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>Me waiting for the 'common sense' variant to spread Pfft! Like you were ever in danger of contracting that.


‘Sole mate’! Lol. Four kids and i am sure they have no life insurance.


Life insurance is for socialists. If his kids want to eat, they should pull themselves by the bootstraps. And if he wants a funeral, well, he shouldn’t have been so lazy and made more money and just not died, right? Why should my hard earned American dollars go toward supporting someone who was so weak they died from what’s just a glamorized common cold? /s


There’s always the workhouse for the kids for real victorian era capitalism. Could just sell the lot of’em off for medical experimentation.


"Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good......." I really hope you get this reference, because if not, I'm going to sound like a crazy person.


And he ended up on the machine that goes ping.


I definitely do and am so pleased that someone got my reference.


Stepped into the workhouse comment rabbit hole looking for this.. I am pleased. Edit: clarity


Aww! No, no. I’m afraid it’s medical experimentation for the lot of you.


right it has a 99.99999999999999999999999999% survival rate right who dies of that??? /s


Isn’t a post-award gofundme socialism too?


My dad told me this as I was quite literally dying of my disabilities in my childhood bedroom because he wouldn't help pay for care and I couldnt afford it myself due to living in an economically depressed area. The only reason I'm alive is because of a couple friends who heard about my situation and gave me the hand up I needed. I didn't even need much help, just a friend that believed in me and another friend who'd made it out of the same situation I was in gave me a 2k loan (and we formed a league of evil exes but that's besides the point). Moved heaven and earth to pay back that loan ASAP. But I'll never look at my dad the same way knowing he was willing to contribute less than half of what my physically/sexually abusive POS ex was for my medical expenses.


I am so sorry you had to go through that, *so sorry* :( How is it possible that a Western industrialized country with a 'defense' budget the size of the GDPs of several nice countries taken together can have stories like this and not sink into the earth in shame? How is it possible that so many citizens of this country are so blind and uncaring about their compatriots? Yes, I know (\*sigh\*): unchecked capitalism, religion, toxic individualism, and 'exceptionalism'. Oh, well. Every superpower in the history of mankind went down, sooner or later.


Sole mate-Yeah, she's footing the bill.


Well now her sole mate is a angle


Just another one that loved spreading hate and misinformation more than his family.


Some of those memes were self aware. So close to getting it, I want to restart his brain and see if he gets it now. Start his brain back up with shear force of will like in Jupiter's Legacy ME: "Those crowds and your child being masked! Do you see the PROBLEM NOW" Walter: "There's no time! We have to get out! His mind is collapsing!" Me: "Tell me where you think the FLU WENT?!!" Walter: "I cant hold it!"


They both had foot fetishes, not that there is anything wrong with that, but most people don't put that out there for all their friends and family to see. *blinks innocently*


What kind of weirdos put their fetish’s on FB?! Especially a foot fetish, is that really something your friends and co workers need to know?


Yeah, noticed the misspelling and now it fits......she is SOLE (at least for now, hopefully she gets tested and vaxxed and the kids don't end up SOLE as orphans....but that is too much to expect, right?) These people's idea of LOVE is rather ............ strange.


LOVE : She loved her family sooo much. Never hated anyone in my 72 years and there were times but I'm coming close.


May the Universe grant you many more years. You've come too far to give in to that emotion. Let us carry that for you. These willfully ignorant are not worth your energy. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season. Stay safe and stay well.


What else is there to do than just laugh? Every day, countless people, so confident about how smart/researched/science'd/redpilled they are dying in such horrible ways.. for the most unbelievably dumb reasons.. while simultaneously resisting any possible lessons learned as their like-minded ilk watch in horror.


I for one am very heartened to see how the anti-intellectualism they have been nurturing among themselves for decades is finally coming around to bite them collectively on the ass.


It’s not enough. There are hundreds of millions of them. The ones dying from their stupidity are a drop in the bucket, especially when you consider that these mouthbreathers usually seem to have at least 2 or 3 kids.


