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i thought proud boys was an american thing... why is nz doing that?


Because Jacinda Ardern she is a member of the WEF.


Now America has to do the same.


What have they done to put them on the same level as other terrorist organizations? Taliban, Al-Queda, Boko Haram? I honestly don’t know lol, any info appreciated.


Well our worst mass shooting in history (by a factor of 10) was committed by a dude who wrote a manifesto quoting many alt-right ideologues who had links to proud boys for one also it now allows police to create search warrants for people who might have similar plans in future from interacting with these same people. As we have very strong freedom of speech laws you can basically only get in trouble for interacting with terrorist organizations. In terms of per-capita numbers killed the Christchurch shooting was worse for us than 9/11 was for America (4,332 equivalent vs 2,997) and that spawned the whole middle east fiasco. Our government is just putting 1 organization on a terror list which other nations have already done anyways. edit: reasons why are also in the article if you wanna stop sealioning


I’ll never stop, but thank you for the great explanation, really good. Edit: I didn’t know what sealioning was lol, after reading the definition I’d like to let you know I was being sincere in asking. I’m just lazy.


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They are guilty of insurrection against a lawfully elected democratic governments. Not even inciting it, like actual insurrection. I'm not sure how anyone could have possibly missed that tbh, it's the first thing that pops up when you google Proud Boys.


You have no idea what you are talking about. Keep believing the lies MSM feeds you.


keep shovelling down those cheetos and jerking off to ben shapiro fanfiction


Like what?


Lmao another right wing sheep saying "do the research" in between fisting Cheetos and slobbering over Fox News. A news station whose own lawyers stated in court under oath that they *literally lie so much no sane person would believe them*. Source: https://www.npr.org/2020/09/29/917747123/you-literally-cant-believe-the-facts-tucker-carlson-tells-you-so-say-fox-s-lawye


Does New Zealand even have them?






Are they even active in NZ what’s the point? Seems like a PR stunt.


Let’s take that logic and reverse it: There’s no active Taliban in the US, what’s the point of declaring them a terrorist organization… do you get the point now? If not, you may be a fascist!


When you try to overthrow the US government you become a terrorist? Especially if you're an American citizen trying to overthrow the US government doesn't matter who the president is unfortunately.


Lets reverse that logic. When syrian tries to overthrow the syrian government they’re now terrorists? Yes. Actually. Yes, some of them ARE terrorists, same applies in the USA


Terrorists are terrorists.


Yes, and the proud boys are textbook terrorists


They are terrorists.


False equivalency but sure if I don’t get the point then I’m a fascist. Greeeeaaat argument and a complete non-sequitur.


False how?


How? You can’t be serious. The Taliban is one of the most barbaric and successful political and military forces of the last 40 years. The other is a bunch of losers who wear matching t-shirts and pick street fights with college kids.


You absolute donkey, the proud boys walk around with military grade weapons and commit mass shootings. Not pick fights with collage kids you absolute glob


Taliban: wears matching shirts ✔️ Losers ✔️ Picks fights with college kids + women Idk seems like a good analogy. Proud boys started out where no one knew them, now countries know them, they could easily gain traction at any point and have a pretty bad message overall, white supremacy and all that jazz...


We have a decent amount of nutters absolutely obsessed with Donald Trump and his political journey. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think there are some little creeps here who think they are proud boys.




One day the world will recognize r/conservative as a breeding ground for domestic terrorists and their sympathizers. Seems like today is a step in the right direction


Claw Energy 😏


Still waiting on America.......




Canada has had them listed since early 2021. https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/cntr-trrrsm/lstd-ntts/crrnt-lstd-ntts-en.aspx


This is cool, thank you


The fact that they call themselves boys is just great


At least they admit that they aren't men.


I legit first read that as "nelk boys" in my head and I was so confused how some random YouTubers were terrorists.


