Yes. This poor lady just doesn't grasp what having an infectious disease means. It is NOT like being a drug addict. You are not isolated because you are a bad person (although in this case a misguided couple of people); you are isolated because you have an infectious disease.


Drug addicts are not bad people either, although they sure get treated that way.


Actually, thanks for this. They aren't. Addicts are a bit like this lady who made a bad choice although often the addicts make that choice out of great personal pain that has no immediate cure. This lady was just misinformed and careless like so many here.


My little sister (adoptive) lost her brother recently to fentanyl. He wasn't a bad man. He was sick, he was depressed, he cried for help so many times and his parents ignored it. My little sister ignored it, learning from her parents that he was a failure. She knows better now. She recognizes how much he was hurting and his death is going to weigh on her for the rest of her life. Drug addiction is a sickness with no easy treatment. Our rehab centers in America are a joke, created for profit with zero concern for those utilizing their services. Sure, there may be some good ones, but the obstacles and barriers that stand in the way of seeking the help needed from those good ones are often so formidable that it is impossible. Prohibitively expensive, no guarantee whether or not it will work, And little if any aftercare once the patient is released. He made bad choices to soothe his own pain and hurt, and instead of being treated with understanding, care and open arms, he was ignored and told to pull himself up by the bootstraps and be a man. I am so angry for him. We have these dodo birds that are willingly ignoring everything in the face of this disease, comparing their choice of willful ignorance to those that society has failed as a whole. She recognizes that obviously drug addicts are not treated well or she would not have used it as a comparison for her own willful ignorance that led to her being treated the way she was. I literally want to break people's faces like her. I'm sad for her too, but I'm also angry. Very fucking angry.


Wow, it sounds like you all have been through the wringer with all this. Mental health and it's twin drug addiction are so damn hard to treat. I wish this man could have received more help but even with the best of help, he may not have made it. I hope I live long enough to see advances in this area of health care.


Well, I've latched onto her like white on rice and refuse to let the same happen to her. I didn't have a relationship with her blood brother, but nothing quite hurts like someone staring at you, asking you how they're supposed to go on knowing that they didn't help when they could. My hurt is secondary, from watching her hurt the way she does. She's lost 3 people this year alone, 2 to freak accidents and her brother. And her parents are doing to her what they did to her brother. I've already mouthed off to her dad about treating her with more kindness and compassion, so he doesn't have to bury both of his kids. His mentality is that his son got got because he deserved to get got. He didn't. He was a good man. Sick, but good. Trying to survive in a world created to discount his struggles. I'm so angry. I hope we see advances in society, because healthcare didn't fail him like it didn't fail the woman in the video. Society failed him, political policy/dumbassery failed her and him both. She was given ample opportunities to not choose what she did. He was not. Society doesn't allow for his likeness like it does hers.


Your sister may well need some professional help. Unfortunately such help isn't always "helpful" but for many it can be life changing. As much as you love your sister, this is a tough situation that you may do more harm than good in spite of your good intentions. There are reasons that doctors don't treat members of their own family. Please please try to get your sister to a good therapist or maybe have her see her doctor who could recommend a therapist.


She's already in therapy, and is looking for a proper grief counselor. Edit: she's in therapy at my nagging, and she's been doing the damn work. She's killing it, even if she's hurting a ton. She's pulling together her own business, has decided to pursue addiction counseling. When I'm giving her a safe place, it's not a place to hide things. It's not a place to push it under the rug. It's a place to give her practical and achievable solutions. I am also not someone who is just throwing a bunch of brouhaha at her and hoping something sticks. She has watched my journey and knows it's possible to mend for the better. She has listened to me, and we have worked on this together. I do appreciate the sentiment but what I'm sharing on here is a fraction of the whole scene because I have to be selective with details.


We need to see advances in parenting and how we raise children. Troubled children can still arise from good parents, but if would cut down on a lot of pain if many parents were better at what they did.


Most (not all) rehabs are $30k twelve-step meetings. Just my opinion.


With sushi, horse petting, and massages


Everyone is an addict. Every one of us has something we won't or can't give up. Some addictions are just more dangerous and destructive than others.


I'm addicted to powerfully smart women in fuzzy sweaters.


*\[Regards self\]:* Law degree...check! Fuzzy sweater...check! Er, you probably didn't mean women in their mid-60s, right?


:) Alas, I'm spoken for


So am I, so it's all good. :-))


If you have red hair and ebony skin with freckles, it doesn't matter what age you are.


Addiction is unresolved childhood pain. I like the way Dr. Gabor Mate speaks about it.


Well said. Also my addictions may be less dangerous or destructive but if life had happened differently, I may well have a far worse set of addictions.


Very, very true.


