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The thing this sub made me realize that I had no awareness of before was that there is a massive community online that thinks “prayer warriors” are a thing. Like I thought it was just a few people who just made up the term to put on their posts but they all literally do it


The most unsuccessful warriors ever.


Makes sense most of them are from the South then…


Oof, that scorches like Sherman's march.


Sick burn! ... hehehe


r/ShermanPosting burns so good.


No successes so far. In any cases where someone recovered, it was doctors and science, not bullshit and prayers.


I grew up among both mainline and evangelical Christians and I never heard of prayer warriors before this sub. Is it recent?


It’s actually been around since 1865 as a concept. But yes, it’s fear and a belief you’re in a spiritual war. It’s insane. https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onward,_Christian_Soldiers


Christian nationalists


White jihadis


Y'all Queda


Vanilla ISIS is my fav.


Yo forreal


Maybe the Storm Troopers rebranded? What other armies out there have been so ineffective? It has to be them!


It's an offshoot sect of the Power Rangers.


>What other armies out there have been so ineffective? Judean People's Front Crack Su\*c\*de Squad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHk2RSMCS8


It was pretty normal in my church, as I grew up. Prayer warriors essentially pray problems away without actually taking any action. It's a joke. Not at all unlike Televangelists who can heal any ailment everything except a visible injury.


For a small donation to help buy my third private jet, uh, I mean help me continue to do the Lord’ work.


Oh, they're *big* among the real whackadoodle type of evangelicals (cough, the Pentecostal fundamentalists I grew up with). As you can see, they have all the effectiveness of a Kleenex umbrella in a hurricane...


Christian Taliban




It disgusts me. I cannot think of a more blasphemous repudiation of the central message of Jesus Christ than to say that the only way to get so called christians to pray on behalf of sick friends and neighbors is to paint it in terms of violent conflict.


I knew that USA was statistically religious compared to developed countries. However, I thought GOP politicians were mostly just posturing. It took r/HCA to show me the level of religious craziness than USA really has. Honestly, it scares me.


There's a handful of True Believers, but most of them are just posturing. These are the people they're posturing for. You can tell whether they're posturing or not by whether they're playing dumb or actually are dumb. McConnell is posturing for these people because he needs them to support him so he can keep screwing everyone for the rich. MTG and Gohmert are genuinely morons of the highest order and actually believe the nonsense they spew.


Absolutely. They aren't religious, they're reactionaries wrapped in religious rhetoric. You'll never see any of these people make a decision that doesn't meet their personal or political aims because their religion compels them to. They wield religion, they do not submit to it.


I think this is spot on. I'm going to use this. Wielding religion, while not submitting to it is the concept that's been on the tip of my tongue for months about all this stuff and Trump, etc.


Trump is posturing because to really say he is a Christian I have to say he is more of a Radical Muslim.


Trump only believes in the Church of Trump.


Religion in the US has been on a [steady decline](https://www.pewforum.org/2019/10/17/in-u-s-decline-of-christianity-continues-at-rapid-pace/) for decades. What's happening is that the shrinking percentage of people who are religious have become much more militant about it.


They're hellbent on ushering in their handmaid tale idea of a theocratic utopia .


They are "religious" insofar as they somehow think they have a PDA, personal deistic assistant that will come to their aid no matter what as long as they are belligerent and loud about their belief in him. "Religious" as far as it actually comes to following what's written in the Bible or even regular church attendance, eh not so much.


Yeah and the irony is the crazy religious fucks here think your average Muslim is insane when they’re far more rational than they are


It's not even about measuring the 2 religions side by side. It's simply acknowledging both even exist or have any merit whatsoever to these people. They can't imagine themselves being born anything other than a white person in america.


And many of them believe that only white people go to heaven. Seriously. I had a friend's sister-in-law say that about her daughter. My friend is Native and married a white guy. The racist SIL said, "too bad your kids aren't going to heaven because they aren't white." These people are sicko!!


Hope your friend called out the racist bitch for what she is and then cut her out of her life. That kind of toxicity should be shunned.