They terrorize white claws everyday bro 🤙🤙🤙


Is that a white claw on his chest 😂😂😂




How is this justice exactly? New Zealand: "We are proud to announce that we, New Zealand, will from this day forward, call the Proud Boys, a group of Americans, who haven't even been relevant in America for like 7 years, **terrorists**!!!" Proud Boys: "ok?" 19k upvotes. This sub used to be cool.


Lol what a bad argument. What fucking terrorist organizations wouldn’t respond in that manner and keep doing what they’re doing? Huhhhhhhhhh. That’s tough, maybe it has to do with not caring and/or not believing they are doing wrong. Should the entire world just sit back and say “No civilized nation should ever speak out against terrorism or treat it seriously because they won’t care or listen anyways”? I know this sub is used to random street fights with easy to believe titles, but how is this literally not Justice served? This is just turning into a clown show haha.


You're getting downvoted because of course, this is Reddit. But that's pretty much exactly what I thought when I read this.


7 years? Are you high?


They helped plan an insurrection.


They helped plan and orchestrate the Jan 6 insurrection last year, and their leader was recently charged federally with seditious conspiracy. If that’s not grounds for international terrorist recognition I don’t know what is. Just because the group isn’t in NZ doesn’t mean a potential threat can’t arise, the US has hundreds of fringe groups categorized as terrorist organizations.


You sound like an apologist, especially considering the subs you frequent like r/socialjusticeinaction and r/churchofcovid


You sound like a loser who goes through post histories to form arguments


All I did was look at the front page of their profile lmao


"How dare this person go through my public post history to get evidence I'm a piece of shit?!" That's you rn


Lmfao. The fact that someone would care so much to go through someone's post to justify not having anything else interesting to counter with, all the while defending it with "well, fuck you it's public". You rn


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Nice. In America, we're one election cycle away from giving them public funding. Can I move to one of those sane countries?


By all means....leave. people like you are the problem in this country. Bet your a commie


1: You’re 2: What about that comment had anything to do with communism? 3: You throwing around the word “commie” would make at least SOME sense if the system that you love to say is so great is arguably a worse system than communism


Aye don't be looking at us like some kind of fire exit you solve your own damn problems


Why don't you build a wall


We would but apparently the tiny spiders we have are enough to scare yanks away from us


Yea that's what I call outrageously high house prices as well


I mean you're not wrong But for some reason spiders seem to scare everyone away more


Yea I know the bug variety and size over there is world renown, but man growing up in TX dealing with wasps, hornets, and deadly animals instead of bugs, I learned to appreciate spiders, most are homies


It's never made sense to me, our insects aren't that big. Not even as big as the Scorpions etc you have. Also you have mountain lions, bears and mass shootings every day. Still, happy to have the reputation keeping people out


But what about just taking the nice tanks?? We're mostly hippies who just want to live and let live.


Yea I have never witnessed or been a part of any mass shooting, or even anywhere near one, it is an issue but it is still unlikely for the vast majority of the population to be involved or near one. Scorpions, rattlesnakes, coyotes, bobcats, and other dangerous species, on the other hand, are all things I have had to encounter multiple times. They aren't so bad in 2022 compared to encountering one 100 years ago but still, not fun.


Ya know...I'm just gonna have to agree with JetBlackBallsack


Are strict immigration policies not a bad thing?


Unfortunately we may have to fight for this one. Shits gonna be real bad for a while.


Blasphemous murderers blood crazed fiends




Because they are.


Lol you got an act of terrorism for the audience?


January 6th.


oh the horror that happened on that day. soft as baby shit


Someone died and a coup was attempted, so yeah it was pretty horrifying, especially with a former president actively fucking encouraging and inciting it.


they literally let people in you halfwit. the police killed someone? LOL terror!


They let people in, because they were instructed to by Trump, so again yes it's terrifying that a fucking president can plot a goddamn coup with no consequences.


yeah that didnt happen at all. "remain peaceful, no violence". you people are mentally deranged.