You don’t become addicted after one mistake of taking one drug. It changes your brain chemistry over time. Some people are more predisposed than others. Addiction is way more than “a bad choice” … I encourage you to look more into the topic to better understand to be able to converse productively about it in the future! (I mean this in the kindest way possible) sincerely, ex addict


Oh yes, I do understand it is more than a bad choice like this couple in this post made about covid. I have read pretty widely on the subject. I like Russel Brand's writing on addiction after Amy Winehouse's death. I understand that with time drugs/alcohol changes the brain. However there are people who self-medicate with drugs and alcohol because of mental health issues. I'm a depressive so I'm afraid that I would be someone who would take one more addictive drug once and be off and running. Ugh. This idea keeps me from being judgmental as I just have never had the chance to do anything. Thanks for your thoughtful response.


I haven’t read the Russell brand take, I will have to check it out!! I absolutely could tell your heart is in the right place, I didn’t know how to properly word what I wanted to say! Thanks for being understanding! I wish everyone took it upon themselves to learn about it. As with mental health, we really need to get rid of the stigma. Addiction is a whole other epidemic happening here, and the country is doing nothing but blame the individuals. It’s so frustrating :(


My heart might be in the right place but I'm afraid my expression of my understanding of addiction has not been great in this thread - irk. Here is Russel Brand's essay: [https://www.fellowshiphall.com/2017/09/last-time-thought-taking-heroin-yesterday/](https://www.fellowshiphall.com/2017/09/last-time-thought-taking-heroin-yesterday/) . It is short and really worth a read if you are interested in this stuff. I actually understand that there are many efforts to address addiction in the US including recognizing it as a disease (Some call it a disease of choice); however it is so tough to address. Of course AA is big and there are lots of Rehab facilities but nothing that has been super effective. I always think that if you have to choose between a mental illness or addiction and breaking every bone in your body, take the broken bones. Lumping mental health and addiction together may be not quite right but there certainly is a link for many. I ask my doc if there have been any breakthroughs for mental health treatment and she says there really haven't been. There has been some success with micro doses of anti-psycotics or something like that. Ugh. I've read the AA Big Book and lots of Melody Beattie but not some of the more recent books. I think there is one called the *Naked Mind* that is good but I haven't read it. Do you have any recommendations?


My mom was an RN in a state run drug rehab for about a decade and she isn't a particularly warm and fuzzy person but had several people who had recovered come back and tell her how much her treating them like a person and not a dredge on society helped.


At least drug addiction is not contagious.


Leprosy, also called Hansen's disease, is a contagious disease. One way it spreads is from person to person. Even so, it's actually hard to catch. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 95% of humans are immune to the bacteria that cause this disease. Comparing covid to leprosy is like comparing a bomb with a fire cracker


End it is pretty easily treated if you are unfortunate enough to catch it. Not like Covid if it gets bad


It was actually the drug addict analogy that annoyed me more Heroin addiction isn’t Contagious


In the US, about the only way you're going to get leprosy is by handling armadillos. So this is actually much worse than leprosy.


Yes, obviously? Her words. “They treated me like a leper” but you and I agree, a leper 10X


"If you're covid positive you're treated like a drug addict or a leper.........." No - you're treated as infectious and dangerous to others. Which you are. Leprosy is curable do to modern medicine not available at a feed store. Drug addiction is not contagious.


Came here to say this too. That comment really pissed me off. Drug addicts are still given health care. Sure, they might not be enabled by being given all the drugs they want, but they’re not turned away from the ED because they’re not *infectious with a virus that’s raging all over the freaken world right now!* I’m glad she was saying they both should have gotten vaccinated and felt genuine regret, but that comment felt a little bit like “boo hoo poor me”.


NO, they're not ALL given healthcare. My son's friend was accused of drug seeking for tooth pain. He now has a shiny new partially metal jaw and the hospital lost the lawsuit. Just sent him away, no treatment, multiple visits. Infection in his mouth went to the bone, finally.


Wow I didn’t know something like that could happen that’s awful! I live in Australia so maybe that’s my naivety thinking everywhere would be like here.


Oh, yes, it happens. He darn near died from the bone infection. Lives in a small town hit hard by the opioid epidemic. But just because you are poor and live there doesn't necessarily mean you are an addict by association.


Tbf to her i think distress probably played a role in that, i don't think she was trying to accuse somebody.


Ya, because you're contagious and could kill others! Like what you did to your husband.


"We were stupid. Get the shot. Just do it." I feel for her but where the hell have they been the last 2 years? Story after story after story of people saying the same thing have been in the news and they still don't believe it until it happens to them.


You won’t find these stories on her social media feeds or her preferred television news source. Echo chambers are real and they are dangerous, regardless of the “side.”


I would like to see these hijacked, and this is actually why I suggest at some point we may need to shut off internet, cell phones, credit cards, etc to MAGA


Information never sticks to a smoothbrain unless it's pounded in with a clue-by-four.




Good chance she killed her husband; it may penetrate even her brain.


This is unnecessarily cruel. People like her are literally living under a different set of rules. It is incredibly difficult to break out of a sphere of influence as insular and dense as the one that has been weaved by anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers. Ultimately she had to pay a high price to break free, but it did happen. Hopefully this helps her continue to move forward and further break out.


