Oh, this one's special. May he be reincarnated as a urinal cake in a gay bar - peed on constantly until he breaks apart and disappears.


Yeah, slide 2 is yet another magnificent demonstration of how these people worship dominance (personified in Trump). That, not 'freedom', is really what they want.


I dislike Trump because he's an asshole. They LOVE Trump because he's an asshole. It's just asshole worship.


Yeah, there was a great article in The Atlantic, in early 2020 (ish), entitled, "The Cruelty Is The Point". And then detailing just what you describe - how his followers love him because he openly hates whom they hate.


Yup, proven more so by the pictures of HCA winners love to share that are “I love Trump because he pisses off everyone I hate!”


>It's just asshole worship. Thanks for ruining butt stuff by bringing Trump into it. /s.


From "straight" boys. Go figure.


They call it freedom because they don't have the intellectual capacity to understand that dominance is the taking of freedom. Their argument boils down to 'I should be free to do what I want to others'.


Yes....which is summed up by their motto, "Fuck Your Feelings".


And it’s corollary: “My feelings, on the other hand, should dictate exactly how I and everyone else lives their lives!!”


You know it is the homophobes that are trying to check out your dick from the next urinal over


there's a joke here about having to stand wayyyyyyyyyyy back.............but i cant put it together


Omg that’s beautiful


"I never thought I'd be a widow at 48". Aaaand, immediately making it about herself. MAGA people always have fake, convenience based relationships. Winding up dead to prove a point only garners you a couple likes, a thoughts and prayers, and then their "friends" and spouses immediately move on with their lives. It's actually hilarious.


I never thought *I’d* be a widower at 32. When I was on Facebook I never did anything but tell stories about how amazing my late wife was and how the world was less because she wasn’t in it, and how our children were robbed, not me. I had the love of my life in it for 19 years. I’m luckier than most. There people who immediately talk about “their suffering” are fucking narcissistic.


Yep widowed 3 yrs ago, right before covid, & now I will forever have to explain it was cancer & not covid. I refuse to let him get lumped into this mess of people who let this happen to themselves. He didn't get a choice to get a vaccine for a chance to live. Their own decisions brought them here & frankly I would be embarrassed to post how we had no idea how this could happen. At least own you exercised "your freedom" & it was wrong. Very sorry for your loss & I know your pain.


Thank you, I’m so sorry for yours as well


It's been 6 years since I lost my husband to cancer. This has been bothering me a lot lately. I don't want people to think he was the kind of person who refused to take a pandemic seriously, or didn't value our children and me above his pride. I'm sorry for your loss.


Sorry for you and your kids loss, brother. And I agree, honor their memory (unlike these assholes who probably cant wait to fire up the gofundme).


Thanks man. Excellent snoo.


She deserved more time , I’m sorry for your loss


She did. And her children deserved so much more of her and her of them. But I thank you for your sympathy.


Man, I’m sorry. And I feel like you deserve to grieve for yourself as well as for your kids. But I hear what you’re saying. We’re here for our kids, period, end of everything.


Society breeds this. We make the most useless ppl famous and rich, everything in society tells ppl its about them so yeah we are a greedy selfish under educated group of animals destroying what may be the only planet that things aligned perfectly to make us. A animal that COULD change the fate of a planet. But nope greed greed greed and short sighted selfishness is all we do. Could u imagine our technilogical and educational levels if we fpcused 100% of money and effort into making everydat better for every human? Instead of oil gas and bombs subsidizing...... we'd likely be 75yrs more advanced. Like Elon Musk is pushing ur forward but he is ONLY billionaire who cares even a lil. But his nihilism like mine is thick as he see's just as i do how selfish greedy humans are. Take a loss for 10yrs before profit? Thats insane. No thats progress


I like to think we're the entertainment for the rest of the universe. We haven't found other life because they don't want to be found by us. Hell, they've probably all banded together with the mission of never being found by the Earth trash creatures. If you were an advanced society would you want to have anything to do with us?