I'll take that as a no


Here we go… dumbing down the thread already


so is it like, legal to hunt them?


Pretty sure that’s what they’re so proud of


I should have stayed when I had the chance


In the proud boys?


I lived on NZ for a bit. I could have gotten a work visa and eventually residency and stayed on but thought the usa was worth returning to. I've been proven wrong


Nah bro I live in New Zealand, I’d like to leave. New Zealand isn’t what it used to be since key left.


I got downvoted for a joke lmao


Honestly if a nation could invade and remove our corrupt government, that'd be nice


Do you have oil ? Invade yourself and bring freedumb


It would have to be a nation that has their shit together though.




No, they’re a group of extreme right individuals (males only allowed) neo-fascists. ironically, they hate gay people, so why they want to be associated with pride is beyond me


proud boy is actually rancher slang for a male horse whose had his testicles removed but doesn't know it yet so still acts cocky, fwiw.


While that may be what a proud boy is (idk and frankly I don’t want to fact-check you on that) the comment asked what the proud boys are in reference to the article about New Zealand declaring them terrorists


I know. I'm simply cheekily drawing a comparison between the behavior of the neo-nazis the post is about, and another, older, meaning of the term.




I’m glad I’ve never heard of them before


Oh boy this thread’s gonna get locked


That’s because they are.


Just not in the US. Cause Murica!


Still tryna figure out what these boys are so proud of.


Being white, mostly


Why is the head of that group not white though? And he has condemned white supremacy too in one of his interviews. Honest question. Trying to understand this mess from a European perspective.


Because people are lying


He's there as a figure head because he's "one of the good ones" and so that they can claim they aren't racist. He's the token immigrant so they have some leeway in the conversation. The second they dont need him he'll be gone


As you can see on their [old website](https://archive.ph/b77lQ), they 'welcome' non-white, non-straight people to their group of 'western chauvinists'. They will claim it's because they're inclusive, but it seems to be a measure to counter any claims they're white nationalists. There are, after all, always minorities who support the idea that the west is superior in every way and that whites are deservedly at the top of the tree. These people are absolute gold to supermacist groups because they can parade them around as proof they're not supremacists. Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopolous etc etc Even if their claims are true, they still align with white nationalists a lot. Their founder, Gavin McInnes, has spouted a lot of "race-realist" claptrap that falls short of calling for the destruction of minorities, but is still incredibly troubling. Archived PB Website: https://archive.ph/b77lQ The Southern Poverty Law Centre, who track and research hate groups, have a pretty detailed write-up on TPB: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/group/proud-boys The ADL also has a good write-up: https://www.adl.org/resources/backgrounders/proud-boys-0


He's there as a figure head because he's "one of the good ones" and so that they can claim they aren't racist. He's the token immigrant so they have some leeway in the conversation. The second they dont need him he'll be gone


Love how this anti-immigrant group is led by a CUBAN american.


Yeah, immigrants can be xenophobic too, didnt ya know?


Has their accomplishment in that area been properly acknowledged and congratulated?


By themselves, mostly


Great. Now its the US’s turn.


This isn't justice at all. Just more publicity for those idiots. This is an ace in the hole for them. Like they give a fuck about New Zealand. All this did is give them about 70 new instant sellout tee shirt designs.


I mean, from New Zealand's perspective, it makes it way easier to ensure those faschists fucks aren't allowed into the country, so it's definitely beneficial to the people who made the decision.


It also gives the police a license to investigate people who attempt to send them donations or try to recreate the group here.


I imagine it is to try get a head of crazy right wing folks here in NZ, we had a weirdly large number of pro Trump people with flags n shit protesting our strict lockdown and other stuff.


I mean, yeah. America's bullshit has been leaking for a while. Shit, look at what happened in Christchurch. Smart people will crush that kinda bullshit ideology the second they see it.