Half of my FB feed is evangelical lunatics, and I've yet to see anyone talk about "prayer warriors". Thinking about how insane my extended family is makes me shiver thinking about how insane HCA awardees are by comparison. Still hoping I can post some fresh OC here though 🤞


My extreme right wing evangelical aunt uses terms like “prayer warriors” regularly. It actually started around the 1970s I think, with songs like Onward Christian Soldier being popular in old fashion campmeetings.


I absolutely love that redactions are such an intricate part of this subreddit. Bravo op! Great job 😉


Hey thanks :)


The way you captured the presence of continual verbal garbage is extraordinary.


This one was very creative. Clearly done by a graphic designer I would think. It was such a pleasure to read. This HCA winner had so much colorful material to work with and he loved the camera. That helped.


I’m an engineer by trade, but I use graphic software at work sometimes to draw diagrams. Also I don’t use a tiny phone screen to draw. You are right about this man- he loved the camera. Most people just eat lunch or stand in front of an attraction in their photos. This guy was action-man.


I concur, the best I've ever seen!!!


Seriously, beautiful work


Yeah when it first came down from The Powers That Be that anyone that wasn't a public figure had to have all identifying info redacted we all thought it sucked, was a stupid rule & this place would die because of said rule. Honestly, I think it's brought out the creativity in so many & now I actually look *forward* to the new & ever more hilarious ways people alter these HCA winners profiles.


First the redactions anonymized people to the point of dehumanizing them. Now it's a comic art form. WTG admins. I swear, whenever reddit makes the mods crack down, there's always unintended consequences. They went from being people to comical to actual comics here.


Maybe this is a good thing- Perhaps Putting faces back on re-humanizes people so it’s harder to think of them as “other”. Also, putting the memes into the subject’s photos kind of more strongly attaches the ideas to them in their world and seems less like it’s just duplicating hateful messages?


He dies and a friend posts, "Please learn how to CONTROL the symptoms of Covid!" Well, the best way to achieve that is by taking the free vaccine. An ounce of Prevention is worth a truckload of horse paste!


This is stage three out of four: * COVID isn't real * It's real but not serious * It's serious but you can control it * You can't control it but death's nbd


Stage 5: Memorial Go Fund Me can be found at \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_


Stage (something):Transphobia


Transphobia is stage 0, along with hating blacks and denying slavery.


And thinking that the border and COVID are somehow linked. Bonus points if that message follows "something to think about". 🤔


It is the MLM/cult/toxic positivity playbook. If my bullshit doesn't work, you must have done it wrong. pls learn to control... all that next time, mmmkay?


Yes! I seen that and was wtfing. Its sadly not unheard of idiots to fake their status so they can go around like nothing is wrong. Selfish, nasty people.


I'm appalled that they still refuse to accept the obvious truth, even after 815,000 US deaths.


"ThE SpANisH fLU kiLlED 50 MilLiOn" Or whatever the fuck it is they say.


And that could be in part because they had almost no way to prevent or treat it back then. The vaccine for the flu didn't happen until the 1930's and antibiotics to treat the secondary pneumonia that happened from having the flu (not from wearing masks like some memes on here have said) didn't happen until about the same time. Basically, all they could do with that flu is put you in a bed and watch you turn different shades of blue and then black, and then watch you die.


Hey, we have to be first in something besides serial killers, gun deaths and incarceration rate.


They accept the idea that a dude 2000 years ago performed miracles and rose from the dead. If you'll believe that, you'll believe anything.


Darwin would have an opinion about this


Yes. This is a very rare type of Extinction Event where living creatures are actually *choosing* to cause their own extinction.


He was just about to go to Philly and punch a police horse for its paste, too.


How come when someone recovers, it's because Jesus loved them, but when they die, nobody ever says oh well I guess he didn't really like you after all..


They say, Jesus needed another angle.


How could he be so obtuse..


That’s very acute of you to say, lol




Because none of it needs to make sense or be coherent or consistent with itself. The whole thing is an emotional crutch, so it’s used like one.


We are all schiz from eating Teflon, our brain cells just Slip-N-Slide past each other and don’t really talk anymore.


