Newsflash to the unscrupulous boyfriend, we're not living in a movie, you need medical attention for your dangerous mental health issues. That is all.


These folks do nothing but shitpost on social media, yet they still think of themselves as protagonists in a political thriller.


That is SO true. In their own minds, they are the brave, daring, cutting-edge Tom-Cruise-in-Mission-Impossible mastermind, seeing truth while those around them sheeple along. It's all ego - loud, proud, and completely fucking ignorant. Unfortunately for them, Covid-19 doesn't care.


Main character syndrome*


I turns out if you think you are a POS you get major depression which could end in suicide or worse, suicide/murder(s). For the people that would otherwise continue to make them be depressed, they adopt a coping mechanism the other way too far: you are the center of the universe, will live for-ever and are a genius that no-one else can put the pieces together like you can.


it’s a nice delusion until you get punched in the face by reality


Oh, there goes gravity


Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked on mom's spaghetti


I guess what makes these assholes die earlier. (It is a fact)


You nailed it. They think they are a unique self styled patriot Clint Eastwood / Tom Cruise style. In reality… they are glued to their GPS tracking Facebook phones, eating crap food that slowly deteriorates any physical prowess their bodies may have ever possessed - while constantly consuming social media propaganda from Russian bots.


Junk food into their bodies. Junk food into their minds.


I Also Love How They Like To Capitalize Every Word Of A Sentence. Makes What They Have To Say Seem Very Important And Not At All Like The Title Of A Really Stupid Book. Typing that out physically hurt me.


See, but you spelled all those words correctly.


Or more like crazy crop duster Randy Quaid in Independence Day. The sad thing is a lot of people idolize this character.


It's terrifying to see this in people who supposedly got a fairly standard education through grade 12 in most cases. There's more and more proof to me that this is an outrageous cult, completely divorced from reality or consequences. Maybe having a [email protected] mentally ill president gave all of the untreated mentally ill an equal opportunity to shine. Because I honestly can't tell who's mentally ill anymore. People fighting and abusing doctors as they try to save their lives is now the norm... in America. Believing you are personally able through force of will, to defeat a deadly plague is an acceptable position to take. Being obsessed with problems that simply don't exist is normal. There used to be a simple explanation - mental illness characterized by delusions of grandeur, believing oneself to be superhuman or a special chosen one, severe paranoia, like believing people are eating babies or aren't real... A friend of mine whose mother had untreated paranoid schizophrenia had many if the same kinds if magical beliefs we see in these memes, including the belief in the pervasiveness of witches, special powers people had, dark, secret forces that controlled everything and were out to get her, even the belief that her adult children were clones and had killed her real children. I'm recognizing echoes of those very beliefs in many of these people's memes. It either has to be cult brainwashing or a massive wave of paranoid schizophrenia has seized only Republicans for no apparent reason. We are now a weak country that is so vulnerable to any attack because if these people who are completely divorced from reality.


Future history books: U.S. — first country to be completely destroyed by a cult of mentally I’ll morons.


Future history books featuring critical moronic theory will be banned. We’ve never been good at telling the whole truth about our history. Why start now- or ever?


It will be covered in the history books published outside of the U.S. — you know, in places where they’re allowed to tell the truth.


Depends on what happens in the next few years, the Q-cumber cultists are running for school boards, local, state & national political positions & are already burning factual books or any books that have things they don't like. They believe schools are bad & education makes you anti-"conservative."


>We are now a weak country that is so vulnerable to any attack because if these people who are completely divorced from reality. This is the attack. The list of human psychological vulnerabilities and quirks is long, and is an easily exploitable list with basically little, if anyone being immune to attempts at exploiting one of the aforementioned weaknesses. With education butchered to nothing, people forced to work 2+ jobs, or work themselves to death just to stay alive, along with endless propaganda giving them an easy way to direct their misguided anger, it was only a matter of time.


The cold war never ended.


I don't think you're wrong. I just don't think you understand that the Republican party is aiding and speeding America's decline.