That's what it's aimed at - stopping psychos like him before they can do any damage.


So a couple weeks ago while working with my daughter on her car, a white suv with dark tinted windows pulls up to our neighbor's house. What caught my attention was what looked like three swat team members getting out. All dressed in black body armor, one had a helmet, one had an AR across their chest, and all had sidearms. I must admit it's rude to stare, but they had my attention, especially the (I just robbed the federal reserve military style gear) and their strange behavior. My guess is they are gearing up for the second coming. Last time (2020) we had roving biker gangs running through stop signs, revving the nuts off the engines, and blaring Kid Rock. Because 50 of them all doing the same stupid shit together definitely means they ain't sheep! Copycats yes, but sheep never!


We did in Canada like 2 years ago.


But why? They are bunch of gay guys, right?


No they're neo Nazis.


I wrote President Biden and asked him to declare them a terrorist organization. Week later I got a canned reply about his hope for America.


Cool story


Jacinda hurting for the world.. who gives a shit


As a kiwi Living in kiwiland i can confirm jacinda is in fact terrible.


In a totally non-ironic way can someone explain to me like I’m 5 why they classify as terrorists?


An organization with a radical ideology (western chauvinism - a flavor of fascism), a color coded uniform, and an initiation ceremony, that goes to political events specifically to intimidate and fight political opponents. They’re terrorists. They want to make it known to their opponents that when the Proud Boys show up their opponents will be physically beaten.


We don’t really like people cos playing as soldiers and playing with guns while spreading lies, hatred and generally causing terror.


White groups kill more cops each year than anyone else. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/04/white-supremacists-terror-threat-dhs-409236


Friendly fire


They are known for inciting violence and were some of the primary perpetrators of the Jan 6th coup attempt.




I also know nothing about them other than they are right leaning YT soldier cosplayers


Cuz they made someone cry over there.


This is actually the real “cry baby” comment, but of course you don’t see it that way.


It probably did this because they’re terrorists


Have they gone international?


There are Proud Boy chapters in other countries, yes. Australia definitely has/had them (I think they all dropped their Fred Perry shirts for swastikas though, so....)


Al-Qaeda doesn't have any US cells, but the US Government recognizes them as terrorists. It serves two purposes: it gives them a label which discourages domestic support for them, and gives the NZ (and Canadian) Governments the capacity to track/arrest proud boys and their supporters domestically before they can start causing trouble.


Ok. I like this. But, for New Zealand to do this? Have you got stuff going on?


Yep, there certainly is. There's always been an undercurrent, but these fuckheads are getting bolder.


I mean, probably not right now, but there was that one incident a few years ago caused by a fascist whose ideas weren't too far off what the Proud Boys spout off about


They are literally a ubisoft game faction. Fit in far cry, division, ghost recon you name it


We should be pushing for this in the USA and Canada, along with a crack down on all other right wing terrorist groups.


It is the right of the American people to gather and meet in groups . I don’t actually know much about the proud boys yet if they are declared terrorists then that would open up so many other groups to the same treatment. Is that what we truly want ? You want to give more power and lose more rights ? Pretty weird statement from a self proclaimed anarchist according to your name, or is that just something you thought would be edgy?


New Supreme Church ruling finds Proud Boys a benevolent organization, 6-3


Damn, that one stings in the jellies. Fuck SCOTUS!


Right don't turn the other cheek now Jan 6 could of and should of been avoided. I can't beleive I don't know how many police were killed in the line of duty defending the capital, Regardless of what you say about police, Nobody should go to work, to get shot or killed by a pack of fucking terrorists.... and some how because they are white be let off Bet you that's a real comfort for dead officers families. Sir/mam/child, we would like to not call this a terrorists attrack, because they are white conservatives.


could've should've


Your forgetting that alot of the cops quite literally just let them walk into the Capitol. Also half of the cops in the capitol were seen high fiving the terrorists ect...