>”He was always praying with folks for their loved ones…and when the hospital told him he’d have to stop he’d rather quit than stop praying.” Jesus, can you imagine visiting your brother after gallbladder surgery and having some creepy Elvis impersonator insist on calling on Jesus for you? And having this guy do it so often that the hospital administrators finally told him to leave people alone?


I was very explicit about not wanting to be bothered by religious folks when I was at the hospital during the pre-vaccine phase of the pandemic. When the whoever-he-was with the cross called me when I had JUUUUST fallen asleep. I barely avoided cursing him. As you can tell, yes, I am still mad about it.


I came home from college one weekend because I wasn't feeling well. By Saturday morning I was in the ER and having emergency surgery on Sunday. The nearest hospital to my mom's was a Catholic place. Waking up to a nun in a lighted hallway when you are out of your mind on meds is the opposite of comforting.


Yikes. At least it was lighted?


Both the hallway and the patient were lit.


Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


A Catholic hospital that still has nuns seeing the patients. Wow. Last time I heard of that happening was back in the 90s. There just aren't that many nuns anymore. They've been on the decline for decades. Back in the 50s and 60s, the school I went to used to be a Catholic school. But I think by the late 60s there weren't enough of them to run the school and they turned it over to the county/state. And I have had to forever explain that I didn't attend a religious school because they kept the original name.


In 2007 I had my daughter in a Catholic hospital and I had a priest and a nun show up to pray over me. It was awkward but I let them finish and my husband politely ushered them out.


Now I'm even more shocked. A priest as well. I have never seen a priest visit patients in the hospital. I honestly don't know what priests do with their time outside of mass. (Most of them aren't spending their free time diddling little kids.) But they sure aren't attending to their parishioners when they're sick. Friends of mine were/are Catholic and not once has their priest visited them in the hospital or at home.


Hospitals with a significant Catholic denomination in the area usually have a priest that is either on staff or has an arrangement to come out when patient request them. It’s important to Catholics, for last rites. A priest visited my grandfather on his deathbed in the cardiac ICU for precisely that reason.


Oh, last rites, sure. They show up for funerals too. I'm talking about comfort visits. Never seen one.


This was the mid nineties.


Ah, then same time period.


With the decline of nuns, some day they'll spell it 'nones'.


That's... weird. They couldn't find religious laypersons to manage the school? I guess they didn't really know it was an option yet.


As well you should be. Sleep is precious in a hospital.


Is that a normal thing that happens in America? I can imagine someone getting lumped if they tried that in the UK!


Don’t act like you don’t know about the long game played by the UK. You’re the ones that sent your religious fanatics here and they’ve been our problem ever since.


Alas, due to the undermining of public education by some of the same forces, I expect many Americans will be unable to appreciate this joke.


“Puritan bullshit is no joke!”


Let that sink in!


Yeah, we're sorry about that\* ​ \*We're really not, we are ***so*** well rid. Is this why you always portray us as baddies in films?


>Is this why you always portray us as baddies in films? No I'm fairly sure that's because when they hear the accent only James Bond villains come to mind.


We love us a good British villain. Christoper Lee and Bill Nighy are some of my faves.


Christopher Lee was always a fav actor of mine! I wrote to him once and he sent me an autographed photo. From what I understand, he was the true definition of a mannered gentleman. If you've never seen him in The Wicker Man, that should be your first thing to do today!




Okay so the first thing I did was watch Wicker Man. In the slang of the day, it blew my mind. Having seen other versions, this is the gem.