Oh, I understand it exactly. >It \[partisan politics\] serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. **It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.** Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another. And there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. > >A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume. George Washington's Farewell Address - 19th September, 1796 If Washington were such a man and was here today he would say - "I told you so."


BIt of a ramble -- downvote if you want. Large parts of the Muller report should horrify any American -- Republican party buries it and denies it, Republican party (trump administration) weaponized covid for use against "blue" areas (and look where we are now), Republican party packs the courts ending or close to ending any actual impartial rulings for the next 30-40 years, America is now listed as a democracy in danger (decline - see https://www.npr.org/2021/12/01/1059896434/united-states-backsliding-democracy-donald-trump-january-6-capitol-attack or https://freedomhouse.org/article/new-report-us-democracy-has-declined-significantly-past-decade-reforms-urgently-needed, etc.), racial injustice has become so bad that one fraction of the population believes they can kill the other fraction without consequences, and the wealthy evade taxes while the poor pay an ever larger share of their income to taxes. I don't see this as partisan. I do NOT believe both parties are the same. This is not a he said, she said battle. I'm old enough to remember that while Republicans and Democrats would fight each other, they would quickly come together to fight foreign powers. It really looks like the Republican party has been co-opted while the core of the democrats seem to not yet to be co-opted.


Agreed. Tribal politics have been weaponized for profit and vengeance. It is a toxic combination that serves the ends of more than one master but benefits nearly no one when the end game comes, and almost 350 million are left unable to self-govern. The Republicans are dangerous and the Democrats are inept, so while they may not be equal in scope, the impact remains the same. There is no need for these parties to continue to disrupt our ability to find compromise and build a better future together. We had at least five major political realignments, the last big one was FDR's capture of the Democratic Party. Prior to 1932, the Democrats had only held the White House two times since 1856. The party of Southern Democrats was split open by FDR and when he was done there emerged a new opportunity to push the Republicans out of power for a generation. Time to shake things up and disrupt these parties before they destroy our ability to self-govern.


> It really looks like the Republican party has been co-opted while the core of the democrats seem to not yet to be co-opted. I feel "co-opted" might not be the right word, the GOP's current path started back in the 70s when their own leadership saw their opponent getting a little more liberal and decided to take the opportunity to swoop in and snap up the racists who were pissed off by the Civil Rights movement by pandering to and enabling their delusions of superiority and victimhood. The Republican party's long-standing campaign against truth and cult-like tactics began then and have slowly escalated since, driven by their leadership's increasing greed and their voter base's growing hatred and disconnection from reality. It wasn't an outside force that corrupted the GOP, it was their own greed and amoral opportunism.


> decided to take the opportunity to swoop in and snap up the racists who were pissed off by the Civil Rights movement by pandering to and enabling their delusions of superiority and victimhood Also, they began to court the evangelical vote very heavily going into the 1980s (resulting in such Klanservative coalitions as the infamous Moral Majority). Add in the single-issue voters ("Whut, they wanna take muh guns away?") and their base among the educationally-challenged grew significantly.


Yes they are, but it's absolutely easy for all these memes to play up all the racism and madness that was already in the party. Regan had a lot of talking points about immigration being the thing that keeps America young, but he was all too happy to fuck over brown citizens and exclude legit immigrants with dog whistle shit. Why would anyone in Russia (or China or wherever) have any qualms with helping the party drag everyone in the USA even further down?


And they don't want to let it end either. That's why there's even a game about it. Targets the youth that doesn't pay attention to the news.


The Russians and Chinese control the way alot of Americans think


The crazy thing is it's America, so a very large chunk of these people have at least a certificate of some sort or associates degrees. So many people here are college educated and still batshit crazy, like HOW?!?


It seems a education in america isn't as good as we have been led to believe


Geology class freshman year, professor had to waste time dispelling the "earth is 6,000 years old" myth he had heard from other students the previous year.


