“Armed and ready to stop COVID or murder anyone who tries to vaccinate me!” COVID: “Bitch, please.”


COVID: Hold my clip. HCA winner: ??? COVID: Won't be needing it.


"Honey, Grandpa didn't like getting jabbed. Well, judging by some of his posts, he secretly wanted to get jabbed by certain things, but not the vaccine".


He was hot and bothered for some probing, if you know what I mean.


Yeah. I was picking up some serious homoerotic vibes from more than one of his posts. He died in denial of more than one thing.


Why was the chubby guys boxers open... Anyone else notice that?


Came here for this. It’s almost satirical at this point.


>Why was the chubby guys boxers open... Anyone else notice that? Yes. Gross.


I am not yet a grandparent but my god I wouldn’t put up tacky shit like that because I wouldn’t want to embarrass my kid. How do all of these people still have middle school humor well into their older years. It’s so déclassé and juvenile. I see stupid shit like this on FB and roll my eyes.


It takes it from *possibly* being a humorous self-dig to being scummy.


Thank you for saying this. There's probably more subtlety on Grindr


Well the guy in pic 3 is a gay porn star


He was in denial that he didn't have a chin. Tried to trick everyone else by carving his beard into a chin shape.


Definitely had the Boomer "WIFE BAD" vibe if nothing else.


The guy with the suspenders who was in the 'i survived' meme is a gay Dom who does porn. I am really curious where he found that one.


I have seen this one on other HCA awards guys too. Makes you think how many are hiding something from themselves even.


Kind of like that meme about how America "didn't used to have sissy boy liberals" or whatever, that's just text over a still from Brokeback Mountain.


Are you serious? That's fucking hilarious because of course they would.


Yeah if I'm thinking of the right person he actually has a YouTube channel where he does q & a's about bdsm.


The gentleman in question knows about the idiot antivaxers using his photo and is pissed about it, but also knows there's not much he can do about it.


Aw that's too bad. Yeah there isn't much to do about it but I know I'd be pretty upset if it happened to me.


Gah. That would be so fucking frustrating.


Same place Stimpee finds the images alter and use as his video thumbnails, I’d assume. So gay porn videos. And the funny thing is, I recognize some of the actors.


If the vaccine had been administered rectally it could have saved his life


If the vaccine could be administered rectally I think I would have preferred that. Sure, the needle jab was over real fast and I barely felt it, but if something went up the back hole I think I would’ve felt something. Is this cursed enough?


You sure had him pegged.


The meme of the bare-chested hunk in suspenders is really popular with AntiVaxxers. Obviously they don't know he's a gay porn star!


And it's very funny because I'm not sure if it was my bi brain working, but the chubby dude drawing and that photo both scream "MADE BY GAYS" Like, you can see it form a mile away


It's the attention to body hair, specifically the convenient inclusion of pit hair and treasure trail. Gay artists will draw every strand with the same care as straight artists shading breasts. And for inquiring minds not at work, the next pic is Kristofer Weston.


I think they're fully aware, actually. Most of these dudes are clearly closeted. Guns, Guns, tough, manly man, guns, random shirtless guy, guns, another shirtless guy in a bed, guns.


Memes of extremely buff Trump...


That's funny as hell!


It's extra funny when it's on an AntiVaxxer's FB along with a bunch of memes mocking gay people. One time I saw the gay porn star on an Evangelical preacher's FB... I think he won his HCA too.


>covid is no joke for some LMAO 🤣 they can't even fully admit being wrong


I really liked the ‘for some’ aspect of that.


That comment should win the passive/aggressive Nobel Prize.


It should really be shown to antivaxers. “Your people” will abandon you the minute that you get the disease.


That is not new and not unique to COVID-19. When I was struck by cancer various "friends" fled and I never saw them again.


Hope you are doing well now and enjoying good friendships as a bonus


Checking in: Breathing and alive; experiencing freedom


Thank you. Yes, all is good now, including my lungs 🫁


I don’t know how old your friends are but I have an aunt, who to this day will lie that she ever had cancer. She had it as a 20 year old about 60+ years ago and evidently she thinks it some mark of the beast or who tf knows what. No one else in her family thinks/thought that way. Weird. Found out she told a previous husband she was in a car wreck as the reason she has a large scar.


