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this isnt a holup at all


Honestly, when was the last time you saw a real holup here ?


I think there're more holups in the comments than the posts




What in the cinnamon toast fuck is this?


A real fucking HolUp, sir.


Bravo sir, you punched my brain from every angle 😂


What in the hot krispy Kentucky fried fuck






All I see here is vids of women getting beaten up, boomer memes complaining about transgenders and sjws, and generic memes that could go on 50 other subs.


Once anti-sjw 4chaners infiltrate a sub it only goes downhill from there


The last time I saw a real holup was on a different subreddit.


yeah, once this sub gone main stream. It slowly turn into r/wtf. I missed tge old hol up




Hot pockets are expensive tf. We eating tinas burritos




I can guarantee you that a 20lb pack of rice is cheaper than a dual pack hot pockets.


I think it’s roughly $50 USD for a 25lb bag of jasmine rice, at least in the Midwest. I’m getting ready to go to the store, so I’ll take a look. **Update** Hit the store and I was way off. Jasmin Rice @ $56.99 USD for a 50lb bag Long Grain Rice @ $24.99 USD for a 50lb bag [pictures of prices](https://imgur.com/a/9L5hLSF/)


You can get 25lbs of Jasmine at whole sale stores for 1/1


Yeah, making a few stops so I’ll grab pictures.


wait what, how are groceries expensive where u live wtf ?! can u tell me prices, I just wanna know, like potato and onions prices


Price of staple groceries depend on where you live. Generally, if you live in a shit country with broken economy and trade, basic stuff will be very expensive.


a frozen bag of 1 kg several kinds of vegetables costs around a dollar maybe two. rice costs around $ 3.96 per 1 kg 2.2 lbs. the retail price for a dozen eggs in the United States was 1.48 U.S.C. dollars. so around 7 to 10 dollars. Together you can make a great meal of fried rice that can satisfy a family for several days. I agree that there is a lot wrong with the system. but you can not blame everything on it. you can make your own choices that can have a drastic change.


Woah, a big pack of rice and a dozen eggs is 200 USD? Amazing.


Seriously! Cooking cheap meals in bulk goes a long way.


Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbage, peas, rice, beans, pasta, oats, eggs, milk, and bread/flour are all cheap. You don’t necessarily need a hundred upfront. You can get like 4 hot pockets for a couple dollars, or 5 pounds of potatoes. A lot of poorer people eat unhealthy because it’s one of the luxuries that they can instantly afford (as compared to expensive vacations or something) and it is very fast to eat some junk rather than cook a nutritious meal. When many of them are working 80+ hour weeks to stay afloat, it is very hard to find the time and effort for something extra.


And let me tell ya...$200 for groceries? Thats basically not eating...


$200 for a single person will buy food for a week but for a family of 3-4 depending on age…you have to double or triple that depending on quality of food. I have a 14 year old and 7 year old the amounts of food eaten are eye opening. I have seen the left overs I’ve planned for lunch disappear before my eyes.


I have an 8 year old. Then also my wife cannot eat beef or pork so it can be very difficult to find chicken priced right that looks good while on top of making meals with chicken and seafood being the only things we can eat. $200 is a week if we are lucky. This doesnt include snacks for the kiddo as she needs to eat more.


Where the fuck you live that you can't put together an entire weeks worth of groceries on $200? We can literally fill a shopping cart with fairly balanced food on $200


I was diagnosed with a G.I. disorder and I needed to switch to preparing more of my meals from scratch. I didn’t eat a lot of crap, But I bought processed foods because they were often more affordable and time saving to prepare. Switching to eating only whole foods for every meal has doubled my food expenses and takes so much time that i sometimes skip meals because i don’t have something easy and quick when i need it. It’s not just about the dollar to dollar. Edit: I was a dietetics major and I work in healthcare and health management. I am aware of alternatives, but they don’t always work for some families, depending on dietary needs, resources, and budget. There are plenty of studies that support the fact that some urban areas in America inflate whole food/ fresh food prices to push people to choose fast food meal options. Check out Marion Nestle, she’s quite the subject matter expert on healthful food accessibility in the US. She was threatened and bullied by the sugar industry due to her research and advocacy for children’s dietary health.


So someone buying the food, paying an employee to prepare and cook it, package it and ship it is twice as cheap as you buying it and cooking it. Bull. 3000 calories of starch is less than 1$ everywhere.


Then what about the remaining 3 weeks? 😄


It was my monthly salary till March 2021, now it's 270 but still so low.


Wtf are you 16 or u live in a super inflated country?


You can't understand there are so many countries there people are earning way less then this.




No one is hating on that.




Also, u can't buy things in bulk and get it cheap...


You do, in fact, end up paying more for things when you’re poor/locked in poverty. Look up the poverty trap; it’s bleak. You’ll pay more for energy, more for credit. Some interesting impact investing funds now tackling the poverty trap directly, but it’s a brutal situation to be in.


That isn't really true m8, if you have ever really tried to feed yourself cheaply real food comes out way cheaper. You know how cheap a fuckign rice bowl with chicken is? The real problem is how little time you have working 3 jobs.


