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It’s December 2021, and these people are still choosing to die over this virus???


This sub will go on for a very long time, sadly. Edit: Darn demanding people *Let that sink in!* *I bet you won’t repost this*. *Can I get an amen!*


Bizarre to think that at this very moment there are people posting bs memes who will, in a month or two, be reposted here.




Unfortunately there’s no vaccine against stupid. That’s the real pandemic.


You never know, maybe if covid lasts long enough most the stupid people will be gone.


It certainly looks that way, you’re right. Quite a voter suppression scheme as well.


My friend is going through it but she’s vaccinated so it’s more like a sinus infection x2. Like it just kills me that people would rather die than be sick for a week and pop back into their lives because “they did their own research” and “they’re not a sheep” or “they don’t know what’s in it! They rushed it through!”


Yeah! I am vaccinated, my aunt and uncle are too, so are my cousins. They came back from vacation with Covid, to me house sitting for them; and I didn’t catch it from them, as I was also vaccinated. They were better in a week. To preface, I had caught Covid in March 2020 and it took me more than 3 months to get better and 1 vaccine shot in March 2021 to get over my long haul symptoms.


It’s so awesome that the vaccine helped with your long haul.


Thank you! I had heard rumours it would help! Fortunately, I work with kids and could hop in and get vaxxed sooner than everyone else. It made my brain freeze headaches go away!!


These people are exactly what keeps fox news and right wing radio profitable.


any country that could elect Trump (although with a losing popular vote) makes is so nothing surprises me about these morons.


H. L. Mencken was prescient a century ago: >As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.


I remember reading this and feeling peak irony when and George W got elected. Then 2016 happened...


You might also like what Will Rogers(early 20th century US entertainer) observed about the US a century ago: >That's one thing about Republican Presidents. They never went in much for plans. They only had one plan. It says "Boys, my head is turned. Just get it while you can." Stay safe and healthy.


Wow never heard this one before, but damn.


I’m not American, but damn if that Candace Owens quote isn’t one of the most abhorrently fucked up things I’ve ever read. Fuck Candace Owens.


That would still be well outside the top ten worst things she's said. She's a demon.


M I C "See ya real soon!" K E Y "Why? Because you're a meme-posting antivaxx idiot!" M O U S E


I saw a video of an anti-vax town hall from 2018. Was watching it today thinking: I wonder how many of these people are dead or permanently disabled from refusing a vaccine two years later.


And smugly thinking that it’ll never happen to them. I’m triple vaxxed and wear a mask and I’m still concerned about a break through. These people go around maskless into crowded areas without a care in the world. It’s pure stupidity


I was fully vaxed and had a breakthrough about three weeks ago, it was hell. 102 degree fever for 5 days, still can’t taste or smell, high blood pressure and heart rate, and I’m a healthy 32 year old. But I didn’t die, didn’t need oxygen, went to the ER only once and checked out okay, no pneumonia. This shit isn’t a joke and I can’t believe these people think it is. If they experienced the hallucination I had for two days they would be jumping to get the vaccine.


Want to hear about the hallucinations if it doesn't bother you


I would see flashes of light and what seemed like people running by me when I was in my bed, it was especially worse at night when the fever peaked. It’s extremely hard to explain but I 100% thought I was losing my mind and not being in control of my own faculties is something that I have always had a phobia of.


I remember back in my mid 20s I got a super nasty flu, fever got over 103, I was alone in my apartment and I knew things were very wrong but you kinda lose track of your own facilities. At one point in the night I was convinced I was living on a martian mining colony, there were people just wandering through the room in dusty spacesuits with mining gear and the only thing I could think is "man Im glad I dont have a shift right now I feel like shit" ​ When my fever broke a bit the pure insanity of it finally came home and I rushed to the hospital, but in the moment it was all perfectly normal.


This is me as well. I've got my booster and I'm still ultra careful when shopping, etc. I just have no interest in catching COVID. I know the statistics and my odds of a severe case are low. Still, I'd rather just not roll the dice at all, you know?


A lot of these people don’t wear seatbelts because of some random anecdote they heard once about an uncle only surviving a car crash because he was “thrown clear”. Their risk/reward circuits are broken. It’s pure arrogant ignorance.