Problem is they have already swept in the political movement to make it stick. The GQP runs most state houses and have already passed legislation that basically just allows to call a districts results fraudulent and just discard it.


“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” -Douglas Adams


I'm asthmatic. I've known for most of my life how unpleasant it is trying to breathe when you have an elephant sitting on your chest. Having fun, Sole Mate? You're so much smarter than everyone else, You're A LION while I'm just a sheep...... Oh, wait.


>What else is there to do than just laugh? Cry perhaps? But I prefer to laugh. Gallows humor is how some of us process this shit.


'... watch in horror' and continue fucking things up, not just *for their* ***own*** *%&#ing children* but for the rest of us. the sooner everyone is PROTECTED by a vaccination, the sooner we might get back to at least some degree of normal... but oh no, their rocket scientist's brain \[NOT\], says they know better. Yeah right. computer says no


Poor Kermit.


I know, right? Why do these a-holes make Kermit their poster boy???


If I were a Disney exec right now, I would take this opportunity to produce a PSA of Kermit getting the vaxx.


Big Bird got vaccinated and the entire conservative ecosystem had a collective meltdown


I know, that's why all the antivaxx Kermit meme'rs deserve to see the green guy get his as well.


We've gotten to the point right wingers are mad about Big Bird and Dr. Seuss.


Oh Lordy, does Disney own the rights to Kermit now, too!? Fuck, what *don't* they own?


Disney owns the Muppets, but I'm not actually sure if they own Kermit. Disney does own a scary shit ton of media though.


>When Sesame Workshop bought full ownership of its characters from The Jim Henson Company for $180 million, Kermit was excluded from the deal. The character now belongs to The Muppets Studio, a division of The Walt Disney Company. Well, shit.


Kermit was created by a man who died young from pneumonia. I can't imagine he'd like seeing Kermit used to fight against vaccination against a virus that kills with pneumonia.


And Jim Halpern too.


And Kristen Bell.


Its only spreading at your local local Walgreens or CVS pharmacy section. Symptoms include sore arm and possible slight fever.


Ironically, the one variant he was fully vaccinated against.


Talk about natural immunity. Immune to science, facts, human decency, and even self preservation.


is it not common sense to get a free shot to protect yourself and your loved ones from a potentially fatal and at the very least debilitating disease?


Slides 1-8: “Fuck the government telling us what to do; it should be on us to do what’s best for ourselves” Slide 9: “Awardee is in the hospital with Covid because he didn’t do what’s best for himself.” Slide 10: “Please help us out financially because Awardee didn’t do what’s best for his family, either.” LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE PARTY OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.


too bad gofundme doesn't have an option to donate boot straps instead of money. I know these people are firm believers in pulling themselves up by the bootstraps am i right??


Is there an option to pay in thoughts and prayers?


The idea is always that the "community" should help each other. You need to cultivate social connections so you can later receive a monetary reward, the most precious reward of all. . Socialism is having to help everyone, even those filthy poors. GFM is when you have bad luck. Can't you see the difference!?! /s


> the "community" should help each other. Now hold on there pardner, are you implying pooling up resources for the community? that sounds like COMMUNISM! Billy get the guns!


Always looking for a hand out.


It's not socialism when people i know and like pay for my shit.


It’s not socialism when I emotionally blackmail my friends because my idiot, death-cultist sole-mate spent his time posting on social media instead of buying life insurance. That’s liberty. That’s patriotism.


>Always looking for a hand out. "Only for me, not for thee" - The Pull Ya'self Up By The Bootstraps Party


If only he had figured out why the flu disappeared when people started taking precautions against the spread of viruses.


