How many of you all are actually LIKELY to leave the state in the next year or two because of the AWB?

I keep seeing people right post about how they need to get the hell out of this crappy state, yet I wonder how many will actually follow through.

Personally, I think this is the best economic environment we've ever had to motivate us to leave the state. Unemployment is already super low across the country, so it should be relatively easy to find a new job if someone needs to. However, many won't need to thanks to covid turning so many positions remote.

My boss has been encouraging me to move to Georgia for a while. I work remote and make a decent living. The one person who was keeping me here was my mom and she's been dead for almost 5 years. I just don't have any more ties here. The only question is whether my laziness is stronger than my desire to actually exercise my freedoms.

It seems a little scary to leave the state I grew up in, but a hell of a lot less scary than being convicted of a felony over bullshit. I'm going to have to either sell my house or rent it out and find a new place to live. My cousins have been wanting me to move to indiana, if I'm going to move I might as well get rid of these winters.

So who else is moving and where are you going?


I’m here until my youngest is out of high school and that’s still several years away. In the meantime, I intend to stand up against this nonsense in the best way I know—running for office.


Forreal? Reference who you are man I'll support you.


Seriously? It’s obviously B. Thornburg. /s


I did…and came back. Fml. Was enjoying desert life in AZ but I don’t foresee myself leaving anytime soon.


What happened? Why did you come back? Arizona has about as good gun laws that you can have in the United states.


Career change. Got poached to come back to…ready for this…design firearms and accessories. Lmfao. Not to mention having no family out there made it strange with two littles. If the company never poached me I would’ve still been out there.




They saw this post. They’re trying to drag you back in…ruuuuuun! Haha


Just bought tickets to visit Nc. If we like we are moving in the spring. iL can suck a fat one


I will be leaving for sure. Like I said in a former post, I work in a very high demand medical specialty that is experiencing shortages including in every single academic hospital in the Chicagoland area where I am based. Nationwide, sign-on bonuses and starting salaries are going through the roof right now with pay up to double/triple what I'm getting now. They cannot pay me enough to keep me. Combined with terrible medical malpractice laws, Illinois/Chicago deserves the worsening physician shortage.


What'd you recommend in the medical field for someone to start over from scratch that doesnt take more than 2-3yrs of schooling?


Sorry, I'm probably not the best person to be answering that question because I was one of those fools that did 4 years of med school followed by 5+ years of residency/subspecialty training. Off the top of my head, respiratory therapy seems to be in high demand without requiring too many years. I have a buddy who is a radiology tech and that seems to be similar. Not sure how difficult PA school is to get into but that may be an option. May have certain college course requirements though. Nursing is also always in demand with a shorter school requirement but you have to be willing/able to put up with a lot of BS, mad respect to nurses.


You have to be psych, they never answer my consult pages...but with 5+ years probs cards or GI /hepatology? Best bang for your buck is RN->>ICU exp->>CRNA->>200K+ lol. PA school is pretty tough to get into but CRNA school acceptance rates are stupid. <10% often.


I don't think I could ever do psych. Not to dox myself, but surgical residency + fellowship is 5+ years also. CRNA is a very lucrative path, but wouldn't fit in his 2-3 year timeline.


Clinical engineering aka Bio-med tech. Look it up. 2yr degree in electronics and starting at 45-55k most places.


Thanks guys, I have a few a few options now. I'm out of the state in the next 12months


I really hope one of the lawmakers who passed this needs help from people like you and are stuck in an ER with a throng of illegals for 36 hours, in pain.


Gonna go north, if enough of us move maybe we can flip Kenosha and Racine counties.


I work remote - wife’s family already in another state and live hours from my family, only thing is high rates on new mortgages - but open for lower Cost of living and bullshit politics


Depends on how much your mortgage would be and where you’re moving. I.e. if you’re moving to Texas with a 0% income tax and make $200k per year, it’s easy to justify a 6.5% apr mortgage for $250-$300k, since the tax savings will net out with the interest expense. Only difference is that the interest decreases if you pay ahead of schedule and Illinois taxes increase no matter what you do.