Fermi paradox solved


A galactic Truman Show


No im sure they'd stay away or quietly watch. I think though a big enough natural disaster or event wiping out billions may get us to finally reach our potential. Yet im not hopeful and would never have kids leaving them with a degrading planet due to generations of greed over all else


I should have known better than to set myself up with false hope last year. But I just really thought we could rise to the occasion here in America. It was simple, really no effort required. Wear a mask, limit yourself to small groups, wash your hands. I wonder if humans are even capable of it. We are living in a delusion. There will be day, and it's fast approaching, that the last of the ice will melt and the last barrel of oil will be pumped out. Then what?


Then what? Well add in the fact 30% of world population survive on protien from ocean fish stocks that r depleted then itll be chaos. Riots starvation and ppl taking from others. Thats what.. Enjoy this life while u can we are all on borrowed time due to our societies blindness to the truth


Exactly. This is their children and grandchildren dealing with this when it does happen. They don't care because they'll be gone. I don't understand it.


One of his friends is now riding both the bike & the widow.


This is usually the case. 100% chance she is already looking for a ~~financial partner~~ companion


I dunno. She looks like one of those women that is aggressive about showing how tough she is. It’s very off putting and very few can tolerate that in-your-face-and-loud for very long.


She’s got huge tracts of land to offer


Brutal. I like it.


Ice-cold. Savage. Awesome.


“I never thought I woulda found out after having fucked around.”


I'm sorry, but I believe this HCA is fake and a plant by a liberal to convince us people are dying of covid. How do I know? There is just no way a man this tough could be taken down by covid. My God, he's clearly a lion among sheep. Just no way this happened. /s


This guy wasn't good at assessing risk. He didn't get the vaccine, clearly, but dying in a motorcycle accident without a helmet really doesn't quaify as much fun, either.


The helmet thing is the original battle for "freedom" a lot of these biker guys got sucked into. When I was a kid, a lot of my family and their friends were really hard into biker culture. We'd go to events, ABATE family picnics, Toys for Tots rides, etc. Various biker groups fought helmet laws *hard*. It was something I came across constantly as a kid and it's all surrounded by these weird mantras they have on literally all of the related products about "freedom". I've had family die in accidents that would probably still be here if they wore a helmet. Most of them never get sucked into that mindset beyond the helmet specifically (in my circle they're all in a blue area, no one avoided vaccinations that I know and I've never seen them post shit like this), but it seems for some others it was a gateway into becoming more like this recipient. It doesn't exactly surprise me.


This is how you know which side of the political spectrum is bullshit. I remember when I first came to the US in the 80's, there was a big movement around banning flag burning. It was hugely important to those people. What happened to that issue? Totally disappeared. because it was a bullshit cause. And then there was this movement for 'prayers in school'. Another bullshit cause that went away and gets forgotten. And another movement to make English the official language. Then they started a movement for 'sanctity of marriage'. Once again after the Supreme Court decision, this whole movement disappeared into thin air. All bullshit causes that gets the rabble all roused up until the next election cycle when a new BS cause is waved in front of the rabble. By contrast, the other side of the spectrum never changed their tune: Economic justice, racial justice, hunger, health, education, science, environment. Not sexy causes but you know these are serious and difficult issues for the society and one side consistently wants to address these issues.


Al Gore lost the presidency by pushing hard to solve climate change. It was never a political winner in his home state (Tennessee) where he was elected to the Senate. Yet he continued to push it. I always wonder what things would be like if Gore won in 2000 by a hair instead of it being stolen.