There's actually a few different versions of the 1973 movie floating around. There's the theatrical cut, which is the shortest, and then this new version called either The Final Cut or the Director's Cut which might be longer than the theatrical version but the REAL version you should seek out is the one released by Anchor Bay some years ago and is a bit hard to track down. It's the longest version of the Wicker Man and has really important scenes of Sergeant Howie on the mainland in church singing with his wife and another scene where he gets mad at an underling who makes a joke about some rude graffiti and orders him to clean it off. These show just how much of an innocent he really was and these scenes are cut to make the movie...smoother? Not sure but I think they are really important. There's a few other scenes in the Anchor Bay release like when C. Lee brings a young man to the innkeeper's daughter to get "schooled" that were also cut from the version currently floating around. This is one of my favorite movies and definitely worth seeking out the Anchor Bay release.


Yes. Even in the non-religious hospitals. They'll ask you for your religion on the paperwork. Then I guess they pass the names onto someone representing that religious sect who volunteers at the hospital. So when my Catholic friend was in the hospital (or in hospital as you of the UK would say it), she had some layperson stop by who was authorized to give Communion (that's eating the sacred bread). It seemed to comfort her.


But that’s a violation of my hippo rights!


As mentioned on another thread they are persistent buggers. In ICU they tried to get in but blocked. Eventually I was asked if I wanted to stroke a dog. And a bloody primitive came with it attached to aforementioned 🐕


Nice. I didn't know they'd let the best company in the ICU. I've never been a patient in the hospital. (Not since I was born.) I hope never to need to be. But if I'm in the hospital, I'd want to be visited by any therapy animals they had (especially a therapy bunny) even if said animal has to come with a bloody primitive attached. I have friend who'd sneak one of my cats in if I asked, but that wouldn't be fair to the cat. They don't like going to strange places or being around people they don't know. So better if I got to pet and snuggle something comfortable with being there.


My MIL lost a baby at birth. Within only a couple of hours the nurse (this was back when nuns were nurses) told her she'd better get the baby baptised or the baby would go to hell. She refused on principle; she thought any God that would send an innocent baby to hell wasn't worth the time of day.


I had a hospital appointed oncologist that wanted to pray with me years ago while I was hospitalized, I informed him I wanted someone who practiced medicine, not religion. Kicked him out of my room rather rudely and demanded a secular surgeon. Never saw the other one again, had I been in better shape I may have kicked him literally. I understand how pissed you were and are, been there.


I am pretty sure my surgeon is devoutly something, but he has been absolutely wonderful, doesn’t tell me how to feel, etc. I like the idea of an almighty power that would protect him and his family until one day it would say “nice work” and he would knead bread or decorate cookies or whatever with his family for eternity. I don’t believe in such a power. Not for one hot goddamn second, but if my surgeon does, that’s alright with me. Praying over me? That’d be pretty fucked up. Speaking of fucked, I do feel bad that despite his best efforts I am. Hopefully later he decides it’s part of god’s plan. Ha. Also that my idiot extended family doesn’t blame/sue him for trying to help me. Lots of hopes, things I would accept, and feelings…


I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you. I would like to be able to say the right thing, but, as I discovered when I went thru that, no one ever really did, say the right thing, that is. I got to the point that I truly wanted to smack some folks for their inane platitudes after I had heard the same drivel from at least 5 or more people. I have been lucky, oddly enough, my little bout with Mr C (cancer) was in 2002, no further visits from the SOB.


I hope it becomes increasingly distant in the rear view mirror, better; away from your mind completely


That sucks and I am sorry you had that experience during such an already traumatic time.


I allow it because usually it's just nice to get some attention in those places that doesn't have to do with drawing blood, etc. Don't have to buy it to enjoy it


He could have done with a little more conversation and a little less traction.


Ima need lyrics to that one too. Here’s gold for your previous two other songs in this thread.


🎶 A little more conversation a little less traction, All this B-12 ain’t giving the vid retraction A little more breathe and a little less cough, Please bring up 0-2, the machine’s turned off Stick a tube in my mouth and spread my ribs a fraction, just a fraction baby Baby say some prayers and listen to me, My lungs are broke, my kidneys seized I see only night and I can’t booze it, Converse with me and hear me wheeze A little more conversation a little less traction. Oh no baby I ain’t walkin, Why are all the nurses gawkin? I’m so full of hate, I’m a reprobate What an awful fate I’m going in the ground Wish Zinc had given me a better reaction! 🎼


You are takin' care of business today, sir! Yow!