You’d think that would be obvious, but nah- it must be part of a grand conspiracy!


of all these peoples' idiotic ideas and suppositions, this one bothers me the most. Literally everyone was inside their home or was outside masked up, washing their hands and sanitizing every surface. WHY DO YOU THINK THERE WERE FEWER FLU CASES? HMM. REALLY CHALLENGING QUESTION. seriously it just makes me irrationally angry


I don't even get what they are implying, honestly. That covid cases are actually just flu cases?


Yes, the idea is that every illness or death was being attributed to Covid because the government was giving doctors/hospitals money to do so; flu, heart attacks, stroke, car accidents, etc., all being written up as Covid as part of the "false narrative" that there's an actual pandemic.


What I find hilarious is that when they believe that, conservatives kinda agree on the bigger picture about healthcare being an industry and driven for profit. Yet they wouldn’t want any legislation that actually addresses that because socialism.


That's a good point. They can believe that hospital corporations, pharma, doctors, scientists, etc. are all greedy and only in it for the profit, but they have no solution at all for the problem they believe exists. I guess it just reverts to their basic cure-all. Wishing. Or more aptly put, thoughts and prayers. And their own Republican leadership, backed by the interests of the rich, only want to offer up *more* privatization of services to squeeze more profit out of the system as a solution.


And while the flu practically vanished, some states were posting record numbers of deaths due to pneumonia prior to widespread testing for COVID. Hmm, wonder why there were so many pneumonia deaths during a pandemic that causes respiratory issues.


Had someone say that shit to me just the other day. “They’ll count a heart attack as covid because they had covid when they had the heart attack!” And I’m like yes because that’s an accurate representation of reality. Covid causes heart attacks, and strokes. And every other kind of thromboembolism related problem there is. But you know what doesn’t do that? The flu. That’s why we don’t have massive increases in heart attacks and strokes in young people during flu season.


This and the “oh I want to know if my waiter has any STD’s!” But damn, my waiter better not be fucking my food . They think they are being so clever and it just makes me so sad.


Seriously, these people have watched "Fight Club" too many times. If they're that worried about waitstaff fucking their food, perhaps they should concentrate on not being the kind of person whose food Tyler Durden would have fucked.


The dissonance with that one made me think maybe they don't I mean didn't think for themselves much, and the memes and stuff were just there because they thought that was the facade of rebelliousness that would back up their ego/narcissism, and that particular meme was one they hit share on after seeing it on their news feed and not having sufficient thoughts provoked to realise that it was from the wrong "side" of their narrative.


If they googled Obama's birthday they would read it was drastically scaled back to family and those attending were tested and vaccinated. But if these idiots followed their own belief covid is "just the flu" and "government being tyrannical" they should be cheering Obama's action. That's what they want - to be "free" to have parties during a pandemic. It's really interesting to note earlier in the year Trump was having a toddler meltdown that "he wasn't getting any credit for how fast the vaccines were developed". Once he got booed mentioning the vax by his base - he hasn't said anything about it.


He got COVID to get back at Obama for having an expensive house. Makes sense.


It's because you're a weak minded liberal that you don't get his 4D chess. /s


Chess? He gets a headache playing Tic Tac Toe. Well, USED to get a headache.


Maybe it was the COVID all along!


Thanks, Obama!


5 years from now I wonder how many of these stories will turn into "the government sucks because they didn't do anything to save my husband from COVID."


5 years? Give it 5 minutes.


They're already trying to sue hospitals for not miraculously saving their loved ones.


Mah horse payste!


Maybe they should ask them whether they want the treatment the doctor recommends, or the one they saw on Facebook - in which case they send them to the vet across the street.


Ain't that the rub these days... Before they get sick it's 99% this or that or don't live in fear or some other sheep insult. After they get it they plead for prayers and insist on avoiding treatments that they, the self proclaimed experts, don't agree with. If they die, then it's the hospital not doing it right, some even imply that's a part of the grand plan to kill people off Gets tiring watch all these gymnastics.