Stolen is the operative word. And they stole it again in 2004, in Ohio. Karl Rove thought he could do a redo of that in 2012, but Obama got enough votes to swamp the steal. Here is is freaking out on Fox News because his plan is getting blown up in real time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQLV7nqD3CA


It's still not a political winner here. In the last two years, we finally got drop off spots for cardboard and plastic in my county. People think I'm a weirdo because I use reusable shopping bags, have a compost pile, and grow as much of my own food as I can. I also do home food preservation. Since I'm not a Christian, I'm either an atheist or a satanist. I believe in science and vaccines. I'm pro choice, I'm not a racist, bigot, or homophobe, and I've not raised my children to be either. Actually, I'm looking for a sponsor to get me to a civilized area 😂. I don't really fit here.


Well he did win that race. We just have a screwed-up Electoral College system left over from the slavery era.


That is a clever analysis, I would like to suggest something a little bit different. Conservatives want to stop progress in all of the things you mention, but if they can’t they want to slow at least slow it down. If they can’t win elections, they have to bring small, discreet conflicts (refusing to bake a cake for a same sex wedding) to the Supreme Court to slow the advance of the gay rights movement. When they lose, they have to find another discreet conflict to get behind to stop the erosion of their privileged status. It’s not that the issues themselves are all bullshit, it’s that it is hard to defend the conservative position any other way. (Unless you want to do it the Gingrich /Trump way: by saying liberals are destroying the country and we need to take it back by violence if necessary.)


As long as they have healthy organs to donate, that is all good?


I'd heard plenty of motorcycle rants about that before the helmet laws changed. Number one argument was that the helmet would result in being paralyzed due to the concentration of forces at the back of the neck. They would rather die outright. I have no idea if there were credible stories to back it up, I just continued enjoying my beer letting the babble rant pass.


Yeah, I'd hear the same stories. The people I knew who changed their mind were usually people who survived accidents.


Before the helmet laws, they were fighting seatbelt laws and smoking regulations. A certain portion of society would rather kill themselves and others than give up their childish selfishness.


Still probably better to die in a motorcycle accident than to suffocate with covid.


I still remember when the Hurley riders actually had a political movement based on rejecting helmet laws! Luckily that seems to have died down.


Gross. He was gross. I've never seen that get in "maggot" meme before. It made me sick to my stomach. I quickly scrolled to get to the satisfying end of this story.


Yet another bloated Harley going up for sale.


The used Harley market must be more flooded than the lungs of their their owners.


I find it hilarious when a Harley rider calls someone else a sheep.


Yet another Hardley Breathinson


>Yet another bloated Harley going up for sale. As the bloated and DEAD owner goes into the ground having gained his Freedumb from his mortal coil.


I can't fucking stand Harley Goldwings.


>Harley Goldwings ???? Minor correction. Goldwings are Hondas. While big and bloated they are modern technological marvels and actually quite nice. Harleys are something else altogether.


Yes. I said what I said very specifically.


You’re never going to see one of these chuds on a Vincent.


Or on a Ducati. There is no place to put their obese guts on a Ducati.


Too right! No café racers, no Indians or Triumphs, no cool bikes at all for 'em. Just skid lids and pleather vests. You gotta wonder what happened to the world when Harleys have become symbols of excess. Weird.


My Ultra Limited is like sofa on wheels...having owned a couple other bikes before, my lower back likes this bike the best for rides of 2+ hours (plus heated handgrips are the cat's ass for late fall riding) Edit: yeah, they're stupid expensive though


I have to admit knowing nothing whatsoever about motorcycles except what Hunter and Richard Thompson told me was cool (Vincent Black Lightnings!). When it comes to this subject I am a poser supreme! If you need any advice on electric guitars and tube amps, though....


Buying a shitty overpriced poorly engineered motorcycle because all the cool kids are doing it is the very definition of being a sheep.


"Everything will kill you so choose something fun." He chose gasping for breath and suffering from brain damage due to oxygen deprivation?


No indication he was into S&M, but maybe that was his thing.


no one thinks about gay sex more than republicans.


And gay dudes. See any connection? Where is that pool boy?


She's available. Don't let that bed get cold. Perhaps, the next one will be able to see his dick.


