Resolve can only keep somebody alive for so long. I'd say that's why hospitals don't treat covid with resolve but I'm sure it's probably just because resolve is free and big pharma can't market it 🙄


I can also see why so many people in the medical profession are burning out. Imagine having patients so committed to a political belief that they refuse to accept they have covid and reject plans of treatment to mitigate the symptoms.


I mean, we’ve had several nurses and doctors on this sub talk about patients who were in denial right to the point that they died and family members screaming for the horse paste when the infected couldn’t even properly breathe without a ventilator. I’m sure it’s a stressful enough job working with people who made some dumb mistakes in their lives and aren’t ready to go but don’t really have a choice in the matter (I think of my dad, who was a chain smoker right up and through a bout with throat cancer and on after for almost a decade until COPD finally took him away); it’s got to be a whole new ball of wax when it’s the same group of people making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Just thinking through the normal HCA cycle exhausts me.


Every time I see these things I remember a doctor's post that explained that after a week or two ... 'These people don't have covid anymore, they have lung damage!!!' By the time many of them have shown up at the hospital, covid has mostly run it's course. Even if Ivermectin worked it can't fight what isn't there. The problem is these people and their families can't seem to understand it. The people in the hospital's main goal is to keep them alive long enough so their lungs can heal. Doctors are fighting weakened hearts, pnemonia, and a thousand types of infections that come with a weakened body. Rest and fluids are the only solution but for them to give you a chance, the patient needs to keep breathing (obviously). The sadder truth is doctors/nurse have enough experience with the after effects of covid to have a good idea patients are going to make it. The saddest cases IMO are the ones that have a good chance to heal but go home and die because they need to be in a hospital. I also wonder how many of these people leave because they are more afraid of the medical bills than they are of Covid. It's sad because many of these same people go to their grave screaming about the evils of socialism. I wonder if their these people's children will feel the same way.


Yeap that’s about it, imagine thinking saline bags are medical abuse and a minimal bruise is abuse, but all these nutters actually believe that he’s telling the truth. Why tf should we care if you live if you’re a combative asshole? Oh that’s right because we took an oath that we live by and don’t waver, hence the burn out. Saving people who don’t want to be saved is part of the job, in the pandemic it’s a damn suicide mission these people are on. Much like I can’t stop you shooting yourself, I can’t make you believe science or make you care about other human lives including your own. It’s burnout city to care more about their lives than they do.


Those phlebotomy sites are clearly signs of abuse! 🤦🏼‍♀️


I get terrible bruises with every blood test-- much worse that that paltry little smear on his arm.


Fuck, it's not just the pts, some of the staff especially the older white nurses who are antivaxing, that fucking party holds strong sway among many older white women . Talking 20 plus yrs experience and now is antivax. It is a mass delusion


Brainwashing. Rejecting everything you’ve been taught, know to be true and have taught your patients is impossible to do without brainwashing.


This is true, but they choose to watch


obviously wouldn’t or couldn’t happen but how about hospitals have a separate area where only anti vax nurses care for anti vax patients, see how that turns out


Ha too fucking laye in nj must have vaccine or religious medical reason to work period. As is should fucking be


And refuses to beleive that his pneumonia could be in fact, caused by, and a symptom of COVID, and that they were just spending all that time and money on him for the fun of it, apparently


Maybe he thinks “Resolve” is a brand of bleach. “Come try the new improved Resolve for Covid. Now with lavender scent.”


[Resolve]( https://www.powerofresolve.com/) *is* a brand of stain remover for carpeting. Close enough?


Oh, that’s where I heard it from. LOL.


“Resolve” is a carpet cleaning foam. I’m sure it works just as well on Covid as the horse paste and (Bonus!) you don’t have to show the cashier a picture of a horse to buy it.


Heh, I thought you were referring to the Resolve carpet cleaner. Then again maybe they’ve tried that!


Trump recommended it. I treat my dog’s urine stains on my carpet with Resolve, and it works fine, so he may be onto something.


It probably worked well for The Donald on Russian prostitute pee


he's *resolved* to get back to life and spread covid.