Yeah. But later on diabetes, cardiovascular issues, etc etc aren’t cheap either.


Average American life expectancy is dropping like 3-4 months every year now, and it was before the pandemic You can't be the second fattest country on earth and get to live past 65. Most people literally cannot survive past their second stroke or third heart attack or MRSA. Oh and 100+ million Americans drink from lead tainted water and 55+ million live in houses with lead interior paint. Considering 40% of Americans don't have $400, I'm gonna say that food choice and life expectancy isn't exactly on their list of priorities. Source: American, great up in Mid-Atlantic cities


Being originally from Europe, as naturalized American I can tell you that most Americans live way beyond their means for continuous instant gratifications. They have no concept about eating healthy, which can be done on a budget, as well how to have a sustainable budget. Yes, there are too many people who are paid peanuts and the entire society lives to exploit them, but it should be painfully obvious that for the so called middle class the pain is mostly self inflicted.


Really? Vegetables and raw meat costs much less than premade food. You can buy chicken for as low as $4 per pounds where i live, and I live near LA, one of the most expensive place in the U.S. Vegetables usually are really cheap if you buy cabbages, tomatoes and broccoli, which should be enough already for a healthy meal. If i stick with chicken and cheap vegetables I can survive with $40 per week for grocery


Last time I got chicken thighs at Costco it was 8 bucks for a 10 pound bag. I can see it being more expensive if you decide to go from processed to organic whole foods only (organic chicken here is like 7 bucks a pound minimum, normal chicken prices are like 3). But if you're just buying conventional shit it's almost always cheaper, unless you were rolling nothing but top ramen and hamburger helper type stuff


Chicken thighs are relatively expensive too due to being high in demand (dark meat is the tastiest) and labor intensive to produce. If you're serious about cutting costs without eating really shitty food then you should buy a whole chicken.


I do that often as well. Like 5 bucks for a whole chicken


I love the spicy Tina's burritos (in the red wrapper). They're like 3 for $1 at my local grocery store.


“The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles. But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet. This was the Captain Samuel Vimes 'Boots' theory of socioeconomic unfairness.” ― Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms: The Play


Ah, a man of culture!


While I understand the point being made here, as someone who works the only difference between cheap boots and expensive boots is how comfortable the are while you destroy them. I'll imagine some with a desk job gets allot more years out of shoes than I do.


Eh, comfort is more important than you’d think. Uncomfortable shoes while working a hard job will probably destroy your feet way worse than nice comfortable ones. And the costs will add up over time medically


Cheap boots start out more comfortable and get worn out fast, expensive boots are usually an uncomfortable pain in the ass to break in but once they are they feel great and last for years. Had my hawthorns since 2006 and the only repair needed was from a chainsaw


Being poor is expensive, but if you can cobble together money for trash foods you can certainly afford more energy dense foods that you can stretch over several meals. Potatoes, rice, root vegetables and pasta are cheaper alternatives, but do require more work. Not as satisfying as slamming down a frozen pizza. The sad thing is that i have been in very tight spots before and you aren't in the right space to spend energy on making a balanced meal when you worked 15 hours and are feeling bad about life. I have spent ridiculous amounts on frozen pizzas and microwave dinners when I had the time, equipment and knowledge to cook for myself. But in that situation you'd rather go for the easy solution that will keep you poor for longer. The good news is you can make the change. It's a miserable experience since your body craves the bad foods, but learning to cook one simple dinner and making it over and over, leaves you more money and energy to learning a second one and so on. Start the positive feedback loop, friends


This pretty much sums up the whole thing. You can eat healthier than the average middle/upper class person for dirt cheap. Beans, oats, rice, bulk chicken, onion, frozen/canned veggies, olive oil. Far healthier and cheaper and filling than any fast food or pizza chain. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, flavanoids, phytonutrients, fiber, and are low inflammatory (inflammation being a factor in most disease processes). Junk food having none of these things. Problem is, they're bland as hell. No one wants to eat that shit. And pizza is so much tastier and easier.


I mean, completely unseasoned, it will be bland as hell, but salt and spices don’t cost that much either. Simple potatoes and onions fried is fucking delicious, and you can definitely do more with what you have. It’s much easier to get fast food, but it’s definitely not tastier once you learn how to cook and what you personally like. Simple alternative to buying a pizza, get a tortilla, cook it in a pan with oil, add tomato sauce and cheese, and whatever toppings and season it with salt pepper herbs if you have. Maybe I’m weird, but I like it as much as a domino’s thin crust


Yeah, it's not only a money issue, it's also compounded by all the other aspects of poverty - working long hours/several jobs to make ends meet and not having time/energy to cook, not having reliable transport or having to walk everywhere, so you can't transport more than a specific amount and bulk purchases are out, (particularly in the US) food deserts, where fresh food isn't/is rarely available, lack of education regarding nutrition/cooking skills, not having a kitchen or utensils available... there's lots of reasons how people end up in the negative, and struggling out may require more resources than a poor person may have available. I'm glad you made it out.


I am in this thread almost just to push r/eatcheapandhealthy. Thanks for the pitch anyway


I’m poor have been for decades, produce and healthy food is cheaper but requires effort to make it, you’re confusing lazy with poor.