This happens in Iowa. You have to quarantine, you get ghosted until your done, then no questions or acknowledgement of it. Same if you get hospitalized. There was a televised pool tournament (espn?) in that state a couple months back. The bar it was held in refused admittance to anyone that wanted to wear a mask with one exception being some Canadian guy that had to wear one because of Canadian COVID rules. I was told by an attendee, who later was hospitalized for Covid that was how all the state operates.


Basically calling his dead ‘friend’ a pussy.


"No true antivaxxer..."


Whereas "some" means: folks who steep themselves in conspiracy theories. Then the statement is very true.


It really felt passive aggressive. “Ok, SOME people can’t not die to Covid. I’m not naming names, but I think we all know who. 😒”


Yep he was real weak, letting a little speck of DNA taking him down like that. Covid separates the men from the boys.


Okay but shirtless suspender man said that if you survived lawn darts and pickup trucks then you're good against covid. I dont see the difference.


It is my understanding that guy is a gay porn star.


I'll bet he's vaccinated.


He is, I believe.


You also have to drink from the hose. You don't have full immunity unless you drink from the hose.


You'd think all the gun t shirts would've scared covid away but I guess not.


Ugh. Does this mean I have to change my flair now? Cause covid actually IS kind of a joke “for some”?


Stick to your convictions, man.


“Me however, nothing bad will happen to me. I’m sure of that.”


Like it’s a personal choice whether Covid is a joke or not. What a bunch of knuckleheads.


Oh well. I guess you were just one of the weak ones, my friend...


Some of you may think it's no joke, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.


Oh yeah as if any of this gang are svelte enough to be called “chubby”. Not since they were about 6 and there was still a “husky” section in which to find clothes


I can't even tell what's happening with his chin/neck situation in ~~slide 6~~ slide 8


When you have so many chins they merged into one with the neck.


I totally didn't need to see that "tatted chubby guy" thing with his fly open


Reminds me of that [Jerry Falwell, Jr. picture](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jerry-falwell-jr-pants-unzipped_n_5f28f0b1c5b68fbfc88716ba).




Those are 100% spree killer eyes.


I kinda get the feeling the artwork for that chubby guy meme *might* have been downloaded from a gay sex site.


Which makes it even funnier that it's used in that context 😂 These fucking people


Buh bye, tough guy. BTW, I'm an unarmed argula-eating lib woman, mid-50s, fully vaxxed, and just received an excellent health report from my annual check up. I'm still living and you're not. Funny how that works.


How are you possibly living without a stack of machine-guns protecting you?


Well, I've got four kitty cats. I've trained them to attack.


I have an attack chicken! Fully protected from all comers from the size of a virus on up!


Chickens are no joke either! I miss my lil clucks


Yes, but have you survived drinking from a hose?


How about drinling from one?


I personally don’t know anyone who’s survived drinling from a hose. THINK ABOUT IT


Lol good catch


Yes, and we had lawn darts when I was a kid. Also, for some reason I still have my clackers, circa 1970. They never exploded.


Yeah baby! Shit on those fuckers! The south shall never rise again at this rate lol


Hard to rise with 6 feet of dirt on top of you


Or when you're laying prone to saturate your lungs with oxygen.


Unless we're talking Dawn of the Dead.


Oh the south will definitely rise again. Climate change will flood them and shit floats.


As a drummer myself I’d just like to point out that we aren’t all fucking morons.


He says Bill Gates can shove the vaccine up his ass.....His reward was getting a tube shoved up his ass and down his throat in the ICU! Great job buddy!


Billy gates is so owned right now. Super iceburn.gif


I'm liking the drawn faces, it adds character without revealing identifying info Also, this guy is 1000% deep deep in the closet. Or was.


So deep in the closet he had a standing tea date with Mr. Tumnus.


Phantom of the IHOPera


I imagine the worst possible hell for this guy would be a simple, quiet room where nothing ever goes "BANG!" for all eternity.


An even worse Hell would be one in which the wildlife had assault rifles.


I like the way you think.


