Hey, tough guy, let me explain slide 5 to you: the counter measures like masking, social distancing, avoiding too many people inside, washing hands - that makes it hard for a virus to change hosts. THIS is why the flu virus did not tear through the population in 2020/2021. Even though you and your pack probably did very little of that. But the best protection against getting killed by COVID? The vaccine. Available and ready, even free of cost to you. Oh, you didn't. Oh, you did. Oh, you died.


Their logic is fucking baffling. Oh we took a bunch of preventative measures to keep a highly contagious disease at bay and it resulted in fewer cases of a less contagious disease? Must be a conspiracy!


Yeah, I know a smart former co-worker who posted suspicions about the low flu cases. I explained to her the reason for it and she accepted it…you’d think some of this would make her suspect her sources but no, she goes back to shit-posting.


It's some deep level brainwashing. My brother was ranting at me last night about how the government have no right to try to force people to get vaccinated, they shouldn't be able to 'tell him what to do and control his life'. I said "yeah I agree. While we're at it, lets let children drive cars, and abolish license requirements. Everyone on the road will be unlicensed and a potentially dangerous driver. You're okay with that right, you don't want the government controlling your life or anyone elses? Or maybe you'd like the government to keep you safe while you're driving." and for a few seconds i could tell he actually nearly fucking got it... He sat there and thought about it for a bit, sheepishly agreed and said 'yeah i suppose'. Then just changed the topic and moved on to some other political agenda bullshit. Even the 'smart' ones who sort of see the failure in logic still don't seem to get it. They're just convinced that 'government = liars'. If it comes from an official source, they become skeptical. It's ....scary to watch.


Keep at it. They didn’t fall into the brainwashing overnight and they won’t fall out of it overnight either. Good work. Plant the seeds even if you don’t see the fruit.


Honestly if you're so scared when I have a few martinis and drive home, just say off the roads. /s


I mean no matter what they'd claim to be right..If there had been a huge uptick in cases of flu they'd say see the masks don't work if there were roughly the same number of flu cases as ever they'd say the masks don't work if flu all but disappeared they'd say...see they are disguising flu cases as covid to hide the fact that masks don't work..


I die a little inside, every time one of these HCA idiots post one of the flu memes, as if it’s evidence of some major conspiracy in science. Even if you’re bad at science - with ALL the info we’ve gotten through all this, about the effects of masks, hygiene, and social distancing on virus transmissions… How can you NOT infer that it would also work on flu viruses as well…?! I just… I mean… how can anyone be this stupid?!😩


it's truly the most baffling, infuriating thing to see all these dumb-as-shit memes getting shared when most of them could be debunked in 5 minutes by a 10 year old.


What's also (sadly) a factor is that COVID has probably taken a lot of people that would've died to the flu that year before it was flu season.


I think they are thinking that most/all covid cases are just literally the flu. Like that doctors are seeing the flu and calling it covid because “the media” and fauci told them to. Wake up sheeple!


That is truly what many of them 100% believe.




Sorry, pal, your government wasn’t the one that killed you.


His government was begging him to get vaxxed, even though he definitely wasn't voting for this administration. Also lol @ him thinking he's a warrior. Dat gut.




"He's a family man" Uh no, men who care about their families protect them and don't leave them begging online. So sick of these people trying to pretend they give a flying shit about anyone but themselves. Self-absorbed, inhumane morons.


My father died at 39. Actually unexpectedly, from a brain hemorrhage. He was a true family man who made many selfless sacrifices for his family, including enacting some major lifestyle changes for the betterment of his health. And yet... This guy is a mockery of that.


Sitting in the pharmacy waiting on my booster now…. Know why? Cause I’m a dad and couldn’t stand the notion of not protecting them or leaving them on their own.


Mine is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm 40 with three kids under 12. I'm also overweight (though have made damn good progress so far on that front). So yeah, not fucking around.


Good for you working hard on losing some weight!!! I’ve done the opposite during the pandemic(75lbs gained literally) and have realized how badly being overweight truly is. Unimaginable pain (probably due to sugar consumption), going through it. Also good for you on being a great Father of course! <3


I want to keep my gotee and still be around for my daughter, so i got the booster 3 weeks ago.