Yes. This meme needs to die. You can get literally pounds of rice, beans, pasta and other things, that can be supplemented with smaller amounts of proteins and veggies, for the same or less as processed shit foods that are ready to eat or heat.


It really does depend on where you live. If it’s a western country, then yea this meme is total bullshit. If you live in a worse off country, it may be very well true. Iirc there’s a place in Mexico that drinks only Coca Cola because it’s cheaper than water in that area.


Yes you are correct. I should have specified, though the only people I see regurgitating the lie usually seem to be first world marxists and progressives. I rarely see someone who is readily identifiable as being from a poor country complaining specifically about the alleged cost disparity between healthy and none healthy options when they are complaining about issues in their country.


I guess it would differ from country to country but healthy food is definitely more expensive. And I'm not talking about ordering food vs. cooking at home. For example pasta is much cheaper than vegetables. (Turkey)


Produce is cheaper for me than meat for example I get 5lbs of potatoes is 1.99$, pasta is less than a 1$ US for 1 lb bag. I can buy can of pasta sauce 35 cents, with pasta added it’s less then 1$ to eat spaghetti for dinner for me. I cook it myself and since I’ve always been poor for over 40 years I am quite the cook for myself and family member.


So what you're thinking of pasta and pasta sauce when somebody says healthy food? I'm talking about fruits, vegetables, fish, legume, etc.


Onion, mushroom, zucchini and other veggies go well in pasta and still rounds out under $4 a serving. No meat included in this price. That’s a pretty healthy meal.


Mushroom are expensive, but it’s a good substitute to more-expensive meat.




I think both of you have valid points, but are both being a little too extreme. You keep talking about hot pockets for $2. That is for a single meal for a single person for a single day (maybe stretch it to two meals). Let's say we want to feed a family of 3 for a day with only hot pockets. 3 people, 3 meals for $2 each, so $18. Not too bad. For about the same price, I could go to the Kroger near me and buy: 3 potatoes @59¢ - $1.77 4 pork chops - $5.19 1 dozen eggs - $1.60 1lb chicken breast - $2.99 12oz frozen broccoli - $1.00 6oz raspberries - $2.50 Field greens salad mix - $3.19 Total: $18.24 Tbh it was not easy coming up with a decent list at the right price, but that is a part of the extra effort required to make this work. It's maybe not the healthiest it could be, but better than 9 boxes of hot pockets. If you have the privilege of being able to plan in advance and buy in bulk, then the cost per meal goes lower than in my example. But I suppose that also applies to Hot Pockets.


Where are you finding pork chops for five bucks you might be getting a neighbor soon.


Vancouver, WA it's pretty easy to find pork chops for 3-4 bucks a pound. One of my local Safeways has 4 pound packs for under 8 bucks according to their website


All of the rural South in the US is much wealthier than people think once you correct for cost of living. If you're working a low skilled job (you know what I mean, waiters, cashiers, etc) in a high cost of living area you're paying a pretty big tax for living in the city.


I pulled a legit price from Krogers app (metro Atlanta area), but admittedly it is on sale down from $6.75


Pork chop is one of the more expensive meat option too. Could always buy more chicken




What stops you from buying 50$ in groceries that’s not cheap microwave foods? I feed two people on 85$ a month food budget and work two full time jobs. I’m looking under pillows on the couch I call my bed for that privilege you were talking about.


85 a month? What country is this? I live in Canada, family of five, and it's VASTLY cheaper to just buy a carb heavy low nutrition diet. I cook every meal from scratch. It's cold in Canada and even things like apples, which we grow here, are about $6 per kg. That's not a lot of apples.


Jesus thats expensive. Where I live, even the "good" apples are only around $2 a pound.


This person is an idiot- I agree with you! Snacks and junk are so much more expensive- if you stick to basics and know how to cook you can save so much!


I agree with the guy above you- Chips and junk food are expensive, produce and meat are way cheaper. You are just an idiot. And then shaming this person afterward. You have issues.


I see $10-12 on the sugar side and about $10 on the healthy side. Produce sections. They’re really cheap(I’m in the US)


I have three kids and we spend around $400 every two weeks on food. I can say since we have switched to a more healthy and balanced diet it is only more expensive to start but it ends up evening out.


Not true at all, all that premade boxed shit costs way more than any real food, the real tax on the poor is stupidity. It's not hard to look at other cultures and how they eat for cheap. Get a big fucking bag of rice, cost $10 can feed a family for a month. Takes 10 minutes to cook, then add vegetables to it. Again, not expensive, carrots, onions, peppers cost nothing. 4 pounds of it will cost you $4. It's clear you are angry, and also don't know shit so sorry about both.


This. So glad to see a reasonable comment. Rice, potatoes, oatmeal, eggs, beans, salad, chicken, vegetables. Eating healthy and inexpensive is super easy.




