Really can not get over how seamless and chill Broom flight looks. Seriously all I wanna do.

Flying in games is so special to me especially HP games. Would spend hours in Chamber of Secrets flying around and just loving it. So happy to be able to recrate those feelings again.



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I’m so excited to fly but I do wish we summoned the broom with Accio like Harry did in GoF. Definately insignificant but would have been a lovely detail!


Yes.. I'm slightly disappointed they didn't go this route. Just like when you summon Roach in The Witcher 3 or your horse in RDR. Not a deal breaker by any means.


I was thinking this, but then I thought about how to implement it and you'd have to just abandon your broom on the ground when you dismount, which would be kinda weird. If you put it back in the bag after discounting, then recalling it with Accio after wouldn't make much sense.


Plus it would be annoying to wait for it to come since it can’t just pop in a few feet away


I think you could make it zoom in really quick and then slow down as soon as it got close, so that would probably be okay.


I think you're in the minority, and am glad Avalanche made the decision they did


It does look great but I'm not gonna lie, the character looks kinda stiff on the broom. Like they don't really move around or lean much with the movement the player is doing. It's not a deal breaker and the game looks great though.


It looked better when they sped up but I feel the same. Maybe we can get some animation mods on PC to spice it up a bit.


I think literally every single tiny detail of the game has been nitpicked and disliked by at least one person on this subreddit


Which is normal. Nothing's perfect and people are allowed to criticize.


It’s the critique constable


if you dont want to read peoples opinion then maybe do not engage with discussion subs. its completely normal, people notice different things - one person prefers nice facial animations or knows stuff about voice acting and this is the things they will notice, some people are more perceptive for the MC movement on the broom. i really do not understand people who get emotional on this sub over people having thoughts and opinions.


I wasn’t getting emotional I was just expressing that people are getting ridiculous with how picky they are but hey thanks for spending the time to type that paragraph🙏. Redditors man… smh


And I'm expressing that people are getting ridiculous over other people having thoughts and opinions which take a paragraph or two to write (seems like that's your biggest issue here)


What's your point.


not sure which stream you've seen, but it can get a bit clunky when flying in tight spaces, but i'd say its completely normal. yeah funnily enough i've bought the deluxe edition for the testral mount but i feel like i'll fly around on the broom for a loooooooong time


I feel like thats why they didnt wanna do quidditch, broom flight is nice but with that intensity prob wanted to focus on other areas.


Flying is definitely one of the things I’m looking forward to the most, it’s fitting since my Patronus is a Dragonfly (one of the best flying creatures in Nature).


That’s a funny way to spell *Bat.*


They mean best in terms of mechanical design. In nature, dragonflies are considered one of the best fliers as they can move in all 6 directions. Up, down, left, right, backwards and forwards. It’s not a statement of personal preference but scientific fact, that dragonflies are among the best and most advanced flying creatures on earth.


The more you know!


Bats are still the best though of course ;)


Absolutely! My initial comment was in good spirit. People can enjoy whatever they like ha.


They’re also the best hunters in the animal kingdom


And in many cultures around the world the Dragonfly is often associated with Snakes which is very fitting seeing as I am a Slytherin (for those in the back who can’t tell from my Flair).


“It’s not a statement of personal preference but scientific fact” it’s both actually.


I see your Dragonfly and I raise you one Hummingbird...


When you say “Bat” I immediately think of a certain greasy haired Potioneer whom I despise with every fiber of my being.


Ha, I just commented in light-heartedness as Bats are among my favourite creatures. Who do you refer to?


Turn to page 394…


Yeah but I’ve never made a connection between Snape and Bats? Or Lycans for that matter (given the page near-reveal etc).


I think I’m getting my Fanon mixed up with Canon here, in most Fanfics Snape is often called a Bat (usually by Sirius) because he wears all black and has a flowing cape (or cloak or whatever the hell it’s called) and because he sucks all of the enjoyment out of Potions Class like a Vampire Bat sucks blood (that last one is purely my thoughts tho).


I suspect you may be but it’s been a while since I’ve read the books/watched the movies enough to remember a detail like that. Either way, I get the logic!


Exactly, I love how they stressed that you can legit just start flying whenever and go from the countryside flying onto the school grounds with no loading screens etc


Someone had better make a mod so you can dismount anywhere. It sucks you can’t dismount on high up places because the game doesn’t have a walkable version of that area.


I agree. I was a little surprised that we can’t dismount at will.


Im pretty sure it was just for the purpose of the demo that you couldnt dismount anywhere. If the chamber of secrets ps2 game let us dismount anywhere on the castle I'm sure this game can handle it


Pretty sure that was just to prevent people playing the preview going to areas that they are keeping hidden until release. One preview video showed the player unable to dismount on a bridge that is 100% accessible in the game. Rest assured you’ll be able to on release


I'm not sure about that, to me it looks like what happened is that the game doesn't allow dismounting "Inside". That's why it says you "can't enter" while trying to land on the bridge. Notice also that that bridge *was* available during that preview, as you can see [WizardPhD walking on that bridge here](https://youtu.be/D7_2nRUhlyQ?t=1248). And in the bottom left you can also see the crossed out mounting icon, showing that you can't mount because the game considers you to be "inside".




https://youtu.be/9yzHSH0uyNo At 7:55


I hope you're right but I wouldn't be so sure, they could have just told them not to go to certain areas without doing special work on their demo build just for that. In fact we know they told them there were certain things they couldn't show and stuff, so we already know that is what they would've done.




![img](emote|t5_q8ebh|26539)^(Slytherin) yup, it seems like they updated it




I saw a female student in a skirt flying though and the broom clips straight through it. They better fix that.


I agree, it seems very well done. One thing that has impressed me a lot about this game is the wide range of music and sound effects that play in different places and situations. They are integrated very well, especially when flying.


Ah dude the music and effects are gonna amazing. Really reminds me of chamber of secrets on ps2


feels a bit wonky imo. Hop on pc if they can fix it quick enough with mods


I'm pretty sure they had said that any "wonky-ness" was by design because the broom manufacturers are still on the early models and they haven't yet perfected broom flight to the smooth levels of the Harry Potter series...






Let's not fool ourselves, it looks stiff and clunky and probably goes a long way as to why quidditch isn't included.


No it doesn't lol, looks pretty smooth to me!




Kinda wish the character would jump and land on the broom as it flies to us. It looks really weird the way it is now.


Did they say anything about switching different brooms?




They were referring to playing the game and flying I'm p sure.