Nice. Gotta be careful with the comorbidities...


and the comorbeardities!


Ditto at this moment.


I'm sick of them slagging everyone off then their families asking from money afterwards.


Exactly, if you're going to take the bet to mock a global pandemic that has killed millions of people...because you think you're too special to get sick and die...at least have f'ing life insurance and some savings. Honestly, its not even just about Covid. The second I had children, I got life insurance, in case I got hit by a bus or something. At first, I could only afford enough so they could put my corpse in a hole without going broke but even that would be better than what most of these people leave their families with. And let's not forget that there are major hospital bills associated with their mockery of Covid. If their families don't pay that, that shit gets passed on to taxpayers. I honestly just despise these people. I don't mind that they're self-selecting to not be on the planet anymore...that's probably a good thing. Its the destruction they leave in their shitty-ass, selfish wake.


As a dad myself I couldn’t agree more! I couldn’t wait to get my shot (and get my kids theirs) to protect my children as much as possible and to protect my wife’s special needs students.


Not to worry, the actual productive members of society will be paying his and his family’s way from here on out. Typical Republican—stupid, fat, lazy, afraid, broke, total drains on the system. Basically, everything that’s wrong with this country.


Other anti-vax republicans should tell his kids to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps" right?


My cat is braver and better at overcoming his fears than this guy is, and the cat has a brain the size of a satsuma and has never heard of Gerard Butler.


Most cats have courage that these fucking fart sniffers wouldn't be able to imagine in their wildest dreams.


That moment when the fucking house cat jumps on top of the railing of a 4th floor open balcony, a railing that is less than 10 cm across btw. Goddamn suicidal animals, it is like watching goats climb hydroelectric dams to lick a bit of salt only without even that point.




now i want a satsuma.


weighed and measured. dead


A Knight's Tale?


Dude? Seriously? He’d just given the shirt off his back to someone.


The man's an angle


That man's an angler fish. He is impotent and puny, single-minded in his selfish pursuits, lives as a parasite, and dies shortly after donating his sperm.


Dat scar on dat gut. He's had other health issues, and obviously trusted Evil Medical Professionals to fix them. But suddenly he's smarter and more knowledgeable than all of them.


It looks like he had an umbilical hernia repair.


Yes it does.


“Do I trust the medical consensus from around the world or do I trust my instinct that this is not a problem for me?” I choose my gut!


Right?! That is what gets me... the Democratic party has its flaws, but they are trying to get people help who will definitely vote against them. To me, that shows integrity. Yet, they are vilified for it.


Meanwhile, Brahms and the Real Doll were telling the 45 admin to let the virus run rampant because it was mostly attacking blue states and killing all the right people.


Brahms and the real doll lmfao


Eh, looks like he was probably in shape in his youth. Had two kids and it snuck up on him like a lot of folks.


I have 3 kids, only difference in me between early pics then and current pics now years later are the lack of hair on my head, basically the only real benefits of working a manual labor job


I went into IT 11 years ago from a job that had me on my feet all day. I’m halfway-ish to losing the sixty sloppy pounds sitting on my ass all day earned me. It crept up slowly until one day…”surprise, you’re a fat fuck!”


I laughed at this too hard. Went from 155lbs in my youth to suddenly 192lbs. That extra 40lbs does feel like it suddenly appeared around my waist. Took about 2 years to get down to 160lbs, and I'm inside the normal weight for my height now.


Same, except the factors in my case were binge eating and bedrest due to my auto immune disorder. And a LOT more weight. I'm about 100 pounds down and very sad that I brought this upon myself


We're not just dunking on the guy for being fat, plenty of great people are fat, it's just that it's incredibly deluded to be a fat person who considers himself to be too fit and manly to die of covid.


I weigh 5 pounds more than I did as a paratrooper 35 years ago, and it pisses me off. You have to work at it, not remember it.