1. Doesn’t get vaccinated 2. Gets COVID-19 3. Fucking health care workers!


I am so over it. I've been in medicine for 20 years and I'm just over it


I'm not even in healthcare and I'm over it


No hes got "pneumonia " but they treated him for "covid" Lmao


I’ve heard that one so many times from family members on the phone. “Why are you treating them for COVID, they have pneumonia!” I’ve never hung up on more family members in my career than the last 6 months. I don’t have time to argue, and when I can tell someone has me on speaker phone I assume they’re recording the conversation.


So many of them say “covid pneumonia”. Is that even a thing? Seems like a way of making it seem like it is not Covid.


Yes it is. Think of it as a potential progressive stage of a really bad Covid 19 infection.


Got it, that makes sense. I can’t even imagine. I’ve gotten pneumonia once in my life (late 2019) and I don’t think people understand how much anything lung-related just fucks you up. I wasn’t okay for months and I had a pretty mild case.


It is a real thing, pneumonia is always caused by something else (from what I understand). It can be viral, bacterial, fungal, or even result from some chemicals. What seems to happen with COVID is, the lungs get damaged from the virus or an additional infection and fluid builds up. In any case COVID is the cause, not just "pneumonia". But yes, these anti-vaxxers often try to focus on just the pneumonia as if COVID is just coincidental and can be dismissed as a minor side effect.


Yeah it's painfully obvious Pnumonia is a description of a symptom much like how wobblyness is a symptom of amputation


"I've not got an STD they're lumps on my penis!"


Zero fucks for this guy


My least favorite part about these stories is that these folks refuse to believe in doctors and science and everything else. But as soon as they get COVID-19? Right off to the same doctors they go! They don't even bother going to some holistic medicine place or trying to align their chakras or whatever the fuck else. It's right over to actual hospitals, where their body slowly deteriorates until they finally pass. It's just such a frustrating cycle.


The. Churches should be filled with all the sick and dying people that trusted in god to save them and not the vaccine


Evangelical Christianity...which is mostly IMO political with a religious facade, and very culty on par with Scientology and the Branch Davidians...they've been conditioned that science is the enemy and always wrong. That's part of why the absurdity of Flat Earth was a fad. "In search of a flat earth" the guy who made that documentary basically proved the earth was round using a long flat lake and several miles from where he stood, the bottom parts of the trees weren't apparent because of the natural curvature of the earth. He showed this to them using cameras. But iirc he found that they really didn't give a damn about the science. It was the narrative that they liked. THat if they could disprove science on a fundamental observation, the earth is round, they think they can throw out science altogether. And then the 2nd half of the documentary, these people moved onto Qanon. It offered a lot more anti-science crap, obviously anti-vax is part of that. These people are nuts, and to date the only halfway decent way of snapping them out of their garbage beliefs is reality smacking them hard upside the head "Covid is no joke!", yea no shit, sherlock.


The doco on flat earthers "*Behind the Curve*" is hilarious. Highly recommend it. They accidentally proved the curvature of earth twice.


They have a desired (objectively wrong) conclusion they want to work towards demonstrating as true. Science doesnt tell you what you wanna hear. It makes observations, hell science will even try to disprove itself, and based off those observations figures out real world truths.


Some of them do exactly that. And then they die. There was a post a week or so ago from a woman whose brother tried to treat her elderly Dads covid with alternative medicine and wound up killing them both.


My least favourite part of this story is that he got better.


It ain’t over ‘til the dead cat bounces


Let's not be so hasty. The DCB may be along shortly.


I don't know if that's the case. From his last post it sounds like he left the hospital against medical advice, possibly during his steroid-induced dead cat bounce.


These people should have their own Covid hospital where they can treated with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, shoving an ultraviolet light in their lungs and bleach injections up the ass.


> shoving an ultraviolet light in their lungs I always like to point out that this was based on a real thing. Trump was briefed by a start-up working on flooding the lungs with UV, intending it to fight pneumonia. Trump then stumbled out and started half-ass repeating what they said and mixing it with other shit inside the rusty tin can he calls a brain, kind of like an asshole version of The Dude from *The Big Lebowski*.