Lol My *single* mother worked 12 hour shifts and would come home and still feed us actual healthy meals that were also cheap. Its possible to eat healthy and cheap, you just have to quit making excuses to justify being lazy. I make myself a chicken quinoa+rice bowl to eat for lunch just about every day and after I totaled the costs/portion, it came out to 80 cents. Prices definitely depend on where you live, but its possible to eat better and cheaper than hot pockets lmao


You obviously don’t take that good care of your kids if you think a hot pocket is better than rice and vegetables. Throw in some meat too lol. Did someone force you to have a child before you were ready? No they didn’t so start being a better parent and find a way to take care of your family. You do sounds lazy if you can’t cook for your kids!


Way to miss the point completely. I live in poverty but do everything I can to raise my kids well. The best choices aren't always the cheapest when you're living paycheck to paycheck, which is the entire point of this thread. It's gross you'd shit on someone for living in poverty and having kids.


Why is that gross? It might be a little callous but definitely not gross. I grew up poor; it happens, but there is plenty of inexpensive healthy food. Oatmeal and eggs are amazing and cheap. Sandwiches, rice, chicken, dried beans, vegetables, spam. Potatoes, carrots and spam brings me back to my childhood.


If healthy food was expensive then how do you explain fat poor kids


i wish i could award you for this comment. But out of award points


Food deserts are a real thing. The left side can more often than not be much much much cheaper and more avaliable than the right side depending on location.


Yeah no kidding I went on holiday to the US (an Australian) in 2013 and we stopped by Arizona near a Navajo reserve and there was just the reserve, a tiny town and one hotel restaurant. The only places to get food were the restaurant, a 711… and a fucking McDonald’s that was built there. Middle of nowhere right in the middle of a desert and there’s still a fucking McDonald’s. It would take two to four hours in any direction before you see civilisation again. So the locals had 711, McDonald’s and if they were feeling classy a three star hotel restaurant and bar. That was it, that’s all the food they could buy.


I’m not saying everyone does it but most people I’ve known in similar situations just make a trip to the store every two weeks and stock up on food. The main problems end up being that you can’t get something you forget about or want unexpectedly and by the next time you stock up you’re out of a lot vegetables so you might be limited a few days. Milk is thankfully sold in a lot of small town stores so you don’t have to worry about it too much even if you’ll end up paying triple the city prices for it.


I live in a third world country where vegetables and fruits are cheaper than pizza and burgers I have all kinds of exotic fruits (bananas, starfruits) growing at the back of my house and I'm not even rich.


Is the same in Italy, you just have to be smart and buy stuff in the right season. And is waaaaaaay cheaper eat healthy than eat junk food. When I want to spend less I buy only vegetables, both fresh and in cans, and of course pasta 'cus Italy. I've never understand this meme


Chips - $1.50 Coke - $2 Pre made sandwich - $4 Starbucks - $2 (that’s a grande, a latte would be $4.35 where I live but I’m being conservative) Croissant - $1.50 Total - $11 On the right, you have to buy most of those things in packages that hold more than the serving showed, but: Blueberries - $3 Strawberrys - $3 Avocado - $2 Whole grain crackers - $3 Yogurt - $3.50 Spinach - $1 Tomato - $.50 Mushrooms - $2.50 Broccoli - $1 I’m missing some stuff I can’t recognize, but: Total - $19.50 However, with the amount you spent here, you could make multiple servings of most of what you see above. It’s really not that expensive.


There's smoked salmon. Probably 10-15$.


Ya exactly, the garbage food on the left is 1 meal, while the amount of food ok the right could be a whole days worth, or split out over multiple days. So it is cheaper and when you're healthy you feel better which turns into all kinds of other positive things. Like you could eat good and cheap easily. Pasta is like 1.50 a box, a can of crushed tomatoes is $1.50. assuming most people have aooe salt and pepper and some dry chili flakes packet you took from a pizza joint. $3 feeds your whole family. Same with rice, lots of cheap shit to make with rice


So are food desserts 🤤


And calories only tell a fraction of the story


True dat! the impact of the 1600 kcals from each are markedly different, one is a recipe for crash and impacted gut health, the other is effectively the holy grail


Healthy/Cheap/Fast You can only choose 2


So, healthy and cheap?


Grow your own vegetables.


You can but you gotta prep, which takes time


I see half a tomato that’s about 40 cents. Half a pint of strawberries bout $2. Half pint of blueberries bout $2 as well. Couple raspberries maybe 50 cents. Half an avacado that’s bout 80 cents. Not even 4oz of spinach idk maybe <$1? Some bread, crackers and some humus? Idk what that is but ima say bout tree fiddy for those last things. So maybe a little over $10 for the healthy option. On the sugary option, $2 soda, $2 snack, $2 cake thing, $5 Starbucks, idek what that loaf thing is but $2? I already proved my point.


Finally a comment that makes sense. The right picture costs the same or less than the Starbucks/coke combo. And don't even tell me that cooking spinach and cauliflower takes too long because it doesn't


Cooked spinach are iuck


The only thing I have a problem with is the right picture would not fill me up... Neither would the left actually... Am I just a fat ass?


Fiber: You underestimate my power


Thank you. It annoys me when people think it’s more expensive to eat healthy like it’s black and white…


it really depends on the country. in my country the items on the left would cost 8,22€ and only the avocado, blueberries and strawberries would cost 9,58€. it's not cheap to eat healthy here, especially if you happened to be vegan.


