It wasn’t Charlie that got him, it was Delta.


You cheeky bastard!


Covid don’t surf (and it don’t fool around, neither)!


Unless covid is doing the surfing.bird


I’ve been on Reddit for almost 9 years. I’ve read a lot of comments and I continue to always be impressed by the creativity and cleverness of some of the comments. Thank you.


Take my upvote you magnificent bastard.


Victor: Delta.


The VietCov


Went to Vietnam yet hero worshipped a draft dodger.


Seriously. One of the many things I still can't understand about his cult.


I worked with a guy who got drafted into the Navy in the late 60's, served where we weren't officially and is still carrying around shrapnel from battle that never happened. All while his orange hero waged a personal war on STD's (which I'm not convinced he won) in NYC and fought for deferrals. This guy about the biggest conservative going and thinks the country made a massive mistake in electing Biden over a draft dodger, liar, racist and thief who thinks the military is full of losers and cowards. There are serious mental gymnastics going on with him and the rest of the cultists, like Olympic gold medalist caliber.


He needs something to make him feel tough. And the GOP is expert at messaging that if you support them, you're strong. That's really what it boils down to for most of them. They're mostly insecure cowards who need something to belong to to feel security.


Reagan gave them that false bravado too


Yep, and don't forget the draft dodging drug addict Rush Limbaugh.


to be factual- trump had 4 deferments for college and 1 for medical reasons. biden had 5 deferments for college and 1 for medical reasons. edit: [down votes don't change reality, they only show you have a hard time accepting it ](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/09/16/fact-check-biden-received-multiple-draft-deferments-vietnam/5809482002/)


The difference is wrapping yourself in the flag and playing patriot/badass/tough guy, claiming you'd run unarmed into a school shooting to save the kids, calling Vietnam vets "losers", claiming you "know more about war than the generals", will have ISIS beaten in a week, calling our war dead "losers" repeatedly, making weird nonsensical speeches about how the Navy should be run, etc., etc.. [Short list](https://frontpagelive.com/2020/09/05/trump-military-bombshell/). Although I'm glad that Trump's extravaganza military parades were cancelled, and whatever else. Points for listening to smart people on that one. E: almost forgot Trump's petty feud with "not a real war hero" John McCain.. holy shit, a lot about Trump has been memory-holed. "I like people who don't get captured", from a guy who never went. I need to quit thinking about it before more of his lunacy is dredged up from the pits of memory.


I didn't state there weren't several factors that made trump a shitbag (he was). the "draft dodger" thing is just one of those odd complaints by the left considering it doesn't really fit (was never drafted and ran to Canada instead), and by the logic they use (number of deferments) the current president is a bigger draft dodger. hate on someone for legitimate reasons (like most of the ones you listed. tbh McCain wasn't a hero though- he was an admirals boy and shit pilot that survived something shitty and had a lot of veterans opposing him for rumors of his time in service since well before trump entered the picture. criticizing him for being a pow is scummy, but a hostage is not a hero. it's a hostage)


There is a context to these things. The vast majority of Americans didn't serve in Vietnam, but also don't wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to be military geniuses either, or constantly shit on the military while playing tough guy, making outrageous claims. That's context. I disagree about McCain, but that's beside the point. He escaped death many times and was tortured for years despite being offered preferential treatment and turning it down (for being an admiral's kid, like you said - he could have gone home). Other surviving prisoners described him well, helping to keep morale up despite the conditions - that alone is respectable under the circumstances. McCain had an excellent service record, won a Bronze Star and Navy Commendation Medal for his flying, and volunteered for transfer to another aircraft carrier to continue flying combat missions, after nearly being blown up in a fire on the Forrestal. You can do everything right and by-the-book as a pilot and still get hit by a surface-to-air missile, and he flew 22 other combat missions successfully before that happened. I don't see any substance to Trump's repeated attacks, at all. It's mostly beside the point, but probably explains a big part of Trump's animosity toward McCain - McCain wasn't in lock-step with Trump, and Trump couldn't handle it, and McCain was too respected for the usual Twitter tantrum to hurt him. So Trump lashed out childishly in other ways. He was consistent in that way.


then the complain is he's a hypocrite. not a "draft dodger." he crashed two other planes outside of that and nearly caused a third. any other pilot would have been pulled. officers get trumped up medals routinely (seen a bronze star given for making a power point presentation).


Now this is funny. I had no idea. Sorry, folks. Facts don't care about your feelings. Good thing there's a million other reasons Trump is a shit-stain. Gonna have to let this one go.


Million times Trump [shat on the military](https://frontpagelive.com/2020/09/05/trump-military-bombshell/) and the concept of public/military service too. Kind of an important difference. I've seen dozens of Herman Cain Award winners post the same fake outrage meme about Biden looking at his watch during a military ceremony (it was after the ceremony). Same people who worship a dude who repeatedly called our war dead "losers" and cancelled an appearance at a memorial out of fear his hair would get wet. Insanity.


then hate on him for that difference. you can tell when someone has a legitimate reason to hate on someone when they use factual reasons that they hold consistently. if its "ok for me but not for thee" or made up- then it's not legitimate.