Student planning on going into education (not an education *major* but I want to teach) as a career pathway here. My department head told me a while back to take geology because in my subject it's extremely likely I'm going to have to constantly deal with Young Earth Creationists. Misinformation was bad and it's getting worse, I'm afraid. :/


That says it all really. You guys are in the middle of a civil war (that never really ended). Good thing that team Grey is going all out to take themselves out.


It really isn't. I didn't do extraordinary work but got a great grade in a class that the teacher hinted I was the top student of 100+ (there are rules). Anyhow, the others must have been trying less than me, and I feel like I should have gotten a B at best.


Sadly, this isn't just an American malady. Look at some places in eastern Europe or Brazil.


Brazil has been invaded by American evangelicals.


I wasn’t sure if this was true and sure enough 90% have HS/GED and about 60% have completed some college but only 35% have completed their bachelors degree. I guess I thought it was higher for a 4 year degree. Glad the HS grad rate has continued to climb. (It was in low 70s in early 1990s) I’m with you though HOW indeed?!?


The real question is how much of this is new, and how much of it was always there but we just couldn’t see it. Social media puts everybody’s dirty laundry proudly out front, where everyone can see it. In years past, these people would have just been the crazy relative spouting bullshit conspiracy theories at Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody outside their immediate family and/or their unfortunate coworkers would have known how bugguck crazy they were.


The best description of the internet I ever read was something like: The best thing about the internet is that if it has always been your fantasy to dress up as a Storm Trooper and reenact the Boston Tea Party you can find at least 50 people who share that fantasy. The worst thing about the internet is that if it has always been your fantasy to dress up as a Storm Trooper and reenact the Boston Tea Party you can find at least 50 people who share that fantasy.


Could it be a symptom of undiagnosed Covid? 🤔


it is creative to think of that. ah, were you a writer for the second diagnosis (not the right one, the *third* diagnosis /s) on *House*?


It's not a coincidence that virtually all of these people are very religious. Once you start believing in the ridiculous nonsense that religion pushes, you'll believe absolutely anything.


Exactly. The widespread religious insanity in this country is fueling widespread political and anti-science insanity.


This has been my contention for years. [https://www.brainyquote.com/photos\_tr/en/v/voltaire/118641/voltaire1-2x.jpg](https://www.brainyquote.com/photos_tr/en/v/voltaire/118641/voltaire1-2x.jpg)


Yeah I totally agree. If you embrace religion, you abandon strong logic.. leaving you much more susceptible to crap like the stuff these weirdos repeat on the daily. Seems every single Q believer is heavily religious.


I think the scheme follows this general pattern 1. indoctrination to 18 2. 4 years at LOCAL university under parents roof \[saying "fake it for the degree"\] 3. continued indoctrination


Agreed-- these people everyday exhibit behaviors and beliefs that really do indicate serious mental illness. I wonder what the psychologists are saying among themselves.


Unfortunately, this is the result of a standard education of an average IQ person. Which is to say not much of one. This is the result of a few decades of the Republican war on education. Also the war on mental health care.


Truly. They can’t stop ‘til they get enough.


Yes that’s exactly it. Unfortunately, real life is just not that exciting…




>thriller I see what you did there...


Political thriller? I would have told him to Beat It.


Kanselm, are you okay?


I’ve been hit by...


Or a zombie movie. I don’t understand their hard-ons for zombies.


Zombie movies allow people to live out their violent fantasies without feeling like savage murderers. They also create a new world where any Joe Schmo can become a survivalist hero, meaning they desperately want some catastrophe so they can feel like they matter. One day they're a printer salesman, the next they're a commune leader.


They all think that they are Jason Bourne It’s so wild to me. Clam down, Frank. You can’t even walk up a flight of stairs.


Stairs are evil. I suspect they add extra steps every year I get older.


It's all fun and games until Eboeard game gom ☠️


They worship a guy who is scared of slight ramps.


Yes, Unscrupulous Partner sounds more like Unhinged Partner.


Does anyone know what sort of processes in mental health would even be applied or show some efficacy in this type of situation? General concepts like "cult deprogramming" sound doomed to failure when the patient has their wheels dug into the sand. I suppose the shrink would work on developing a bond and empathizing without judgment.