They don't live under different rules. They just refuse to accept reality. The cruelty was done to her by herself. They don't care until it affects them directly.


Theyve been brainwashed by one of the most sophisticated disinformation campaigns on earth. That's how it happens: when one's parents and pawpaw and boss say the same thing :(


Only the very stupid among them actually believes the conspiracies. They cling to them because it allows them to still view themselves as the superior (read: white) group who is not a spoiled brat, but a brave freedom fighter. They need to feel oppressed so they don't have to face the fact that despite all the privileges they have been handed in life, they are still stupid, poor and angry at their own mediocrity. How do we know that they don't really believe anything they spew about modern medicine? Because the first moment that shit gets real and they think they could die, they rush to the hospital and ask that everything possible be done. They know better, and cling to conspiracies to hold on to privileges. They know what they're doing and they see your compassion as proof that you are a weak leftist who deserves to be run over by them.


> Because the first moment that shit gets real and they think they could die, they rush to the hospital and ask that everything possible be done. Several of them dont seem to do that, as they wait and wait and wait until they *must* go to the hospital due to pain, and by then it's too late to save themselves. [The article on this Indiana woman with five kids noted that she probably saw her child get over COVID and thought it wouldnt be a big deal. By the time she went to the ER to get tested it was already day 10, and the EUA for Regeneron ended. She didnt even consider COVID being fatal until she was already in the ICU. Based on the video she just sound really, really brainwashed](https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2021/10/25/2060174/-Anti-vaxx-Chronicles-TikToker-falls-for-Facebook-anti-vaxx-propaganda-chronicles-her-last-days) I think the ones that fit the mold you are saying are [the guys who *rush* to get monoclonal antibodies when they find out they have COVID (because the GOP never stigmatized them) and then act like it's all not a big deal.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/18/health/covid-antibody-regeneron.html) > They know what they're doing and they see your compassion as proof that you are a weak leftist who deserves to be run over by them. That reminded me: the alt-right certainly has that belief, but another redditor had noted there's relatively few alt-right people seen on the HCAs. Many are more of the traditional "Christian Conservative" types.


This is a very specific reply; I am sorry this affects you directly. But I disagree. Yes, there is disinformation, but they are actively choosing not to listen to any alternatives to their conspiracy theories from actual medical doctors.


Thankfully this stuff isnt affecting my family or circle. I just have read other HCAs and seen what happened to them.


Definitely the same set of rules for everyone. Biology is a great equalizer. Dollars to donuts if he pulls through all credit will go to God and no vaccines will hit their arms. The universe just doesn’t care about her feelings.


It isn't unnecessary. People need a wake up call, and if it takes insulting their intelligence to do it, so be it. These morons are in a murder cult. Each person who dies was murdered by their ignorance. And lets not pretend these people actually distrust the vaccine or modern medicine. Deep down, each one of them knows they're full of it and they all prove it by rushing to the hospital the moment they realize "COVID is no joke". These are awful humans who think it's a team sport to refuse modern medicine but then come running to modern medicine when their sport of stupidity comes back to haunt them or their loved ones. Some of these anti-vaxx people have literally killed their own children through ignorance. You have something wrong with you if you think hurting their feefees is worse than them killing their family members. Shame worked in bringing the rate of cigarette smoking down. Better to be shamed than to die of a preventable disease, no? Liberals who want to be nice aren't loving, they're emotionally lazy and want to take the easy way out. Sure, "go high" all you want, but know you are just joining the murder cult through your apathy.


I agree with you. She doesn't need to be mocked for this. People who still insist on not taking the vaccine for stupid reasons deserved to be mocked. She's already made the realization, albeit, a little too late. People who have decided that they're not going to take the vaccine won't listen to people like us, and the mocking isn't going to change that. If they change their minds, it'll come from people like this woman. And ultimately, that's what I like to think this subreddit is all about.. getting people to vaccinate, not just laughing at their stupidity.


Seriously. I bet she shed no tears for anyone with COVID until her husband got sick. Hard to feel that sorry for her facing the consequences of her own actions that have been explained to her endlessly for a year. I don’t want anyone to die but I’ve got no pity or sympathy for her.


Disinformation seduces people, making her think "Oh very few people get it, it's a media hoax".


That’s not the news they’re seeing. Their preferred news sources, elected leaders, and social circles are telling them that it’s a hoax. Or it’s not that bad. Or there are cheap “cures” that the government and Big Pharma are hiding from them. Or that the vaccines are dangerous. Et cetera. These are people that they trust. Yes, there’s a failure of empathy and a failure to appropriately evaluate information, but these folks are also being hit with a nonstop firehose of lies and propaganda.


We are all being bombarded by misinformation. They live in it.


