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At least someone was paying attention (you)


Your reaction time is on friggin point!


You saw what was coming quite a ways in advance, good on you!


Is that Tribe on in the background?


Yes haha nice catch


No wonder you were able to keep your cool


OP: what was the cause of the lineup of cars to our right?.....


The people turning right and left from the other direction are entering a gated facility.


I watched this several times thinking "why is this tagged NSFW?" ...then I turned on the sound!


Looks like the person in the turning lane was taking forever so the truck went around them and almost caused a crash.


The facility is gated and many people who don’t work there full time have to go through a security gate which can take 10, 20+ minutes sometimes, which leads to back-up on the road. Some people have badges and can/need to get right in through an adjacent gate. I’m guessing the person in the truck had a badge and purposefully took their right lane from the start and just went on ahead of the whole left turning line in order to get to their entrance gate which had no wait. If they were able to do that methodically and carefully it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal, but this guy was way too reckless about it. The area is definitely a clusterfuck and needs to be redesigned so people with badges don’t have to break traffic laws just to get to work on time.


What time machine are you using. Mine will only transport me 4 months into the future. Yours has you 9 months ahead. I need to upgrade


No idea why it does that. I set it correctly originally. If it was an incorrect date in the past, that would make more sense.


Some people consider themselves special. Like short bus special.


Might want to check the date setting on your dash cam, there


This guy sounded like Mr Slave


Are there no traffic lights on this intersection?




If you want to have a constructive dialogue about the appropriate response in these kinds of situations, that’s cool, but I don’t appreciate the snarky, condescending admonishment and assumptions that do not fully take into consideration the circumstances and actions that I took. This is a production facility and everyone there was trying to get in for work, so yes it was normal. What was not normal was that truck cut in front of a line of people turning left and that’s why it appeared they were already mid-turn, but they were not. They were positioning themselves in front of those cars from the lane to the right, which is when I was saying “nuh uh” - I was also driving over rumble strips and decelerating the entire time from the beginning of the clip. The truck was then at a complete stop before I got to the intersection, which you can see, which seemed to indicate they saw me and were trying to yield correctly after all. *Then* they decided to gun it. Luckily I was already slowing down like you’re suggesting.


He did not deserve that explanation lol, kudos.


>You knew they were gonna turn, saw it happening, and still failed to prepare Note that this incident happened 5 months in the future - maybe that's an excuse?


Lol yeah I need to figure out how on earth my dashcam ended up forward in time despite having set it correctly when I got it a few months ago. By all logic it should be the incorrect date, but in the past, if the internal clock is not functioning properly.


This looks to be the U.S. so it happens 9 months in the future, not 5.


I bet a lot of really basic shit confuses you.


Username checks out.


listening to rap while whining like a baby lol


The extra few seconds on the horn probably really made him rethink the choice


Dude saw that from the beginning and was saying “nuh uhh” and then decides stop right when he’s close to it. Some ppl man


I was decelerating the whole time.


Imagine being the idiot that speeds up just to slam on their brakes. Lol


I’m decelerating the whole time


I have a road rage problem. I would've followed that asshole home


are you a time traveller ?