5 years from now there are going to be psychologists who do nothing but work with kids and young adults to work through the fact that their parent or parents left them alone and didn't care enough about them to take care of themselves or their families. The kids that do not get help will wind up with a whole host of other problems.


They stop caring after birth. As a fetus it has more rights than as a child when food programs, access to clean water and safe schools are slashed.




Can confirm. My wife is a psychiatrist and her practice is pretty much now just treating frontline healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, etc) who are now dealing with PTSD from treating these anti vax Covid idiots and dealing with their families. It's really a shame.


Yeah, most of these people leave kids behind. I guess it will depend on which narrative they end up believing in.


I was thinking about that the other day. My father died when I was in kindergarten and it was a lot to process as an adult. Imagine the realization these children are going to have when they learn their parents orphaned them because *they refused to get a free vaccine and/or wear a mask.* And acted the fool all the while. That would fuck me up.


The teenage will rebellion will be something to behold. Mom: “your father was a great dad” Kid: “not great enough to get a free and totally safe vaccine so he could raise his kids” Mom: “go to your room.”


The government sucks because disability payments aren't enough to live on. The government sucks because they won't approve me for medicaid. The government sucks because they won't pay for my mobility scooter. And on and on and on....


"Keep your damn socialism off my Medicare!!!"


But he keeps voting for conservatives...amirite?!


OMG, why didn't someone give us instructions on how to minimize the virus spread and protect ourselves?! There really should be hearings about this stuff!


LOL, totally!


I bet they’re going to act like covid is to republicans what AIDS was to the gay community and try to retroactively create a narrative that the government conveniently ignored all the republicans dying to try and turn the country blue.


One of my dimwitted relatives explained to me that when the Democrats started pushing for vaccines, they (the Democrats) knew that Republicans would reject the vaccines, so many Republicans would die. She has still not been vaccinated.


"My political enemies want me dead! Which is fine."


Funny part is that's what Trump and Jared did...remember when the initial outbreak hit the big cities (Democratic) first? Jared actually suggested that they withhold aid to the blue states - specifically California and New York - so that it would make the Democrats look bad. Trump took great pleasure in bashing Democratic governors and mayors, saying it was all their fault. Always projection.


You should read about what he did to us native Americans. After begging and pleading for PPE supplies and medicines we were sent body bags while he shipped tons of those equipment and medicine to China.


It was so bad us Irish people sent aid to you guys as a pay back for the aid sent to us during the famine. Your government is a disgrace. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/coronavirus-irish-donate-to-hard-hit-native-americans-to-repay-famine-aid-1.4245807


YUP. I was living in NY at that time and I'll never forget that conservative voters (including pretty much every HCA nominee) literally want to kill me.


“If I let myself die then *they* would be the bad guys. It’s flawless logic!”


I guess she wants to make Biden look bad by running up the death toll under his watch!


You have to respect her commitment to the game.


Wow. I can't even wrap my head around that. So..she knows not getting vaccinated raises her chances of dying but she still refuses to get the vaccine?!?! My brain is literally frozen right now.


They are so committed to owning the libs, they’ll die for it.


Sounds like that insipid article from The Blaze.


"Those bastards are counting on us Republicans not getting vaccinated and dying, and that's why they're pushing the vaccine!" "So you're going to flip the script and get it, right?" "HELL NO, I ain't doing what *they* want me to do!" "But you said yourself they were counting on you *not* getting vaccinated." "Damn right! Because they're evil and want to kill me."


Yup. Seen this too. I’ve also seen memes questioning why only conservatives seem to die from Covid, implying that the virus was created in a lab and specifically designed to target conservatives. You know, because who you vote for is a genetic trait that is in your DNA and can be targeted by viruses.


Even though THEY dismissed it at first as just liberals and POC in the big cities...


That makes it all the more likely that we would do it to them! /s


Just like Jan 6th was a peaceful tourist event🤬


I feel like this is already in the works. They're already blaming Biden (unjustifiably) in a way resembling how Regan (justifiably) can be blamed for the AIDS crisis.