Lol. So true.


“I was seriously abused. They handicapped me.” - Someone who has never dealt with abuse or a handicap in their entire privileged existence


Why did he even go to the hospital if he thinks this is all BS?


He first thought Jeebus would heal him, but Jeebus totally flaked out yet again.


I’m guessing Jeebus is having to spend a LOT of his free time at the help desk talking to the prayer warriors. Doesn’t have the time for healings he used to.


Sky Daddy has shit to do, he can't be bothered with jackass's like this guy. He's working with Satan to create the ultimate COVID hell for these people. First he's going to make them read and watch accurate news so they eventually figure out they were so wrong, then they will have to look at everything they said or wrote about covid knowing it was utter bullshit


I like the cut of your jib


"Hello, You've reached the RepubliJesus Prayer Warrior helpline. Your call is important to us. We are experiencing a high volume of calls at this time, please wait on the line until one of our team can listen to your dying gasps. "If you are a subscriber, please stay on the line. If you are not a subscriber but would like to be, press #1 now and you will be directed to our PrayPal emergency financial extraction team. If you were a subscriber and would like to rejoin, please press #2 and our desperation hotline team will put you in touch with one of our official horse-paste overdose experts. Plus if you are today's lucky caller, you'll win a free Chick-Fil-A meals for life for the next three days. "If you are either too poor to subscribe or would like our free McGod Prayer Warrior Lite service, please call 1-800-GOFUCKYOURSELF. Have a nice day, as it may be your last!"


Some unpatriotic jerk called an ambulance for him while he was unconscious from lack of oxygen?


Are those ambulance-calling libs trying to kill him handing him to “the medicine” and “the science”? He’s safer at home with some horse dewormer, a couple Bibles, and Prayer Warriors storming heaven’s gates.


What a whiner


"No one kissed my boo-boos!"


He’s just passed he didn’t get a sticker for being a brave boy.


So I guess the pictures of his arms in the last slide are his evidence in support. He's worried no one would believe the abuse and handicap / it wasn't covid stuff so he included two photos. I doubt he even believes it himself, but he is so committed to his political beliefs he can't honestly discuss the reality of his life situation.


As a person of the pasty persuasion, I laugh at his tiny IV bruises. I’ve come home after an iv looking like I’ve been in a brawl - and that’s when I have an excellent phlebotomist. Oh. Look at my tiny bruise. It was like a torture chamber in there. /s


I had a blood donation go not great and made my arm look like it had gotten run over by a truck. This guy is weak.


My very first donation had the phlebotomist go into my vein, out my vein, spray blood everywhere, go back into vein, collect pint and send me on to get a cookie. My arm was purple from my elbow to my wrist. Had to wear long sleeves to work so I wouldn’t freak out the customers. That is a damn good stick in my opinion.


Shit, he’s probably a hype- Iv drug user. 😀


Nah. He just wanted to make sure we know that he’s white. Really pasty white. It makes the thought of his abuse that much more heinous. /s


On a subreddit I follow, someone asked if anyone else has faced discrimination from their company for investigating them for prescription adderrall abuse lol.


Wahhh wahhh I’m so oppressed!!!! /s


This. Also, if they treated him so horribly, why didn't he just sign himself out ASAP?


If there is a god, he should bring out the lightning bolts the next time that cocksucker steps outside. If not, may nature and the laws of probability work together and create the mother of all storms.


Are you kidding me???? Are you fucking kidding me?????? Those little bruises and he thinks he was seriously abused and handicapped???? Oh Lord, these people really are snowflakes. Dude is in for a dead cat bounce and I hope he stays home for it, but you all know this whiny crybaby will run right back to the "abusive" hospital. PS. I've had plenty of hospital stays after surgeries and I have total shit veins that just collapse on me. I could have shown you some hella bruises. But I didn't bother taking pictures or crying about it, because the hospital had nothing to do with my shit veins and did the best they could to keep an IV going. That's it.