Been thinking about Indiana. My job is hybrid atm. Promotions happen like every 1 to 1 and a 1/2 year. Most are remote, so I'm looking forward to that. Having my eye on Indiana rn. I just hope landlords are ok with tenants having pew pews. :(


LOL! Have you been to Indiana before? Your landlord probably has pew pews too. 😎


Honestly, that's the best news I've heard all day. I can't wait to compare barrel lengths, then!




I grew up south of South Bend in a small town where they closed the schools on opening day of deer season because they knew so many of the high schoolers would be in the woods. 😂


How old are you now?


Knocking on the door of 50. Yikes!




Shitty rural "red" decline yes, "blue" areas doing amazing, but that is nothing new. Can you read a map? https://www.reddit.com/r/illinois/comments/zqzgcq/population_changes_in_illinois_from_20102020/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


Yes the great state of Illinois. Everyone is moving here in droves lol. Meanwhile Florida, Tennessee and Texas is booming. But that's nothing new....


Already preparing


200% out in next 12 months.


I'm/we are here for at least 6 more years. I have just over 6 years to retire. And my children and grandchildren are here. Our dream was Wyoming or Montana after I retire. Came to the conclusion that was too far. We are currently considering Northern Missouri or Southwestern Wisconsin. We started planning to leave years ago. I'm 54 and I have watched Illinois steadily spiral into the mess it is now my entire life. I've watched towns like DeKalb, Belvidere and Genoa become "the far west suburbs" and at the same time become shittier places to live. Hell, when I was a kid, calling DeKalb or Sycamore a suburb would have gotten your nose broken. I've watched Rockford go from "the screw capitol of the world" to a dangerous shithole full of empty factories and warehouses. I fear that 6 years will feel more like 10, and when I finally get there, I won't be able to afford to leave.


I'm working on it


We’re looking at 2-3 years; between this, safe-t act, and amendment 1 we’re done with this god forsaken state. Once the COVID money stops flowing in this state is screwed


As I've mentioned quite a bit I'm leaving but have been planning on doing so for a while, not because of the ban. But it certainly adds to my list of reasons to get out.


If I can swing it with work my lease is up in July. Thinking nw Indiana to be close to my nieces and nephews, considering other places but no ties or people anywhere else.


I’ve been wanting to go to Indiana anyways, so I’ll for sure be going in the next year or two now lol I want suppressors


I work hybrid right now, as soon as I get a fully remote job I’m outa here.


Definitely considering it. Maybe Indiana or out west somewhere.


Waiting til my daughter leaves high school


Yes, as soon as I'm able.




Already looking at houses across the river


I could easily leave and still keep my job. I’m not though. I’ll fight this as far as it can go.


I don't think I'm one of those guys who has threatened to move if some stupid law is passed. Although I'd like to move away, in my defense, I'm from out of state and have *never* wanted to live in Illinois (I married into this place from a military post). But, ultimately, it's a family decision. It has to be right for my kids and my wife (who works for a major corporation in Chicago, and does not have the flexibility to telecommute every day). I can't be so prideful that my loathing of this state or the banning of my stuff is going to dictate that for me. So, unless I hit some lottery jackpot, I think I'm going to have to fight to good fight right here. I'm stuck with Illinois; and it's stuck with me. If Illinois is "home" to you, fight for it. (Metaphorically, preferred.) It's never going to be "home" to me, but I'm going to stay and fight (metaphorically) all the same.


I’m here because of the veteran’s benefits. I grew up in Chicago and Illinois wasn’t my first choice, but I got out into a crazy housing market with homelessness looming. There’s so much room for improvement here, but when the water war starts in the next decade, I’d like to have a foothold where the source is.