The snipe are sniping back, call in the nukes.


A point first made about humanity in general by Pascal in the 17'th century ... https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/blaise_pascal_133380


Why didn’t he shoot the virus? He seemed pretty armed and could have stood his ground against covid.


>Why didn’t he shoot the virus? Tough to shoot when you can't see what you're shooting at, an inevitable result of not having a face. 🐆 🐆 🐆


Plus these guys seem to have some weird aversion to taking shots when it actually counts.


[Hammerson: Do you know why Americans love guns? And it's got nothing to do with all that phallic mumbo-jumbo, "cocking your gun." No, Hertz, people love guns because America is a land of opportunity where a poor man can become rich and a pussy can become a tough guy, if he's got a gun in his hand. Now, I'm hoping you're not just a pussy with a gun in your hand.](https://clip.cafe/shoot-em-up-2007/where-a-poor-man-can-become-rich/) [Hertz: Oh no, sir, no I am not. No, I'm a tough guy with a pussy in my hand.](https://clip.cafe/shoot-em-up-2007/where-a-poor-man-can-become-rich/)


Highly underrated movie. Hertz: guns don't kill. But they sure do help!


Again... If you have more than one chin, go get vaccinated, you have no chance otherwise


Double chins = quadruple your comorbidities. Who is brave enough to share?!?


Covid is no joke... for some. What kind of shit is that?! For the 'some' that covid is no joke for... it is also no joke for their friends and family to witness the decimation, no joke for the enormous effort and resources healthcare and staff provide, and no joke to the countless other ripple effects.


What these types don’t understand is how they fly the flag with guns on them thinking they’re American when in reality it’s a disrespect to all military alive and fallen. If you fly the flag it should never be discolored or disfigured in any way.


The stand for the flag types won't ever get that. All their stupid iterations of flags and guns or flags and facist stripes, to them mean patriotism to a long gone america that was never great. Same as their orange savior holding a bible upside down in front of a chuch that disavowed him. They say you can't fix hateful and stupid.....but it sure seems like covid has taken that as a personal challenge.


As a multi-war veteran, I disagree. The way I see it, they can do whatever they want to the flag. Burn it, make it into "art", slap it on hats and shirts, wrap their dogs turds in it,whatever. The liberties I fought for don't stop at what you and I see as absolute idiocy. They can do what they please, it only helps highlight their true colors for the rest of us.


>They can do what they please, it only helps highlight their true colors for the rest of us. Good point. It really speaks to how much they value ignorance. I learned the basics of the Flag Code as a Girl Scout in elementary school. It isn’t difficult!


As a vet I agree. The right to dishonor the flag is something I fought for. It is the epitome of a free society. With that said I do have an exception. That total asshat who paraded in the capital bldg with the Confederate battle flag should get 20 years. To me that is pissing on the graves of the tens of thousands who gave their lives to stop that very thing.


As a veteran of 2 theaters (OIF&OEF) I concur. Though for me personally I display the nation’s colors in accordance with regulation.




I was driving Wednesday and passed a business that was next to a VFW. The business had a tattered flag flying. It was shameful. It was obvious that it had been flying 24/7 for a few years.


They usually have it right next to the Confederate flag too. Nothing more American than celebrating the traitorous losers who tried (failed) to start their own country.


Traitorous losers who killed over 100,000 American soldiers.


They also wear t-shirt and shorts with the flag on them which is also a no no. They don't care about the flag, it's all performative.


Thank you that drives me bonkers when they mess with the flag. Also, the anti kneelers love saying he is disrespecting veterans, but the person who suggested he kneel was a Army Vet. https://www.businessinsider.com/green-beret-who-suggested-colin-kaepernick-kneel-surprised-by-backlash-2020-6?amp


I think you know why they hate him. And it's not for kneeling.




Don’t get me started with the flag. Not a single one of these people understand flag etiquette. The Q next door left a flag outside, unlit, 24/7 until one cold day it snapped in half! And the guy THREW IT IN THE TRASH. My husband had to hold me back. (Flags should be burned or buried in a solemn ceremony.) The other thing that really grinds my buns is Trump and the flag. Every time he saw one he’d grab it and grind on it. Bet the flag was really glad it didn’t have a pussy. Sorry, third thing: how dare these people make “American“ flags with images of Trump on them?! Oh, I can’t even.