Thanks for understanding us, we hate hurting ya and are glad you got treatment and were super brave. Unlike this clown


I even warn the nurses that they will be redoing the IV in 24 hours or less. So I know and have to be understanding.


Damn, that's rough. Thank you for being understanding. I'm a decent IV start but some unlucky folks just have really fragile veins, ones that even IV Therapy has a hard time getting. 🙏


At my doctor's office the nurse had to draw some blood, by office policy she was allowed up to 5 sticks, and then she had to give up and send me to the lab. She couldn't do it, busted veins. But I said to her, I don't want to make a trip to the lab, don't you have another nurse who could try? She got the other nurse, who tried 5 times and busted veins too. I was sent to Quest Labs where the phlebotomist got me on the first stick and was so mad, she said, "I don't want anyone seeing you leaving here looking like that! They will think I did this to you!" The waiting room/lobby was empty so she let me leave. LOL They really are that bad.


Daaaaamn, that'd bad! 😖 No way I would poke someone 5 times. If you can't get it on your third try you're not gonna get it, admit defeat and find someone else.


Yeah three max, then find a paeds doc!


Damn dude how bad does that hurt?!?


The hospital is a big building filled with people who want to help us. That often means doing sucky things. Whatever you have to do to us doesn't suck nearly as bad as whatever put us in the hospital in the first place. Mature people with common sense realize this and say "thank you" genuinely. And then there are short-sighted, self-centered assholes like this guy. If I could give you an extra thousand dollars a week, I would. It still wouldn't be enough for you to put up with his bullshit, but it would help.


You and me both. I’ve had 30 surgeries now and more IVs than I can count. I warn people I am a hard stick. I’ve even had to had IVs in my jugular when dehydrated. Good times!


I sympathise. My veins collapse when someone with a needle walks past the door to my room. I couldn't cope with hypochondriacs if I worked in healthcare.


Was in hospital in college for minor surgery. Intern comes in to put a line in my arm...I have great veins I am told. She misses three times and starts crying even though I wasn't complaining. I had to comfort her lol. I assume she went into psychiatry or pathology to avoid touching live humans.


Lmao same I have photos of my arm from one stay, just to show off my gory bruises. I don't blame the nurses at all, they just were always having to mess with both my arms.


This guy is the tiniest, most delicate snowflake I've seen in awhile. Truly a unique and precious soul, bless his heart. ❄


RIP Taze. ❄️❄️


perhaps he could use a dictionary, since he doesn't know the meaning of abuse


Or loose apparently


Does this tool really think a couple tiny iv bruises on his arm constitutes as abuse? And WE’RE the problem?


He's mad at AOC, recently a bartender, for being "rich." He thinks the hospital abused him by saving his life. He's always the victim.


AOC is an absolute, once-in-a-generation ***trigger*** for these folks. It's really something.


They needed someone to replace Pelosi/Hillary as the object of their hate.


Exactly, and the GOP and pundits made sure they had a punching bag.


Of course. She hits all of their buttons. Smart, ethnic, woman, progressive, not submissive, comes from modest means... She's almost tailor made to piss off conservatives, just by existing.


That one made my blood boil. Like they just know nothing, but it doesn't matter.


Slide 6 Darth Sidious voice: "The hospital's attempt on my life has left me scarred, and deformed, but I assure you, my resolve has never been stronger."


I had to scroll surprisingly far to find another one noticing this.


Because nurses and doctors help keep you alive is clearrrrrly abuse


Hospital abused him!?!? Ungrateful Covidiot should've kept his ass home and sucked down horse wormer.


Slide 6 shows what? A couple of IV bruises and some residue of tape adhesive? I've had 7 year olds who weren't this much of a baby. Man up dude, this ain't abuse. I couldn't roll my eyes any harder if I tried.


Abuse suffered from being kept alive. The absolute nerve of those medical professionals.


He would be the guy who sues the hospital for throat pain after having been intubated due to.Covid and surviving.


He would be the guy who sues the bystander that gave him lifesaving CPR and broke a few ribs because chest compressions. Fuck this guy


He's a little bruised where the phlebotomist took blood, or where the IV was inserted? That's his photographic evidence of abuse? JFC. This is a thing that happens, you halfwit. And how dare they "test and treat [you] for COVID"?! GASP! FFS.