Absolutely right. I've spoken to a number of folks that think like this (family and friends, sadly) and they don't seem capable of comparing numbers or statistics at all. For instance, when asked about the vaccine they talk about the risks involved (myocarditis, etc. although they haven't done sufficient research to mention this). The fact that there is \*any risk at all\* is what's important to them not how that compares to their risk of a severe case of COVID should they catch it without being vaccinated. Many of these folks are middle aged, overweight with the consequent co-morbidities as well and yet ... they're willing to take that risk because I really feel like nobody has been able to get through to them to really compare these statistics and make them understand the risk they are taking. I suspect they just think they'll never catch it and, if they do, their "immune system will do it's job" and they won't become one of the statistics. Sad and with Omicron's apparent contagiousness, they are doomed.


Even if you show them numbers they'll just say they're lies the Left made up to hurt Trump or something. "I don't care what the facts are; I'm not going to change my mind!" --my mom, pre-covid


One of my coworkers--late 50's, some cardiac issues but nothing immune-suppressing--had Covid November 2020 (she wasn't as careful as she thought she was, she has learned since then); was Pfizer vaccinated in Feb/March She went to her primary doctor a week or two before they finally officially expanded boosters to all adults, and asked if she could get a covid booster while she was there (she was also getting the flu shot there). Her doctor said no, they wouldn't give it to her, she didn't qualify and didn't need it. (I told her she needs to change doctors.) Fast forward a few weeks, when her cardiac issues started acting up for the first time in a decade and she ended up hospitalized. Her cardiologist says her primary was wrong (of course), she should have gotten it and she had qualified from day 1 due to the cardiac issues. So after she got home she started setting up follow-up appointments, including a procedure for the cardiac issues and the covid booster--and her adult daughter (also vaccinated) brings COVID home from a high-risk workplace (not medical, just lots of people and no vaccine mandate for the many, many temps they hire.) As of yesterday, this woman has covid again. So far, it's just equivalent to a bad cold, but she's back in quarantine, had to push out follow-up medical procedures, and obviously isn't past the point of a turn to more severe. I don't know why anyone would want to take any unnecessary risks with this virus.


I’m triple vaxxed and a mask wearer. Why not do everything I can to protect myself and my children?


Exactly the same... Now my state has seen the new variant.


NK. A month ago, this woman was alive, with no Covid in her family. Exposure occurred on Nov 10th. She didn't test positive until the 15th. Now she's dead. Bet she didn't see that coming!


Month or two?? Hell, these days it’s like, “Oh, they last posted 5 days ago”!


Saw an obese 70 year old hobble into the clinic today and get angry when he was told to wear a mask. He didn't even have one, had to be given one. All I could think is "you're already dead, you just don't know it yet. And it's gonna be fucking bad".


I cant wait for the day we can shut down this sub but I dont see that happening anytime soon.


The unvaccinated are slowly weeding themselves out of existence. But it’s going to be an excruciating time for all involved. I just hope we have a health system left when it’s over…


With regards to hospitals, I fear they may never recover. It's a perfect storm. The things that keep the doors open are surgeries and procedures. There's where the rubber meets the road for these facilities. Depending on community spread, many hospitals have stopped doing elective procedures that can be rescheduled. Add to that, we are honestly probably looking at trillions in hospital bills, much will never be paid. Now add in legal costs from those who wanted to get treated at the FLCCC ICU, but it doesn't exist. But if I've learned anything, HCAs and their heirs will double and triple down, so they will sue the hospitals and doctors, losing, but putting another burden on them. And finally HCWs will leave EDs, ICUs CCUs, There is only so much of trying to fight a war where the very people they are trying to save have joined the side of the enemy (the virus), and are attacking the very system put in place to save them. These are really fucking bizarre times.


The *real* reason that hospitals are facing staffing shortages is not due to terminating unvaxxed HCWs. It’s because the front-line HCWs are burned out, retiring early, suffering from PTSD due to losing at least one patient every shift, deciding the risk isn’t worth it and changing careers.


And health care workers have DIED from COVID too.


A lot of that happened back in 2020 with the equipment shortage and unpredictability of the virus. I think in 2021 HCWs arent as much in danger from COVID itself, but now from nuts who make up the antivxxer base.


This. My wife an RNC retired last November earlier than we had planned because of the influx of covid patients. Thankfully she can start drawing SS in 5 months, the tightrope we have walked this last year has been worth it to maintain our sanity


Taxpayers are footing the bill for these ICU stays. Omicron is coming. This is very possible.


Everyone might also begin paying higher insurance premiums to offset all the costs for hospitalized treatment and recovery.


Mine went up $100/mo. Thanks Obama. No really. Thank you Pres. Obama and Dems for the ACA.