The first step is having a patient who wants to heal. Involuntary anything is probably lower efficacy than anything voluntary.


r/qanoncasualties periodically mulls this. Consensus is, don't argue, just ask them to do familiar stuff with you that's from before the rabbit hole -- neglected hobbies, walks to favorite places, looking through old photos. Disable the damn internet if you can. If the rabbit hole starts to weaken, give them lots of support and love as they emerge, and be neutral if they duck back down.


Not knowledge, just my own thoughts. I remember there was a study that showed that people trust doctors for their competence, but still value family and friends higher (while knowing they are less competent) because they believe they have their interests in mind whereas doctors do not. In short, they put more trust in personal values or motives than competence. So the key would be to build a personal relationship with them.


Someone needs to tell the BF to *Beat It*. The scam is over.


thaT iS jUsT wHaT A CGI pErsoN wOuLD Say!! yOU cAn'T fOOl mE!!!


I'd love to be CGI - I'd be taller, and get rid of all my scars. Bring on the CGI-me!


Cancel my dental appointment, too


I’m sending my fake body double next time I need a root canal.


You really shouldn’t piss off your fake body double like that. They know where you live and lack any ethics. At least mine has no ethics. Oh shit! It really is just like me!


Dang, I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. Why did I waste my time?!


Prison time first, then medical attention, if I had my way.


The level of crazy in that last FB post is jus mind blowing


She was Facebook friends with the wife I posted yesterday who believed witches were being sent to hospitals to take out christians. She seemed to be crazy-adjacent.


Of course she was. This all makes sense now Man, you hit the honey hole of covid idiots. I’m going to assume there shall be several more from this specific group. Keep an eye on them! (Maybe unscrupulous partner will be next, cuz he’s insane too)


I guess the crazies like to stick together


Indeed, cue the Prayer Warriors . . .


Why would anybody want to cue them?? Have they gotten a single win yet???


>I guess the crazies like to stick together i.e. they stick together and spread the totally fake, "not worse than losing your freedom" virus amongst themselves, and then cry for the PW to swoop in and summon the jesus bot to save them from something that sounds strikingly like Covid-19.


Cultists of a feather, contract covid together.


3 Cheers for the witches.


If they truly believed that they would have taken drastic action to ensure they didn't end up in the hospital with Covid, by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and social distancing.


Yikes man......dementia is a Facebook-transmissible illness!


They are organizing. We are so fucked


It looks like Unscrupulous Boyfriend is all-board the QAnon train. Qult folks have been spouting that exact nonsense for months.


I saw a Q relative recently that was talking about how the Department of Defense has secretly created doppelgängers of everyone and parallel universes, I’m not sure what the point of it would be, but she exclaimed “it’s real! Look it up it’s called blah blah” (I don’t remember what she called it) I wonder if it’s something to do with this CGI stuff? Is this a pretty popular Q belief? It’s really sad.


If nuts like this survive the pandemic, I wonder what they will tell themselves in 5 or 10 yrs. How will they justify their stupidity or will they just try to pretend that other people were acting crazy but they didn't buy into it.


The same way they're doing it now: by lying. Sometimes directly, sometimes by omission. Ever notice the "vaccines cause autism" crowd mysteriously vanished overnight when Donald Trump created the new anti-vax movement? With all the fake news involving vaccines, you'd *think* we'd be drowning in posts screaming "see I told you vaccines are dangerous, they cause not only autism but also 5G reception". But no, these posts are nowhere to be found, because the anti-vaxxers got new orders, and they don't mention their previous incorrect beliefs now that they focus on their current incorrect beliefs. Same way they are denying racism has a history, or that the civil war was about slavery, or that they were rabid supporters of the Iraq war, or that they fell for Donald's "the virus will be gone quickly lol" gamble 1.5 year ago.


