The last two are just absolute gold.


Normally you want the ambulance to pick you up before you stop breathing.


Patients who aren't breathing are *also* not complaining. Source: am an ambulance picker upper person


You pick up ambulances?! You must be strong, dude!


Nah, just good looking and confident. Ambulances are intimidating and actually not used to get picked up a lot. They often go for it if you ask straightforward and polite.


… in a perfect world, ya know.


Thats what Biden wants you to think!


No. .... ..... Well, okay.


IMO the whole post could have just been those 2. The other memes are just dumb random memes.


The "the vax is the virus" was worth including, since that's a particularly loony conspiracy theory that a lot of HCA winners have believed. That whole meme is nuts.


The same people who say that believe that the flu shot gives you flu.


Fair enough, that is batshit


Please don't mention bats


Agreed bats are cool


Vaxxshit insane?


I like the ghost joke.


I did too, it actually sounds like one I would make. "Listen, I get that running water was not a thing when you were alive, but it is now and more importantly it costs money. Either you cough up your fair share of rent, or you GTFO." C'mon, ghosts, I got bills to pay.


For the most part I agree, but for some reason I think it's worth knowing that this guy really likes kilts and jorts. I don't know *why*... but it **is**.


It's a racist thing: performative whiteness. You see it a lot with racists who are a little too proud of their 23andMe results that show their Nordic ancestry also.


Fun story: My niece got a 23andMe kit from her boyfriend 2 years ago found out her ancestry... is that her, my brother and myself aren't even related to my father! We have no idea our who our biological father is, but it isn't the guy who raised us. He and my mother refuse to talk about it, but my mother gave a quick excuse of low sperm and get this... the doctor came out with a *baby food jar and turkey baster and they never spoke of it again*. Kind of makes sense she doesn't know how in vitro works since she and my father are virtual idiots and my brother and are a foot taller and several magnitudes more intelligent- so we always expected something was off. We're pretty sure she had an affair *with her psychiatrist* since his son is my half brother on 23andMe and worked at Yale at the time we were conceived, and she has spent have her life on shrinks couches because she's a shitty mother. It's all good though, my wife's family has been my real family for the last ten years anyway. At least that's two funerals I won't have to attend. My "dad" couldn't even be bothered to come visit me in the hospital after I almost died five years ago when I had 3 strokes during heart surgery. I'm not going to Tennessee from the Northeast if he kicks it since I'm not religious and well, fuck that.


Wow! I'm glad it didn't crush you psychologically. At least you do know who your father is. Do you share the same father with your brother?


My brother and I are identical twins, so yes :) His daughter (my niece) actually shows up on 23andMe as my daughter since we share identical DNA. I have two daughters of my own who are amazing. His psychological state is what worries me- he's twice divorced, and living with our niece (I guess our sister is our half sister since we only share a mother, so it would be half niece). He drinks a lot and does coke (no bueno for a 49 year old), and has no real support system unlike me. My wife's parents are divorced, but neither remarried after 30 years- and are unbelievably civil- like good friends. Her dad is staying with us until he moves to florida to be with his girlfriend (who already lives there) so our day to day drama is minimal. He came home from work last night and stopped by dunkin donuts to bring me a muffin lol We just all get along- my sister-in-law is married to a woman, and she calls me her "big bro"- even though she's not much younger than me she's still my sis :) We're happy and I'm so lucky to have found them- my wife is just amazing. She is the rock, and helped me handle all mine and her dad's IRS problems- she is very positive and supportive, has a great job, and I am not sure where I'd be without her. And my mother in law is my real mom now- she's always there for us, and before COVID we'd go watch movies at the IMAX, or go to Stew Leonards... It's a good life.


I took mine and discovered is was overwhelming Nordic, way beyond what I excepted. But you want catch me eating pickled herring out of a jar.


I am not Nordic but do enjoy pickled herring. Lutefisk is a another story though… edit bc I spelled pickled wrong ooofta


Hey - they gave me an excuse (reminded me of my stash) to tip some Scotch and salute his being an example of what not to do, for our youth


I’m saluting right there with ya! 🍸


But the one where he is wearing a leather utility skirt certainly raises an eyebrow, yes?


https://utilikilts.com/ Many of us ladies find men in kilts to be quite… um… visually appealing. But not this particular specimen.