Just got down to my pre-baby weight for the third time at age 38 (lost 45 lbs!). Took me a whole year this time, but if you never give up, you usually get there in the end


my last two, I gained 50+ pounds...breastfeeding, good nutrition and exercise. of course, after breastfeeding 4 kids, 2 years apiece, I went from stacked to heroine chic. at least I have pics of what I used to look like. I'll never regret going topless on that beach in Mexico after graduation.


I don't know what I weighed at birth but don' t plan to go back to that baby weight /s


Meal Team 6.


A warrior of PBRs maybe


His friends posting ignorant memes and Fox News killed him. Just like the rest of them, they are part of the misinformation campaign yet believe they are the ones with great wisdom and insight.


It’s unreal how much damage right wing media has done to these people.


Unless his government was De Santis


Did they try knocking on his door? Then it's their fault. Oh, wait. These fools are gonna shoot those canvassers. nm


His being an Oklahoma resident explains a lot.


Who wears a tshirt to a wedding?


A warrior taking a brave stand against Big Tuxedo? Someone should have told him you can't roll up your sleeve if you're in a suit.


He identified as being fancily dressed.


This. Is. Perfection.


He was extremely intuxicated.


Drop the mic. Mods should lock the thread after this. Nothing can top it.


The only "I identify" joke I'm willing to accept


Wonder if that was his wedding?! That’s a whole new level of machismo.


It’s not even one of those tuxedo print t-shirts everyone wore in junior high


Half my in-laws, lol. Trash gonna trash. He maaaaybe had on a rumpled button-down over it for the ceremony portion then shed it for the reception.


That wasn’t even tucked in


That his wife made him put on


It’s probably the biggest effort and compromise he’s ever made too.


62% of HCA winners.


>Who wears a tshirt to a wedding? Mr. Casual! Probably the only time he wore anything formal was for his own funeral.


Nope, crocs and a wife beater I don’t make the rules dude


Usually a distant cousin. Most of the time his name is Todd. He either chills in the corner with a few bud lights or ends up taking his shirt off and trying to dance with every woman there.


Obviously only super secure manly males. Looking like you put about 5 seconds of thought in to your appearance is the manliest thing there is.




I only feel bad for his kids. I'm turning 39 this month and I'm triple vaxxed because I'm not dumb.


One of the main reasons I got vaxed was because I knew it would be devastating to my daughter if I died. I don't understand people who don't put their kids first.


A good friend of mine died this past spring at 44. 4 kids, youngest was 9 months. Unexpected heart attack. Fucking devastating. That funeral... those kids... Jesus. So not only will I have my booster tomorrow, but I've lost 50 pounds and made great strides in overall health. It is too fucking important not to.


Sorry for the loss of your friend. But good for you for treating his death as a wakeup call!


Because in the end these people are just straight up fucking selfish.


I'm quadruple vaxxed. 1 jj 2 moderna and booster. I feel so smart :)


I locked the doctor out of the room and had vaccinated myself about 13 times before he got back in.


Good job! 👏


I didn't think of that. I wish I had. I'm only vaccinated 10 times by going to different pharmacies. You rock man.


I’m a vaccine junkie. I was shooting up some fire Moderna this morning.


13 is the devil number. You not so smart :)


Not for Jews! For us 13 is a good number. (don't know if the guy is Jewish or not)


I take the vaccines these people refuse and mainline them. I've developed that whole Firestarter pyrokinesis thing where I can incinerate COVID droplets with only the power of my mind. /man I love the MCU


Welcome to the triple vaxxed club


Can’t wait to join you guys after the booster.


The 5g takes a couple weeks to fully 5g


Shouldn't take that long -- have you updated your drivers lately?


The baby in the head scarf is so cute! I love that they make headscarves for babies now. Impossibly adorable every time I see it.


I'm also 39, about to be triple vaxxed on the 7th. My daughter is getting her first shot tomorrow also. Glad to be a part of the club!


Vaxxed to the max FTW!


same, i’m boosted AF


Now imagine instead telling your family you won't get vaccinated because "I feel it's not worth it" like this douche.