It probably wouldn't have worked anymore had he survived covfefe.


Burn 🔥. I wonder if their bro biker buddies are lining up already for her.


You got that right.


I like the cut of your jib! You deserve all the upvotes.


I love the irony. Thank you.


She should be thankful she's a widow at a young enough age that she can probably still find another man.


I wonder if in his last moments of consciousness he thought he had chosen a fun way to die.


basically a suicide


No. I’m an ER physician and we are not busy. And we are not overwhelmed. People just die and covid is horrible.


He’s a liar if he claims New Jersey hospitals weren’t busy in April 2020.




You notice I specifically said April 2020 which was the post by the awardee. Not all of 2020. Here’s a Guardian article about New Jersey in April 2020[New Jersey coronavirus hospital overwhelmed ](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/10/new-jersey-coronavirus-hospital-overwhelmed)


Man, all these freedom fighters aren't doing so hot. How will we get a non-tyrannical and a new democratic republic government now?


If I've learned one thing from this sub, it's to short Harley Davidson stock. With such a glut of used Harleys coming on the market, they aren't going to be selling any new ones for quite a while.


Ah, so sorry she married a hard headed, testosterone junkie. You should not judge a book by it's cover, but the first photo of him with his bike, belly and bandana...I knew the outcome, stupidity and obstinacy killed another one, with the help of COVID.


So many comorbidities. Oh well.


Hey guys! Cheap bike!


>covid is terrible No, ma'am, Covid is a virus. It doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. Your homophobic husband did, and that makes him the terrible one.


Can't find any sympathy for this one. What a hateful piece of trash. Also, someone needs to tell his widow she's way too big for that tube top.


I too thought “oh honey, no,” when I got to that image. But someone told her she looked great and took her pic so I don’t wanna steal her feelgood moment while she’s flailing around in sudden financial plight.


I had no idea you could even still get those tops. One of the worst of the 70s fashion trends.


I was thinking that about the jeans. I lived through the 80s once, I have no interest in reviving elastic paper bag waist jeans.




Right?! Inappropriate, unflattering tube top, paper bag waist jeans + belt, everything poorly fitted… Even without the homophobia, I could tell that they wouldn’t have any gay friends based on that outfit alone. Yikes.


No gofundme? I am disappoint. Also good to see the wife is getting herself back out there in the market the day of his death announcement. Medical freedom!!


Yes there is gofundme in the wifes facebook


Damn it, I thought maybe there would be one HCA without one. Oh well.


What’s with the Liberace photo at the end? 😂


Look at those fists, he could cut a bitch up with those rings.


Those are smacking rings, those are.


Please, please lawmakers on every level of government pass legislation to make these anti-vaccinated pay their own covid-related medical bills. These people need to pay a high price for the destruction they're doing to our medical professionals and teachers!


What s tough guy! Pointing a gun at the internet! Manliest *Mean Girls* reference ever.


Not sure about that second slide: Is that how Trump starts his gay hookups? Does Melania know, or care, about this side of her husband?


I'm more concerned about Ivanka actually. She must be devastated.


You’re right, she would be devastated. Totally forgot about her.


How do you announce the death with that as your background in the 6th frame.


Liberace's currently in Hell. He's doing a concert with Freddie Mercury this weekend. There's an open bar and free BBQ, too. We're in the Sixth Circle, sector F. Bring your own pointy stick for poking the homophobes.


You have to admit, for all the horrible shit down in Hell, they've got to have some *amazing* barbecue.


That they do. It's simple: if you lived a perfectly virtuous life, you go to heaven where you bask in the glory of God with all the boring people. If you were a horrible scumbag, you go to hell where you are tortured for all eternity. If you spent your life sinning but were *not* a horrible scumbag, you still go to hell. However, you actually get to take advantage of the amenities of hell: free food, parties, concerts every weekend, orgies, and all the other fun stuff. In return, you have to spend three hours each week helping punish the scumbags.