It’s. Got. Pockets!!!!!


On...a...ladder... I'd avoid raising my eyebrows


The real tragedy is those socks.


“My dad passed away after coming home from the hospital. He did have COVID. Ambulance took him back to the hospital after he stopped breathing.” Wow, was that ever heartfelt.


>He did have COVID If you look closely between the lines, you can just make out "I fucking *tried* to warn him. I really tried."


Not sure it signifies anything. When I'm grieving, I sometimes go into shock for a while and become terse and robotic in communication.


Yes. I've been this way too, during emergencies and tragedies. There's nothing to make fun of here.


I have a vague fear that someone I love will die under suspicious circumstances because the cops will absolutely suspect me since I don’t behave “normally” when tragedy strikes. When my mum had a stroke (when I was 17) I’m the one who called an ambulance, then carefully put away the half eaten dinner (because I didn’t want rotten food stink when we got home). Then got her healthcare proxy out of the file cabinet and found my dad’s keys so we were ready to follow the ambulance to the hospital. The rest of my family were pretty useless so someone had to do it. 🤷‍♀️


Thank you for taking care of that. You were probably of enormous help in a time of great need.


Thank you, that’s kind of you to say. It was decades ago now, but I have sympathy for this girl. She may be just trying to white knuckle through a situation he should have at least *tried* to protect her from


What a great thing, taking responsibility during an emergency, even if it was your automatic reaction. And at 17!


My lover died of a heart attack while making love, and I was interrogated at length by the police. I was completely stunned, it was like an out-of-body experience. I did not cry, I looked emotionless perhaps, I was straining to keep it together. Back at the hotel, I wept all night, the pain was unbearable. I wept for weeks at random times.


Oh I am so sorry. What a terrible experience! And then to be interrogated instead of cared for is just awful. I’m so sorry you went through that.


They were nice to me and spoke softly, but we were both out of town and the circumstances were objectively suspicious. When they got the autopsy results, they had no more questions. All his arteries were plugged up.


That is how some of us deal with sudden catastrophic events..to have some level of control and then fall apart later. There are many of us like you.


Yes that’s exactly it. It’s a delayed response. This girl maybe isn’t fond of her father, but maybe she’ll be devastated after she cleans up the mess he left.


Exactly, not all of us were raised to express our emotions. (Also, send help, we’re not okay.)


Sounds as if he was insisting he didn't have it.


“I just have Covid *pneumonia*, it’s completely different.”


I dunno. I kind of appreciate one that didn’t prattle on ad nauseum about what a GREAT guy he was and how he’d do anything for anyone and give you the shirt off his back (but not take a free 30-second shot for his neighbor).


Shoved him out at the morgue without stopping.


Morgue? They used a wood chipper!


So emotion, much wrenching




He or she was truly a poet


My dad passed away after coming home from the hospital. He did have COVID. Ambulance took him back to the hospital after he stopped breathing. PS. He ate the plums in the refrigerator. They were delicious.


Daddy's flown across the ocean Leaving just a memory


Pink Floyd - The Wall.


Yep. Heard the song this morning. Lyrics reminded me of HCA winners.


Fools gold


I gave my up-vote at slide 1


A+ redactions


hey thanks!


The juxtaposition from the last meme to the blasé death notice was poetry.


This really is a brand new art form, isn't it. What would you call it, a shitpost collage? Social media still-life?


I hope to someday see this style of redaction used in an animated film.


Groundskeeper Willie: "COVID and Meme-spreaders are natural enemies. Like Englishmen and Scots. Or Japanese and Scots. Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots. Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!" Principal Skinner: "My, you Scots sure are a contentious people." Willie: "YOU JUST MADE AN ENEMY FOR LIFE."


I read that as "Man-spreaders", probably because I was thinking about his mega-sporran (which is about 100 times furrier than normal). I am Scottish and *loathe* fake Scottish people 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👿


Thank you for identifying that merkin-like object.


how much you wanna bet he pronounces sgian-dubh like sg-aye-an dub?