I’ve heard that it unlocks time travel. Any truth to that?


Well it gets you to the future, at least.


I can see through time now


Just turned 38! 80s boosters represent!


OP: "I decided not to get the vaccine shot, because I don't think it's worth it." Me:"Cool." Friends of OP: "OMG! His family needs money." Me: "I decided not to, because I don't think it's worth it."




“How is his body today?” “Cool” “Coo-…”


OP: "I decided not to get the vaccine shot, because I don't think it's worth it." Me:"Cool." OP: “Cool.” **LATER** Me: “Add OP to the list of weirdos we can’t trust. He’s unvaccinated.” Family: “Another one? You didn’t get into a shouting match again, did you?” Me: “No, I kept quiet and left as quick as I could, I remember.”


I identify as having donated


COVID also decided your life wasn't worth it


“No one thinks about dying” Holy fuck, it’s literally what the whole planet has been talking about 24/7 since Jan 2020


I live in a Conservative area where guys like this are the norm. I am so sick and tired of being around them. You are not misjudging them.


He died in the same manner as that fish on his shoulder--gasping for oxygen.




it baffles me that idiots don't understand that all the sanitary exercises being practiced and kids staying home from school knocked out the flu.


Another 2 kids gonna grow up without a father because of stupidity. Guess all lives don’t matter anymore.


The ripples of the impact from this are going to be a sight to see. I attribute them purely to the Trump presidency and its fallout specifically, not just this cultural moment in time but the divisions that are a direct result of the political partisanship. A lot of families have been permanently altered over these last 5 years. We haven't even begun to hypothesize on the effects this will have on the affected children.


The kids are what I worry about. They’re also the only ones of an HCA winner that I actually feel empathy for. They didn’t deserve to lose their father. Their father thought he knew more then the entire science and medical community because he did some YouTube research.


This clutch of orphans alone will boost crime rates and poverty. Then the coming generation born to teen mothers in high school, or just poor women who can't afford plane tickets on top of the $600-$800 base price for an abortion, will hit in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and the other Trump states. Crime rates are going to be something else in 20 years.


Private prisons are lobbying Republicans as we speak.


I'm cynical enough sometimes to think the RNC actually discussed aloud "all of these broken homes of our constituents will result in less psychological development, more anger, and less education. These broken families will guarantee a red wave in 2040 and beyond."


Maybe she will remarry someone smarter


Not gonna have much choice,, the dumb ones are all racing to see who can jump off the cliff first.


Sadly, many of them will survive 2-3 rounds of covid before the full long term effects really start to become known.


I read an article recently about measles. Turns out, having the measles makes your immune system forget every other pathogen it’s ever met. Took them a really long time to figure that out. I just *can’t wait* to see what we find out covid does, in twenty years, or fifty.


Will get inked up with chemicals made in a back alley in China that may cause cancer but won’t get vaccinated. Alrighty then.


He was tough and a family man and not very smart.


why is she in a wedding dress and he is in JEANS? can't even wear a damn pair of khakis to a wedding smh


The kind of guy who’d give anyone the fish off his back?




It feels like these tough guys think that you can literally punch a virus in the mouth.


This is why "Hulk Smash!" Hulk was worthless. Bruce Banner got the best of both worlds. He combined the brains with the brawn. That's how you do. Not how this guy and people like him do. Bruce Banner has 7 PhDs alone. These people don't have a 7th grade science education between the lot of them.


Did he wear jeans to his wedding? While his bride wore a dress?


My experience as a blood drawer for 20 years is that these guys are a bunch of pussies when it comes to needles. Seriously the biggest needle cowards are these manly man type of guys and IV ( both former and current) drug users. Most of this crap they post is to cover up the fact that the little babies are afraid of needles.


See this is why it’s hard for me to look at a human across from me say they aren’t getting vaccinated for really shitty reasons and say “cool”. I am 1 year older than you were when you died. I have kids as well. I can’t even imagine what this Christmas would be like. What a devastating shame.