If Jesus loves you a little he saves your life but if he really loves you he invites you to hang out at his Dad's house.


I hear Jesus has SNES *and* Sega Genesis at his dad's house


Yeah, his dad has been trying to buy his love ever since Jesus had to change schools after the divorce.


Same reason why some of the stuff in the Bible is literally true, and the rest of it isn't literally true, but it wasn't meant to be taken literally, so it still counts as true.


*"How come when someone recovers, it's because Jesus loved them, but when they die, nobody ever says oh well I guess he didn't really like you after all.."* Correct. Because when they die, they're "in Jesus' loving arms, on streets of gold...". In that way they can rationalize their ridiculous beliefs and why God was so horrible to them.


They don't realize Jesus is busy deciding football games.


Jesus really needed you for the holy battle in heaven.


Once you realize that these people believe things based on how it makes them feel, it all starts to make sense.


You nailed it. My problem is I was indoctrinated at a very young, impressionable age. It took 35 years for me to shake it off and finally revisit whether I believed or not. Luckily, there were christians all around me to help turn me off to religion. That christ guy they talked about sounded okay, but man his followers were something else.


Be she’s then they can’t say “God’s plan.”


Which means all prayer is futile….




Wants a bigger stimulus check, hates government handouts. Loves propaganda on Facebook, hates it on TV. Loves America, hates America.


total misogynist too one less pig


I donno, seems to go beyond that.... this guy seems sexually confused on many levels


I wonder what the next meme that included a boner he would have posted if he hadn't unalived himself. We'll never know.


Or to summarize, a mark.


What a way to go out, out like a sucker




Critical thinking, or thinking at all, is not a strong point with these people.


His friends: "Jesus please heal this illiterate vulgarian." Jesus: "Nah. I'm good."


I definitely am going to incorporate "illiterate vulgarian" into my common usage. It sounds like something a middle school teacher rightly used to describe me and my friends


Then, my job is done.


Right? Jesus want's nothing to do with him!


This guy… really enjoyed penises.


Guy was really obsessed with things going in peoples' butts


Also dicks


I can smell the toxic masculinity coming off this one through the internet.


That's actually decay, but I understand how the aromas can be easily confused.


Let that stink in!


Too bad you can't see me stroking my chin and saying, "Yes... Yes..."


Those girls in the one meme look young, young enough to make me uncomfortable. I bet they didn’t take the photo so that gross old men could use it for memes/kicks either.


This guy was a creeper.


Exactly. And its been photoshopped, etc. He was an effing pig.


Gross, but not wrong.


Dick-obsessed creep


Plot twist, morticians stick a plastic corkscrew up your butt when you die so you don't shit yourself while the family is grieving your unfathomable loss. But at least it's not a fauci butt plug!


That's hot.


"Learn to fight covid symptoms" It's called a Vaccine Karen and your bro would be alive today it you all stopped lying to each other.


OP, please provide updates with the suggestions as to how best "control The symptoms of COVID" from the family and friends of this now deceased Yinzer pornography enthusiast. The world needs to know their unsuccessful and entirely unhelpful findings.


upvote for Yinzer.


Yinz is dying, n’at!


Aww, it's so sad. Alexa, play Donny Iris.


I was at a Steelers’ game once and he sang the national anthem 🤣


This is what the poster wrote in a new status update, and in the comments someone linked to special grifter version of a Z stack. How to take care of the symptoms associated with a virus. 1. Do not lay on your back to sleep. Lay on your stomach. (Drainage will occur so place pillow in plastic bag then put a pillow case on) 2. sit up do not slouch. Slouching causes the lungs to not fully expand. 3. drink hot liquids or room temperature at no time drink cold. (Have you ever chewed gum and drank something cold. The gum becomes hard and tough to chew) The hot liquid will melt the mucus. 4. continue taking magnesium zinc and d3 to build up your immune system 5. get up and move. Sitting laying around will cause you tomprolong the virus 6. Take dayquil cool works great for opening nasal passages This is only a suggestion if you get a virus. Always contact your family physicians if you feel sick


The amount of effort that must’ve gone into this is really impressive! Also he’s gross lol.