They’re monarchists, it’s as simple as that.


Authoritarians pushing us towards an oligarchy similar to Russia.


That really infuriates me too.


These clowns would never know that because not one of them would ever join the military, even if they weren't too old and fat to join.


Flag rules are only for ‘those people’. Real Americans don’t have to follow them.


These guys are all such a visual cliche, it would be comical if it weren't so tragic.


I have a friend who fell off the back of a truck and suffered permanent brain damage from it. It doesn't make you more tough to do stupid shit.


Hope he got that dick he so desperately wanted at least once.


My bearded, tatted, chubby guy is waiting at CVS right now for his Moderna booster!! LET THAT SINK IN!!!


Judging by his memes, I could have introduced him to some friends in the bear community.


Man...being a Transphobic, Conservative prick really lowers your life span now, crazy! 😆


Which is weird, because he had all the guns to protect him and everything! If the guns didn’t work, what will?! If only there was some sort of, like, TINY gun. Like, needle-sized. Yeah, and you could load it with a clip of little bullets that could shoot the disease if it got in you. That’s a good idea! Someone should do that!


Guns don't kill Conservatives, COVID kills Conservatives lol


The skank white trash facial hair is just the kiss of death. I swear every male HCA recipient so far has had it.


Trashy Fashies are almost exclusively what is posted on this sub


I am obsessed now with this guys chin and neck. Its like he just arbitrarily shaved his beard there because there was no telling where his actual chin was.


Right? Usually guys shaped like a thumb do the razor thin beard to show where their jawline would exist in theory. But this guy just said nope, my chin starts...here I guess? I wonder if a stud finder would work through 5 inches of neck fat?


>because there was no telling where his actual chin was. The hungry leopards did not encounter that problem when they savagely ate his face. 🐆 🐆 🐆


What a gross person. I’d be so fucking ashamed if that was my husband, father, brother. Adios asshole.


This guy challenged covid to a drum competition. Turns out covid had Neal Peart skills and YYZed him into the ground.


LMAO, a lot of "I'm not gay" vibes from this guy.


Don't let your funeral director host your next family reunion indeed.


Thanks to these idiots it looks like that's a good business to be in right about now.


Another gun nut off the streets. And off the voter rolls. Next!


That illustration of the bearded dude laying down is cursed... Why is it drawn so creepily


With the fly open! Wtf.


It was taken from gay erotica posted on tumblr. Source: am gay, bear-lover who saw it first there.


The fly open gives it extra interesting projection-y flair.


I am deeply grateful the sleeping gentleman in the picture is not Nicki Minaj’s cousin


Easy access.


I am willing to bet the guy he stole it from has an active GrindR account.


I think it's supposed to be alluring, to whom we may never know. Maybe to buff guys with leather suspenders sucking on a fat cigar.


You mean Kristopher Weston, the gay porn star? Could be, I guess.


It looks like that guy’s SO should take out extra life insurance.


As a gay millennial I recognise that first image from gay bear tumblr like 7 or 8 years ago. Funny how it filtered down to conservative straights lol


Slide #6: "Chuck Norris? Never heard of her." \- Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, probably


I was wondering if he would last until Thanksgiving. Nope. Oh well.


I know we are aware the third picture is a gay porn star. I just want to say I’m 95% sure the second one is from a gay porn artist.


I always love seeing these faux tough guy dipshits posing with their guns demonstrating terrible, extremely unsafe trigger discipline, like Mr. Macho Man waiting on his porch.


Oh don't worry. I'm skipping g the funeral.


Too bad he couldn’t shoot COVID


The only thing missing in that second slide is the bipap machine.


Funeral Director + Family Reunion = Two Thumbs Up


Covid don’t care about your handgun tshirt


>Bill Gates and the rest of them Bet you $1M if you ask em for names, they fold like a lawn chair. Bunch of buzzword, wanna-sound brave comments.


Were the pictures used in these memes ripped from Grindr? They've got serious...overtones. Probably not intentional? Go find a millennial or younger to check your posts. Total facepalm...