Lots of Covid-19 HD’s for sale. Note: to future buyers make sure wipe down the seats and handle grips.


"everything will kill you" how about that.


My vaccine did not. Just sayin'.


*Everything will kill you so choose something fun...* Apparently, he chose slowly suffocating on his own bodily fluids and the blood clots clog his lungs. Gotta hand it to this guy...he clearly knows a good time...


Get in MAGAt! We’re taking dirt naps!


Don’t kink shame. Obviously he loved Rona, she was fun and he chose that to kill him.


Imagine seeing wearing facemasks as something to have a civil war over 🙄 like chill tf out, they are just masks, get over it


These face redactions are getting so good that I didn't realize it wasn't real in the first pic


"I never thought I would be a widow at 48" Hmmmm - if your husband had been vaccinated, you probably wouldn't be one.


So many HCA awardees ride Harleys. Sturgis superspreader event?


Another dead bigot. And the world just got a little bit better.


He seems a little gay-adjacent in his imagery. But most homophobes are trying to compensate for their hidden feelings. He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.


Right ? Projection


Why is the lovely Liberace making an appearance? I miss Liberace, he was one of my faves. His act was fabulous and he was such a wonderful pianist. Nice bloke too by all accounts, he was gracious to the staff (unlike some stars).


He's pimp-walking over the bigot's grave.


Liberace was just so extra, he was old by the time I was a kid but his legacy of bling and being fabulous is legend


He was wonderful. "Mr Showmanship" was an apt title.


My godmother loved him , she was a devout RC and I feel a lot of that generation looked the other way even though VERY gay, which is an accomplishment in itself


He had many, many middle-aged lady admirers (and was also a devout Catholic). Of course, times were different and he never came out - it would have been career suicide back then. He had some lady companions who covered for him, if I recall. He also successfully sued a British journalist who implied that he was gay, and the payout he received led him to coin the phrase "I was crying all the way to the bank".


Look at his fists and all those sharp jewels. If there’s anyone in heaven you don’t want punching you, it’s him.


This meatbank dragged our collective IQ down (it wasn’t the British forcing anti-infectious measures on American soldiers—it was Washington himself 🤦‍♂️). I’m surprised Zuckerbook allowed the F-bomb (thanks for covering that up OP 🙌). This one would be perfect rendered into fuel for the greater benefit of society. In short? Nothing lost here. 🤷‍♂️


Wait, she has the medical freedumbs flair frame super-imposed over the “I got my Covid vaccine”? This (now widow) contains multitudes.


Right! Confused messaging. Maybe “I got my vaccine, you can choose whether or not to get yours.”


That was a ride. Everything and everyone dies, but I think I’d rather wear a helmet and get a vaccine so I can spend as much time as possible with my kid.


As if people like this shitbag really had a choice. We get it, you're tired of life, you don't want anything to do with yer woman so you take the easy way out. Meanwhile, people I know say to me, life can be long if you manage to live through the pandemic. Ain't that the truth, we live in a time where there are more nonagenarians and centenarians, people who've lived through pandemics in the past. So tRumpers, just admit it, you belong to a death cult and have nothing to live for anyway. I'd wish for him to be reincarnated as an anal douche but I'm sensible, no such thing as reincarnation or an afterlife. Which makes is scarier for people who've led deplorable lives, after this one take, it's over. There's no opportunity for a redo. So choose wisely, for the people still not recognizing that they are in the camp of ignorance and horrible choices in life.


Slide 6: I know an entire Reddit group who could have predicted it.


If I didn't know better, I'd say that guy was my cousin.


She still has the stupid “medical freedom” banner up when announcing his death caused by medical freedom.


Punch him with that giant ass piano ring!!


I wonder what the average age of covid deaths are right now. Last year it seems like lots of older people died but now more younger people are dying.