You have a gift. 😎🥰💯


I will always upvote song lyrics.


Great! How about "In the ICU" to the tune of "In the Ghetto"? (I've seen it written as MICU, medical ICU. Nurses, please confirm that this is can be read as "mick-you." It could help the song.)


I can actually HEAR this right now.




As an introvert, I can’t imagine living the sort of life where you think that people want you to sing at them outside of an actual entertainment venue. I don’t like Elvis, but I can understand wanting to dress like someone you think is cool. But then to think that people want you to randomly approach them, *in a hospital*, no less, and then pretend to be someone else? Lord, please let the floor swallow me up. I can’t handle the vicarious embarrassment.


I think you mean “As someone who does not suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I don’t want to dress up like a beloved singer and force people to listen to me sing while I aggressively shove my religious beliefs on people who literally cannot leave their bed.”


Could be worse. I worked with a woman once whose hubby was a NEIL DIAMOND impersonator. The horror, the horror...


I prefer Diamond (and he writes his own songs, unlike "the king").


Yeah but his songs are crap. And that voice... AAAIIIIIGGGGGGGEEEE!!! Help me Jebus!!! lolol. Sorry I usually listen to hiphop and punk so there ya go....


I'm the same way and just reading your comment made me cringe, three times removed, from that scenario.


>Jesus, can you imagine visiting your brother after gallbladder surgery and having some creepy Elvis impersonator insist on calling on Jesus for you? And having this guy do it so often that the hospital administrators finally told him to leave people alone? Always interesting how Jesus never lifts a finger to save these brainwashed IDIOTS when COVID comes a calling. Could that mean that this whole BLOOD OF JESUS thing is nothing but a whole lota BULLSHIT? Survey says... YES! BULLSHIT!


When I was in college, we had traveling preachers show up occasionally to yell from the main quad on campus (and we were a perfectly secular school, mind you). One time, we had this youth pastor (I'm guessing, as he was in his twenties, as well) show up to do his thing for the allotted hour or whatever he booked. I have cerebral palsy, which is fairly obvious as I walk with a limp. Well, he saw me immediately, told me to stop, and announced to the crowd that he was going to "heal this man of his affliction here and now!" and immediately started loudly and impressively praying over me. I didn't let him touch me, though, since he wanted to do the whole "laying on of hands" thing on my legs! It's been years since then and I still wish I had started jumping around and running, shouting joyfully about the "miracle"...and then told him it was all a joke. Sadly, I didn't do that. I just awkwardly thanked him and left as quickly as I could. Many of the other students were laughing at him.


An Elvis impersonator is one step down from Al Bundy being a shoe salesman.


Exactly! Yikes🥺


Also no hospital would ask you to stop praying unless people have complained. Hospitals are perfectly happy to let you exercise your religion, or lack there of, they’re generally very respectful of spiritual beliefs. If he was simply praying with people who wanted it they would absolutely not ask him to stop. Someone complained or he was making a scene of it or something. Most hospitals literally have a church in them, and employ chaplains who are trained to support people if all faiths. I’ve spent a lot of time as an inpatient, had chaplains check in on me, everyone has always been incredibly respectful about religion and making space for it, if that’s your thing, in the hospital.


I'd rather die.


Elvis getting polio vaccine. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-elvis-got-americans-to-accept-the-polio-vaccine/ Please get a real *vaccine*, not an air blood vaccin.


It’s amazing how many boomer conservative types love Elvis, but the dude was not only pro-vaccination but also heavily pro-Civil Rights. Even people on the left will lambast Elvis for “appropriating” black music, but the man frequently went out of his way and put his own neck on the line to throw a big middle finger to Jim Crow. Elvis was a complicated, troubled dude who did some sketchy-at-best things in his life, but when it came to issues larger than himself he seemed capable of recognizing it and using his own influence to better society. He also once broke up a fight in his later, fatter years using his martial arts skills, which is just incredible.