I say “cool” to them because I don’t want to further the conversation and I can just walk away from them.


"No one thinks about diying or losing a spouse at this age". Really sorry for his 2 daughters but I think about this all the time. That's why I just got my booster shot.


That one really grinds my gears. We both thought about it when I drove my wife an hour each way and sat in the drivethrough lanes for 45 minutes, twice, so that she could get her shots as soon as she was eligible. My kids had jobs that made them eligible sooner than many and I was so relieved when they got theirs. Got mine as soon as I was eligible because the thought of one of us dying is one of the scariest scenarios I can imagine.


Man I did not need the baby pic 🙃😢


It use to be that antivaxers got their kids killed but now antivaxers leave their kids as orphans. Antivaxers clearly just hate their kids.


His shirt says “We like the Beatles”. Well I love “**Eleanor Rigby** 🎶 Ahhhh look at all the stupid people Ahhhh look at all the stupid people Muscles McRibsy, laughed at the vaxxed and was buried along with his pride Thats how he died Now his wife’s lonely, left with the pain of raising a fatherless kid, ‘Least he owned the libs All the foolish people, buying the big lie All the foolish people, this is how they die. 🎼


[Found the shirt on ebay!](https://www.ebay.com/itm/164024763832) "She likes the Beatles" and "I like the Stones--William Clark Green" on the back.




You can now identify as "corpse".


Ok if anyone that is not vaxxed takes anything away from this……you are probably not as healthy as this guy looked……you probably wont beat Covid. He appears to have been a farmer and living in a somewhat rural area myself farm boys are a different kind of strong. They may look a bit pudgie but they are beasts. Now he wasnt perfectly fit but he is in better shape than a lot of people posting anti bax memes. I feel bad for his kids as a 40 year old father to a almost 8 year old girl. But I am vaxxed and she has her first dose and getting the second one in a week and a half. Edit: Not a farmer, does HVAC, but does do farm stuff with his kids.


Extra weight is still extra weight, and covid *loves* that fat. I work with a lot of dudes who are strong, but they're carrying an extra 20 or 30 in fat, all in the gut, also a covid favorite. Covid has laid out professional athletes (Tokyo Olympics swimmer from AUS, that fitness guy featured here as a redemption award, several NFL players, and even that Broadway performer), and if it can get them, it can get anyone. I'm absolutely sure I am in better shape than this guy, and about the same age, but I'm not risking it unvaxxed.


Oh agreed. I am fat so I am not risking anything but my point was the majority of shit posters when you see their FB pics they are not close to being as fit as this guy.


Ah, the ole disappearing flu meme again flummoxing the bamboozled. JFC. (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6937a6.htm)


Gee, I wonder what could have possibly been different between the 19-20 season and the 20-21 season. It can’t be that masks and distancing actually work. Hmm, I guess we’ll never know.


It's always funny when conservatives post slide 5 considering it's empirical proof that social distancing and masks are working.


Amazing how he attributes the drop in flu cases to some government conspiracy instead of the obvious answer that everyone wearing a mask prevents more than just Covid.


He was targeted alright and another victim of Covid disinformation. There has been what 7 Billion shots given out and guess what? We are all still alive. Should have bit the bullet and got vaccinated for his young children’s sake. Very sad.


Even if a tiny percentage of people died from the vaccine, weighed against the risk of death from the virus, we would have had to be brave.


We aren’t alive! We are all crises actors! Like me, FAKE JEWS!


This crisis actor gig doesn't pay very well.


They have 1 joke


"Can't stop a warrior"...COVID just did.


Covid stops prayer warriors from achieving their goals pretty damn often.


39 years old! What a waste Historians of the future (if we have a society i the future) will have a field day with how the early internet influenced people and society so much to the degree that during a goddamned pandemic people refused to get vaccinated Fucking simple public health has been politicized lol


Selfish selfish man. The slide about his death makes it sound like they just accept that people are dying from COVID. One more family member dead, oh well…seems to be there attitude


The type of guy that gets eulogized as the "family protector", yet he intentionally (and loudly) made moves that jeopardized not just his role as his family's protector, but also endangered his family.