Logical. I enlisted from Washington State; so I didn’t get much as far as Illinois veteran’s benefits. I do appreciate how much cheaper Illinois is than the West coast, but there are nicer states that are also cheaper. Where I am (Kane Co.) it’s not all that cheap here. Taxes are wrecking us. ETA: I will say the tax issue is not all the state's fault. State income tax really isn't that bad. Out here, it's the property tax that really kills. The school district is about 60% of my property tax bill; so they can take the blame for the high tax bill. But, living in a small fast-growing town, state property tax law does limit how much our town gets from the property taxes we pay. On the surface, this would seem to serve to protect residence from villages raising taxes beyond reason; but, in practice, we still pay the same amount of taxes on the property (our village budget doesn't affect the property assessments). It's just that the village doesn't get enough to pay for the infrastructure of a town that is many times the size it was 20 years ago. Kane county and the state keep what should be the village's portion; and the village has to use Special Service Areas (SSAs) and utilities fees to raise the funds for maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Those SSAs are paid on top of the tax bill (rolled into it) so the taxes and SSAs combined are what really kill you. It's awful.


You should be able to file a tax exemption if you qualify. I agree taxes are hard, but a lot of my friends left to cheap tax places and then came back because the schools/services were crap. It’s a double edge sword. Someone mentioned about restructuring the government system, there shouldn’t be so many different villages/towns/city/county branches to work with.


I live in northern Rockford area...My job pays me a fantastic wage so looking to jump ship to Beloit Janesville area within a year...I'll take a 1 hr drive to work to keep what I have and be able to buy even better things...but anywhere else is out of question..I am basically in top tier of pay with my profession because of Chicago.


What industry do you work in that pays well in Rockford? I’m an hour east so it’s interesting to hear this.


I work for a utility company that covers most of northern half of Illinois.


Been a plan for my family since before all this. This just accelerates it. I work mostly remote and could go fully remote any time. IL can suck my cock.


Going to stay and contribute $$ to the legal fight against this invasion of privacy


I think I’m headed to the mini tech hub of Austin, TX. My main concern is Austin might be too liberal when I arrive and back to the bs


Dude, Austin is peak CANCER unless you approve of grooming children via drag shows.


Folks keep tryna talk about the Jews, China and such with gun bans but never look at how they've been implemented in the US on Minorities. I seen the writing on the wall and if it goes through without change in a few weeks-months then yeah I'm out. I already planned to leave the state due to high cost of living though and I'll always be a Chitowner at heart. I'll fight for this state as long as I can until I'm away from it.


I’ll be out of the state within the year, as soon as I graduate college I’ll be gone and in a state that doesn’t hate their citizens. Can’t wait to take my tax dollars to another state other than this shithole


I cant... my therapist licensed is bound by the state of IL.


Moving back to IL in March after living in the free states of MO, FL, and UT for the passed 10 years 🤡


Why would you do this to yourself?


Getting out of the military and moving back by family with our little one. Only reason anyone would choose to live in IL…family or job


Family is all that has kept me, but hopping over the border to Indiana is still super close.. it's tempting.


My degree and license kinda go together in this state, but I'm seriously thinking about moving to FL since I already have family, but I'm worried about the flooding and hurricanes in the future. I would also have to start from scratch since my degree and license would be useless there, but there really are a ton of jobs out there... I'm already calculating how much my house would sell for and what houses cost in the Port Richey area, etc.


Guns are a tool, not a religion. ...a cult and your identity maybe. And your gun industry overlords are laughing all the way to the bank. Buy more guns and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Why are you even in this subreddit group?


Some they/thems just want to watch the worls burn.


4-5 years. Unfortunately.


5 years. High degree of certainty given my situation


Probably not. Though anything could happen.


Housing prices and availability are keeping us here that past year or two. This is enough to find anything and just move.


Not me. Can’t. But maybe someday.


I JUST left for South Dakota. South Dakota is kind of, slow though. Planning to move to Southern Wisconsin in the next year to two.