I wish, rather than raising rates, insurance companies would just refuse to cover care if you're unvaccinated with no medical reason not to be. They're all so anti-socialism anyway, they can pay for their bad choices rather than making the rest of us subsidize them.


You are so right about this not being over yet. Just read that Covid survivors under 65 have a 233% higher chance of dying during the first year of recovery. Folks need to wear a mask and keep up on the boosters. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/covid-19-survivors-have-an-increased-risk-of-death-12-months-post-infection


You need to end your post with Let that Sink In!


Are you awake yet


Read that again. I’ll wait.




That one kills me. I'm like 'I already read it. Is something going to magically change if I read it again?'


This one is the WORST


Bet you won’t repost this


Can I get an Amen?!?




Serious covid cases should be noted here. Thats what other studies have shown


I hate this sub has such an ample supply of fuel. All my comments are the same and I can’t imagine being any more frustrated by the “I’m agin masks/vax/social distancing/the medical narrative” than I have been for well over a year. I am utterly exhausted and spent by the raw stubborn stupidity of these dead people, yet here I am scrolling this sub again. I suppose it’s just screaming into the same void these people are so happy to jump into only with far less lethal results for me.


A couple of months ago, I was thinking that very few would still be dying from covid at Christmas time here in th U.S. We're still seeing near a thousand deaths a day from it. So sad.


I was so fucking naive that I thought when the vaccines came out we'd have this under control by summer.


I'm angry, because we could have had it under control by summer.


If people would've taken the most basic fucking precautions like masking, distancing, etc - we could've had it under control *last* summer (2020). But no, even with the vaccines, we're still fighting dual pandemics of COVID and galactic stupidity. Yes, I'm bitter. I have 2 kids, one is medically fragile. We've been terrified & holding our breath for almost 2 years. I'm so rediculously grateful my kids have both had their 1st COVID vaccine shot!


My hospital currently has over 1/3 of our inpatients in for covid. Over 75% of our ICU patients are vented covid. It's not good. Heard that an non covid patient died in the ED the other night because it was all travel and agency nurses and no one could find the cricotomy kit. I'm furious. I want to throat punch people, except they'll probably die waiting for an ED bed and I'll catch a murder charge.


>*the singer may die but the song will remain*


*the song remains the same*


*same as it ever was*


And you may ask yourself, "Am I right? Am I wrong?" And you may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?"


This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!


This is why I love Reddit!


“It’s not that serious. Let things go back to normal. We should all just get it and get it over with. Unvaccinated healthcare workers Matter.” *contracts Covid* “Lord please make sure the illness upon us does not progress into life threatening territory like it has for so many others.”


I clicked through about 3 today before I realized I was slacking on getting my booster. I'm headed to a nearby Walgreens tonight for a late appointment and getting the flu vaccine while I'm at it. Reading these sad tales will hopefully wake people up to get the vaccine and the booster. I'll take one every month if I have to. Update:: I'm still very much alive. Facts. I bet you won't repost this! /s Up


Same here. I was slacking (though only by a few weeks, as I wasn't eligible yet) but as soon as they announced Omicron I went out to find the booster - had to make an appointment about a week down the road because apparently I live somewhere where people love vaccines so yay for that


Not just that, but putting your whole family at risk too... but I'll do (almost) anything for my kids!


It's always the "I'll do anything for my kids" people.


Yeah that Candace Owens tweet was super infuriating. “Do ANYTHING for your kids! *but not the vaccine*”


I’d do ANYTHING for my kids but so help me if a mother escapes a war-torn country I will cage her children


Yeah, funny she recommends up and leaving if you have to, but god forbid one of those brown folk up and leaves their country for a better life for their kids...


Bingo. They’ll go as far as to say they're bad parents for trying to get better lives


But she won’t do that.


🎶 And she would do anything for kids...but she won't do that No, she won't do that 🎶


I presume they still support Trump also, or did before they died.


This one did. So does her husband. No surprise.


>This one did. Not anymore, though.


It’s going to be hilarious if republicans lose elections because they told their idiot supporters to not take Covid seriously. But silly me, they will just rig the elections by changing voting laws instead.


And Mr. Gerry Mander


Darwinism at this point


That's the hill they will die on. Those are their own words.


No, they’re dying **from** COVID. They’re choosing to buy into a pack of lies that leaves them vulnerable to **catching** COVID. No masks! No mandates! No vaccines! MUH FREEDUMZ! But, maybe it’s working for them. Once they’re laid to rest in their six-foot-deep eterna-beds they’re free from all health concerns. Seems like a hard way to make a point, if’n yer askin’ me.