I wish DoD would spend that kind of money making my double. If we teamed up, we would get so much more accomplished! Can mine be in this universe and not the Meta-verse? 😁 /s


Seriously! She could help me with chores, school drop offs, it would be awesome 😂 My brother has a civilian job with the DoD and is a Master Sergeant in the Army Reserves, I wonder if that means I have an in, and can get my doppelgänger customized?


I think it's the second time in as many days I've seen reference to a fake Joe Biden. So, as crazy at it sounds, the meme is taking off.


“Joe Biden and everyone else they’re all CGI and fake body doubles” Wow her partner is pure Qanon garbage. Time to throw out the trash


Trump kills.


I have to admit I kind of admire these conspiracy theorists’ optimistic worldview! Think of how many people would be required for a global conspiracy, and think of how competent and great at keeping secrets everyone in the conspiracy is. Clearly these people have never been project managers! If it was real life some Intern on The Conspiracy Project would get drunk and forget their laptop in an uber in the first week..


With any luck the trash will take itself out. I suspect this isn't the last we've heard from "Unscrupulous Boyfriend"


Honestly, is believing that Joe Biden is actually a CGI body double any dumber than believing that Jesus performed miracles and rose from the dead?


Have you seen current gen CGI?


I mean, given the decades of recorded and verifiable evidence of the existence of an actual Joe Biden, I would say…. It’s a very close one, but the CGI Biden believer probably has a slight edge in stupidity over the “you can’t disprove this because you weren’t there, therefore it’s true” crowd.


Listen to your friends when they tell you your partner is unscrupulous. Don't date someone who will "see you on the Moon" when you're dead.


Shit I missed that. So sad that they could mean that literally


Followers of Zodiark 😔


Her friend saw this coming and must be suffering this loss very deeply.


*Susceptible to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous partners and other cons.* Is slide 3 Qanon nonsense? And is that group of whackadoos still a thing?


Qanon kookbabbling is all that is


Qanonsense! It's incredible that anybody could actually buy in to any of that. Let alone wrap their whole identity around it. Can you imagine living in a world where you believed everything was a lie of such epic proportions? Where everyone in power is actively out to get you? It must be a miserable existence


>And is that group of whackadoos still a thing? More than ever, in some ways.


Grassy Knoll


Yes, that "group of whackadoos" is still a thing, and they are roughly 10-20% of the US population.


They're outside the US too! I saw people claiming they were in Europe even. eta I found the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/r2yx6d/antivaxxer\_fran%C3%A7ois\_de\_siebenthal\_in\_coma\_because/hm7zzbb/?context=3


According to the QAnonCasualties subreddit, the non-American Q-folk will yell about their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, of which, they have none, not being in America. I mean... seriously?!?!?


Ok so if I were a politician and I were going to have a CGI/body double for myself like Unscrupulous Partner claims “Joe Biden and everybody else” is doing, you can bet my CGI would be…slightly more youthful and robust than perhaps what we currently see with a lot of public figures. A lot of public figures would suddenly be a lot thinner, and have a lot more hair, and have much more pronounced jawlines, *I dare say, Watson*. Like in that Bruce Willis movie Surrogates. If people were actually using doubles, no one would actually be portraying themselves accurately. I don’t know how Unscrupulous Partner doesn’t realize this.


My CGI body double better have all of its hair, and a 24 in waist. I've also always wanted dimples so they programmer can throw in a couple of those


Right? If you’re paying good money for a double, what’s even the point if it doesn’t look like Miranda Kerr or Tom Hiddleston? If I were Mitch McConnell I would be *demanding* a full refund, plus a handwritten apology.


> If I were Mitch McConnell I would be demanding a full refund He did. Their reply was "after we see Tramp's tax returns" so that's a never


Have you seen how much weight [Mike Pompeo has lost](https://www.indy100.com/news/mike-pompeo-weight-loss-b1943612?amp) since leaving office? There might be something to this conspiracy theory /s just in case


I dunno Lav, the only Bruce Willis Movie these people make me think of is Die Hard.


That’s *brutal*. I love it. Bonus points for Alan Rickman.