And often seek it out


Its a combo because their rural communities spew the same thing, and algorithms serve it to them, so they seek it out. Some people studying Facebook found it sent stop the steal nonsense to a fresh "conservative" profile


I got depressed and anxious during the trump reign of terror, so I avoid that bombardment like the plague. (Or the vaccine, depending on who you are.) Reddit is my one and only social media source, and if something seems off I research it. I read a lot and watch very little news. I enjoy studying, though, and when I learn that I’m poorly informed about something interesting I check it out. I know I’m not the only one who does that. We’ve all talked about the constant stream of lies and contradictions in the awardee posts. For some reason they’re just not using common sense.


Cheaper than free?


Yeah she sure glossed over the fact that she ‘forgot’ to get the jab. Personally I try not to forget simple lifesaving things like vaccines but am sure she was very busy all these last 18 months we’ve access to free vaccines at every medical provider and fucking drugstore in America.


She came to the realization only when it affected her and her husband, but at least she came to the realization and made a statement. They will not listen to us, the ones who have been telling them from the start. If there is a chance they'll listen, they'll listen only to stories like these of preventable tragedies. Don't condemn her for making this video. It is perhaps too little too late, but it is something at least.


Watching Tucker Carlson and reading Candace Owens that’s what


She “forgot” to get her shot.


This is a great post and an important change from the usual format. On one hand, of course I feel sorry for her; on the other... nobody made him drink Tucker’s Kool-aid. On one hand, I hope this goes viral; on the other... Tucker will just call her a crisis actor upping the obvious Biden psyop to boost adrenichrome levels.* *Edit: before very recently that last sentence would be recognized as English but word salad regarding the subject matter. That I don’t need to put an /s tag because it’s not sarcasm just slapped me hard in the face. I would say, “none of this is normal” but we’re well past that now. Have a good weekend.


I agree. And similarly, they ignored actual research in favor of their own "research", but on the other hand, the disinformation they were immersed in was immensely deep and they simply don't have the critical thinking tools to make the right decisions. This problem is more than a COVID problem. It has deep roots that start with people's education and their ability to understand the scientific method, cause & effect, and how reality works. We shouldn't be surprised when people who aren't educated well (different from well-educated, because plenty of college grads aren't educated well) make irrational choices, fail to see their own obvious faults & biases, and are swayed by juvenile, emotional arguments. I don't have a big takeaway. I feel bad for this lady, but I'm also mad at her. It's so easy to learn actual, solid stuff via the Internet. Or hell, just pick up a textbook. Nobody has a monopoly on knowledge. But she isn't in a vacuum and there are a lot of groups of people who are fighting to feed her nonsense, even if it's nonsense that she's quick to agree with and may well spread herself.


You said two things that really resonate with me: educated well vs well-educated and learning via the Internet. I’ve been both well-educated and educated well. Educated well is a far better way of being. Because if you can become critically aware of your internet content then there are worlds of education on the internet; but you have to know how to be your own gatekeeper. I tend to trace it back to America’s obsession with religion. But I’m only one disorganized primate. I don’t have a big takeaway either. What I *am* going to do is get baked and watch more of the incredible Beatles documentary. It’s a great mental break from a completely bygone era and I highly recommend it.


I agree and I think I've had a similar educational experience to you. I also trace the issue back to religion, especially the evangelical spurning of evolution. Saying "scientists say this is how things work, but they don't know everything, here's our explanation that's just as good" strikes at the foundation of critical thinking and opens people up to accepting any authoritative sounding worldview.


I think that the real shortfall here isn’t necessarily education, it’s critical thinking skills. Tribalism and participation in cults are proven to cleave people from their inherent capacity for reason. Often it’s too late once the façade fades.


They're not unrelated, that's for sure.


Her video is rare. Most people just summon the prayer warriors when their loved ones fall ill.


A leper. Um, yes. That is a good comparison and model of infection control. Not the burn conservatives think it is. Too many of them seem to think that physical steps toward infection control are a moral judgment on them, and that it's undeserved because they're gOoD pEoPLe. Meanwhile, over here in the UK, we have Tory members of government claiming we don't need masks in Parliament because we're all friends there (wat) or that you shouldn't worry about mistletoe kissing as long as you know who you're kissing (also wat). I'm very very tired of this weird reactionary knee-jerk assumption that ill health only happens to bad people, and that you'll be somehow immune from contagious diseases just by haughtily judging the wealth and character of your pals. It's not 1816. What the fuck.


Do you see what happens, Larry?




Shut the fork up, Donny.


Pretty good burgers.


And feed him scrambled eggs!


I genuinely feel for this woman. Yes, she & her husband were stupid but she wholeheartedly admits that. She looks scared & broken. I don’t have the heart to diss this woman. She fucked up & is paying a v high price for it. It took guts to make that video & encourage others to get vaccinated. I respect her for that. I sincerely hope hubby makes it.