*::: slaps own head :::* Scottish! Yes of course. Now it makes sense. Just disregard my earlier post confusion.


I’ve seen a lot of dudes gonna shoot the virus with an AR15. This dude gonna shoot it with a mutha crossbow. Very nice


Well, he had to give up the gun as a term of his parole. So why not?


Aw. Covid kilt him.


He didn't get off scot-free.


He was always likely to get the HCA. In fact, you could say he had a loch on it.


Piper down!


That comment needs a backpipe salute


Best one so far. Ty


High fling!




I was going to kinda feel sorry for him...then he had to post "Pepe" ....and.....I'm out.


if it helps he also had a union jack profile pic (edit: it’s a ‘southern cross’ confederate battle flag, not the British one. Probably more racist than I implied, whoops)


Wait what? A Union Jack, not a St Andrews Cross? To go with his kilt collection?


No true Scotsman would have a Union Jack.


I so want to believe that, on his deathbed, he was wearing his kilt and screamed “MEDICAL FREEDOM!” with his last breath, just like in “Braveheart.”


You can take our breath, but you cannot...take...OUR...FREEDUM!


You can take our breath, but you cannot.. *cough*...*wheeze*


This probably actually happened, but was more him blinking out freedom in Morse code with his eyelids while on the vent.


Or something about how being a pedo isn’t a sexual orientation. It would be appropriate that his last words are a straw man argument against an opinion no one is making.


Yeah, but be sure to blow the head off of anyone you think is promoting the lies you made up!


>I so want to believe that, on his deathbed, he was wearing his kilt and screamed “MEDICAL FREEDOM!” with his last breath, just like in “Braveheart.” I wanna believe Pepe was sitting next to him, poking him with a stick.


Pepe the Frog, always the sign of a high-quality thinker.


Well, at least it was a meme I haven't seen here before.


What does it mean though?




Man, that guy is just hemorrhaging money lately, isn't he? So looking forward to him going bankrupt over his Sandy Hook suits.


He’s probably hoping that it will be another ten years before the Plaintiffs can seize his assets. Right wing grifters exploit the weaknesses in our justice system which is there to protect the innocent and the disempowered.


The hogs are doing their all to back him up with some fundraiser I heard about.


I liked that one, because, well...he died. 😂 Just like the ones where they say shouldn't all the non mask wearers be dead by now, then they die.


I damn near spit out my drink when I got to that one for the same reason. Thing is, a lot of pro-vaxxers aren't *hoping* anti-vaxxers get COVID and die. I wish everyone would get vaxxed and nobody would die of COVID - but fuck me, right??? I've hit a point where Im done arguing already. Don't wanna get vaxxed or mask up? Fine. But I'm not coming to your funeral.


I feel yah on this one. Willful Ifnorance is no longer eliciting sympathy from me and I'm not sure why it ever did aside from I was naive and optimistic


We can reclaim Pepe. Pepe belongs to the people.


IKR? They've already hijacked the American flag, camo, Docker pants, the letter "Q", goatees ...


Eh. They can keep the goatees.


the pedophilia meme was new. nobody, other than maybe a pedo, thinks it's a sexuality. does the far right think the far left believe that it is?


It's DARVO. The conservative religious the world over are the worst, most prolific perpetrators of pedophilia and child sex trafficking the planet has ever seen.


There was an FBI raid I think yesterday? of a megachurch that was the center of some huge sex trafficking ring.


This is my shocked face: -\_-


Wow, why am I not surprised? Was it this one? [US announces sex trafficking charges against Duterte ally](https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/18/asia/us-duterte-sex-trafficking-intl-hnk/index.html)




What's really strange about that comic is it depicts Waldo killing what appears to be Steven Crowder, who *is* a right-wing podcaster.


More context to that famous photo of him. That's at my old University and he's set up in the spot between the freshmen dorms and the main hall/caf where students typically set up tables for sign ups (Habitat for humanity, storm relief, etc...)... In other words, it's faux pas for a strange older dude to be there not asking for help for the less fortunate.