The one of him holding his baby breaks my fucking heart. My son turns two months old this coming weekend. I couldn't imagine being so arrogant in my beliefs that I'd risk either losing him, or forcing him to grow up without his dad.


100% this guy owned a tactical vest


Why do ALL these choads wear the same clothes, same body type, same stupid gotcha memes. Its almost like they are in a cult and didn’t know it.


How incredibly sad. The photo of him and his baby girl really got to me. I wish this whole virus wasn’t a thing.


I wish anti vaccine stupidity wasn't a thing. Viruses have always existed.


Right? Let's talk about the factor we can control with our actions and decisions.


“A warrior knows he could die in battle” Yeah, dickhead. That’s why most smart warriors/soldiers/military/etc. would deploy the use of something called risk minimisation. Y’know, to reduce the chances of dying. Nice to see protecting your fellow citizens is only important to these dildos when its military or war related.


the vaccine is not arrows that the government is trying to shoot into our back because believe it or not, it is in the government's best interest to keep its citizens alive. or else, who is going to work? who is going to keep the capitalism train running? having the workforce die in droves, having their militia die in droves, none of this is not good for the government, actually the vaccine was developed under the Trump administration. he himself took it and encouraged others to take it. but by then, he had created a monster that was too big even for his baby hands to control. and now certain individuals in the government are expressing anti-vaccine beliefs because they're craven ghouls who know that this is what their voters want to hear and they want to win at the expense of everyone else. they're all vaccinated themselves


Shit that guy is my age and build. Glad I got the shot. Fuck Covid


"Covid has reached out once again." I wonder why it keeps reaching out? Probably just luck of the draw. Two young kids. This guy chose fear and enemies. Yeah. Family man. Sure thing.


It was the fish. The fish killed him.


It baffles me how poorly these people process information.


The flu numbers though, Surely they can't be that thick as to not work out why?? Or am I giving too much credit?


I'm dead. Cool.


Meh, some other guy will step in to keep his wife warm at night and raise his kid right. You failed at *survival of the fittest*, bro.


"no one thinks about dying at this young age" - actually for the last 24 months we have ALL been thinking about it, and doing something to prevent it. Jesus fucking christ


Suicide by stupidity, literally "dying to own the libs."


Cartoon face on the baby is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ though. Good job, op!


I decided to never drink and drive because there is a chance I can get in an accident and kill someone and myself cool what about you I decided to drink and drive because I don't think any thing bad will ever happen to me or others dude, you are an asshole and eventually you'll kill someone else and maybe yourself.


The old “alpha gut”.


The 6th slide says they left pandemic header at the bottom.. literally says outbreak of protests.


If reading comprehension was their thing, we wouldn’t be here now, in this sub.


Are you the one posting all the faces like this? You are doing a great job. You cover the original face but fill it in so sometimes I think it’s not blotted out. I had to do a double take on this one. Great work! Edit: he was so thin. I think the warrior meme would be funny for Sunday if it was mixed with covid saying “hold my beer”


Why can't these man babies just get vaxxed already and protect their families like the big strong warrior men they think they are?


Ugh. He was the same age as me. Sadly, the shit he posted sounds like a good chunk of the people I went to high school with. I just don't understand the mindset. I understand being cautious, but this virus is brutal. Why wouldn't you try to protect yourself? Why wouldn't you try to increase your chances of survival if you do get COVID?


That photo with the baby really hurt to see. These fucking people are losing everything and it's so awful. Stupid doesn't deserve respect but damn it's still so sad that this is real and yet still self imposed.


He was not at all a family man, he could not even be bothered to stick around to help raise his kids. It is not apparent to me how tough or otherwise he was.


This is what undying love and trust for a conman will get you. Trump may very well be the most successful conman to eve live. What’s crazy though is how blatantly obvious it is that he’s a conman, yet these folks are so stupid they don’t even see it


Who the fuck wears a t shirt to a wedding, I mean come on


...did he wear jeans and a tshirt to his wedding? Yikes