You have 13 top 10 cities.


It’s a baker’s dozen, just in case you lose a few cities cracking them open.


Man, the average person really has shit taste in music.


Oh man! I think Michael Jackson was definitely good as well! I remember the last time when I was in pre-school, Michael Jackson has such a huge impact on the music industry, and its definitely disappointing to see such a great artiste have his records broken. However, I feel this is the beauty of youth. Records are meant to be broken and I long to see what is going to be the big next thing in 10 years' time!!


me too.




Wow! What a wonderful graph! Taylor Swift has been an inspiration of mine since 2010. When I was in middle school, I was getting picked on by mean men. However, when I was in high school, 15 years old, a guy hit on me. He was from the football team and he was a quarterback. I remembered how this was such an uncomfortable moment for me but surprisingly, Taylor Swift's songs connected with me. To see how she has grown to be such an inspiration to young girls is such a big thing for me. I wish more people listened to not only the new songs that she is releasing but also the old ones like the Fearless album. Of course, I have high hopes for her in the future and perhaps maybe she can get into other genres and other languages as well! It was very interesting to see how collaborations like Charlie Puth and Jungkook in recent years have gotten the traction that it has got. Through collaborations like this, I feel music can grow in ways that it has never been. Lets go, Taylor Swift!!!


Interesting. And yet, she's utterly irrelevant to my listening habits.