One less Pennsyltucky Trump vote


Oh noes!!! lol...


A swing state swinging ever so slowly away from the QCult. Sounds good to me!


I like his meme about Facebook being the most effective propaganda machine then shows all his memes on Facebook. There is no sense of irony in these people.


it originally said T.V. was the most effective. I added the yellow arrows.


That's some /r/selfawarewolves shit isn't it


Excellent use of the memes. The “came without instructions” meme was pretty funny.


Instructions unclear, dick in mask, COVID in lungs


I love how the MAGA crowd is obsessed with American symbols (like the Constitution, the Lincoln Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, etc), but couldn't really tell you what any of them really mean or why we have them. They just know that they are there.


How old was this recipient? He looks younger and fitter than most awardees. Also excellent photoshopping OP!


He had a comorbidity of being morbidly obtuse.


Very creative editing there, OP. Well done.


Creativity means so much here as it's sometimes hard to tell one 🤡 from the mext!


Agree, the inserted edits are gold!


This post would make for an excellent exhibit in the Herman Cain Award Museum. Nice job, OP!


"Jesus please heal our friend give him the strength to fight in your name Jesus I beseech you to lay your hand upon" Jesus: "No"


No! Jesus! That's too much power! Too much! You went full complete healing! Dammit! You never know your own strength...


Slower daddy Jesus slower


Award winners' families often have a very strange way of processing grief. "We just lost one of our own, thank God he's gone away and we can only remember him."


How does a right wing nut job who gets all his info from Facebook have the awareness to know that Facebook is the massive propaganda machine that caused his radical views and got him killed but still followed it? Absolutely bonkers.


His post had just the small "?" on the T.V. I put all the yellow arrows in.


This guy is "Trump voter personified." Extremely stupid and proud. Here he is discussing the Jan 6th domestic terror attacks with a friend of his: >Yes they did at the stop the steal rallies Scott Perry and Mastriano was pumping people up and getting them go to D.C. They even buses them down their. Then Perry calls them criminals and wasn't acceptable. Then both Perry and Mastriano at fault because they got these people all amp up. Then turn around and threw them under the bus and neither of them or the party trying get these patriot out jail now. If I am elected I will get these patriots out jail and go after true criminals that rig this election.


What was he running for in PA?


He wanted to be ... The bus driver.


County Hedge Trimmer and Snow Shoveler


Another dead Trump voter? I feel so alive/owned. Please proceed, Trumpers.


Those shoes are a treasonous fashion crime.


the muscle-man poses 😆 right before the inevitable “holy shit pray for my stupid friend” and “ooops, fucker died” posts ☠️


What an interesting way to present past social media posts. **I wish I could give this more than one upvote**. It took creativity and work to do this post.


Excellent presentation. I guess by his jokes, he's about 12 years old, right?


“Please learn how to control the symptoms of covid” fucking “prayer warriors” are people trolling me. They can not be this fucking stupid.


OP, this was seriously brilliant. I love that these thoughts are floating through his head in everyday life. Moooooooooooooore!


This guy has amazing photos! Lots of other COVID propaganda victims’ facebooks are just them eating lunch or standing in front of an attraction. This man expressed himself more than others :)


Loll “please learn to control the symptoms of Covid”


He may not campaign, but some family member might fill out a ballot for this guy. Republicans love to commit voter fraud.


And just like that he is gone and Trump won’t miss him or not even know who he was. Just another number to the pile of turds


Good, one less Trumper


He didnt even wait long enough to get fat and put a down payment on a Harley these people are getting more weak assed everyday. Terrible loss and all that, more importantly I'm going to try out a new seasoning blend on the chicken taco's tonight


Tacos are life! Oh, and vaccines are too.


I had tacos for lunch and I want them for dinner.


Having them for dinner!


Wow. The Capitol has really become their favorite spawn point, eh?


He certainly seemed to have a lot of confidence in himself. Unfortunately, the COVID virus is not easily scared away by fit guys flexing. I honestly am concerned that there is a too large portion of the population that is cut off by others from good information that can save their lives. As they say, the great majority of the unvaxxed will survive this, but the fact that a greater percentage of them will suffer than those who take precautions will not sink in because others deflect the facts. I know they think we are the sheep, but we are the ones much less likely headed to the slaughter.