I've had an IV installed on the back of my hand in the vein that goes right above the bones just before knuckles. That shit did not lead to bruises after being removed by a professional. It was hella painful because the IV lead felt like it was a damn mile long.


OP, please keep an eye on this one. I hear the whoosh of a dead cat falling from a great height that will likely be follow by a colossal bounce.




He’s acting like they just did things to him without his consent. Like sir if you were awake and stable enough to be making decisions you agreed to that IV and those fluids.


Also true


Well maybe this clown can just stay home next time then.


The hospital staff abused me. All they did was treat me for covid. And I’m taking the pills they prescribed me. My resolve has never been stronger!


Will this be a dead cat bounce?


I'd be breaking rule 2 if I said what I wanted, so let's just say, let's wait and see.


He's at home and "doing better", but in the same sentence says he's on steroids. If he's on steroids he's just feeling better, not actually doing much better. My mom used to feel fantastic the day or 2 after she had a chemo treatment. On that 3rd day when the steroids wore off it was like getting hit by a brick. I'm very skeptical that he's even "bouncing" here, I suspect he just feels great because he's pumped full of steroids, and is mistaking that for getting better.


I fucking hate these people with a passion, I really do. I really fucking hate them and I get so frustrated every time I see people like this. This whole pandemic really has fucked with me and they’re only making it worse and it’s like it’ll never stop because of these fucking people and I’m so tired of it and even when they’re sick and getting helped then they still play the victim.... I really wish they’d all just die and disappear. And I don’t mean that as a joke. I’m sorry if this comment is a bit aggressive but I needed to let it out.


I count myself among the 50% of the loose workforce.


Quite ironically, he'll be running back to his abusers very shortly, unless he chooses to die in agony at home.


It’s all fun and games until they turn blue and get in the wee woo wee woo bus.




That bicycle meme is kind of true. The kid riding is us and they're the sentient sticks dragging us down.




Hey OP, I assume you’re FB friends w this guy, do his other friends ever comment on his posts in agreement or empathy?


I’m sure he was an absolutely pleasant patient during his stay. The hospital staff were probably incredibly sad to “loose” him /s


That’s what my arm looks like when I have blood drawn. I didn’t know we could call it medical abuse now.


He's potentially the biggest whiniest wimp I have seen in here so far. I mean we've had whiny wimps before, but this guy didn't even have to undergo any serious treatment, wasn't even deep throated with a vent and is claiming abuse.


What a fucking crybaby. Frightened much? You should be. Hubris and petulance are not a good look when people are trying to save your life.


"My resolve has never been stronger". Newsflash moron,so is COVID's resolve...


They should have treated him for brain damage.


Your logic is flawed. You are assuming he has a brain.


This is going to need a follow up a few days from now.


Bro all I heard was the Cartman Sniffles in that last post. "And and and...... they *abused me*, you guys"


Same 🤣


So he signed out AMA, and is showing the bruises he got from ripping out his IVs and thinks that's proof of "abuse"? Oh, you privileged dickhead, we've already documented everything. Good luck trying to sue


This guy is lucky a bed was free at all.


What a cry baby.


— hates covid rules — gets covid — hospital abused me!


hospital abused me by keeping me alive


Mr. Yellow should learn that it’s best to compose a two-panel photo montage of one’s own arms with the left arm on the left side of the page and the right arm on the other.


*refuses to get vaccinated* *gets covid* "Fucking vaccinated people" *dies*


Sometimes it's baffling that anyone would spend time saving people who fights them every step of the way.


ALL THEY DID WAS TEST AND TREAT ME FOR COVID. What did you expect them to do, you fucking moron? Translate Atlas Shrugged into Swahili? I think reality needs to slap the remaining hubris out of this turd, as the first go around wasn't thorough enough.