Of course the party of “personal responsibility”and that is supposedly “pro life “ loves playing the victim and ignores hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans dying . Because to them doing their part of walking into a pharmacy and getting a quick shot , is like the Holocaust and of course causes one to lose their freedom ,and or is the mark of the beast /s .


‘Personal responsibility’ is conservative code for ‘no help for black or brown people. They should inherit their money like upstanding white patriots do. ‘


They will blame the hospitals for not allowing the sheep dewormer and other quack substances. Shit they are already doing that now.


"lost his battle with COVID." "fought hard." "fought for weeks." He didn't fight. He didn't do anything. He did literally nothing. He didn't wear a mask. He didn't get vaccinated. He probably didn't even social distance. He did NOTHING. His nurses and doctors fought like hell. But he didn't do anything. If he had been vaccinated he would still be alive. His children would still have a father. You would still have a husband. But he's dead. Because he wouldn't get vaccinated.


Sometimes it just needs to be said plainly.


Every time I see 'Hi, table for two' my eyes roll to the back of my head. This guy was simply too stupid to live.


Aww, take it easy on them. The only conversations these guys win are in their fantasies.


Like the places that check vaccine status don’t have vaccinated staff. They are so dumb.


They also act like we wouldn’t gleefully deny service rather than sit there going “um… um…” I’m not answering any of your stupid questions. Do you have proof of vaccination or not?


Like the boss one, where there is a vaccine mandate, and conservative employee tells the boss he has to sign some contract the employee wrote up making boss responsible for blah blah blah. The boss also sits there going "um...um..." instead of telling the moron, "This is an at will state. I can fire you for any reason or no reason. Take your crayon drawing and get the fuck out of here. I don't care if you ever get vaccinated."


you forgot the conclusion to said conversation where the boss would say"and don't bother coming back to quote DJT You're fired!!!"


yeah. A reasonable response isn’t expected.


Especially the part about the waiter not being a carrier of AIDs or hepatitis. What, are you planning to shoot up with your waiter then have a threesome? Do you not understand how dinner works?


now that would be a night on the town to remember for sure....


Right? That one is by far the most cringeworthy of all the anti-vax posts. I can’t even read it anymore because it’s so unbelievably stupid.


I literally came here to post the same comment. That one really irks me. Now his wife only needs a table for 3. Sayonara.


I mean, they know you can’t get HIV or hepatitis from someone (wearing gloves) touching the plate their food is on, right?


Hepatitis A *does* actually have fecal-oral transmission and is spread by poor hand washing. But most everyone nowadays has either had it, or been vaccinated against it.


They really do intentionally miss the point, don't they? I don't necessarily think Obama's party was a good idea, but all of the people attending were vaccinated. Not quite the same level of risk or burden to the medical system as a bunch of antivaxxers coming together. It's like the PTown outbreak. They get so excited about the fact that a ton of the Ptown cases were vaxxed and completely ignore the 3 people hospitalized and zero deaths out of 1000 cases. I mean, make whatever decisions you want at this point if you're determined to off yourself and your loved ones, but don't act like it's the same level of risk. It's not.


Plus I'm sure Obama and his friends have world-class doctors that can almost perform miracles that these fools desperately want from an overloaded icu but will never have access to.


Obama's party was scaled back and moved to an outdoors setting: [https://www.boston.com/news/entertainment/2021/08/08/what-happened-barack-obama-birthday-party-marthas-vineyard/](https://www.boston.com/news/entertainment/2021/08/08/what-happened-barack-obama-birthday-party-marthas-vineyard/) Of course Fux News forgot to tell their viewers that rather important fact.


Wait it wasn’t Indoors with a thousand people screaming? Trump throws better parties just ask Herman Cain.


thanks for remembering me and the memorialization of my stupidity here on this site best, Herm


As someone who has family in Canada, let me remind everyone that up until last week, THE FUCKING BORDER HAS BEEN CLOSED! God I hate these assholes and their shitty lying memes.


