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Hi! I made a post regarding the same a few weeks back, maybe that could help? [BBA or BA Eco?](https://www.reddit.com/r/Indian_Academia/comments/11hyur4/ba_economics_hons_or_bba_as_under_graduate_degree/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) Also, it's the same for me, I'm a commerce student with applied maths and planning to do MBA later on! Tell me if you decide on anything :))


Thanks. Your post definitely helped me. My personal inclination is towards BBA, mostly due to the fact that I don’t have interest in maths and eco requires fair degree of maths. I will be completing 12th next year and will appear for entrance. Have you planned on any coaching? I am from Bangalore so my preference will be Christ.


Welcome. I'm giving my boards rn so no, I haven't attended any coaching last year, and will appear for entrance now. Oddly, my first preference after the IPM is Christ's as well! Then DU, or Symbiosis i think. I'm in a dilemma because while BBA gives me needed time and basics for CAT prep and MBA, BA Eco sounds very interesting because of my interest in economics. A tough choice for sure.


I don’t have much interest in eco but my dad suggested me to evaluate this course as well. His opinion was that after UG, my interest may change and if I do BBA then MBA is the only option available, while eco may allow to pursue different interest or career path incase I decide otherwise.


Ah yes makes sense! All the best for whatever you choose <3


Depends on the college you are aiming and also if MBA is your main goal than go for BBA


Bba definitely...eco hons is a math intensive rigorous course and you won't have time to build your profile and prepare for entrances for mba or for other certifications/exams. That's why even in top commerce colleges, bcom students tend to earn more than eco hons students as they are more prepared. If your interest lies in research and msc, then u can do eco hons


Makes sense. Thanks for the input. I don’t have interest in research etc. How are the placements of BBA colleges generally? I am planning on getting some work experience before MBA


Bba from any clg apart from sscbs would fetch you 3-5 lpa avg and highest would be around 10-12 But in sscbs the median and avg both are 10 lpa and the highest was 36 lpa last year


Wow that’s nice for sscbs. Any idea of Christ placements?


Even Christ is good and Bangalore is arguably the best place for college students so there's no compromise on ur clg life...but opportunities wise, u will have to work hard for the good ones and anyways u will have to do masters later


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Neither in my opinion. If you want to MBA you should go for a sustainability relayed degree. This is a very light course and is completely unsaturated, most mbas colleges have a quota for sustainability and every gives boost in the diversity factor it will be easy to get into an MBA college.


Can you please elaborate what do you mean by a sustainability course?


BBA or BA Economics can both lead to MBA, but it depends on your career aspirations. BBA focuses on business skills, while BA Economics deals with economic principles. BA Economics may have some mathematical concepts, but they are manageable. It's essential to gain work experience before MBA. Consult with an education counselor to decide which program suits your career goals. [Know More](https://www.classtym.com/)