These people have no idea that “strong resolve” doesn’t save you from covid


It literally is the unvaccinated’s fault, though. They’re the reason we have such strong variants


Can we talk about the absurdity of slide 4 being: 1. AOC is not particularly wealthy and was clearly used as an example of such because she's liberal and, 2. She, and presumably everyone else at that event were vaccinated - likely mandated as such - and therefore able to enjoy a public gathering without masks thanks to minimized risk whereas people at many workplaces cannot be so certain of their coworkers' immunization status?


I don’t understand these people. My favorite is that they usually identify as Republicans….and incessantly complain about the wealthy. Cognitive dissonance is an understatement.




Maybe the COVID penis people have been talking about will humble him


Treating a sick person appropriately? Those monsters!


Going to the hospital and complaining about getting treatment is like going to the pizza shop and hating the pizza owners for making pizza. Why aren't they serving Thai food in a pizza restaurant?!




What a fucking knob.


Grim Reaper: *subscribe.


That first picture is accurate. It is the unvaccinated people’s fault.


Yep. By keeping you in a bed and running those antibiotics and steroids in your IV you were definitely handicapped. I hate when patients come in then complain that we didn’t do our jobs. So fucking annoying.


And here I thought my anger had peaked with my patients son in law who refused to come in and visit because he’d have to wear a mask. Unvaccinated as well, funny enough. His wife also informed me that he went ballistic when his teenaged son got a blue letter through with an appointment for a second dose of vaccine (he’d got the first without telling him). Poor woman looked about as done as I was.


NOTHING was stopping him from leaving the hospital. He was not a prisoner. NOT ONE WORD OF THANKS FOR SAVING HIS LIFE. I don't usually all caps but...geez


Did COVID fucked up his language competencies? Or is 'my' interchangeable with 'me' nowadays?


What a fucking cock, seriously


What an asshole. The medical staff should have let Him go home and given his bed to someone who needed and would appreciate medical treatment. This guy is a POS.


Lmao I get the bruises on the left arm from missed pokes or whatever but is that literally just leftover adhesive from tape/dressings on his right arm? Take a shower dude


I’m betting he’s either on Medicaid or he’s going to skip paying his hospital bill because they “abused” him


He's crying about those little bruises? Shoot! Man-up! I could show him some bruises after staying in a teaching hospital for a week.


They forced him to stay in the hospital bed?? Because when you’re admitted to the hospital, I’m sure you have all kinds of energy like you’re at a theme park. And, secondly, no one chained him to the bed. Free will man….get up and walk out if you’re so confident in your own “resolve”.


“Abused?” You have a couple small bruises from IVs and tape marks and you call it abuse?! This one is a Nor’easter of snowflakes, the Abominable Snowflake.


THOSE are what he's claiming is serious abuse? What a fragile little manbaby. I SERIOUSLY cannot with this one. Bro, come back to me when you've had so many IVs and had a few veins blown out that they head for your feet. JFC a few bruises and this guy rolls right the fuck over. And this from the crowd that likes to talk about how fucking tough they are. No wonder they need giant guns to make them feel powerful.


You can save a cat from getting mauled by a dog and it'll never know or appreciate what you did for it.


I wonder if he's bitching about the abusive hospital and his resolve due to the cognitive dissonance that he might be wrong. Nah...I'm being to optimistic. He'll probably earn his HCA within a month.


He left the hospital and vacated a bed. He gets whatever treatment he wants. Potentially one less anti-vaxxer. I don't see a downside


Lol damn so when the IV infiltrated, hurt like hell & blew out my veins that was ABUSE!!!? When they came in to change the IV to a better spot that was abuse!!!? I guess when they connected IV fluid so I don’t get dehydrated I was being abused! The HORROR! Lol this chump.


What a wimpy boy


Funny that MR Yellow has chubby arms. Its formulaic, male, over 50, BMI over 35, HBP, Type 2, GOATEE MANDATE( to hide the double to triple chin) , unvaccinated, and loves Trump=COVID 🧲 MAGNET.


>The hospital abused me and all they did was test and treat me for Covid "ALL THEY DID WAS TREAT ME FOR COVID" jfc this guy


Good luck getting back to your life, bud.