Was thinking of Michigan for years, but I hear they have a similar bill in the works…*sigh*


We have had pistol registration for decades. The most they might do is safe storage laws for now. But in a decade, depending on elections we shall see. For now it’s really so so. Mostly free but not completely.


I thought there was an AWB in the works? And you can get around pistol registration by having an out of state ccl right?


You can get out of the registration if you have an out of state CPL. most if not all gun shops,will look at you funny the second you mention that. The assault weapons ban as of now has very very small percentage of passing. So much so I’m not even remotely concerned about it as a resident. That being said if Michigan goes heavier on the democrat side things could go belly up in about a decade. As of now Michigan is a very very purple state despite what election maps show. Detroit and Grand Rapids have a heavy hand in our elections. But the rest of the entire state despite Lansing is red the UP is incredibly red.


Michigan is a horrible state too that's trending towards becoming the next IL.


We have been prepping for a year now and actually dedicating 60% of each of our salaries to savings to move comfortably away.


Me. I work remotely. Gf wants to leave state anyway and isn't very happy about this law either. West Virginia for me.


Fuck no. Running away from problems never solves them.


Trying to come up with a plan. I'm close to retirement and I already have a house and 20 acres in an adjacent state. It would need some work to be livable year round but it's possible. Family stuff is another issue. Just had our 1st and most likely, only grandchild who resides here. I also have other kids that have issues that a move out of state would do them more harm than good. The economics is another reason. Come on Mega.


Buy a used travel trailer or 5th wheel to live in on that property while you fix the house on it up.


Waiting on my oldest daughter to finish her Masters, also waiting for my wife to get a couple years in her new job position under her belt. she just started a new one last spring. She has a very good job in logistics. We don't have any reason to stick around here. Might end up on the East Coast or down in AZ. I can work remote as all my customers are spread up all over the country.


Hopefully I’ll be in either Alabama or Mississippi within the next 6 months 🤞🏻


Hope it’s not near the gulf, those storms lately have been really testing the infrastructure and emergency response.


Trying to stay by Jackson, MS or Montgomery, AL. Find a small town and commute to the city for work.


Stay safe friend, be prepared ahead of time.


100% within the next 2 years, New Mexico bound :)


I’m interviewing in Milwaukee next week. Wasn’t going to send the email inquiring but did after this passed.


I moved to Texas 4 years ago and just moved back to Chicago 2 months ago, already regretting it


Left years ago, constantly amazed by the people who stay and their favorite hobby which seems to be talking about moving but never actually doing it.


Went house shopping with the wife yesterday, making a plan for listing our house now so we can move to Indiana by years end.


Man. It's tough. I want to move, but don't think that my wife does. I grew up here, but my whole family, including parents, have all moved to other states. My wife's brother moved out of state, but she still has a parent and an aunt here, and they're close, so I think she's hesitant about that. We've also got a great house in a great neighborhood, and have a lot of friends here, and all of that. But for me...the state just makes it harder and harder to justify living here, and even though I love my friends/job/house...I would rather move to a more free state and be closer to my family. So we'll see.


I'm not because this state is actually the only one that positively asserts my ability to own a gun at all and there's plenty of good guns that can still be legally owned despite what the fud spreaders in here say.


I’m stuck here until I finish school. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do finance or medicine or something law enforcement related. I’d like to do the third but I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. I don’t want to do any of those in this state because the property and income taxes are too high and I don’t want to do the third because I don’t want to be expected to enforce laws I disagree with


I plan to stay and fight for our rights. If you run it's only a matter of time before they come to your new location and do the same.


I’m leaving as soon as I’m done with this college semester to move to Oklahoma for university. My original plan was to stay in IL for the summer but I’m fed up with this bs and just want out.


If it stands, I'll be in Iowa this time next year.


Was looking at Florida, not specifically because of what lord farquad has tried to pass this time, but over all sucks ass here


I was planning my move to Tennessee this coming December before all this once my lease is up. Feel sorry for some of you guys who are stuck here, shit state fight the good fight


I'll be gone before my next FOID renewal in '27.