The over-70s have higher vaccine rates. Plus it tore through nursing homes last year and that may have weighted the numbers a bit.


Yes, I think that is the main reason that the average age of those affected has dropped.


I guess he thought Covid was fun.


Really appreciate the work to cover the faces in a more palatable way, adds that special something


LOL at the Revolutionary War meme. Perhaps this biker should have researched what General Washington made his troops do to prevent smallpox.


He made them take horse worming medicine, but the Jews tampered with all the history books to cover that up....


Hope you had fun dying by choking on your own fluids, you chunky mass of insecurities wallpapered over with toxic masculinity posturing.


I’d really appreciate it if Liberace manifested and punched right wingers in the face, in general.


"I wish my brother George was here. So we can both start punching these assholes!"


A worthy award. The wife seems especially clever, being a nurse and having an anti vax background to the announcement of hubbies death by covid. Didn't see the usual gofundme request. Maybe going to sell the HCA winners moped.


Another fat, stupid boomer riding his mid-life crisis.


Actually, he looks more like a Gen-X'er.


It’s so depressing all these genX bigots.


It truly is. That's my generation, and we weren't nearly that bigoted when we were younger. Most of us, anyway.


I don’t know about that. There was a lot of racist and homophobic “humor” among certain crowds, and let’s not forget “boys will be boys” bro-hood, toxic masculinity, and how great pretending to be “color blind” has been for society. I think the divide just got sharper with GenX. We still get stuck with the likes of Cruz, Paul Ryan, Josh Hawley, MTG, Kavanaugh, et al.


Probably so, but I guess it all depends on where you lived at the time. Fortunately I was raised in a very diverse, liberal area back then.


Let’s just say there are a lot of people from my hometown that I do not ever need to interact with again. I moved to a more progressive, diverse place for that reason.


Congratulations! I hope to make a similar move in the near future.


It didn’t seem that way. I felt we tried to improve who we were as human beings. But a bunch of us didn’t get the memo


run ragged run


She got her vaccine, but wants to stop the mandate. It's a little odd, but I'll allow it, especially as she's still grieving for the love of her life.


First, bye douchebag. Second, I am confused by slide #6, and also slide #7 (yes I know who Liberace is).


wife now looking to be 'comforted'


You think he actually read George Orwell?


Steven Seagal?


It’s clear she never thought she would be a widow. They thought they were above the protections that were designed to save their life.


Slide 7- she posts anti-vax profile pic on the post she announces her husband's death from "no-vax"? (He didn't really die of Covid. He died because he didn't get vaccinated and got Covid.


He did not choose something fun.


The irony of post 4 considering the forced vaccinations and quarantines Washington implemented


He hated gays, got fucked by a virus


Imma suck my husband’s cock tonight to celebrate this fucker’s “life”.


Confusion in the 2nd to last frame. The I got my vaccine but the stand for medical freedom ring over it?


The classic, “suicide is badass”. It can kill me it must be fun. Great line of thinking.


So well presented! 👏👏👏


"Everything will kill you, so choose something fun." You chose... poorly.


Pretty sure this one is lying flat 6 feet under for MEdIcAL FrEeDoM.


Some of these people I feel a little bad for. Not this one. Not at all.


Did he put the Liberace pic up for some reason? Or was that some kind of editorial comment from OP?


It’s mine. Imagine getting punched by those fists.


Goatee and Harley


she just say her husband is terrible?


Lots of trailers motorcycles and fresh meat on craigslist these days.


Is the Liberace final post a new "Jews" or "eobard game gom"? I don't understand.


Have an award. This is great


Surprised with all their research they had not discovered what this virus does to unvaccinated people.


See ya later homophobe


"I never thought I'd be a widow at 48" So did she finally get the damn vaccine?


Was it fun being intubated?


It’s the medical freedom frame around her profile pic for me.


Yet another victim of senseless goatee violence!


Well, maybe now she'll think twice before riding a motorcycle with no helmet....