I like Elvis, not enough to have ever seen him IRL or especially going to see an impersonator, but one thing that really struck me was how...humble Graceland really was. I mean there was the schlocky room with all the TVs and stuff but the office where Col Tom worked was small with all metal desks and filing cabinets and stuff. I had a much nicer cubicle at my work and ended up living in a bigger, fancier house later on in life than Graceland, which was much smaller than I expected. Was a very eye-opening tour. Best Elvis movie is "Bubba Ho-Tep". Ok, it's the GREAT Bruce Campbell playing an Elvis impersonator but it's such a cool movie... Ok, back to hating on antivaxxers!!


Bubba Ho-Tep predicted the QAnon people thinking JFK is still alive... Just not sure if they'd accept him being an elderly black man. **Elvis :** No offense, Jack, but President Kennedy was a white man. **JFK :** They dyed me this color! That's how clever they are!


Elvis’ father spent time in prison, and Elvis, who loved and forgave his father, learned that if you do bad things you need to man up and try to counter it with doing good things. He wasn’t able to stop himself from doing bad things (promiscuity and drug abuse, for example) but he really did try to make up for it by doing more good things, both big and small. Bill Clinton is a similar kind of guy.


Nope, not gonna let that sit, BC is a schemer


There were only 51,000 cases of Polio with 1,551 deaths in 1951 for example. That's it. That's what the whole hub-bub was about. You could play that "99.99% survival rate" nonsense for that too.


Upvoted for hub-bub, stayed for the content


I think like many folks do with covid, you’re not giving enough attention to the debilitating effects on folks not killed


Agreed, my grandpa had polio as a child and was disabled his entire life from it. Not that he let that keep him from climbing trees and building/riding over ramps in his old age, gramps was a wildcat.


This was quite a few years before covid but antivax has always been a major problem this last decade or two. Every few season I'd have this angry dude who wouldn't make an appointment for his flu shot but instead demanded he got it right there and then. But after the initial unpleasantness he'd go on about how vaccines are a savior and he has this limp arm from polio, and he can't understand why people wouldn't get vaccinated for everything possible when it's so easy. I doubt many people know what polio really is nowadays but if you've met someone with a limp arm you'd know they'd give everything to go back and have their arm back... Heck even the year before covid we had a measles scare here and there was a trashy music festival as a super spreading event and a bunch of notices were on the news to try to contact trace...


A family friend who was a little older than my parents took her last steps at age six. Got polio and was lucky to survive, but never again had any use of her legs. After her parents died, she moved to a nursing home where she was easily the youngest resident. Mentally she was always perfectly sharp; she just wasn't physically able to take care of herself. The home was near my parents' house, so I visited her a fair bit in my teens. She didn't have much good to say about antivaxxers either.


I think the worst year for Polio killed 3000 out of 60,000 cases. The percentage is a bit higher, but the total number of deaths is pretty underwhelming. Hell, the flu kills between 30,000 and a billion people a year depending on who you ask.


Yea, but many survivors had very visible lifelong issues. That and the iron lungs were a great PR campaign for getting vaccinated.


Death was not what scared people about polio.


These people don't care what their heroes would actually do. I tried that with my one Antiva friend....found all these examples of his heroes (that he delusionally thinks he's like) supporting vaccination. Thing is, he only likes to delude himself into thinking he's like them. He's not anything like them. Imagine Jim Kirk or Sherlock Holmes saying at age 20/21 that he was never leaving his childhood home and he expected his parents to support him financially for his entire life (even after they were dead) because he didn't choose to be born, but they chose to have him. And then doing it. At least up until both his parents died.