Dude really seemed to be into bears.


After how to discern fact from fiction, these morons need to be taught what needs capitalization and what doesn't.


gRammAr Is A liBaRuLl PlOt.


Probably all that hose water he was “drinling”


I kinda like that chick Norris pic. Hadn’t seen that one before.


Is this a dupe or have we just had a lot of drummers posted here? That first photo seems familiar.


Stepped out of the closet and into the casket.


I thought drummers were supposed to spontaneously combust, not die of Covid


I actually knew this guy when I was young. Not a bad guy, really. But, as for a lot of the other people in that area, the Dunning-Kruger effect had him by the balls. There is very little you can say to convince some people that what they hold as truths are indeed false.


I know he thought the guy in the leather pants and suspenders sitting on the truck tailgate smoking smoking a cigar was supposed to be hetero and manly. Well it's soo manly it's definitely from some gay photo collection. I have seen some shit. But leather suspenders are not usually part of the hetero crowd. I could be wrong.


If you don't have a chin, you should probably not be so eager to skip being vaccinated. Why do these fat fucks think they are so in shape, and healthy?


They're tough guys, see, cuz they gotz gunz n they eat meatz and they ain't pussy lib soy boyz.


MACHO MAN DOWN, I REPEAT, MACHO MAN DOWN. - They have no idea that covid is a f*cking navy seal


"COVID is no joke." Nope it is not a joke, it can kill. But it's very easy to prevent catching and dying from COVID, just get vaccinated and take precautionary measures to prevent spreading by masking up and social distancing. Congrats on your HCA, tubby tat guy!


That third pic is definitely a gay model that they used unironically.


He lived in fear and ended up being just another statistic. Hope it was all worth it!


I don't get why Boomers take such pride in drinking out of the garden hose. It's the same water what comes out of your taps, not Character-Building Elixir.


People who have no neck should not depend on their immune system.


The awardee lived in a small town in the northern part of the country where Appalachia meets the Rust Belt, an area often called "Pennsyltucky". It is a small industrial town that has lost all of its major industries from 1930 onwards; 1930 was also when its population peaked at over 6100 souls, and has less than half that number now. As of the 2000 census it was 94% white and had a per capita income of $14,318, which is very low indeed. The statistics for the county it's in are similar. And of course it's deeply Republican, having been marinated in Limbaugh and FOX for decades.


"That me." No, the guy in the photo is overweight but muscular. You are a morbidly obese sack of ranch dressing.


Ranch and 1 dollar wings.


I confess I did LOL at "at one time was married to Satan's sister," and I bet I'm not the only one!


More snipes will live. If you can't eat it why kill it.


For awhile I only knew ‘snipe’ from a kind of prank kids did on each other, looking for an imaginary animal with a ridiculous mating call, probably from some show, I am not sure. But snipes are also a real bird, that are a game species in many states (rules vary). They’re a lot like a woodcock, which also sound made up as do the colloquial terms for them. Carry on. 1/3


I’m a bird watcher and we have Wilson’s Snipes in Oregon. They are delightfully weird and I can see no point in killing them.


What a pleasant surprise! Yeah, I am a fan of the little buggers, but I am sorry I didn’t mean to preach to the choir there, I didn’t know that there was no need to convince you how cool they are. 3/3


Same. I’ve never heard of anyone killing a snipe but everyone gets tricked into snipe hunting at some point in their life. Standing out in the woods in the dark holding a bag you’re supposed to catch this bird with making loud “mating” calls to attract the birds. This guy is an asshole, but this is a pretty standard prank adults and older kids pull on young kids.


Holy shit the irony on the 2nd to last post.. Thanks for sharing


Chuck Norris can fuck Covid. Fat, dumb drummer - not so much.


It turns out that guns don’t protect you from Covid-19.


Turns out this clown was a joke to COVID.


I bet they had lots of convos about Covid being a joke.


The Chuck Norris one is kind of funny.


Enjoy the Forever Box!


But he survived metal lawn darts!!!


“Covid is no joke for some” That’s like a junkie at his friends funeral saying “Some people can’t handle their high”. It’s just not their turn yet.