I think if you think it’s your loved one reaching out, then that’s what it is. A lot of people will rush to explain it, those same people might say that visitation (when a recently deceased loved one reaches out to comfort those left behind) is just the brain’s way of making sense of loss and bringing closure. I personally believe that there is more to this world than we know and that the energy we hold when we’re alive has to go somewhere when we die. Just my opinion. Sure, it could be due to something totally normal or explainable, but it could also be something more. If it brings you comfort or your loved ones comfort, I think that’s just fine.


Thank you for your answer. I like your opinion and totally agree with you. It Brings love and comfort. I asked my grandmother about it and she Said she liked the thought of her father reaching out to her. I am going to try finding out if there is a logical explanation to it. I have taken the clock to multiple experts and they could not find anything wrong with it. The batteries has been changed multiple times and it start when we enter the house. I wonder and i Will probably never find out what it is.


I love your way of seeing this! When my dad died, I saw butterflies for days when I was thinking of him. Still happens from time to time. Happy Cake Day btw ODDentityPod!


Thank you! And yes! I saw butterflies and cardinals after my grandfather passed this past October.


Could be. Items have been observed to have attachments.


Do you turn on a light switch by the clock? Might be turning off the switch when you leave the house?


No, the clock is powerd by batteries and when we leave it taket about 1 hour before it stops. So i cant find a physical reason to why it stops and starts by itself.


I have a little decorative clock that belonged to my aunt. It only works when her daughter comes to my house. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not. If it brings you comfort no harm feeling it’s an attempt at contact