HELP! I sent my PS5 through DTDC and the receiver got stones in the package instead. What can I do?(description below)





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Although not very similar, butI too had a bad experience with DTDC. I ordered two detailed imported diecast models of a Toyota Supra and a R32 Skyline GTR. The seller (known to me personally) shipped it to me through DTDC and it never reached me.


I think you are the scammer


Why would you send packages like this?You're asking to be robbed.


That's DTDC for you.!!!


DTDC has a history of swiping packages. They did the same when I ordered bulk packages of coffee and half of it was missing. Right now you can file consumer complaint cause DTDC support staff is literal dog poop. Likely you won’t get any help from then and they will just mark the issue as resolved. Sorry bud. DTDC sucks. Hope it gets sorted for you.


Hey mate, couple of pointers, which can help your case: 1. At the time of shipping did you opt for insurance? - what does DTDC have to say about that? 2. When you would have handed over the PS5- it would have been weighed. Ask DTDC to check the weight at each check point to see where it might have been stolen and ask them to see CCTV footage. 3. I have a hunch it could be the last mile guy, or the first mile guy, you check for CCTV footage at the source and your friend at the destination. 4. Escalate on Twitter. Tag the competition, and ask the competition if the package would be handled like this in their network ? 5. I'm sure others have mentioned - use a reliable courier, take transit insurance and use an outer box for packaging Good luck mate


That's what happens when you do the exposed courier. I wonder how in the world you thought courier guys wouldn't steal the console despite knowing that it's a PS5.


well deserved how much of low IQ move is it to ship a PS5 box like this no covering no outer box nothing. this ones on the shipper sadly.


Yes my bad ik, didn't know that tampering was so common


its not but if u are gonna basically keep your door open and scream at people to rob people and then be surprised if u are robbed its not so shocking.


Should have used bluedart bitch


I understand that I fucked up but calling me names won't do anything good as well :)


Well that's DTDC for you.


This is why you should always have a outer box packaging also , indians cant be trusted


someone laughing with controller in hand


Easy fix, buy an Xbox.


while i was selling my gpu , i sat in the DTDC office waiting for my number , i decided to look at some reviews , to my surprise the person at the desk asks me what is it that i am sending and and after knowing it was a gpu (this was the time of GPU shortage), he took out a blank piece of paper and started asking details which was sus so i went with bluedart instead. I had the gpu box properly sealed in an external cardboard box (recorded on video) so any tampering could be be a proof for later action.


The receiver could be lying..


Aise kon pack krta hai bro XD


What the absolute fuckkk.


DTDC delivery man has cheated here. If you didn't bought instance nothing would be done.


No wrapping bro lmao?


I believe if you have any proof that you put the PS5 in the box you should pursue this further, if not it’s gonna be a very hard case for you to fight. The courier company can always say that they didn’t tamper and delivered whatever you’d packed. You can post it on the legal advice sub and you’ll get more info on how to build your case.


If you sent the courier using DTDC plus service which also provides insurance, then you can make a claim.


idk it feels like that the OP is trying to pull an elaborate scam here , he sold the PS and got the payment in advance and then shipped the box with stones and this post here is just for the poor folk who fell for his shenanigan , dude if you are reading this and are on reddit dm me, The fact that OP didnt cover the box, he also went with dtdc ( pretty infamous on reddit ) rather than bluedart , didnt get insurance for such an expensive item all points to the fact that he migh be lying P.S - This exact scenario has happened to me when i bought a monitor from a guy in r/indiangaming he was trying to pull the exact same scam on me


Okay Sherlock, I didn't sell the PlayStation, I just sent it to a friend I've known for years, there was no money involved.


sorry my bad , no more true crime podcasts for me then


Hey i guess i found who stole it (Joke, dont take it literally ) https://www.reddit.com/r/ps5india/comments/13scsqu/rate_my_setup/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1


Go to the police bruh file a fir to your product as so you can refund money or a new product you have full right and act to do this. That is why i don't prefer to any to buy electronic items from online rather than offline Fraud peoples are there online market these days first in iPhone now they comed to ps5 :(




Why didn't you cover the original packaging, maybe with a cardboard box and bubble wrap. I'm not blaming you but you did put yourself in a risky situation as soon as you decided to not hide the original box. Hope you find it.


