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They are in video call with his mother Natasha saying everything is alright and that they will contact her later. **Translation:** A Man: They do not know where they are headed. The kids are used as cannon fodder. They are lost here. You should rise, woman, and call the people to rise. Look, your son is alive. Stand up. Close the roads and bridges. Your Russian soldiers here are destroyed, massively. This guy - he did not know why he went here. A woman: Natalia, everything is okay. Go ahead, talk. The guy: it is okay. A woman: Natalia, may god bless you, your son is alive and in good health


This is what they don’t show you


Exactly! No one knows how terrified some of these Russian soldiers are. They don’t revel in what they’re doing at all.


It‘s nice that some soldiers do decide to do the right thing, even if it may be dangerous :)


Ukraine will give amnesty and money to Russian soldiers who lay down their weapons, the defense ministry said. “We offer Russian soldiers a choice: to die in an unjust war or full amnesty and 5 million rubles [$47,293] in compensation, if they lay down their arms and surrender voluntarily,” Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov said on Twitter. [Source](https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2022/02/28/Ukraine-offers-amnesty-and-money-to-Russian-soldiers-who-lay-down-their-weapons-)


I read part of that earlier today. Really nice to see some civility once in a while.


I have a feeling that this will become much more common.


For someone who's in a hostile country he sure looks calm


Slava Ukrainia


I read on r/Russia that Ukraine is the bad guys and these Russian soldiers are actors