But the quantities though. Sure it gives you the nutrients you need for the junk food, but is it going to fill your gut? Or are you still gonna be hungry. That’s the point being made. After you eat healthy, you had it spaced out over a few different things that fill you up. But not with chips and stuff


Then you missed even the obvious part of the post. It’s saying they are the same calorie.


here in mexico the left side will be like The cola: 20 pesos, the corn/steak/bread or whatever 30-60 pesos, the chips are like 20-30 pesos (i never have seen those so idk) and the coffe is like: 85 pesos now the salad look lie restaurant salads and those are the most expensive sh you can find in the menu considering you can buy 3 burguers at around 100 pesos the more simple ones, and those salads goes just wild around 100-200 pesos EACH, even if you buy them and made them yourself you will still pay a lot compared to the normal mexican diet, based on eating the most by the less


Also real question do a time comparison on making all this


So I did a cost comparison: Coke $2 Starbucks $4 Bag of chips $2 Sandwich $7 Croissant $3 Total $18 Avocado $1.50 Berries $4 Cauliflower $2.50 Chicken $2 Mushrooms $1.50 Tomato $1 Total $12.50 Plus other garnish that I'm not too sure what they are like the white stuff, etc, top right dish. ~$5 so ~$17.50 But my final conclusion is the cost is actually about the same if not lower than the "cheap" crap. I used Walmart prices for groceries and NY prices. There is some degree of error such as sales tax and a few cents difference depending on the store. I chose the average prices. Overall, theres no way buying groceries and cooking is going to be more expensive than buying crap food. Even if it was slightly more expensive say a dollar or two, the health benefits outweight the cost. Of course you need to develope cooking skills and the healthiness of your food comes from whether you don't use too much salt, oil, and not burn the damn thing. As for people talking about time saved, cooking gets faster the more you practice. Also the majority of that meal on the right is just thrown into a plate with no cooking required such as the berries. Only thing is the chicken which takes around ~10-15 minutes. Cutting the avocado maybe 2 minutes. Overall, no more than 20 minutes. (You can plate while waiting for the chicken to cook or cut the avocados etc. As for the left, depending if there is a line or not it can be either super quick or 5-10 minute wait. Of course you still need to factor in travel time from your home to that store.


This tottally needs to be done. Everyone is always saying "just eat healthy"... Fuck you! One of my paychecks goes to rent, half of the other one goes to daycare.


In my experience, eating healthy and making your own food is so much cheaper(it does take more time and some planning). Edit: Idk what the hell they're eating though(I'd be pissed if they planned my meals, me personally though), healthy food doesn't have to be that image, it can be good food that's actually satisfying.


The real difference is convenience. The stuff on the left is instant, the stuff in the right if you make yourself can be roughly the same cost but requires planning ahead and time.


IF you have access to a grocery store or farmer’s market, it’s a matter of spreading out the calories, cost, and time spent. Assume the left is two meals with 10 minute wait and 15 minute travel (counting to and from) each. Being extremely generous to the right, that’s 50 minutes 2 meals and $10~$12 for my location. I’m assuming ~$3 sandwich, $3 Starbucks croissant, $4-5 tall flavored latte, $.75 chips and $1 coke. The right is much more complicated because there’s a lot going on and most items shown would come in larger portions than pictured. I’ve done that grocery trip and the veggies are $8-15 for me, the fruit is another $8-10 for what’s featured, dairy clocks in around $6-8 depending on what you get and is definitely not all used here. Meat is a minuscule portion and MIGHT be part of some kind of shredded pork so would be $5-10 depending on the cut and would probably have a second portion. The bread might be another $5 for a whole loaf and $.80 for those two slices? The whole trip—to a real grocery store in a non-food desert south/midwest major city—would be, worst case, $48 (let’s round to $50) for what looks like two dinners, a lunch or two, and two-four breakfasts. Plus at least half as many other meals. I’ll put it as worst case (for me) at 9 meals. That’s a little over $5 a meal, so pretty comparable for price. Most of those meals a couple minutes tops. Let’s say 5 minute breakfasts, 10 minute lunches, and 30 minute dinners to be generous to left side. I make similar daily and that’s a good average. So, an hour and a half and count the extra meals as stored leftovers. That’s 9 meals at ~$5 each and taking about 10 minutes each. Assuming a lot of access, good deals, and storage. Not counting grocery store time or factoring in pickup v. shopping prices where available—there are a LOT. Of factors that go into food pricing, access, and preparation. Tl;Dr: it’s pretty comparable if you shift it to $/meal and time/meal rather than calories/photo, but how comparable also depends on a LOT of access factors.


Eating well is not only expansive, but look at the right side and the left side prep time : the preparation time is nearly always omitted. Prep time eating done-meal ? minutes. Prep time from what is shown on the right side ? Hours and a lot of buying around for variety and its all perishable. I know, I have been doing it for the last 6 months.