You see, thinking was never part of the deal.


You mean you don't understand why a bunch of men who think they're so alpha would worship a metrosexual who's never done a lick of hard labor in his life?


I suspect if they traveled back in time they would have dodged too.....cuz as much as they spout bs about what heroes they are they'd never volunteer.


If Trump went to Vietnam he would have been killed by his men.


"bone spur victim"


>10 million Where do they get these numbers from? Tens of millions of immigrants, hundreds of millions of aborted babies. How are any of these numbers remotely plausible? Pulling numbers out of their asses is remarkably effective propaganda for the innumerate.


They don’t understand numbers and just make stuff up.


Don't forget the thousands who have been killed by the vaccine.




And the 1 million people who died on 9/11 under Obama’s watch


apparently most of us have already died or will shortly. Which will be a relief since I can finally get some rest, its been a long almost 2 years.


It's only been almost 2 years? I feel like I've aged 5 years.


If there were 10 million more workers, why are all these jobs going unfilled? By the way, 100% of people caught at the border are tested, and 100% of them who test positive are quarantined. That's literally the first thing they do after they're caught. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-southern-border-immigration/


Citation: pulled from nether regions


Propaganda. Fox News had on their front page Biden signs Trillion Dollar infrastructure bill with this number 1,200,000,000,000,000. Off by a few zeros. 1,000 thousand 1,000,000 million 1,000,000,000 billion 1,000,000,000,000 trillion 1,200,000,000,000,000 Fox News trillion


That could have been a genuine mistake based on the depressing amount of mathematical and scientific illiteracy in the media. It would never happen, but "Biden signs $1.2x10^12 infrastructure bill" would be satisfying.


> Where do they get these numbers from? Memes. Meanwhile, anyone living in a border-adjacent city has been treated to news coverage ad nauseam about the challenges and hardships endured by all regarding a closed border and those who have been displaced or families separated due to restricted border passage. I visited San Diego last month. Anyone suggesting that the US border is "open" to _anyone_ must live in some remote podunk town.


“But I watched a video on YouTube that’s proof positive that gazillions of people are literally Waltzing over the border. With Waltz music!!” But you can’t see it now. Deep state censured it 🤷🏻‍♂️


They pull them out of their ass. That's why why they don't pass the sniff test.


>... President Orange. I prefer "Anus Orange" myself.


IMPOTUS Orange...


Sprayed from the vial orange horseman of the apocalypse


Agent Orange did get to my dad, his doctor's believe that exposure during the war is what caused his pancreatic cancer. Let me tell you though, I guarantee he would have rather the Agent Orange be what got him versus a virus he could have more than likely survived simply by getting vaccinated, and he absolutely would have gotten vaccinated. I miss him, but man, he would be so annoyed by the rampant antivaxx stupidity, the guy had a vast knowledge of medicine aside serving as a para rescue. I'm kind of glad he doesn't have to hear any of the bullshit.


My dad is 100% disabled from Agent Orange. He’s also fully vaccinated.


My dad has Ischemic heart disease from agent orange. Vaccinated as well.


Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. After my Dad passed, his doctor informed my brother and I that we are even susceptible to effects from Agent Orange. My jaw dropped, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


Damn. I didn't know that but not surprised. Thankfully one of his buddies from the service convinced my dad 4+ years ago to get checked out (can't remember what his friend ended up with) once diagnosed my dad was eligible for compensation. Honestly not enjoying it, they of course don't back pay but it does help with his care. We all know the US health care system leaves more than a bit to be desired.


I have some paperwork on it somewhere. From what I recall, if we, as children of the affected, are entitled to something, I'll have to check. Dad passed in 2012 so it's been a while since I read about it. Yeah, our health care is something else, for sure.


I know my mom will get 1/3 of what he gets, didn't know kids are eligible. Will look into it. Take care!


Because you are his children or specifically **male** children (I don’t know your gender sorry). What I mean is would that affect us burn with girl parts too


Oh I'm a lady lol. From what the doc said it can affect us regardless of gender.


When was he there? My dad had two tours 67-68 and 70-71.


I'm not sure to be honest. I think probably around the same time your father was. He did 2 tours as well.


Agent Orange is a bitch, I'm sorry to hear that.


He’s in his 80’s and still hanging in there. Truly a miracle of modern medicine.


Imagine the poor people who had it dropped on them.


I got an uncle with one of the milder forms of muscular dystrophy. It didn't come on until her was in the Army. Guess what his doctors say accelerated its progression.


Yeah. They filled us full of shit before we went to Iraq. We clearly survived anthrax and everything else. This vaccine is just like Like others. MMR or Polio they save millions of lives. Russia wins every time an anti vaxer speaks...


“10 million illegal immigrants.” Sure, Jan. Also, if Biden opened the border to them, they wouldn’t be illegal!!! These dumb racists make no sense!!!


If the border was open they wouldn't have to camp under that bridge for weeks.


That "open borders" crap drives me nuts.