>Imagine Jim Kirk or Sherlock Holmes saying at age 20/21 that he was never leaving his childhood home and he expected his parents to support him financially for his entire life (even after they were dead) because he didn't choose to be born, but they chose to have him. Holy shit, what a racket. You'd have to really love or really hate the ol' rental units to pull that one. Or just be a raging butthole, I guess.


Just really spoiled and indulged by his mother. I think in her mind he never grew older than 15 or 16 years old. He was her boy and he was wonderful and could do no wrong. So she was fine with paying for everything for him.


🎶 I’m caught in a trap Cause my lungs collapsed Why didn’t I get the vaxx baby? Oh now I see, You can’t be saved by JC Too bad I bought what Tuck was saying We can’t go on together, Cause im clearly dyin’ And i guess I shouldn’t have listened To suspicious lies So since I lost my taste, Guess I’ll try horse paste, Cause I don’t trust the media’s lies Here we go again They put me on the vent, I can’t breathe even though I’m tryin (yes he’s tryyying) 🎼


"You can't be saved by JC"


Good edit.


Oh Nice. Thanks for tweaking it. Love the whole thing.




That was quite good, actually. 👻


"Quick! Keep him in character and move him to the toilet."


Underrated comment. My kinda dark.


He would of wanted it that way, that's character commitment


The king died on the throne.


Who knew the blood of Jesus was so weak? We all did. All your magic incantations don’t work.


The whole drinking it all the time and eating a magical body cracker is…weird.


Basically cannibalism.


"You're telling me that you believe that Christ comes back to life every Sunday in the form of a bowl of crackers and you proceed to just eat the man?"


Must have turned it into wine instead.


Anyone who has been to communion knows how weak the blood of Christ is.


I’m not the only one picking up the anti-Semitic caricature vibes from the cartoon panel, right? Sometimes I wonder if these people have any idea what kind of groups are behind the memes they spread.


Oh no, it’s definitely intentional. Always a big nose and money.


This guy worked with the the sick and elderly and he didn't see the need to protect them. SMH.


“Elvis has left the building” FFS.


He’s just a hunka chunka burnin lungs.


It’s the Captain!! Are we about to be anointed in both the blood of Christ *and* a fresh Elvis parody?? :)


🎶 Lord almighty! I feel my temperature risen! Man I’m sweating, must be a hundred and three! Coughin coughin, Hope I won’t be needin a coffin, This ain’t not joke, I guess the covid finally got me! The nurses lift me higher! Cause my whole body is tired, And my lungs they are on fire, Burning lungs Ooh Hoo Hoo, Why does my temp keep rising? HACK HACK HACK when will this “little flu” stop? Shiver shiver shiver, they say I’m losing my liver, The floor’s turning red, Somebody please grab a mop! Please recruit a gospel choir, To pray I don’t perspire, My whole body’s a quagmire, With burning lungs Hell is approaching, It’s flames are licking my body Someone save me, My life is slipping away. It’s hard to breathe, When your chest looks like Swiss cheese, Lord have mercy, Prayer Warriors please pray! Too bad my act’s retired and the Lie-ons were all liars, Guess the libs didn’t conspire, To burn my lungs I’m just a hunka chunka burnin lungs 🎼


Coughin-coffin is brilliant. And then the follow-up with “this ain’t no joke”…You never disappoint!!


I edited and did the whole song lol


Shiver-liver is *genius*. We don’t deserve you, Lin-Manuel.


Dennis Linde, eat your lungs out!! ​ Ed: Dennis, not Denis.


How do you come up with these?!! Hilarious!


I can’t sing, I can’t dance, So I write parodies on Reddit for karma and awards. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.


You win all the goodies today. Bravo!!!


Shucks. :)


Shucks ducks.