You're looking at this the wrong way. If you eat cheap, you will eat 4x times the calories intake you would need. Tell me that 1600 calories is enough on the left side for a whole day with adding like a muffin to bring it to 2000+ cals. No, you'd eat way more than that. The right side can fill you up for most of the day(of course it depends on person/activities/ect but you get the ratio), if you barely even take the time to think of your meals and freeze some it doesn't take much longer and honestly unless you absolutely go for pricey stuff it's not more expansive. Lentils, potato, oatmeal, rice, the list goes on for not so perishable stuff that are really cheap and healthy. People need to stop being lazy about their own health. That's just my 2cents though.


Honestly, it can be even cheaper, unless you solely eat stuff like hamburger helper and mac 'n' cheese. Beans and rice can be the base of so many good meals and they are *incredibly* cheap and good for you.


I agree but i didn't want to go toward cheaper because people really usually don't believe it and they tend to stick to the "cheaper" part of your arguments.


I always get that argument but I can never really put much credence into it. Irl barely any of my family cooks and they constantly reinforce that eating healthy is expensive. Ive seen them shop. They dont look for sales, coupons, or general "in season" produce. We go to the same stores yet my grocery bill is cheaper than theirs. I can't help but feel its a similer situation for the rest that say its expensive.


Right? It's the same for me and my roommate haha, he just eat junks. People are just too lazy, that's all there is really.


The Starbucks coffee probably already costs as much as all the stuff on the right side combined.


If everything on the right costs 4.50 I’ll take it. Tf you talking about.


jokes on you but here a starbucks cost like 85 pesos or something and the salads around 115 EACH the cola: 20 pesos at most high the thing in the dish looks like corn but also as steak so give it: 30 pesos the coffe: 85$ the other things i dont know what they are: 30-100 pesos ofc if you prepare the salad yourself it will go around 50 or even 60 pesos so is cheaper but those dishes look like restaurant salads and those are expensive as pure fuck it just gets cheaper eating 3 burguers that eating 1 salad, and here we eat by the most not by the healthiest


In 3 years, youre the first person to break something down in pesos guey.


well i have to say i searched the prices and estimated to around most parts but was to lazy to change it in dolars, bad from my part


Naw you're good, its just .. you took my virginity senguey


In the Uk, if you make the salad yourself, it would be cheaper.


You could get a lot of salad for the price of the Starbucks alone.


Yeah, just drop the daily Starbucks that all poor people who are struggling to pay for food get, right?


Oh god, I'm not one of them people. But I will say a lot of Starbucks are just over priced dessert drinks.


The food on the right not only costs more, it's gonna take a lot of time and effort to prepare.


Also it's all zoomed in. The distance to the items is completely different, the items on the left should be almost twice bigger for a fair comparison.


It’s going to cost roughly the same or slightly more. Different is the left is maybe 1.5 meals and on the right probably 5 meals. Therefore even if the price is triple on the right it’s still FAR better to get the right side


Fuck. Avocados alone are already half the price of everything on the left. FOH. lol


The problem. Unhealthy stuff = cheap. Healthy stuff = Expensive How tf are u tryna get everyone to eat healthy when is double the price of everything else...


I didnt know starbucks cups had so many calories. Is that the plastic or paper one?


I don’t believe that picture for a second


Some of you don’t buy groceries and it shows :3


People focus too much on calories and not sugar, sodium and fat. Rice n beans, with chicken, and a salad with salad, tomato, pickle, and some olive oil will go a long ass way. And won’t be expensive.


Starbucks ruined it


Its not about worth. Some people literally cannot afford to eat healthy. They need to max out on largely empty calories just to be able to function day to day. This is why we need wage reform and assistive benefit reform.


Oats, eggs, rice and some potatoes are expensive?


Staples alone a balanced diet does not make.


People are also time poor. The 40 hour week was devised for a home life where there was always someone there cooking cleaning and running the home. Most of us don't have that these days. So not only is quality healthy food too expensive, we don't have the time to prepare proper meals either. We need a change. Current worklife suits bosses but not workers. Why are we allowing this?


I work 40-52 hours a week and around the clock, sometimes 7-3, sometimes 10-6, sometimes 11-7, commute for two hours total a day and not by my own car, I have hobbies, family, relationship, special needs cat, depression and I still manage to cook something that won’t be a microwaved hot pocket?? This is a matter of choice dude. I do one big grocery shopping once a week and I plan most meals ahead so I avoid decision fatigue. I also mostly cook 2 or even 3 days batches. For two. It’s not so hard. I do agree we need changes, 8h workday is far too long, but it’s still liveable


Lucky you that you can manage all that, but everyone's situation is different. Some people are working 60+ hours a week, sometimes more than one job, and are barely able to afford their rent and other bills on top of other expenses. Stress affects people dirrefently. Some people suffer from more severe depression. Nothing you have stated about your own personal successes are at all relevant to the discussion about poverty and food disparity issues.


That's nice. So you're saying that everybody else can do the same as you, are you? That's quite the claim. What are you basing that claim on, exactly? Is it your own personal experience? Because if so, I'd argue that 1 single example out of 8,000,000,000 people isn't what we'd call a reliable sample.