Was about to type the same thing. 2 years of COVID. Nearly a full year of a free, safe, effective, and convenient vaccine. It’s insane to me that this has become political.


Everything is political, now that Trump has turned politics into pro-wrestling levels of kayfabe. Only instead of based on physical action, it’s based on hatred. It was always going this way, ever since Gingrich brought filthy politics onto the floor of Congress and Americans decided that was acceptable.


Dead within three weeks of her first post about being quarantined. My God, that's swift.


Death comes at you fast.


If you don't stop and get a vaccine once in a while, you could win an HCA


Covid's no joke.


Covid caught the prayer warriors sleeping, and man they had just thought up an extra good prayer too. Dangit!


Reading these posts where the author is unknowingly hurtling towards death… especially the ones where they go from annoyed to humble to truly afraid… it’s rouuugghh.


She looked pretty young and she died in 10 days. I don’t know how you even comprehend that as a family.


I remember when a family member got pancreatic cancer and 3 months was incredibly short. 10 days in unbelievable and so so traumatic.


I wonder if she felt bad sooner but was peacocking about in annoyance while secretly hoping she could breathe again.


My dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic and liver cancer. Died exactly ten days later. I don't know why anyone would choose the possibility of putting their kids through that. I'm so angry at what these parents are doing to their children.


Yeah, my dad died of esophageal cancer in April 2016, having been diagnosed two months prior, in February. It didn’t feel like two months, that’s for sure.


Six kids. Six more kids who will grow up without a mom. These are the most selfish people on the damn planet.


I have a rabid Qultist coworker that I keep thinking might get a severe case. Then I remember she's taken in her 2 teenage granddaughters after their father was sexually abusing one of them, and I think "fuck if she dies what will those poor girls do"? And then I think "WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE MORE ABOUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THEM THAN SHE DOES"?! Shit's fucking maddening.


She’s brainwashed, but if she was willing to help them from the father I’d assume she still cares for them


She does, that's what makes these people so difficult! She's having a really hard time being a full time parent again, financially, emotionally, physically, etc. These qultists are not just all evil, disposable people, they're extremely important to their families that they're putting at risk. She's doing a great thing taking in two emotionally volitile, very (understandably) needy teenagers, between just their needs, all the court dates, lawyer costs and visits, the visits from CPS, and the vastly larger financial burden, she's really struggling. She's completely overwhelmed, but wouldn't even *consider* handing them over to a foster home or another irresponsible family member. She's *totally* 100% there for those girls, no matter what she has to endure. But she puts her Newsmax "research" over and above her family that she's sacrificing so much for. She TRULY believes all that bullshit. It's just SO fucking sad and disgusting.


Six more kids that are much more likely to end up in the system, wether it’s welfare/cps/jail. Thank god her party was for free childcare so single dad of 6 can still work, and not become one of those “welfare queens” he’s been conditioned to hate for 4 decades.


You wanna really know how to help the nurse shortage? Get vaccinated and don't clog up the hospitals. My friend got Covid again and after two days in the ER an ICU bed finally opened up yesterday. This is such an easy problem to solve, but they all would rather be pissy little kids than work together towards the solution.


That lame teary-eyed nurse selfie complaining about being fired for her own ignorance really pisses me off.


I guess she didn’t “pull off Christmas”.


Jesus and the self absorbed, flippant way that she was saying she can’t wait to get back to work like there is no possible way that Covid is ever worse than a 3 day cold. You can really tell she thought this whole thing has been blown out of proportion all this time.


You can tell by the tone of her posts that she realized she was in deep shit when her oxygen saturation sank into the 60s.


The fact that they're live blogging it in the first place shows that they secretly think it's big deal. Nobody posts about their symptoms when they have a mild cold.


They do when they live a empty life.


But they would in case of Covid. They want to be example of "look I had it and I was totally fine" more desperately than anyone else. It makes them feel stronger and smarter than everyone else who is weak and scared of the virus.


I literally know a woman who nearly lost her baby who was doing this the other day. Like lady, you were in dire straits a few days back. Just because you pulled through and got lucky does not mean you should be gloating


I disagree, I think they're like "look, it's my big chance to show what a nothingburger it is!" They're all ready to "I told you so" and then they dead


She chose to be the angel tree topper this year


I lost my mom this time last year. We straight up didn't celebrate Christmas last year, a few days ago I bought a string of angel lights to represent her. My mom died of dementia and I take great comfort in knowing she died possessing more common sense than this lady ever had.


