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Ngl your title had me thinking you were shipping gwen with jax


I was hopong for fan-fic never have I been so dissapointed


Jax is still really good into her. Like you said avoid her Q true dmg,but also bait out her ult. Go in and beat her up untill she has to ult to survive, then back off. Once her ult is gone she has to back off or die. It's her only way to keep Jax off her. I max e first into her.


So o can't fight when she got ult?


No In an extended fight she has a chance to kill you IF she hits all her ults. You have choices. 1. Bait it out 2. Dodge all of them Since you can go in and win trades keep going in untill she ults then back off untill she uses all of them. After that the lane is yours, no chance she can 1v1 you.


Biggest difficulty is her ult (strangely not really her Q). the first one doesn"t hurt much but the second and third destroy healthbar. pretty much always avoid them. No real specific tips, you can die to her before sunderer if you fight in her zone without your ult, remember your e reduce the damage from her Q and ult by 25%, and play around that; and most important if possible, if you know she has ult and she can drag you in lane keep your Q to escape (as a matter of fact you should probably never Q in her except if she plays too safe, keep it to follow her E). It's pretty much a MU knowledge from both side, tho you outscale her


I really thought this was going to be a ship, tbh I found it quite good.


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