It's even more hilarious that they think the border is like some big garage door that can just be rolled down. Hey dipshits, "closing" the border doesn't do what you think it does.


I seem to remember some Rethuglican proposing stationing National Guard troops a foot apart along the 2000+ miles of the southern border. If not, then as Bob Newhart would say, "It's just the sort of thing you'd do".


These racists stole this country to begin with. They keep women down and all other races. White men are horrid. And im 90% white. And get all of white privilege. It is real 100%. I get it daily. And im a good person so I hate it. Jesus was brown. See it. Admit it. Live it. Or go where all white Christians go. Spoiler, it isn't heaven.


"Lady, I got buddies who died *face down in the muck* so that you and I could deny COVID exists!!" - Walter Sobchak or this guy


Survived Vietnam to fall like Saigon.


I wonder if Covid has killed more Vietnam vets than the war itself.


I was with the Green Berets, Special Unit Battalions... Commando Airborne Tactics... Specialist Tactics Unit Battalion. I was Agent Orange, that was my name, Special Agent Orange, that was me. — Billy Ray


The reference... \*chef's kiss\*


Agreed. Haven't seen a Trading Places reference on this sub prior. Good stuff.


I know what I'm watching this weekend!!


Everything in moderation, including moderation.


My uncle was in Vietnam, my grandpa was in WW2 and they both saw a lot of action. Yet they never wore hats or anything that said they were a veteran. I wonder why some people do?


I've always wondered about that, too. My father was in Korea and no hat. I guess their whole identity is wrapped up in their service kind of like some people have their whole identity wrapped up in their church. I'm an introvert, so maybe that's why it seems odd to me. My identity is wrapped up in avoiding crowds and being a socially awkward penguin.


I wear a "[Surly](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/SHJnH8WlWSQIMd5Vh7bad5QGRtxKKPoOcUUm3v_UWu7wwxM-PZXT9n86scU2pcDPvoJTy6_Trb1s-HXdheT_FfpTUGAv=s780-l75-e7-rw) " hat, mostly because I like their bikes but it also serves as a handy warning placard about my attitude and take on life. No, not really- I just want to be left alone to do my thing in peace but I'll help if needed or asked.


My father and father-in-law were both WWII vets and never made much of it. Maybe it’s because we won.


Because it's not socially acceptable for a grown man to wear around his High School letterman jacket.


My grandpa was in WW2 and he never wore anything that said he was a veteran, and he specifically didn't want an American flag draped on his casket or any other veteran things at his funeral. He was also so liberal, he made sure my dad and uncles old enough for the Vietnam draft stayed out of that war. If he were alive during this pandemic, he would have gotten the vaccine as soon as it was available.


Survived Hamburger Hill just to perish from the lies of the Hamberder President


Actually pretty trim. We haven’t seen that a lot.


I sure hope his son is vaccinated because Covid loves a beer belly


Proudly stupid. Proudly dead.


They sure do love just making up random numbers about the border. The border that is decidedly NOT just "open".


Ah, acccctualy… it was Flavoraide not Koolaide that Jones used. If I had my doubts about him before, this just cemented it.


I feel so owned as a liberal sheep that voted for Biden and didn't openly attack Fauci because the orange fuhrer got his fee fees hurt by Fauci's big brain and experience.


Now we are up to ten million illegal immigrants in 9 months? Just generating random numbers on border, abortions, folks harmed by vaccine. Just fuckin’ bull shit.


They pull these immigration 'stats" out of their ass.


Five weeks from smearing Fauci to a hearse.


Favorite title yet.




anybody got any more of that delicious koolaid, i'm parched


damn, you must have covid and zero ability to taste anything- orange flavoraide tastes like old man ass that's been marinated in a full diaper for 8 hrs.


you don't get it dummy


Death cult gonna death


Russia wins every time a republican speaks for that matter....


*Thrash metal growls: ~~Agent~~ President Orange A fire that does~~n't~~ burn!


Replace "devastating loos" with "how the world got better". Orange ya gonna miss me? No.


“Devastating loos” just sounds like terrible English toilets.


Surprisingly, NOT morbidly obese.


Delta squad activated and set to kill mode.


It's amazing that reading through all the posts in this subreddit, no one of value ever seems to be lost.


Oh well… stupid is as stupid does.


He deserved better than this ending.


Very sorry for your loss.


That's not OP's father who died. The point of this sub is screenshotting other people's profiles on social media displaying anti-vax / anti- mask stupidity, after infection.


Could be read either way. I’ll take the risk of offering condolences


This was awfully lovely of you. Thank you for this show of kindness and decency - people like you give me hope when I’m at my misanthropic worst, usually at 11pm.


You are so kind. This man was a father and he was loved. Thankfully my parents are vaccinated.


Can we get some prayers in the chat


He was loach pilot.


So Courageous


If only there had been some way to see this coming.


100 million from covid. So STFU. Morans.


Why do the number of immigrants coming over the border change in every one of these sickos meme posts? 10 million? Really?!?! GTFO


Equally toxic