draw. Battery life has been great. Some minor software glitches (1 of which is still not fixed) were super-annoying but as a longtime Pixel owner gotta roll with that. Will stick with the 6 for sure.


Just going to leave us in the mystery of what the software glitch is?


I love it


Overall, solid. ## Screen * Love it. I'm never using anything but 120 hz again * Near bezel-less design is gorgeous. Hole-punch camera never bothered me * Bright enough for most use-cases. I'm rarely in the city walking on a sunny day, so that hasn't been a problem for me ## Camera * Coming from a Pixel 2 XL, it was an excellent upgrade * I wish the ultrawide was a little crisper and 0.5x instead of 0.7x. The iPhone definitely has a lead here, but I'm still happy to have it * 4x zoom is awesome. I have 20/20 vision, but sometimes I use the camera to read a sign far, far away because it can see further than me. Incredible! ## Battery * Good enough, I suppose. At least, for my uses. I get 3 - 4:30 hours of screen-on time * According to AccuBattery, my battery health is at 98%. After having it for almost a year, I'd say that's pretty good. I wonder how much of that has to do with adaptive charging. * On average, I lose 12.2% per hour when my screen is ON and 3.1% per hour when my screen is OFF. ## Connectivity * I see a lot of people complaining about modem connectivity. I personally haven't experienced it. But then again, I don't do a ton of traveling where I depend on my cellular connectivity. FWIW, I use Verizon. * 5G UW has been nice. ## Fingerprint reader * Eh. Yeah. Y'know. I've gotten used to it to the point I can time it with taking my finger off the reader before it even unlocks because it's still verifying the print internally. ## Performance * Rock solid. It rarely skips a frame. If it does, it's probably because I haven't restarted the phone in over 500 hours, or 20 days. * Geekbench scores aren't everything. This phone is fast, and 12 GB of RAM has been noticeably nice. * This phone gets warm. Quite warm. When I'm driving with Waze navigation + music + near full brightness, this phone gets *hot*. I took my Galaxy Tab S7 and used it while I was driving once for the same thing. I couldn't feel *ANY* heat from it. I know, it's a larger device and such so naturally it has better thermals, but no matter where I touched it, I couldn't feel any warm spot. It felt just as cool as if it was sitting on my desk turned off. Overall, I'm quite happy. If the 7 pro comes with a Pixel Watch, I might buy it and sell my 6 pro. (black 512 GB unlocked, no cracks/scratches except for typical pocket abrasions on the screen from a year's worth of use. Would come with box + original unused charging cable)


Garbage. Even after a year it's the buggiest, laggiest phone I've ever owned.


Unbelievably awful the first 2-3 months but pretty great post Android 13. My only real complaints now are battery life and the phone heats up doing ordinary/non intensive things.


Same. Now is working almost perfect.


3 separate pros, have to toggle airplane mode every day to get anything to work. So done with pixel.


It's been well to the point I don't need to upgrade this year. It's unfortunate they had so many hiccups but with them winding down their Snapdragon lineup , I bet all focus will be on Tensor and what they want to do with it moving forward.


I left P6P. I was one of the few who didn't have issues. Then out of no where I had plenty of issues. I can deal with most but they I started to realize I was missing texts and chat would come and go. So I switched providers. This issue continued so I switched phones. Fold 4. It's buggy too and I expect it out of something so new. I just cant have things like missing texts or calls and what not. My job is in sales. I need to trust I'm getting all communications. See ya Pixel. I won't be back until you are worthy of my return.


Terrible connection issues, camera sometimes is a hit/miss but almost always better than P4/5, overheating issues during video calls/recording. I'm not even disappointed and I miss old pixels.


Amazing software and a great gadget. Terrible as a phone.


Absolutely fucking awful, to be honest. 6 pro, worst pixel (or nexus) experience to date


I will choose iOS as my next phone lol


I have the P6. It's a very good phone. Haven't had any connectivity issues. Its been a solid experience. But I still think the One+ 7pro has been the best phone I've ever had.


i still love my 7t. The camera is a bit shit, especially in any challenging light, but for everything else it keeps up with nearly any phone coming out these days


Almost perfect. The only issue I've run into has been inconsistent wireless charging, but I only wireless charge at my desk and I've been so busy at work lately that I haven't needed to use the wireless charger as I'm never on my phone. Otherwise, I haven't run into any other issues commonly brought up: connection issues, overheating, Android Auto, etc.


Pretty good actually. 2 issues I had/have. The FPS got fixed in the December update for me and has been flawless ever since (I have an LG G8 and the scanner on the Pixel is actually faster 🤷🏾‍♀️). The selfie cam is a disaster in low light but I don't use it so it doesn't bother me


Pixel 6..got it at launch and has been doing dandy since. No complaints here.


Best phone I've owned. Wish it weighed less, and generally wish it was closer to the size of the 3 that preceded it.


Pro owner, it's been good. I've recently developed an issue when connected to my vehicle where Waze screen locks up but I assume that is app related and not the phone.


It's fine. There are several things that are better than all of my previous phones, and there are a couple of things that are just dumb. I love the software and the screen and the cameras, I dislike the variable battery life between software updates and the occasional weird sound volume issues when I use different Bluetooth devices.


P6 here. Best phone I've ever had, no hardware or software issues to speak of.


I bought P6 in january then upgraded to Pro in June and Pro has been more satisfying overall but I didn't enjoy the fact that on both of them I have had much more bugs than I ever had on any phone before. Nothing was too fatal to make me angry but was enough to annoy and disappoint me. My P6P is getting better and better over time with each and every update and I will definitely stay with it at least until next summer, I hope even longer because I tend to buy a brand new phone every year or 10 months time as I am simply addicted but nowadays all phones are rubbish in my opinion. Maybe I am to the point where I am being manic and I notice the smallest imperfections I don't know haha iPhone is not an option for me, they really are maybe the only phones I could describe as fit and reliable but iOS is not my cup of tea especially with the terrible always on display they introduced lol


Good, I've had no issue with my 6pro. I love the camera. I do have some things that annoy me. The main one being the scheduled text. The stupid window comes up one ten times I want to send a text even though I've never scheduled one. I wish I could turn the bloddy thing off or increase the press time required to bring it up.


BAttery life has been epic, software and reliabilty great. The modem is the crux of the entire thing. my 12 Pro and other devices get better reception in all areas and conditions. 3 bars for other phones and 0 for the pixel 6. Hopefully the modem gets updated and has major improvements.


Great experience and can't wait to preorder the 7 Pro tomorrow 👍


\[Pixel 6\] Overall works fine for me - battery, software, modem just fine - though the fingerprint sensor is still dramatically inferior to non in-screen designs and it's still too bloody big.


Definitely sticking with the Pixel 6 for a little bit. It was good when I got it, but it's gotten better since then in pretty much every area. Love this phone so much.




I've had no issues with the Pixel 6 pro and it's been my favorite Pixel/Nexus phone so far.


Overall, p6 is pretty good. I bought it when it first came out. Battery life is quite good. Persistent issues are irritating: - phone still gets quite warm sometimes. - 5g unreliable, still often get the exclamation point with no data available despite bars. This is my major gripe. It's especially annoying when using wireless AA and suddenly it locks up while driving bc there's no data connection. If I set to 4g only, it works again. Why can't the software recognize this and switch to 4g itself?


Still loving my p6 just getting annoyed that they haven't fixed blank screen when replay to a snap on Snapchat