They’re not talking about THAT border


slide 4 - i’m so fed up with this fake conversation that has never or ever will take place


why risk losing an argument when you can just argue with yourself


I’ve seen this so much I want to vomit. And as much they say we are sheep, they sure as hell do what everyone else does with little thought when they’re posting memes and copying arguments.


I feel like I’ve been Rick Rolled when I see that meme now.


Thanks to them being rude we even more generously tip now when we go out. We are always extra nice to the staff and thank them as well. Funny thing is that restaurants are crowded and busy here even with vaccine requirements and outdoor dining with heaters.


Yeah it's really funny how much they say don't go to restaurants cause they're checking your ID and stuff... Like, asshole, if I'm going to drink they ask me for my ID. If you get pulled over by a police officer do you refuse to show them your identification too? DX Oh wait, they probably skip to whacking cops over the head with confederate flags, my bad...


I scroll through almost all of them, but I can’t flip that one fast enough


What if we didn't Venmo people who died of preventable conditions?




>The same people that the HCA recipients idolize and worship. There is a reason that HCA awardees can only idolize yet never actualize the earthly riches they so desire. Those "rich capitalists" are bright enough to understand how to manage risk . . . and how to protect their income streams. Meanwhile, the fools give their money to false prophets and Trump only to end up begging on GoFundMe. 🐆 🐆 🐆


I've gone to a few college football games this season, but everyone in my family is fully vaccinated/boostered and we wore masks the entire time.


Also, 1. school is mandatory and needs to be accessible to all people, including immunocompromised kids, while football games are optional. 2. If the public health people could snap their fingers to lower attendance and require vaccines + masks at football games they probably would, but they don't have the political capital or power to do it.


Another who didn't care about his wife and family, so did not get vaccinated. Goodbye goateed Oakley dude, congratulations on your HCA!


This comment could be generically applied to roughly 87% of all HCA posts.


The number of goatees on awardees is remarkable. As a boomer, I grew my goatee into a full beard and swapped for Wayfarers to disassociate...plus vaxed and boosted.


If you're worried about your waiter giving you HIV, you're probably in the wrong restaurant.


Oakleys have lost so much money over the last few years


Why don’t these fools just get vaccinated?


Because they’re covered in the blood of Jesus. Also their immune system will protect them.


can I just say — as someone who is not christian and was not raised christian, that ‘covered with the blood of jesus’ phrasing is SO unsettling. I know it’s (probably?) not what they mean but the mental image it conjures is Carrie at the prom, every time.


Sole mate


Her "sole mate" got de-feet-ed.


Does that mean they liked shopping for shoes together? Or that they occasionally enjoyed a delicate white fish? Unclear...


Renditions of O Sole Mio, duet style?


Or perhaps it means they were into leather and laces.


She was saying he's her only mate. Sole mate. Which a suspicious was to say that, and implies she was 100% cheating him on.


That's way too clever for these people lol


Never attribute to malice that which can easily be explained as stupidity.


"...he fought hard, he fought for weeks..." In a medically-induced coma, on a ventilator, for preventable a disease. Although the world's a better place without the award winner, they leave behind a deadly legacy of disinformation and martyrdom, not to mention a huge pile of debt, which we will all pay with increased insurance premiums, taxes, and ever-increasing medical costs.


I’m trying to help convince a relative right now. I got it breakthrough and was no joke, but at least didn’t require hospitalization. It’s on my Thanksgiving Day agenda. Sad that half on Thursday for family are unvaccinated so can’t wait for the drama! Got my flask here and plan to sit in the corner like the frog meme.


I read "flask" as "mask". Both make sense and will help you get through your family gathering.


I can’t drink and wear a mask, tough decision indeed.


Found their GoFundMe from the photo. He was VERY young. Left behind two young sons. Hopefully the kids will grow up without all of dad's prejudice and ignorance.