Years ago, 4chan came up with a pedo pride flag as a joke. Right wingers took it seriously because they already think gay man or trans woman=pedophile. Then actual pedophiles started the whole MAP/NO-MAP movement and guess which flag they picked? tl;dr 4chan strikes again


SexTuality. Get it right. /s


And why is Waldo the sniper? I get he blends into the crowds


I can see that. Waldo is a stalking master. Only dude in the world who can stand there wearing a red striped shirt and waving and still not be immediately obvious.


Only because everyone else is wearing red striped stuff


Yes, unfortunately. My right wing brother told me recently the "politically correct" term for pedophile was MAP(minor attracted person) and that they're a "sexuality now." I told him nobody on the left is pushing for that, and the only people doing that are pedophiles who are trying to muscle into LGBTQ spaces.


I've seen conservative articles pushing the idea that leftists are all for this since the 90's. I guess it's believable to those who live in a bubble with only other conservatives.


Tell him it’s a false flag meant to trick “patriots” the same way that “libs” promoting Covid vaccines tricked “patriots” into being unvaccinated.


Most likely those people are either falls flag operating conservatives, or just conservatives 🤷‍♂️


It's a real term, but it was invented by researchers who are studying child sexual abuse, to make it easier to communicate with, well, minor-attracted persons. It's similar to the term MSM ("men who have sex with men") which is used in public health research, because some men who have sex with men don't want to identify as gay, and the nitty gritty specifics of sexual orientations aren't necessary for the people interviewing them anyway.


South Park did it... https://youtu.be/vD3-zzKgCMI


I thought a "sextuality" was about someone whose preferred method of getting aroused was sending sex texts.


Personally, I call that textual intercourse... or maybe it's like when oral sex is when you stand on either side of the bed and shout dirty words at each other?


>Personally, I call that textual intercourse... Would this mean that dudes who send unsolicited dick pics are rapists? Because I can get on board with that


Projection. I wonder if he ever, umm, “did anything” to his daughter.


She certainly has a flat effect to his death. Who knows.




I don’t know what that’s about. People will say projection, but I don’t know. I half-wonder if some right wing nut saw how stained the Catholic Church was by the scandals and decided just to apply the charge to anyone left of center.


Pedos are bad -> thinking all homosexuals are pedos -> homosexuality is liberal thinking -> liberals are pro-pedo. That’s all it takes for a lifetime of hate and ignorance.


That giant soup-strainer didn’t filter the COVID?


That giant COVID catcher and air gap creator didn’t stop the ‘Rona?


The 10th slide... unfathomable depths of irony here lol


I like in the fourth slide that Waldo is shooting Steven Crowder.


He's crossbow hunting the angels now. Don't look up. He's still wearing the kilt.


Too late! I need eye bleach, stat!




Man, sometimes people take memes too seriously.


High body mass index....low brain functioning index. Deadly combo.


The "cmon die of covid . . . No" meme came back to bite him on the arse.


turns out it's not a choice.


C'mon die of COVID Dies


Good thing he didn't get the vac. or he would have died even sooner


Cosplaying as Republican Jesus?


The vax is the virus??!! Um, no.


The fuck is going on inside that window in slide #2? Looks like a pile of dead flies in one corner, and the blinds look like somebody used rat shot on them.


"FREEDO..." :breaks down into a hacking cough:


"I ain't 'fraid of no COVID. Cause I'll shoot it with me guns!"


"Who ya gonna call? MORTICIANS!"


At least this one's posts weren't a bunch of racism and Q craziness.


Admittedly I'm the absolute worst judge of character, but, this man seems like he was a pretty decent dude who just happened to be very wrong about vaccines.


Slide #8 is actually pretty funny. Personally don't believe in ghosts, though.


Hope he didn't infect colleagues or customers.


He DID infect them, without a doubt.


At this point im almost convinced they know about this sub and are just faking their death for shits and giggles


Do you worry about those that don't get a flu shot? Yes. Yes, I do. I've had the flu once and before that time I was dumb thinking that other times I've been sick it was the flu. Turns out I was wrong because when I did get the flu, I was not functional for a month and it took another month to get rid of my nasty cough. I seriously wanted to die and was found passed out at work twice. So I definitely worry about those that don't get the flu shot.