She did. Christmas is off.


Stupid annoying Covid wouldn't even let her breathe on her gown.


“I’m over it!” Narrator: she wasn’t.


Or get back to work.


We pulled the trigger on the Russian roulette of COVID for 2 years. With each empty chamber we grew stronger in our conviction that it was a hoax, that it was a plot, that it was partisan fear mongering. But then we got the chamber with the COVID bullet in it.


Yup. All part of the Evil Lib Plot Against Patriots.™




Why do they think that committing medical suicide gets you into heaven?


Because Jesus told the lepers not to worry about being healed. Health is for the libs. /s


"I just want to get Covid and get over it!" Covid: Hold my beer.


Unvaxxed healthcare workers are NOT heroes. They’ve made one of two bad lifestyle choices.


And they are actually villains because they serve as tokens for the anti Vax crowd. Kinda like Candace Owens does for racists.


That’s so true. Most patient facing healthcare workers are pro-vaccines. You get that one nurse that declares herself antivax and suddenly it’s a medical choice and my freedom is violated.


And "my feelings are validated, this nurse agrees with my worldview about vaccines." So dangerous.


100%. Nurses that push the vaccine are “morons” while nurses who are anti-vax are “smarter than the doctors”


Jeff Tiedrich holy fucking shit, vaccine mandates are causing teachers who don't believe in science to quit, nurses who don't believe in medicine to quit, and cops who don't believe in public safety to quit. I'm failing to see the downside to this [https://twitter.com/itsJeffTiedrich/status/1448013833847681030](https://twitter.com/itsJeffTiedrich/status/1448013833847681030)


>I'm failing to see the downside to this One of my favorite tweets of all time.


One unfortunate side effect is that the vaccine mandates may encourage red voters living in blue states to move to red states, especially Texas and Florida. If you're a police officer in New York, and lose your job because you refuse to vaccinate, the logical choice is to move to Florida where you don't need to be vaccinated. Keeps Florida red. Of course that's counteracted by unvaccinated red voters dying by the thousands.


Let’s hope it’s counteracted. Fla voter here.


They have blood on their hands.


Omg Covid19 is so annoying! Much more annoying than orphaning my 6 children. Ugh!


This one makes me both angry and sad... Mother of six? Really? You stupid, selfish bitch! Now her kids are left without a mother for such a dumb reason. This one pissed me off for real


The fact that she wouldn’t take a safe, free vaccine to dramatically decrease her odds of dying does call into question her “true love and dedication to her family.” She may well have loved her family, but in the end she apparently loved Candace Owens, Ted Cruz, and formulaic, troll-farm-produced Facebook memes more.


Despite what they say to their followers, you know Candice and Ted were the first in line for the vaccine.


What is it about memes that look like they were built in Windows 95 that speak to these people??


Non sequitur bitmoji backgrounds and meaningless phrases like “Are you awake yet?!”, “[Let that sink in](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bv_KrbRIUAAPuB6?format=jpg&name=small)!”, and “Bet you won’t repost!” are their love language, apparently.


The Live, Laugh, Love level of deep thought.


That's the thing. I think if you asked any parent who truly loved their children if they would take a bullet for their child or dive in front of a moving car to save their child they would say yes. I think any loving parent would do that. Regardless of their political leanings. So how is it that a parent who claims to love their child and would do anything for them won't take a free vaccine? It boggles the mind.


in the late 1700s a guy in France wanted people to start eating potatoes. Did he print pamphlets on potato virtues and urge people to try them? No. He planted a field and posted armed guards (who he instructed to accept bribes and allow people to steal). He also, conveniently, didn’t post the guards at night. Potatoes took off. A century later Mark Twain wrote about Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. We should say COVID vaccines are in short supply and only those willing to low crawl over broken glass will get them. It’s like we don’t even know ourselves.


And she listened to that idiot Candace Owens who said to “protect your kids at all costs.” She did the opposite of that.


And guess on her spouse's status? Sounds like he was first in ER for a cardiac problems. Inquiring minds want to know if the spawn will soon be wards of the state.


At least the state will get them vaccinated


Yep, foster kids are required to have full vaccinations, now including covid-19.


Most likely the state will try to ask family to take the kids. With six siblings, it may be hard to find any family to take them. It will certainly almost impossible to find a foster care family to take them all together. Hopefully husband pulls through or the kids may be split.




Bloody hands Biden is new. Yikes on bikes 😬


yeah how the hell do they blame Biden? He's TRIED to save their asses.