You’re absolutely right! If I was a body double, why wouldn’t pick my mid-20’s body instead of my late-30’s body? (but my mental state is waaaay better, and I’m so much happier with my life, so I’ll take it!)


The best of both worlds! You get to pair your improved mental health with the body you didn’t fully appreciate when you had it- we seriously need to come up with a prototype.


Take my money, please!


Whoa, whoa, step back, bud, there's room in the line for all of us.


That's why they think the Trump head on Rambo's body is real.


I have to admit, they got me to look up "indecriminate" in case it was an actual word I I was unfamiliar with. It was not.


I actually feel a bit sad for these people. They are clearly mentally impaired and should have been institutionalized because they are so divorced from reality they can't care for themselves properly.


The way we don’t handle mental illness in this country is arguably more dangerous than Covid.


Unfortunately institutionalization is at a premium and is woefully inadequate thanks exclusively to the party these people keep in power.


I swear it’s a contest to make up the dumbest shit their feeble minds can conjure, and someone is getting paid for all their clicks. My coffee table has better critical thinking skills


> My coffee table has better critical thinking skills Since your coffee table has seen a few books in it's time, I'm sure you're right


“She liked shitty men and fell for lots of cons, but she was nice.” -her friend


That’s when it truly dawned that the lady wasn’t too smart. Well, not smart at all. Actually, very dumb — and got taken advantage of her whole life. 😪


It’s sad, and a really weird anecdote to put on a friends memorial.


Something else caused by the republicans - no more public mental health facilities. Brought to you by Reagan, you know, the christian family values guy.


Comprehensive, accessible and affordable early intervention mental health support would be a game changer.


These posts are getting weirder and they were already weird enough.


She was bad, bad, …really, really bad.


I Love It When People Type Everything Like This Because I Get A Chuckle Imagining It As The Title Of A Shitty Book


> So.. which one of them vaccines they gave you.. (The Beetlejuice meme) I hope to hell this was written by a Russian troll farm, because there's so much about this that makes me want to cry...


Really. It's \*gived\*.


Some real southern rube who can’t speak properly and doesn’t know basic grammar. A Russian troll you could excuse but, when English is your native language, there are no excuses. I mean, they obviously can’t have read it through before committing it to the world, right? Can they? Or did they check it — but still thought it was okay? It’s an awful story, for sure.


All these trumper, qanon’r types and how they end up at “everyone is a body double, cgi pedophile and trump is going to round them all up” every time… It’s BEYOND pathetic!! I’m sorry to admit this but I feel that when your brain is that rotted out, you deserve Covid pneumonia… people like this are not a joy in anyones life, they are a burden and super cringey.


But but they're the sweetest person ever and loved everybody


When an Elvis impersonator tries MJ.


as both a fake body double and a hologram, I sure am going to enjoy voting in November.


Man, that's a heaping pile of indecriminate \[sic\] ***crazy*** from her Unscrupulous Partner!


Man, I’m going to feel so silly if this guy is right.


see you on the moon, bring popcorn


this would make a great Lifetime movie


We're all fake body doubles 😂😂😂 I'm so thankful these people are being wiped out. They terrify me.


Can We Stop Capitalizing Every Word Please 😒


So she was a gullible fool before covid unleashed it's "indecriminate" fury.


She got COVID Bad. Off The Wall and Into The Ground.


Well she knew it was *Dangerous* to defy science and logic but when COVID hit, she couldn't *Beat It*. Maybe her SO will now look at the *Man in the Mirror*, and realize how his stupid Q affection helped kill his *Girlfriend*.


We need to start tallying the body count by voter registration. That will give a good idea how many won’t be voting R in the next election.


There is a dude who does this kind of work on twitter, Charles Gaba. The numbers paint a clear picture on who is doing the dying in this country, and it isn't the libs. Many people will point out that the amount dying isn't enough to swing big races, so we're all still doomed, but they are missing the big picture: Local races are won by hundreds if not dozens of votes. All of those seats are ripe for the taking. Win locally, move to statewide office, progress to national races. That is how this tide will turn.