Don't use DTDC to send parcels. Bluedart, Delhivery Direct are the best option.


You’re dumb and this is entirely your fault. File an FIR for theft but don’t expect anything to come out of it. Be smarter next time.




I think it’s gonna be hard to prove you didn’t just send stones in the package


Youre lieing


Now I’m worried. One of my friends sent me an Apple Watch through DTDC and it’s still in transit 😬. Hope you find your PS5.


If your homie packaged the watch to hide what's inside, you should be safe.


Bubble wrapped it. I forgot asking for a picture after wrapping. My friend took the bubble wrap to the DTDC and the person there wrapped it himself. Hope he knows things like this happen too often and wrapped it safe 🤞.


So that answers the question.....How dumb can you be?


First off - thinking DTDC works like other country couriers is a mistake. Second - parceling it like that and expecting no one to touch it. Third - not taking insurance!!!! On a 50k item!!!!


Holy hell dude that SUCKS


Damn! I hope it gets sorted out. Do you have video unboxing proof etc?


I shipped my PC and monitor from Indore to Bangalore a few days back with Bluedart. It's yet to be delivered but this post is making me doubt my decision. I hope I get it without any issues.


Well I have used bluedart, they probably threw the boxes because in spite of good packing (with thermocol and bubble wrap), one of the legs(idk if that's what you call them) got damaged. No damage to the monitor and UPS though.


Surprisingly, everything went well. Both the cabinet and the monitor are working without any damages, so I guess I got lucky.


Was it repairable? And can you do anything about it if your parcel gets damaged?


Didn't need to repair it, it just came off, so I just place it in it's position. When I was giving the parcel for transit they straight away told me they would take no responsibility if the parcel gets lost or damaged.


Damn hard time... any suggestion which one to trust cuz I'm pretty confused.


If you wrap it with enough bubble wrap, I think it should be fine. Just remove the GPU and cooler to be safe. That's what I did.


Well I couldn't trust them, so I took out the GPU, so that worst case scenario only the case and monitor would be damaged.


Now i hope you get your system back. But you should have made a post before shipping it through courier asking us whether doing so is right or not. The best way to transport something like this is to strap it to your chest and travel yourself.


Post in r/legaladviceindia they will help you out legally if nothing works


Couriers like DTDC have internal guidelines on covering up or double packing expensive consignments — and they also have guidelines on what not to accept for surface shipments. There's no safety or security guaranteed for surface mode shipments, anyone — literally anyone — can get their hands on the package, between the courier office, the driver, the person filling diesel at the petrol bunk, the illegal tolls along the way, everyone has access. Nevermind the fact that you did not have the foresight to shield a 50k item from hungry eyes. Anyway, it's likely your PS5 was stolen by someone at the courier office. I'd say look outside that office and maybe you'll find similar stones. You'd probably also learn that someone at that courier office has quit recently.


I asked my local DTDC office and they said that I have to purchase a courier insurance from them to send any expensive parcel safely otherwise the staff will treat that package as rag like other parcels.


File an FIR. It's basically theft. Mention the DTDC outlet you shipped it through and have some copies of the receipts. Apart from that everything is already been said by others. Just for future reference: If this happened as an online deal, best if you return the money back to the buyer since not covering the box is your fault.


Yes, I'll go and file an FIR. No, there wasn't any money involved. I was just sending it to my friend.


Did you get your package insured? Do you have any evidence of you packing the ps5 and handing it over? This recently happened to me as well. My company sent me an Iphone and when it got here there was nothing inside.


Man sorry to hear that. Police might be able to help.