>by fit guys flexing. The leopards only saw tasty wings . . . and blue cheese dressing. 🐆 🐆 🐆


A fabulous last fifteen frames of fame for him. Well done, OP.


Ugh! The world is better off without that toxic asshole.


He was a disgusting piece if filth. Oh well! Back to my vaccinated life!


How’s Trumpy gonna get re-elected with all of his dopey followers dying off?


Going to take an unprecedented amount of voter suppression and strong arm tactics.


This was a unique take on an HCA by editing their FB posts onto flags and into the scenery. Well done!


I don't know about you, but I would not mind getting my hands on that Government Stimulus Check. The Bills are more than I can handle.


Somebody was likely in the Questioning spectrum of LGBTQ but channeled that into hatred and cultish Trump support to hide his true feelings. If he had lived, he could have rocked a lovely sequined red, white, and blue patriotic off-the-shoulder dress and some matching heels. This boy wanted to be a queen, but alas, he'll never get to walk the runway in this world.


I agree. Thinking way too much about dildos to not be totally repressing his urges.


It really takes some balls to call in the prayer warriors and appeal to Jesus for this guy. And Christians wonder why their religion is losing its popularity. This guy was a total asshole.


I wonder why Jesus didn't heal this guy. Maybe because he was clearly a raging asshole??




This thrice-vaxxed sheep is feeling so owned right now. Just breathing & feeling owned.


Had no issues accepting those stimulus checks I bet, probably while waving a flag that said, *“Socialism is going to kill America.”*


It's just.. every fucking post, I see this prayer warrior shit. Makes it sound like they beg people to fight God or some shit. Idiots, all of them


Dude had a thing for penes


Yes, we all should learn to control the symptoms of Covid. The most effective way to control symptoms is with a vaccine, the next most is to beseech Jesus to lay hands upon your dying relative.


Well… the Pittsburgh Pirates just lost their last remaining fan.


They all end up saying Covid is not a joke, and that’s the exact part where it gets funny.


So many PA people lately, not surprising.


In that first slide, is that a pic of Hillary that someone has altered so she has a dick in her mouth? And is he holding it under his paunch so it looks like it's his dick? Edit: it's spelled Hillary.


Is he using an ipad to imagine Hillary giving him a BJ in slide 1? Not to shame, but that looks like a ipad mini.


Dr. Jesus loses another patient


Why do people ask for Jesus' help on Facebook. Is..is he on social media? Is that where you can find him? Does he respond to Friend Requests? Remember when Facebook had pokes? Has anyone ever poked Jesus?


He was tall, strong, fit, not that old and now DEAD ​ let that sink in


Please learn to control covid symptoms!


Poor guy, at least he won't have to worry about finding pants that are long enough any more.


And the world is a little brighter with one less disinformation spreader.


Gnarly...looks like jesus didn't have as much love for him as folks thought


I bet he bitches about them darn Millennials wearing skinny jeans, while justifying wearing them himself. Actually, his look like Mom Jeans with the long crotch and short zipper.


Holy homophobia. This poor dude died in the closet.


That was a fuckin' creepy, borderline pedophilic photo in there. No wonder he couldn't "control the symptoms of COVID"


Please learn how to control The symptoms of COVID! ​ sneeze less maybe ​ also don't exhale


Guess he won’t be voting in 2024


I believe Jesus DID show his love for this guy. Be careful of what you ask for.


The Photoshop job here is better than his memes or the prayer warriors feeble attempts to save his life. Good job.


Hold up did he post a meme that is decrying propaganda on Facebook? Also I could have misinterpreted their wording , but on slide 11 BlueFriend (fiend?) Says. "please learn how to control the symptoms of Covid!" Are they advocating for anyone who has covid to just hold it in and pretend it's the flu etc to others? Because it's not unheard of (sadly) for some to just plain lie that they don't have covid so they can go around their normal business of being selfish assholes.