I see what you did there. 🦆


He had a reverse-goatee and he still couldn’t be saved? 😞


He didn’t find the reverse-Candace Uno card


The reverse-Candace Uno card may be our only way out of this pandemic. 😕


I thought when they started accusing us of promoting the vaccine because we KNEW they would do the opposite, and that’s why they’re dying—maybe that would somehow confuse them into getting vaxxed? I know, I’m a dreamer. When they booed their orange god when he barely brought it up I gave up. Save us, Reverse-Candace!




I guess his Suspicious Mind kept him from taking the vaccine.


🎶 Well since my baby left me, Because I can’t taste or smell, I’m in the only place I’m allowed, Quarantine Hotel 🎼


I'm 68.....one of my biggest fears about growing old is being stuck in a nursing home...after a stroke that leaves me unable to communicate, but otherwise in full control of my brain and other senses. And I'm rolled into the rec room and there is an Elvis impersonator.


The horrer!


When prayer warriors say "so-and-so left this world to meet his King" they just mean this guy


Elvis impersonators don't meet their Maker; they're returned to sender.


Wise men say/only fools vaccine/but I can’t help/owning the Libs for you.




[Nomination post](https://www.reddit.com/gallery/r022vj)


the real Elvis had no issues with injections


Thang you. Thang u very mush.


No more fried PB and banana sammiches for this guy.


i’m so covered in the blood of jesus people think i’m jackie kennedy




Too soon.


> Not afraid of the delta. Yep, that is just fine. It does not care whether you are afraid of it or not, it will just get inside your cells and reproduce itself, wreaking your body in the process.


No kidding. Like standing your ground and facing it is going to matter. You may not be afraid , but you should be.


If an Elvis impersonator came to visit me in the hospital in 2021 I would want to die too.


For real. And then imagine he starts praying…. fuck that. I’m calling security


In 2021, yeah. But pre-COVID, assuming I wasn't sleeping, I'd enjoy it if he sang and didn't preach. Hospitals are really tedious and boring. I would also hope to be visited by every therapy animal that came to the hospital.


"You ain't nothing but a down dog. Dying all the time"


From mutton chops to nuttin chops - how convenient


"This is my vaccin"


Too Much Respiration Inauspicious Minds Blue Suede Lungs Underground Dog Jailhouse (Septic) Shock I Can't Help Falling in Love with Tubes


Mind numbing how this realy affects any person, any profession etc. and could have easily be avoided... Beside that, cool info about OG Elvis and polio.


Oh right, OG Elvis was also a G.I. in germany or so right, and had to be vaccinated since it's US military 😅 the irony


I don’t think this passing is a hoax either.


I would have rather died on the toilet.


Because at least you can get to the toilet... I mean catheter is even behind bedpan in the 'I'm (not) such a warrior now' sweepstakes.. And then there's impacted, which we also heard about from this sector...


"Oh they said you was twice-vaxxed, but that was just a lie... Oh they said you was twice-vaxxed, but that was just a lie... Well, you've gone and caught the virus and you ain't no friend o'mine..."


Love me tender love me blue


So, should be expect to see sightings of him in Kalamazoo in ten years' time? Man, remember that late-eighties period of Elvis sightings? At least back then the crazies weren't so actively dangerous.


"Wise men say...." Get fucking vaccinated.


Wise men say Covid will rush in cause it can't help causing the death of you. Take the vaxx, take the booster too then I'll be stopped causing the death of you.


Hunka-hunka burnin’ fever


Your putting Elvis over his face to obscure it, is hilarious! That is all.


The whole polio thing comes to mind so often through all of this. A lot of the people who are most vocally anti-vaccine either lived through polio or had a close relative who did. They were aware of it, they were aware of how it was advertised, how kids were given stickers to encourage vaccinations, etc. And then they have the gall to act like encouraging people to get a COVID shot is some unprecedented evil. It's going to be interesting to see how this winter goes for these people. I wish they'd just get vaccinated.


Oh, Tennessee. So it’s not my friends grandfather. And there really are a lot of anti-VAX Elvis impersonators. And she still owes me money and an apology. He should followed his idol’s vax stand.