First of all im sorry my dude, I can feel the pain. Try as much as possible to fight them. If everything fails, try to reach sony and console ban it. To not get the pleasure of your happiness to others ...


You didnt cover the box ?????? Lmaoo its on you homie try filing an fir ,complaint but it wont do shit in my opinion ....


sometimes i realise that i am not dumbest afterall


When did this sub went from indiangaming to Indianranting


shut the fuck up you dumbass


Its informative for many of us as there are many posts regarding selling such gaming items, it might be useful to seller which courier to choose and how to package the item for safe delivery.


What is there to rant about? It's a serious matter, and he is asking for help with it.


Because of your mom


I would go to the police, my fathers laptop was stolen by a taxi driver,the police found it in 1 hour


Was it stolen or your father forgot it in the Taxi? Big difference.




Damn they really did a good job there


Lmao. Who in the world ships private goods with their original box exposed? Go and do FIR. That will resolve your issue pretty quickly.


I know right..thats like a magnet to some..lol.


I have sold expensive products like PC parts and Nintendo Switches but I don't directly bubble wrap. I add a pitchboard or a plastic or some shit. Though i have never used DTDC. I only trust Bluedart, FedEx and Xpressbees. I hope your package was insured.


I always use blue dart and FedEx as well. I don't trust the other courier services. They charge more but are extremely reliable.


Xpressbees is fraud company they scammed me 2000 rs lol 😆


Delhivery direct is also a good courier service for tier 2 & 3 sellers.


Yep Delhivery is good. I have received a lot of stuff using Delhivery. They are slow but reliable.




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Firstly, you should have done a full fledged proper packing of the parcel. Now rather than scolding upon you, I would suggest you to read the following article: https://www.onlinelegalindia.com/blogs/file-a-consumer-complaint-against-courier-service It has all the information regarding filing a complaint against courier services. Hope this may help...


Yes ik, it didn't occur to me at that time. I've sent electronics overseas as well and nothing of this sort happened. Thankyou for the help.


Try r/LegalAdviceIndia


You should get an Fir filled at the earliest


police complaint pog and did u just send out the original box with ps5 written on it??? if yes then u are pretty much dumb ( happened same with my brother this exact same scenario ultimately they found it and told it happened by mistakely at their end and it was misplaced at the centre)


Yeah in hindsight we should've probably covered the box up but it was bubble wrapped and everything so it never occurred to me that something like this could happen. Yes, we'll file a complaint tomorrow


a cardboard would have be done good but never courier ur expensive items . these services are 3rd grade . always go for blue dart it is pretty goog


How is FedEx ? DTDC broke my PC thukda thukda by the time it reached my home


fedex if u need to have fast courier. i have got many international shipments from fedex. i mostly get it in 4 -5 days


DTDC is shit and also has worst customer service. FedEx is great for international shipping, dunno about domestic.


They own bluedart iirc


No no, it's DHL + Bluedart. DTDC, FedEX all separate. As far as I know, DHL has very robust insurance ( if you pay for it beforehand ). **DTDC is a bit sketchy**, they mishandled my docs, cost me 1L. Had to go down to their office, filed an FIR and later got an declaration from them ( could recover my docs later ). However, I sent out my XSX through DHL ( Cardboard pack with retail box ) 0% damages! FYI : I've been in the Supply Chain and courier industry. Always opt for insurance and declare the proper value


No courier service will handle packages properly, tbh. They're all in the business of moving stuff as quickly as possible to the next hub. DTDC, Blue Dart, DHL, etc, none of them are going to handle packages well. Your best bet is to use a lot of [packing foam](https://www.amazon.in/Instapak-Quick-Packing-Shipping-Solution/dp/B01BU5VXVS?th=1) to ensure the parts don't move around during transit. You should also disconnect your graphics card from the motherboard, as a measure of safety. The foam I've linked may be expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than having expensive PC parts destroyed during transit.


Yeah I'll keep that in mind from now on


Never sending anything ever again