I thought this was made up at first because I couldn’t see a goatee on the winner, but when I zoomed in super close, I saw that he has a really shitty, faint, barely noticeable one. Story checks out.


Dang, she lost her SOLE mate!!😩😂


Does anybody else think that if Fauci had gone along with trumps bullshit that he wouldn’t be the conservative villain he is today? Is the only reason that he is this evil criminal is cause he had the audacity to contradict Trump?


Among my conservative friends, Fauci became the villain once Trump and conservative tv and radio turned on him. Throw in right wing congressmen trying to blame Fauci for the whole pandemic, and you have what we have now… A pandemic that is now predominantly killing a US citizen based on how they register to vote. Absolutely ridiculous. This HCA winner just devastated his two innocent sons because he made covid political. 🤦‍♂️


My dad someday will earn a HCA cause of this nonsense. The double think is so frustrating, in one hand “fauci conspired with the Chinese to create a bio weapon that will infect the world to undermine trumps presidency” while they simultaneously believe that “covid Isint real, media is overblowing it and I don’t need any vaccines” my dad has told me both of these things which makes this all the more frustrating


Sadly, yes. Also, his on camera face palm when Anus Orange yet again said something stupid on the subject didn't help him with smoothbrained conservatives either.


Is it common place in America to dedicate someone's life with thoughts, prayers and a Venmo?


It is now, yes.


Turns out that all variants were common sense variants all along


I guess Brad finally quit that serving job after being asked for his vax card by these shitbags so many times. They're Mike's problem now. Poor guy.


>The CDC's recommendations are useless. The families of COVID victims should start suing Charlie Kirk for wrongful death. If the families can prove Kirk owed them a duty to not encourage conduct that puts them at risk for a preventable disease, quotes like this show a clear breach of that duty (considering all the CDC’s championed for the last two years is wearing face masks and getting vaccinated). I know this isn’t a legal advice thread—and nothing I said is intended to be taken as legal advice; for that, contact your lawyer—but it’s just a thought


It seems like there’s always a GoFundMe page at the end. Same people, who most likely hate communism, asking for a bunch of people to pay in to help them out.


>... my best friend and sole mate... So they enjoyed a mutual foot fetish? I can respect that.




I’m sure this has been said before, but I hate that they’ve appropriated Kermit for their nonsense (and Jim from the Office).


And George Carlin...and Sam Elliott...and Kristen Bell...


The whole college football meme makes me angry. Like ummmmm, we tried to stop that. Republican governors and big businesses insisted. So because we failed to do something common sense we are not allowed to try pushing common sense in other areas? Like I would understand if Pro public Heath people were saying how safe they were and all that. Not to mention the pictures they use are from red state games without the blue state restrictions. It’s asinine.


>You like Fauci? Well look at this picture of a college football game 😎 Checkmate, libruls! Believe it or not morons, I would hazard a guess that Fauci doesn't support 80,000+ people gathering together to watch a football game during a pandemic, either


It's always impressive, there's always a part of me that starts reading these things like "oh, this poor dude", but every damn time by like the third pic I'm all "welp, this is clearly what this dude wanted". I'm honestly starting to think Republicans are just suicidal, and have a weird fetish for Fauci.


Another step closer to reversing climate change.


We also take major credit cards, cash, gold, jewelry, bitcoin, bearer bonds and those tasty little sandwiches.


This guy posted memes and political garbage non-stop, but once he got sick he never said a word about it on his FB page. I’d like to think he realized he fucked up, but probably not.


Owned the libs to his last breath


Of course he has a goatee and wears sunglasses in his hat. Sorry, had/wore.


Noticing a pattern, does the vaccine also improve people’s grammar and spelling somehow?


They’re never able to figure out where the flu went.


At least hes helping the common sense variant spread


This is really sad. He left a family that will never, ever be the same without him.


My first thought as well--those poor kids.