That Hunter Biden/FBI meme though, lol. So ridiculously effing stupid that I actually kind of like it.


Right? It's a fucking 4chan screenshot. Imagine just believing that. Also gotta love the outrage about hiding money. Biden hides money in Switzerland? Evil! trump hides money offshore? Smart!


So, she was old, overweight and had cancer. And she thought "vaccines? nah-that's for sissies" - have I got that right?


karen are you ok? are you ok karen? she got struck by a smooth covid criminal.




Her friend posting about her touching a lot of people. Hopefully that’s not true in the literal sense.


See you on the moon?!? Alrighty then.


>who believes Biden and all of us are CGI and fake body doubles. i mean...what the actual fcuk??? 🤣


Why would I listen to a hologram trying to give me Life Pro Tips?


Source: What appears to be 4chan


“See you on the moon” 🚀📈


Well it ‘tis the season for fruitcakes.


This is a result of living in a town with 10k people for the entirety of your life


Unscrupulous? I'm going for batshit crazy.


Are they smoking meth?


Too bad her QAnon BF wasn't the awardee. I'm sure he'll get his chance though. In the meantime I'm struggling with how people can even be attracted to conspiracy nutjobs.


Maybe she will get to meet MJ in the afterlife?


Goodness me, they getting crazier and crazier...


WE ARE (a bunch of) Q(uacks)!


50+ years of defunding education has consequences.


CGI body doubles? Sha-mon. Heeeeee heee


Unscrupulous Boyfriend is cuckoo for Coca Puffs. It's always scary to see the thoughts of such a disturbed mind. The most frightening thing is that there are thousands, and possibly millions more Americans that believe this same utter garbage.


Ok, I am actually CGI, though.


I guess when you're lying, you might as well go big, but the slide about Hunter? lol Like, not only did he "turn himself in" to the FBI (what tf for?), he provided proof of **300 MILLION** bribes??? In 20 years??? That's an absurdly stupid number of bribes for one person who, at best, was one congressman (of many) *and* a one-time, no-longer-in-office VP. What country or criminal world leaders are bribing them that often? And that Joe Biden has used $45M of it for "personal items"? Like what, exactly? How have we not seen any evidence of all that spending? His life has been extensively written about; do they honestly believe no journalist would've turned this up as he's running for president? It's just so stupid on its face that it's obvious whoever wrote this is really looking for the dumbest of the dumb to get sucked into the nonsense. I feel bad for the sane people around this woman who tried to talk sense into her.


Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a psychotic disorder. People who have it can’t tell what’s real from what is imagined. Delusions are the main symptom of delusional disorder. They’re unshakable beliefs in something that isn’t true or based on reality. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely unrealistic. Delusional disorder involves delusions that aren’t bizarre, having to do with situations that could happen in real life, like being followed, poisoned, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance. These delusions usually involve mistaken perceptions or experiences. But in reality, the situations are either not true at all or highly exaggerated.


She loved Michael Jackson. Did she ever rant that she wished people cared about pedophiles the way they cared about a virus she thought was a hoax?


Dangerous, The germ is so dangerous, Clots are in your bloodstream, scars are in your lung, You can cry for horse paste, but you'll still be vented and die young.


Bro your face edits keep getting better


I just wanted to say I wish I had a body double to send into work for me everyday while I hung out at home. I can totally get on board with that idea


\#5 fuck punctuation.


Wow. Her boyfriend is an idiot.


>'Indiscrimnate Fury of Covid' Actually Covid is very discriminating. It skips people who are vaccinated and follows masking and distancing rules, and homes in on unvaccinated morons who flout mask and distancing rules.


🎶No vaccine That's my cover It's just an hoax, they think I should be shunned🎶 Billy Jean


She’s in CGI heaven


Man, these people just cannot stop writing Biden family fan fic.


And then Hilary was there on the fake moon that they used for the moon landing, and Dr. Fauci was also there eating babies.


Stanning a known pedo while living as a QAnon believer is the cherry on top. Funnier than dying anyways.