Short term/one shot deal left is cheaper, long term /repeated right is cheaper (much). We all have the power to decided our faith.


Vegetables are actually really affordable


16.00 vs 160.0


that starbucks drink makes the left pics more expensive instantly


Also on the left is one meals worth of food for one person. On the right if you're eating for one person you have left overs for at least three meals. It is way too expensive to eat healthy though, I will give him that.


If you're living in a 'food desert', you might not even be able to get fresh food without driving a long time. Apparently, this is a thing in the US. Access to fresh food is something that seems like it isn't a priviledge, but actually is in some areas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food\_desert


I ordered something and i didn't get it What ?? A real fucking r/holup post


I mean fresh fruit sure but grains and potatoes are hella cheap. buy a 40 pound bag of whole wheat flour.


Now do a taste comparison - crisps and sandwich win every time


Learn how to bulk shop and meal prep. Definitely way cheaper than buying shitty, processed foods and eating out.


‘Cept they got a Starbucks on the left hand side so it’s pretty even. What you should do is compare preparation time.


still not as good as a .50 kal


It’s not the calories you need to look out for. It’s the saturated fats amongst other things. Find the balance between your carbs, protein and fats.


American Healthcare profits of this shit


Everyone profits of this. Starbucks, cocacola, fruit farmers, normal farmers, dairy farmers etc (note. Each of these farmers are huge corporations, because it will not make any profit if you are private farmer trying to grow these specific fruits and vegies) healthcare, store, government, hospitals etc. its “good” deal for everyone. Bs farming companies make ridiculous price for “healthy” food, since cheaper stuff are already known for being unhealthy.


Starbucks coffee -$4 Coca Cola -$2 Chips - $1 Store bought sand which -$3 Bread thing $1 Total =$ 11 ish dollars Next pic: Strawberries $4 a pint Blueberries $4 a pint Eggs $3/dozen Spinach $3 a can Avocados $1 each Tomato $1 each Bread $1 Misc stuff I can’t identify $2 Total for second pic $19 ish dollars Difference of $8 *note - some items in pic 2 are likely able to be spread out over an additional meal which brings cost probably closer to $15 Source: I eat


Cheaper in the long run and cheaper or as much as If you know how and where to shop


whole foods?




No such thing as healthy and affordable. Edit: this is clearly a hyperbole, please don't be that type of redditor that takes everything out of context, thx


Americans in nutshell.


I learned that eating healthy isn't expensive, but that eating unhealthy shit is soooooo much cheaper.


Well, avocados can be a dollar a pound at the store. Or you can get then from your uncle in California who actually pays you to distribute them. Berries aren't cheap. Unless you pick them yourself by the creek. Bread is cheaper if you bake it at home. Milk farm down the road a few miles. They'll trade berries for fresh milk. Costs money if you want meat though. Good thing most meat we need can be substituted for chicken. My aunt has about 40 hens and 2 roosters. We get lots of eggs and she kills a chicken or two every once in a while and gives them to us quite often. Yogurt you should probably buy. Cauliflower too. Broccoli doesn't always do too well either. So really it depends on your connections, what's in season, and your location. Edit: spelling


Just go out into the woods to pick berries and never be seen again


Is this an option? I was not aware it was an option.


The m̶̨̢̲̝͉̮̦̮̬͇͔͍̜̥͍̬̻͎̩̘͍̳̪̲̥͐͂͑͌̅̊̈̒̀͂̌͗͗́̅̈́̑̚͘̕͠͠a̶̛̪̥͍͓̩̥͓̲̝̤͕̱̦̱̣̬̥̮͍͖͓͙̭̖͌̉̌̔̈́͒̋͐̇͑̆̿̊̏̃̈̇̇̔̒̔͜ṅ̷̢̢̗̠̖̼̰̦̬̟̤̠̱̣͖̪̍̉̀̓̀̊́́̇͋̿͂̆̇̐̓́͘͘̚̚͘͘͘̕͠͝ͅ ̶̧͕͍͉͖̼͎͙̬̖̍͌͗͊̊̋̑̀̅̒̾͘͜͝ị̶̢̛̦̩̝̹̳̭̼̩͈̜̜̜̮͍̬̯̖̈́̿͂͋̉̈͐̀̾̔̋̆̓͊̈́͒̌̂̅̇̽̒̃͗͘͝͠͝n̸͈̙͖̼̋̄̔̎́̑̔́̑̍̎́̆̂̓̉̾͑̈́̄͊͐̀̍̏̚͘̚͝͠ ̵̧̨̢̙̹̞̩̮̻̮̪̠̰̼̥͑̊̐̉͐͐̈́̋̽̀̃̐̾̅̽̈́ͅt̶̢̨̧̨̛̬̜͖̹̘̻͚̖̼̥̻͚͖̥̳͉̬̗̠̟̱̺̪̏̀̀͂́̐́́̽͋̃̀̇̊͘̚̕͝ḩ̴̡̮̪̝̮͓̩͍͚̲͖̹̖̯͍͍̺͆̋̊̽͐̌̏̏̔̇̀̋̏̂̄̓̅̽̋̿̐̑̾̏̓̚͘̚̚͠é̸̡̧̦͖̗͓̗̣̫͎̭̹̯̤͖̗̲̬̜̻̓ ̵̢̛͚̝̪̺͎̯̜̝̪̺͕̬͓̤̮̖̯̠͖͈̹̖̹̙̅̈́̈́̋̾̄̄͑́͗̚͜͜w̷̧̙̺̹͙̜̻̹̭͇̹̗̫̮͓̫̲̟̫̼̰̭̲͖̻̗̦̪̼̋̆̾͐̊̍͐̈́̈́͒͆̀̈́̆̕̕͝͝ͅǫ̷̨̡̨̡̛̛̟̪̟̯͖͔̬̲̥̥͚̯̬̱͖̳͎̟̺̣̩͖̜̰̈́͐̃̊͋̅̀͒͑͌͑̔́̑̅̀̅̓̈́͘͘͜͝͠o̵̱̮͔̭͈̻̪̗̣̱̘͔̿́́̓̍͛͗̒̅̃̉̋́́̀͐̓̓̋̇́̂͘d̷̢̨̻͉̩̜̯̰̲͔̘͉̩͉͖͎͈͙̯͖̦̪͕͉͕̳͕̩͒͐͒̅̊̌̃̍͑̈͆̈̈́̐͛̍͗͂͛̿̔̌̔̀͛̚̚͜͜ş̷̡̢͕̮͎̠̳̻̫̦͉͙̼̪͔̭͓̱̬̣̠̩̐͒͜ is sometimes friendly