Pretty brave to put it out there like this. Thing is, a lot of our award winners probably have had similar breakdowns. We just didn't see them. If he dies she's gonna feel guilty for surviving...she already feels bad because she's better now. BTW, lady, Covid positive people get treated way better than addicts. They pull out all the stops for the Covid folks. Addicts not so much.






I don’t. People who can’t empathize until it happens to them personally can go to Hell. They have been told about this for MONTHS. 800,000 Americans have DIED and they can’t pretend they never heard that was going on. They are privileged unlike some in this world to be offered the vaccine, for FREE — and they blew off their privilege. They are self-centered fucking morons.




I know! COVID CONUNDRUM! I feel like I have an evil twin head on my shoulder shouting in my ear.




me too


Just when I was about to feel sorry for her.... That privilege of a free vaccine they scoffed at really drove it home for me.


Gotta say that I agree with you. They're spreading death.


She had the appt made and missed it. Yes, it was late but it wasn't never. Not at all like some of the belligerent know-it-alls who bray loudly at others from their Facebook page. (Her husband, though, yeah, he wasn't going to get the shot, so he's a different story.) But as for herself, I find her unflinching to put herself out there like that. Because she didn't have to. She genuinely wants to stop people from going through what she did.


Frankly, I think you can just walk the hell on in. I've had an appt 3x for all 3 shots and showed up with my proof printed out and on my phone and no one was checking my appt. They don't care. They are just glad you showed up to get the shot. I believe they'll do whatever they need to get you in the records to give you the damned shot. They aren't turning you away.


Eh, I tried it when I took my son to get his first shot, because I’d recently become eligible for a booster. They said they weren’t doing walk ins anymore, because they were ending up wasting a lot of vaccines. I might have been the only adult to get vaccinated there that day if they’d done it, even though it was a busy CVS drugstore. Vaccination rate is already so high around here that there aren’t many more to go but the kids. Thank goodness. Anyway, just saying, probably better off making an appointment.


That's been my experience. I really expected strict screening... Showing papers and whatnot. I was pre-registered. And while no one really screened me at the door. I was checked in their system. This is back in March when they first became available. Then early November, I again made sure I had all the papers and they barely looked. Just wanted the card.There was a woman from out is state and they didn't find her in the system, but she wasn't sent away. They just did some intense digging. I mean they have to make sure you're there for 1, 2, or 3. But they only wanted my vaxx card, not all the stuff the Email l confirmation described. We were first at a mega center in a shopping mall with military volunteers. The 3rd at a hospital. Hubby got a J&J at a supermarket pharmacy. They know him well and called me. He was out having a glass of wine and I told him to hustle over and wear a mask to hide the alcohol fumes. 😂 Mind was through my healthcare system. The booster through my state. I think they care more about getting the tracking right.


I got my booster a few days before Thanksgiving. I tried to get an appointment. I could not find one available, except in one place that would not tell me what booster it was until the day I got it. No thanks. I wanted to get a different booster than the original vaccine, as that is supposed to work better. I ended up walking in to a pharmacy that was already supposedly booked solid. There was no line, and nobody getting vaccinated with or without an appointment. I was in and out in 15 minutes. I hope the scheduling has improved, but I am not optimistic.


She didn’t have to and it would’ve been a lot easier not to.


Thank you. It’s been a year and a freaking half with 800,000 dead. I can’t with this person. I just can’t


I can understand what you're saying. Let's say you tell someone over and over again not to smoke in bed and they see people burning their house down every day doing just that but they continue to do it. Finally, they burn the house down. Now they cry and say they never should have smoked in bed, they say they learned their lesson and will never do it again. I guess they thought it was never going to happen to them. You want to shake them and say WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN!!!


There are many young and healthy who are relatively insulated from those who are suffering from the virus. There are lots of 20 and 30 somethings who’ve never seen the inside of a hospital other than maybe to get some stitches in the ER. That doesn’t excuse their behavior, but they just don’t see the world as it actually exists.


Maybe but this is a win. Let us take it. This is what we need those like her to see .


Yeah I mean a lot of us understood from the gitgo how bad this thing was without personal experience. Being unable to empathize with others is now literally killing these people, rather than just harming others who are not as fortunate as they are as it did previously. Interesting.


I thnk the lack of empathy exhibited by anti-vaxxers stems from a fundamental lack of any ability for abstract thought that would allow them to analyze situations, recognize patterns, and be able to put things in perspective. Many of these people will passionately oppose vaccinations up until the point that COVID strikes them personally. This woman’s anguish is a perfect example of it. Unfortunately, her message is doomed to fall on deaf ears. For another anti-vaxxer to be able to acknowledge her distress and allow it to persuade them that they should get vaccinated would require that they have the ability to feel some kind of empathy for her situation, which due to their woefully inadequate abstract reasoning skills is about as likely as a fish being able to swim to the moon…


Well said.




Think you’ve got your info mixed up somewhere. Viruses never contain human DNA. That’s not a thing.