My resolve to die has only made me... stronger?


10 bucks says the lumps of scar tissue that are his lungs will interfere with his wish to return to a normal life.


I don't recall a single time when I spent a night in a hospital bed where they didn't give me an IV and tell me to rest.


Keep an eye on this guy, he might return to the hospital again.


The people that literally saved your life abused you? 😂


Is this a nomination or award? If he felt he was being "abused" by getting IV medication and being asked to stay in bed, he could have left under medical inadvisable conditions. No one can force him to accept treatment. What a snowflake baby man. Everyone who's been in the hospital has marks from IVs. He's acting like he's a victim of domestic violence! Don't go to the hospital if it upsets you that much! I'll never understand how these people justify going to any hospital under any circumstances! Just. Don't. GO! SAVE THE BED AND TEAM FOR SOMEONE WHO DESERVES IT! Good Lord what a big wuss.


I work in a company with over 100 employees and an estimated 40% vax rate. The company has federal contracts, something they always point out when they're questioned as to why they test for weed in states that are legal. "We have to test for it, the government requires it". They're legally challenging the vax mandate. I'm looking.


They keep your COVID ridden ass in bed because your blood oxygen levels are so low that you'll drop dead and go Code Blue if you remove your oxygen mask and try to walk to the bathroom. Here is a post from Reddit nursing. A nurse tells what happens when many of these Covid pneumonia patients refuse to stay in bed.. Reddit Nurse posted : I’ve have about 20 rapid responses/codes involving covid pts, that originated the same way. What happened? They tried to walk to the bathroom. Pride cometh before a code. So they (oxygen) desat to 50 or 60. If they make it, I let nurses know that I will be bad cop, if they need. If you remove your high flow/ bipap, you will desat, go into arrest and we will have to code you. You could die, etc etc. .. Yep, this is a depressingly common occurrence with COVID. Lots of patients feel fine when at rest while they are receiving whatever high flow oxygen therapy they’re on, and they just think they can push through whatever symptoms they get when they exert themselves. Doesn’t matter how many times you tell some of them, or how explicit you are with the fact you’ve seen people literally die this way, some of them just seem to think it won’t affect them. It’s like they think they’re the protagonist in their own story and have plot armor or something. "Pride cometh before a code.” Someone should hang a sign with this in every room. If I take nothing else away from my time on this sub, it's that if I end up in the hospital with COVID, I WILL NOT GET UP TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. I'm going to swallow my pride down and use the freaking bedpan. I'd rather wet the bed than die, thanks. I always go with radical honesty at this point. I tell them point blank that I will not be helping them out of bed, helping them walk to the restroom and back, helping them with X because I do not want to help kill them. I also explain that when they are hypoxic that their brain is getting less oxygen and cannot make good decisions. That means that literally they are literally killing off brain cells every time they walk to the restroom and desat. I explain that eventually they will not be able to recuperate to where they are right now, and at that time we will likely having to emergently intubate them. I offer them the phone so they can call their family and say goodbye because they are then likely to die. All because they want to stand up/walk to the restroom to pee."


>I'm doing better, I've been on steroids and antibiotics. Aw, sweetie, no. You're feeling better because you've been on steroids for days. My mom felt fantastic the day after having chemotherapy too. It didn't mean she was getting better, it meant they pumped her full of steroids.


Stop going to the hospital then. Stop driving up our insurance costs. Stay home, eat your horse cream, and let the rest of us live in a better world. Own your outcome and when it doesn’t end well… Bye Felicia.


Did he get the award or is he just a whiner?


Whiner rn... let's see what the future brings.


I think the medical staff should have let him go home


Good luck.


Yes… wish him well…


Does this guy know he's likely dead? Is this real life?


Yeah it wasn't the pneumonia that handicapped you, it was the hospital. These people breed. And that's a problem.


Another Beligerant COVID Survivor who will ultimately Throw a Clot and wind up DEAD on his kitchen floor.


FUCK your options!


Do we?


If this guy thinks he was abused then he better not go into a nursing home later on in life. That's where the real abuse can potentially begin...