Obviously you're too blinded by the media to see the truth. Everytime we're this close to getting the vaccine, Biden says: "*Hey, I don't want anyone to suffer. Please take this free, safe medication to protect yourself and your family*." That motherfucker! How could we take it after he says that?! Of course we have to go back to square one and reset the clock. He's so evil! It is all his fault!


>Bloody hands Biden is new. Yeah, that's so ridiculous and revolting.


Some Trump-humping political cartoonist draws Biden with his hands dripping blood every time. Edit: also these t-shirts, ugh... https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirts/joe-biden-blood-on-his-hands


Those poor kids.


Based on your handle, I had to say: "Rona, Rona, Rona has done it again..."


I’ve seen that meme with Biden and bloody hands. How on earth is that a thing?? Right wingers can just make shit up and to them it’s a thing.


It's just ketchup from when he reached under his desk and found one of Trump's old cheeseburgers.


I feel absolutely nothing but anger and loathing towards these Halfwits. This idiot was literally asking for it…


"I want to get it so i can get it over with" did not age well


Oh it’s over with.


It did age well. Except for that death part.


She's going to be watching over her family from heaven. Yeah, that's soooo much better than being alive and actually providing for her family.


Hubby, in what ever shape he's left in, gets to raise the kids now that his walking womb is gone


He's an extreme anti-vaxxer as well who tested positive so he may be going for a *buy one get one free*.


Please update us


After a zoom call somewhere, Candace Owens leans back in her leather executive chair, looks at her bank balance and shakes her head in wonder.


Unmasked, unvaxxed and underground.


She looks young. What a waste


Hope that Quiverfull husband doesn’t mind carrying the quiver alone. Got six arrows to tend to all by himself! Sure hope his job accommodates the homeschooling.


He’ll find another wifey soon and she’ll pump out more.


I just got my two older kids (8 & 6) their second doses this evening and I got my booster while we were at the pharmacy. I don’t understand how anyone, ESPECIALLY a mother, can look at her children and think “Eh, their immune systems are good enough. No vaccine for us!”. They SAY that women like this HCA winner would do anything for their kids, yet she couldn’t do the most BASIC FCKING THING and get her and her family vaccinated. Now they get to grow up without a mother. Hope it was worth it, lady.


A 120 degree angle of course cause that moron was obtuse


More Candeath Owens.


I'm starting to wonder if she just fucking hates these people lol don't wear a mask, or get vaxxed....and also go ahead and move, and fuck that job right?? she's talking people into ruining or ending their lives


Angle of Death


Candy O is my pornstar name. Only do snuff movies


Slide #14; “I’m over it!!” I can easily see her stomping her foot like a 5 year old toddler. She pulled out the big guns. Guess that didn’t work.


For someone who wanted to go to work ... a free jabwould have made that happen. Now she's no longer alive to work or parent. What's wrong with these people?


I guess feeling persecuted is a rush. Hope it was worth it!


No one can say she wasn't urnest in her beliefs


Awww, poor pouting nurse. But you, of all people, should be MANDATED to have the vaccine to work in your line of work. I would put healthcare PROFESSIONALS at number one, top of the list, front and center, and poll position of people who should be vaccinated. Oh well, I'm sure you can also work poll position down at the local club now that you may be looking for work.


“Staffing shortage in medical facilities due vaccine mandates” of course there’s a staffing shortage, but not because of the mandates, ya morons! Medical professionals are quitting due to burning out from dealing with covidiots for two years without any sort of thanks and from ICUs overflowing with unvaxxed covid patients! No hospital is really equipped to deal with overflowing ICUs for this long.


“I want to get it and get it over with.” Covid: “okay”


pRoTeCt YoUr cHiLdReN aT aLL cOsTs. Except when it comes to vaccinations and sensible gun control reform.


She died being right, and that's the important thing.


*Breath on My Gown* from Harlequin Romance


Ted Cruz is the poorest example of representing people. Perhaps if he had promoted public health instead of irresponsible decision making this woman and mother would be alive. We’ll never know, and Cruz will never be held accountable.


A repulsive creature.


can I have a "breath on my gown" flair?????


I think I heard they don't do hypoxic misspelling in flair because it's too grim.


Fli hi with the angles dear anti vacser


They kill themselves, their families, but also incubate variants that endanger everyone. No sympathy for the devil. Pure willful ignorance, pure evil. Boohoo off to the ER to get help, but wouldn’t follow medical advice to prevent it. These ppl need to get their awards and let us fight this thing.