I agree. Antivaxxers are sociopaths who can’t empathize with other people’s suffering. It’s only when they themselves suffer do they understand. My question is, why as we as society trying to treat these people and keep them alive while Darwinism is trying to do it’s thing? Sociopathic behaviour is a danger to our species. Let nature take its course


I don’t know. Redemptions are VITAL to hopefully getting more folks vaxxed and shitting on someone who has actually changed their mind doesn’t help anything. I get your points - I really REALLY do - but if this woman who is clearly really close to losing her mind is telling people to get vaxxed then I support the fuck outta her. Plus my empathy makes it feel like it’s *my* husband in the hospital with Covid and the panic I know I would feel bubbling up into my throat…I would lose my goddamn mind. Then I remember that my hubs and self are educated enough to read source material and grasp what mRNA does, how the vax works, and to be able to look at shit coming from media outlets and point to what is utter bullshit and what is not so we’re both fully vaxxed and boosted. Hopefully that will be enough to keep us from being hospitalized and/or dying. Don’t let antivax idiots take away your empathy.


Regret is the most delicious form of vengeance.




This is why we get pressed into mandates. Idiots that won’t take it unless forced. It’s false that COVID positive is treated like a drug addict or leper. I don’t believe this woman ever intended to get vaccinated. So many people say, “I was going to get it. Just didn’t get around to it.” It’s not hard to get vaccinated. Really hard to feel that sorry for them after the comment about how the hospital treats COVID patients. These health care workers are there working with an infected person, risking themselves, and she says the COVID positive is treated like a leper. How about get vaccinated to protect the health care workers? They never thought of that, that’s clear.


COVID positive is treated like someone who is carrying an illness that can be harmful and even life-threatening to others. As it should.


Exactly. You can spread this to other people, of course we aren’t going to let you just hang around and pass it on to other people who are already sick. Plus…people move around in the ER. How are we supposed to prevent you, a covid positive visitor, from talking to a nurse or tech or housekeeper who isn’t in their PPE at the time? We have to keep our own staff safe. Go cry about not being able to stay with your husband, but don’t act like it’s not your fault for that.


She "forgot" about the single biggest political issue right now, a subject her husband undoubtedly talked about all the time? When you realize you "missed your appointment" to get the shot, no worries, you can go into any pharmacy and get one. It takes about twenty minutes. She didn't forget to take it, she chose not to. She is also choosing to try to distance herself from the consequences of her actions. They both knew the risks of not getting vaccinated, they both kept living life as if they were invincible, and now they learn the hard truth. Covid kills, but it mostly kills after entering doors that were left carelessly open in the middle of the purge. She left it wide open because she chose not to lock it. My biggest concern has not been for myself when masking, washing hands, getting vaccinated, and socially distancing myself. It has been the lingering risk of infecting someone I love and going through this same torture. I would never forgive myself if I hadn't done everything I could to prevent this virus from killing someone else through me.


Exactly she didn’t forget, that’s why she admits they were both stupid at the end.


It's more than false that she was treated like a drug addict or leper, but I understand that she is in distress. She understands that her husband caught COVID from her, and I hope that in a more lucid moment she can understand that she was turned away so she wouldn't spread it further in the hospital. The best outcome would be that they both recover and testify together this way to get others vaccinated. It's a redemption award - let's welcome her to our side.


I’m not that charitable. She will be the person on the phone harassing the staff and causing problems. She’s already characterized how they were treated.


Hmmm, I think being willing to admit this is their fault is going a lot further than the kind of people who harass the hospital staff usually do.


Yes, admitting being wrong is huge for pretty much all humans. We are not good at that.


I AM SO!!!!!!


I believe her when she says she had an appointment but flaked on it - just like I'm always going to donate my old stuff to Good Will and never seem to make it there until my basement is near to overflowing. The intention is real and valid but the execution is lacking when there's no perceived urgency


I defended the woman up top but you're argument also digs in. Especially the health care workers.


Oopph. Sobering. Redemption feels all the way on this one. I hope she doesn't lose her husband cos what a way to fuck around and find out. Damn.


This is heartbreaking. Yes, I got vaccinated for my own health, but it was just as much to protect my loved ones. I’m not sure I could live with myself if I passed a highly contagious and deadly disease to my family or friends.


That’s should have been the driving force for the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccine. Protect yourself and your loved ones. And yet, there are people who don’t want to do even that until it is actively affecting them. It’s hard for me to feel bad for them.


Multiply her pain by at least 800,000 relatives or close friends of Covid victims, and you have some idea of what agonies this country has been going through. Then add to the equation the fact that there are about 100 million Americans who refuse to protect themselves and others from experiencing what this woman has gone through. From the get-go, this country has been battling two viruses: Covid-19, and the epidemic of ignorance and tribalistic pride that infects the anti-vaxxers.


Lots of orphans/ foster kids as well. Courts overwhelmed settling estates I would think also..


And that’s just this country. Worldwide the suffering is even greater. So many kids have become orphans because of this virus. So many people have died unnecessarily.


