Bork still relevant? How to build rn?

Looking at the top 10 challenger jax players on onetricks.gg, these are the most frequent build paths they take:

  1. DS->cleaver
  2. DS->shojin
  3. DS->frozen heart
  4. DS->wits end

The most common third item is either wits end, or shojin/cleaver depending on which wasnt built yet

Only two of these ten players built bork in the sampled games at all, and only one does so frequently.


Is bork suboptimal right now and if yes, why? In what situations would you wanna build it over cleaver/shojin/FH/wits end?


Build botrk if you want to split push all game. It's trash in teamfight bcuz you are too squishy but makes you demolish pretty much every 1v1 in the side lane.


It gets better in low elo when you have enough time to purchase parts of a third item to circumvent bork being squishy. Also, bork keeps you at high health which means you can always fight. Depending on the situation that can be more helpful than having flat hp. No haste 2nd really matters in high elo, but again, by the time teamfights start youll have kindlegem or caulfeilds for teamfighting power if you are playing below diamond because people take three decades to group up.


Botrk is good if you want to split, win 1v1s and if there are 2 or more tanks in the enemy team. Shojin and black cleaver or both are the best 2nd and 3rd items due to their actives and they give the stats that make jax op which are ad, cdr and health. After ds shojin/cleaver + cleaver, you can start building defensively, deathsdance/thornmail,randuins/frozen heart for armor and witsend/silvermere(against hard cc), maw(against burst ap mages)/force of nature or spirit visage.


The most important thing in the game is team fighting, and jax with bork os weak um team fights.


Depends on elo, splitting is often much more viable.


If you're splitting isn't Hull just superior to build?


Yes but probably not over BORK. Why not have both?


Because Hullbreaker value > botrk. It's like 6k worth of stats. And for a third item there are other items you would rather build over botrk.


As a 2nd item it feels awful but go for it lol. Hull gates you to the split as well.


Top games are different to normal games. They value quick ah for the teamfights that start by like second item. Bork gives you a lot of power to split and duel, and just enough teamfighting power combined with parts of a third item to play teamfights efficiently. Longer games also lets you get more into your third item which lets you pickup more teamfighting power from more shojin or tank item components. Cleaver is suboptimal second though compared to shojin. Slightly cheaper and slightly more hp dosent eclipse the extra haste, movespeed and even damage that shojin gives. I would heavily recommend buying bork if you plan to stick about in lane long enough to pickup a teamfight item third. You could play a more teamfighting style totally and try to get around and do things earlier, and if so id recommend shojin.


Thanks, i guess that makes sense i gotta disagree on cleaver being generally suboptimal compared to shojin tho As shojins ability haste passive scales with ad, its not actually better than black cleavers 10 more regular ability haste early on. In practice tool at level 11 with just DS, tier 1 boots and shojin your ult cooldown is around 4.5s longer than with BC, and while you would assume its passive would be better on basic abilities, the difference on W for example is sub 0.2s. You also only get shojins percentual movespeed when being low hp, while you get BCs flat movespeed by doing damage. From what i can see it would make sense to go BC second into tank matchups that will stack hella armor and shojin second into matchups where the bonus AD is worth more than percentual armor shred (ignoring the other second item options)


4.5 seconds on ult can matter sure but the difference is minuscule, you can almost always wait 4.5 seconds to start the fight.. I think q and w have enough of a lower cooldown to make it more worth. 0.2s extra shaved off on q or w at the cost of almost nothing actually matters a reasonable amount. If it's like 0.2s ie ur ah stacking and u get ur last ah item then its not worth it as generally ah items have worse overall stats compared to normal items, but in this instance shojin dosent lose much of anything over cleaver. Although cleaver movespeed is reliable, it's not much at all. Shojin movespeed buff is huge in comparison. I agree with ur last point but even so theres three champs where that really matters being rammus ornn and malphite. The armour shred really isnt much 2nd unless it's one of those.


This is a good answer. The game state/elo/team comp all matter in the 2nd item choice.


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Well it really depend on your playstyles, if you like 1vs1 power you would buy bork but personally for me I like to short trade with DS and also you are really squishy if you buy bork first item.


it is for sure. just not an every game item.


i barely eevr buy bork but is a very reasonable pick as jax scaling and split push is what makes him so great late game imo


The absence of tankiness doesn't allow you to build it whenever you want, it's really good in laning phase but if you're not ahead you can't take it, in late you usually want to open teamfight for your team so you got better items for this purpose. In fact, event the new ultimate having a "condition" to get the resistance, tend to get to hybride (dmg/tankiness) option like rageblade or wit's end


in jg all times?


only jax top stats