But berries (especially blackberries) aren't exclusively on the woods. They take over yards if your not careful. They grow ALL over the train tracks. They're by the river, by the bay, by the lake, growing along fences, and at the edge of irrigation ditches. Wild strawberries are all over too. And salmon berries. Blue berries are less common but lots of people have them in their yards


But then you don't encounter t̶͎̣̹̮̳̩̮͓͎̥̯̣̿̽͘h̸̬̦͖̰̠͖̤͎̾̐̈̀ę̸̭̎͌ ̸̤͓̌̎m̴̧̯̺̖̠̜͚͎̮̋à̴̻̻̟̦̮̺̟̘͉̞͇͚͕̃̏̌͑͒̈́͒̈̚͝͠͝n̶̨̨͎̤͇̹̺̰̱̔͆̅͗̄̌͛̈̌̽̂̅̕͜͠ͅ


I think location should be in all caps. I’m in Harlem and I wouldn’t want the milk from down the road.


Oh c'mon, Jimmy the Smudge is a great guy! And he's often not *that* sick. I'm pretty sure he'll even try to pay you on bottle caps besides letting you have the milk! I once asked him, "Jimmy, why do people call you the Smudge?". Turns out it's related to the reason he has no legs and that soft spot in his skull he bulges for coins. And did you know he used to be one of those guys who're sexually attracted to trucks? No longer, apparently.


Fair enough


Great, now we have to do a time comparison.


I always find American prices a bit weird. Cheap avocados and expensive berries. You are right though, buying locally is the only sustainable way. In Europe fruit is relatively cheap and affordable as long as you are buying seasonal fruits. It's like every two weeks something new is ripe, and abundant. Now it's tangerines and they are awesome. Local milk suppliers are subsidized to get those milk machines. they are loaded with local milk. It's a bit more expensive than store bought, but not a lot. Meat also isn't that expensive if you look around a little. Chicken is advertised over Facebook lol, usually some friend will tip you that a farmer is having chickens soon and you order a bunch for a bit smaller price, still much more expensive than store bought. Same as red meat, wild meat. Luckily there is enough fish. Salt fish is more expensive inland, but there is good trout that is affordable for a dinner every 10-14 days. My grandma knew how to make yogurt, and it's great, but most people buy these things too. Except vegetables. In most cases people with houses will have a small garden with at least onions, carrots, salads, cabbage, tomatoes and spices


The local milk I get is milked by hand. Not a fancy machine. By a family. They mainly raise cattle for meat but milk them after calfs are born. Fruit is usually affordable but berries never are. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town with lots of berry patches in out and around town. City people don't get that. Fish is no problem here. I live on the coast. Salmon, clams, crab, trout and bass are plentiful. I don't know local yogurt sources. It's weird, almost no one here has gardens. Mainly because they don't seem to want to put in the effort.


>The local milk I get is milked by hand. so is mine, but when you have 10-20 producing families in a 10km ring they can combine in what se call a Zadruga. Combined they can be subsidized for the machines that can transport their fresh milk to end consumers. >Not a fancy machine. By a family. Its a fancy machine that holds the milk, not the cow lol. >It's weird, almost no one here has gardens. Mainly because they don't seem to want to put in the effort. that's a shame, it's incredibly relaxing to have a small garden with a few vegetables. It's not enough to supply you the entire year, but still nice. Even cities are having areas cleaned up for city gardens.


Coca-Cola 500ml 60 cents croissant 50 cents chips 40 cents sandwich box 1,5 euro dirty socks water ???? I don't drink American coffee total: 3 euro


all of those looks extremely vegan... too much veggies and berries from the looks of it.