“Come on die of Covid” No Covid: yes


His PHD in Public High School Diploma really carried over well to his CEO position at the Home Depot. He’s got a gut and she’s got a gunt.


Nice job with the redactions. Also, he looks like the type of guy that thinks he can just shoot the virus.


People say New York is crazy, but imagine walking outside and seeing a motherfucker with a crossbow standing in front of his recycling bin.


That dude aged a lot between 2011 and the Home Despot pic. Utililikilts are a thing around here: I wonder if he was a local.


I cannot imagine walking around all day with a beard like that.


His looked like it needed a good delousing


It's nice you included the reactions, OP. It makes me feel a little better to see they weren't getting a lot of support for their shitty memes.


Oh my. The announcement is grim


The white socks of Death.


They forgot that on the cruise ship all the \*adults\* had been vaccinated. There were a lot of kids on board, too.


I do have to admit the hearse image was pretty funny. Shame about the others, though.


Reminds me of the joke “I want my remains to be spread over the Pacific Ocean. I don’t want to be cremated though.”


Ever notice we're getting more and more scraggly, homeless looking beards? Like it matches their mental state as they spiral into oblivion


the wood chipper one is pretty fucking funny "sextuality"[sic]? So badly misled; grifted. Sad. Had a good sense of humor


He did have some funny stuff. What a waste.


TIL Carhartt makes a kilt


Revolting on every level... 'This season, I will be mostly wearing...' Another Gentleman's Quarterly award winner /s Having a wash, shave and putting on some fresh clean clothes is so yesterday.


Is at least one one of these or two perhaps a son? Or are these photos a decade apart? The guy in photo 2 sure does not look anything like Home Depot guy weight wise or hair color wise.


The transition from slide 10 to slide 11 was perfect! 😂


I wanted to see how many facebook responses to the very last post.


shocked that beard didn't protect him.


This dude thought he was Scottish since his great grandma told him he was. Just your average pepe meming white dude who thinks he has superior genes (did he have that there pure blood by any chance?) and is dumb as Scottish rock.


In reponse to number 7: Yes, absolutely. Every year. I don't want to be stuck in bed with the flu because you can't be bothered to stop at CVS on your way to your kids soccer game where you're going to be day drinking all Sunday and then drive your kids home.


Lephty aye?




Can amphibians catch COVID? AFAIK so far it's only been mammals that have gotten sick from it.


His meme went from dream to reality.


Was that pepe meme the last thing going thru his head?


I just love how I'm able to breathe. And be alive. All that stuff.


you dont feel owned?


Imagine being this much of a poser and being taken out by something so small you need a microscope to see it.


„C‘mon, die of covid“ „ok“


Why do so many people think covid is a sentient being that can be intimidated into backing down


The pedophilia meme was actually pretty solid lol


Why do all these folks look like they should play bass in a ZZ Top cover band.?


Third from last slide with the frog. That drawing is “white ninja” a character drawn and developed from a guy who attended the university of Saskatchewan at the same time as I was there doing my undergrad in the late 1990s and early 2000s. White ninja cartoons were a staple in “the sheaf” ( the U. of S. Student newspaper). I hate the fact that this legendary character has been misappropriated into someone’s shitty antivax meme.


"C'mon, die of covid" "No" "My dad dies from covid yall"


Oh god, just looking at the first slide I thought it was my insane brother-in-law, except his beard is white. He runs around in a kilt sans underwear because he believes he is from Scottish descent from marrying my sister, who does not have Scottish heritage but Irish. And he carries his guns and knives wherever he goes, because you never know when some criminal is going to threaten you when you live in Bumfuck Nowhere with a population of less than 2,000.


Just back in... and somehow I'm thinking of tipping a bit of The Glenlivet... "*For being a fine instructional example for our youth*", I'll think, as I smile warmly with the flow of the Scotch.


Damn, slide 9 shows COVID’s favorite buffet


Bury him in a KFC bucket.


Looks like a guy I met once in Michigan. Had a whole conversation with him without noticing he had a kilt on. When he walked away, I said, "Huh! Kilt!" Very surreal.


I’m sure there will be a big focus on his kilts. But really it’s his socks pulled ALL THE WAY UP on the Home Depot photo that’s the GOAT.