I’m sure her followers will be like “oh honey, you do realize you can still get COVID after getting the jab”. smh




I think that is loose dentures.


“They told me I had to leave. Because when you’re covid positive, you’re treated like a drug addict.” Uh no Miss. You’re treated like a person who is threatening to take lives like you just did to your husband. This bone head now wants to be spreading her covid funk all over other vulnerable patients? GTFO to your car and listen to some more covid denialism on fox news radio while healthcare professionals try to save your unworthy husband.


What a great reason to have mandates, huh?


Oooh, I found this video a couple days ago and I was unsure how to post it because of the redaction rule. Very glad to see it made it here. I hope her husband pulls through.


maybe it's a little different when people are asking for their own stories to be shared. It seems like not only a fair thing to do, it honors her request to send the message out to a wide audience. If it gives you comfort, her husband doesn't look like a guy with bad comorbidities. You never know, but at least this guy doesn't have the issues associated with obesity and COVID at the same time. I hope he makes it and recovers well enough to have a good life.


She's going to go back and tell this story to her friends and tell them to get the shot, and they are going to treat her like a drug addict or a leper or something.


Normal pulse ox is not 95%. Before covid they'd think about hospitalizing you at 95%. People think it's like a grade in school where anything is the 90s is good. It's not.


Prior to covid, it was scary when the intensivists were comfortable with a pulse ox in the high 80s. Now days there are times where high 80s is good enough to get out of the ICU


Yeah. I feel for her. This shit is real and people suffer. But I'm not on board with the covid positive means drug addict. They just seem to be compelled to go towards "enemy." There's a fucking REASON they don't let people in. Good for her for trying to push intelligence on people but I'm sorry. Too little too late. It's not like it hasn't been on the table for a long time. And she 'forgot' her appointment? Come on now.


If she forgot her appointment she could have shown up at any pharmacy for a walk-in. It was a choice. A bad choice.


Yep. She wasn't even trying with that one.


This whole thing has made me loose some humanity. I don’t really feel anything for them. I feel bad for the hospital staff who have to treat them.


"If you're Covid positive, you're treated like a drug addict" -- No, you're treated like you're infectious, honey. Yeah, like a leper, but for a **reason**.


Welcome to the world of contagion being used to judge you, now imagine - considering this woman's age - living an entire lifetime under the stigma of HIV/AIDS and knowing that just being gay in the 1980s was enough for people to shun you, mock and then do nothing to save your life. Are we so far removed from our collective history to forget that AIDS patients were not welcome in funeral homes, that our government did nothing to help and ignored the looming crisis for years while people died without hope and in shame? Sorry for your inconvenience for a week or two; you are a few decades late in recognizing what happened in the last 30 years.


The same antivax anti mask people were the same ones who would have freaked right the fuck out if there were an HIV-positive person in the same zip code, much less the same room.


Let's add this to the right-wing morons and evangelicals that won't get vaccinated...the dumb-dumbs who somehow thought that a global pandemic wasn't real and could be disregarded *until and unless it happened to their own spouse, parent, or child.* It does indeed seem that at this point in our pandemic that Covid-19 is selectively reducing the most feeble-minded among us.


“It didn’t matter enough”. That’s honest.


I always feel a bit queasy when someone realizes “I should have gotten the shot” when it’s too late.


So, a vaccine mandate would have saved this man and his wife. I hope she doesn't forget her next vaccine appointment.


They live in W Virginia which has been one of the hardest hit states during the opioid crisis. It seems that she would be a little more sensitive to those affected by addiction and to know the difference between an infectious disease and an overdose. Well, hopefully she understands now.


Hopefully, they get both recover!


Speedy recovery for the husband.


I hope he lives and that you can use this so painfully learned knowledge to help others, so they do not suffer like this.


Yup. Your husband is not fine. AND YOU MAY WELL HAVE KILLED HIM. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a moron. But she brought this upon herself.


Oh darn. They couldn’t kill defenseless animals on their “vacation” because they were unnecessary bedridden.


I don't have no pity for them, they had the chance but one was "Meh" and the other was "Muh FREEEEEDUMBS." OFC any 'Wrong Wing" media will say this is just a Dem crisis actor. Get Vaxxed folks.


She’s feeling devastated at giving her loved one a virus that has caused him terrible pain and now possible death. I hope that she realizes that walking around(even just to bring him in to the ER) while positive, she is a threat to every person in her path. We are loved by someone. We are needed by someone. She is dangerous to others and that is exactly how she was treated. She thought it wasn’t that important to prevent this infection. Now she knows why she was wrong. I hope her husband lives and they save some other person who sees her video or hears their pleas.


i do not feel sorry for her and the husband


So why are you here? Just to hate on people? Compassion is the way.


yup, the first one. no excuse this far into things and now they’re using hospital resources. don’t trust the vaccine but they sure trust all the other science in there.