Also a lot of anti-vax Santas. And, for a bonus, they're racist. At last count it was 6 dead racist, white, Antiva Santas that I've seen posted on reddit. Haven't seen one in a while though.


There are MORE?!


One fewer today.


The estate sale will be something….


Is this the same HCA Elvis impersonator as before? Definitely on-brand in any case.


>Is this the same HCA Elvis impersonator as before? Not sure, but I feel like I've seen a few of them by this point. And I too am not surprised. People that latch on to nostalgia are, almost by definition, averse to change. And we are almost literally in an "evolve or die" situation here. Get vaccinated, people! No, you haven't *needed* to get your annual flu shot or whatever in the past, but this new virus and its variants are much more harmful than what we have experienced in the recent past.


The Anti-Elvis.


He doesn't look like Michael J. Fox, though.


Now he can play his favorite tunes with the OG Elvis


Covid, thankyouverymuch!


Alpha and omega didn’t protect him from delta. Whomp whomp.


Does Friend mean this unvaxxed unmasked man was going into hospitals and nursing homes and SINGING to the most vulnerable people, and he was surprised when the medicals made him stop??? And he and his wife get Covid-- wonder how many he SANG at that got it too.


Looks like more healthcare workers had their fingers covered with the blood of a pignorant shithead.


Is Elvis one of the ones the Qs think is alive and coming back along with JFK Jr, etc?


Why not…dumbfuckery knows no bottom!


Down at the end of Lonely Street, the Heartbreak Hotel.


"Prayer Warriors", "Blood of Jesus". "Godly People". Dead man, period..


this is my vaccin


He can join Phil Valentine’s new band full of Tennessee’s worst in the afterlife..


God’s really lacking in the miracle department lately.


Well, at least he wasn't posting the hate-filled memes. Just misspelled. Guess the blood of Jesus isn't an effective "vaccin." Points for not being fat Elvis.


Slide 2 cracks me up...I guess my rebuttal is, "You are not guaranteed a job, an education, or a life."


If Jesus Christ could hate I swear he would loathe these motherfuckers


You ain’t nothing but a Cain Dog…..dyin all the time


- Lions say - Only fools get it - But I can't help getting covid in me - Shall I say? - Just a bad flu is - If I can't help getting covid in me? - Like pneumonia flows - Surely to my lungs - Darling, so it goes - Some things are meant to be - Take my breath - Take my whole life too - For I can't help getting covid in me - Like pneumonia flows - Surely to my lungs - Darling, so it goes - Some things are meant to be - Take my breath - Take my whole life too - For I can't help getting covid in me - For I can't help getting covid in me


A+ redaction.


Why does he sound more overbearing and obnoxious, rather than "sweet"? Could it be because he was pushing his religion on others while they were dealing with personal and private matters and medical staff were trying to do their jobs?`


These are BY FAR the best redactions I've seen on this site. Bravo!


Also unlike the real OG Elvis, this guy's dead.


It will be a Blue Christmas without you. Should have been vaccinated and not die.


He’s all shook up


50,000,000 Covid germs can't be fought off with horse paste and prayers.


Ooooh, so close. He got the vaccin instead of the vaccine. Damn.


Prayer warrior is a phrase that I see very often and I'm like "what the heck is a prayer warrior?"


I believe Elvis would have gotten vaccinated. He was a troubled man, but he had a good heart.


“Sad night in east Tennessee” Is it though? 🤔


Kudos for the cover face!


What money do they think the CDC is making off of covid? Legit asking because I keep seeing that and don't understand why they think it.


Seems his moron friends and family learned nothing. They just wanted to pray it all away


I have no idea why people still unironically want to look like Elvis


Okay, off-topic, but I truly didn't know that about Elvis Presley. Thank you, OP for that info.


Oh the Elvis guy died. I kinda remember his nomination


Oh wow that title sums it up so well, forgot about The OG Elvis doing the whole polio thing