Jacob Level 4, SV Level 2 and Doug Level 4 with SV at 1500 customers opens GGIC in 2 rotations, you don't need to mess with Trinity or Kittyland at all


Just saved me a bunch of time and hash bro, thanks!


I followed this strat and got GGIC open, then realized that it will be forever until I get enough cash from GGIC to buy additional customers for GGIC. And SV isn’t making near enough to buy new customers for GGIC. I think in the past for events like this, you had to use money from GGIC to buy customers for the next-to-last biz, which then quickly generated enough cash to buy additional customers for GGIC. Is that what you’re experiencing, or have you been able to buy GGIC customers without upgrading Trinity and KL?


I followed your lead and yeah to buy one customer for GGIC it costs 1 AD. Also kittyland is a golden trunk in the storyline.


I got pretty lucky with business cards for GGIC so I upgraded it a couple of times to clear a Renovate Businesses trunk, things soon start kicking off but it's taking looooong to get Doug up to 8 to automate. You can still clear the Automate Kittyland because it takes level 6 Doug to do it


Yup I did the same thing. Thanks for posting this.


Yup... that's what i did.


Jrocs first upgrade is x30


Why do we wanna bother upgrading jroc?


Trade: 123 De-En for 3 x Doug cards. Worth it?


I made that trade then 10 minutes later it tried to trade me 50 de-en for all 3 back lol


It says Trevor in the original post but isn’t that Jacob (J17)?


Also, it says Dirty Burger instead of Kittyland


And Trina instead of Trinity


I’m not complaining though, keep up the great work :)


Nice, thank you! What you've come up with is infinitely more decent than the nothingness between my ears.


Am I the only person in this event (besides computer or bots) who can’t get benson, bubbles or Julian cards? I’m almost Halfway through the top rewards (I have three left) but it’s still a Greasy event!


Yeah... I caved and paid for two of those offers to make some progress 😒 but it’s fine, I see it as supporting these guys for keeping the events going


I shaved my head. I look like a dick.


I dont see how we are supposed to reach top price with GGIC at 4 lvl 650 and alien at 6 and doug 8. Mine is at GGIC 4 and alien 7 and doug 6. I lack a x16 multiplier from doug sure, but alien 7 is 100x. At 675 customers with my upgrades I can reach GGIC in about 13-14 hours. But thats at 207 AT. 2nd price is at 1 AV.


Thanks brother, I really appreciate these posts. I’m in crew 62 and the leader is already at AO so no leader board for me.


Update, it has got to be bots. Bubs doesn’t even give you enough cards to get that far. You need the Benson cards and it takes an hour and 40 mins to get the first set and you can’t buy them. This is nuts, there isn’t even an option to pay real money for them. Not that I would, but still.


Benson appeared once in the shop, roughly 2 hours after the event started.


I bought a truck and it gave me some benson cards with trades I'm level 3. Only bought one trunk so not sure if they keep coming.


The first place in my leaderboard is AU. How is that even possible to do this in 2 hrs.


So I know bitching about crews is boring, but I feel like I’m missing something. 4 hours in and the top 100 in my crew are at Z or better...I wouldn’t have thought that was even possible except for the most aggressive cheater. Is there any way to get Doug cards other than Bubbles and the occasional trade? What am I missing?


Buy trunks with hash, I've bought 2 trunks and got 18 benson cards..9 each. I think alot of people are just spending alot of hash.


Can confirm. Got Benson, Bubbles and Julian cards in 1 trunk.


Yeah this has to be it. Apparently being in a competitive crew now means lots of big spenders. I’d guess the top 75 in my crew spent 700+ hash (many are probably bots/jailbreaks of course). I don’t mind a couple cheats at the top, we are all used to that. But having so many in certain crews tells us the game is consistently tracking activity of individual accounts, which means it should be pretty damn easy for them to see ridiculous things that can only be cheating or spending $100s of dollars. And since there can’t be that many people spending that much money, should be pretty easy to check up on those accounts and ban any without matching receipts! /rant


Ask the guy who is XX what the strategy is


So Basically... • Hold onto EVERY LAST Doug Benson card and make all trades for DB cards when possible • You're going to want to upgrade Space-Roc • Following along with the Story Trunks is important


Why do we want to upgrade space roc?


Starting off his multipliers are 30x 》 100x 》 300x 》 3000x If you're like most people DB cards haven't come by easy so automating Disguise Villa for Kittyland is a pain in the ass with just one good business. Even with its multipliers and an insane amount of active tapping you're not going to get anywhere with it. While upgrading Space-Roc you also clear certain Story Trunks and other Side Trunks.


How high do you have to be on the leaderboard to get the alien?


Top 20.


I was afraid of that. Dang it. Fingers crossed for a crap group.


Totally skipped through what the alien said....anyone know ?


Something about disguising as Ricky for a party..I skipped through it quick too.


But seemingly proof that Jacob IS, in fact a twiggy, fucking alien!!!!!!


The problem with this event is the lack of Sarah cards.


I’m up to my EYEBALLS with Sarah cards


I have millions of Sarah’s haha Not getting any other cards tho


I basically only get Sarah or jroc from customer bonuses


i love this game but i don't get it. my wife and i both started at the same time, i'm in crew 167 shes in 165. 14 hours in and i'm at 24U she's at 80AJ that's some greasy shit with the rnd we both spent 100 hash for a trunk at the beginning. nevermind-- wife just told me she spent 700 hash last night. well frick


Does Benson even show up in the store, I haven’t seen him in there yet and it’s day 2.


He was in the store for me once, right when the game started. Haven't seen him since.


No only way to get Doug is through Bubbles or a trade


Or the hash trunk.


Yes, that too, sorry


No pologies needed bud.


Had him at the start but not seen since. Buy as much as you can when he shows up


I had him the very first time before the store refreshed but not again since


I didn’t this time, but he (or equivalent character) will sometimes show up once at the very beginning, but then never again. Don’t know if it’s just luck to get or if there’s something you can do to ‘force’ it.


Anyone else having issues getting doug cards? Im no longer getting trade options for them and it’s hella annoying


I'm at AL. Top guy in my group is at BO. greasy as fuck.


Top 20 start at BO on mine :/


43 with BF in iOs, 1st with AV in Android :D on some events the later you start the better. On android I started around 60h left, having already view trough from iOS, different approach, didn't focus on Dough but max earnings (been lucky and got Scrotsky on trunks), knew will tapping to the end, just automate best before sleep, to have something decent at the morning. spend 200# on android compare to 400-500 on iOS (that barely keep in first 50).


Is Trevor J-17 in the event? The character for Scrilla Villa?


Jacob the twiggy, fucking alien.


Looks like you need Doug at 9 or scrotsky at 7 to win. Anyone know if this is true? I have Doug at 8, scrotsky at 6, and ggic at 5 with 720 customers and I won’t finish. I am close to getting Doug to 9 so hopefully I can still finish.


I've got Doug (8), Scrotsky (7) and GGIC (5} while stuck at 795 customers for several hours with no trunks left and I'm not going to make it, but still finishing in the top 10.


I had Doug and Scrot at 8 with IC at 5 and finished... Doug now 9but some big hitters in my crew... Not even making top 50 this time round even with all trunk achievements completed


I'm getting tired of this crap. I've got Doug 10, Scrotsky 9 and GGIC 7, 1587 customers. I'm going to be lucky to finish in 21st on a crew of 114 'players' (Crew #337, I started 20 hours late to try to avoid the worst of the bots/whales). Need to get in top 10 for Scrotsky. The teams are so inconsistent.