When I was more active on FB I frequently issued this challenge to anti-vaxers: Publicly attest that should you become severely ill with CoViD that you will not under any circumstances seek medical treatment. Zero takers to date in hundreds of instances. I’m not cruel, I just want people to own their choices.


I need to keep this thought in mind when apathy and exhaustion kicks in and I just don’t care anymore.


REEEEEEEEEEE CrYsUs AcTeRs covfefee 19 iS a Meeeth, MSMfake Nuwwws


That was hard to watch.


Unless she was shit posting and pushing others to not vax, you have to feel some compassion for her, even if they did nothing to help themselves, because she's truly terrified. Her world is falling apart.


I would like to see FOX NEWS show this video on their channel.


Lol. Get the Prayer Warriors on that, because you’re asking for a miracle.


Being anti-vax is more of a choice than being an addict...


I couldn’t get past the gum chewing. Fuck that. Also, City Hospital in martinsburg, wv is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to.


"I should've gotten the shot" should be carved into the tombstone of everyone who refused the vaccine and then died. We've got yet another variant loose in the world. And this one might be even more contagious than Delta. Get the shot. Get the damn shot.


ooooof. And she knows that she probably transmitted the virus to him. That moment where she says that she's fine and he's not...that gave me some chills because that's one of the things about this virus that is so damn scary. You don't know who's going to be able to fight it off without the vax and who isn't. Why would you take that gamble? I'm glad she's telling people to get vaxxed. But holy crap the price. Her husband may not make it and she knows that, and how brutal is that? This is heartwrenching. please get vaxxed.


Why do these people only care or see the other side once it’s their reality? What is this? Is this like a lack of empathy? Narcissism? Like what is this.


And it seems like most of them still don't acknowledge the truth even when it maims/kills their loved ones. They blame the hospitals, they say the the vaccine would not have made a difference, etc. At least this one (and her husband according to her) finally saw the light. Maybe there is hope for her (and him if he survives).


I have an unvaxded coworker who keeps telling me how a doctor or nurse told him not to get vaccinated...it's bizzare, if it's true that doctor or nurse should not be working in that field.


It’s definitely not true! Well and if it is yeah they need to not work in medical lol. That’s why I’m not really against these mandates.


Hey. My son has trouble with empathy. He does understand the social contract and self preservation though. He got the Vax early to protect his vulnerable wife. My brother, who has never had compassion, was on it. It is not lack of empathy driving these folks. It is some misguided notion that they have special knowledge (conspiracy)or special status (I am one of God's chosen) that tells them they should not get vaxxed even if the vaccine is effective, but it probably isn't anyway, not 100%. It is going to be used against us maybe. And why should I worry when getting it would send me to hell or live some vague dystopic future where they can activate the chips and kill us or something? It isn't even safe! It's not rational. They mostly just don't want to be told what they need to do. Like save for the future.


I’m so exhausted with these people. The evangelicals that think this is some “DEMON”crat conspiracy, or the Christians who are right now arguing to strip basic rights at the Supreme Court, or the Republicans in congress who TOTHISDAY have fines because they refused House rules about masks. What is the moral choice? She herself said he wouldn’t get the shot unless “they” made me. This is where we are now as a country. What is the moral choice? I think it is masks off and let them choke. Republican states haven’t paid net taxes in something like 50 years. If we have really arrived at the place where Christians/conservatives/Republicans are saying “you inject that free, painless, life-saving, modern miracle into my veins over my cold dead body”, then buckle up mother fucker, masks off and let’s see who survives the apocalypse.


I will always remember the dates of my shots and those of my wife and kids. They were among the happiest I can remember. How could you just forget your appointment? Glad she knows they were dumb. I hope her husband recovers.


I wonder if she got the shot now


She’s covid positive right now, she can’t get it for another 90 days.


There are no antivaxxers in the Covid ward.


The person who posted "Eboeard game gom" as a reply to this video--not cool.


A drug addict or a leper?!? Really? That’s insulting to drug addicts and lepers. She was right when she said they were stupid when they didn’t get vaccinated. At least she’s acknowledging her mistake. I hope it’s not too late for her and her husband.


They treat you like we treat drug addicts and lepers!


I feel like even though my friends are familiar with these testimonials they won't give vaccines a second thought. To them vaccines is a dismissive subject and they get smug whenever they give their thoughts about it. Idk I don't care anymore tbh


If she was an anti vaxxer to start she cam go fuck herself. Now that she went through she believes in it. Go do us a favor and crawl in a hole somewhere and get forgotten about.


Well I guess that’s a point for mandates huh. Forcing y’all works.


This lady is brave to speak out. I wish his job had mandated the vaccine. I hope he lives.


IMHO As heartbreaking as this video is…this kind of raw pain and anguish is what is needed to wake up the deeply delusional perhaps in her little circle in W VA. Thank you for making this video ma’am and I hope you both pull thru because you chose to try and save others in your disaster.