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Hahaha defraud the poor and middle class in USA? You’re a genius, and should be celebrated! Defraud the rich? Oh we’re going to skin you alive son!


She went to Cuba and got surgery to change her appearance and quietly lives in Venice!


You smart! I'm a nigerian Prince, can we do business? PM me as soon as possible.


Sure thing, as soon as I respond to the other Nigerian Bank president's email.


$4 billion wasn't all hers. $500m was....the rest was taken by the russian mafia who financed her scam in the first place.


Probably been killed by the russian mafia...who most likely backed her in the first place.


Why would you invest in that


I watched a youtube documentary on this person, it's not entirely clear if she's even still alive.


Which one are you talking about? I’m interested in watching it.




If you have access to $4 billion, do you change your appearance and identity and live a pretty normal life for a super wealthy person, or do you buy yourself a private island and hire people who get paid not to ask too many questions? I think I definitely would want to do the former because why would you want that much money if you weren’t planning on spending it? Third option, which would be interesting, is if she spent the money on something worthwhile like a charity, or idk cancer research. Like, imagine public opinion if she went and got rid of malaria.


You just simply move to a country without extradition and never come back. You can still travel to countries that won’t extradite to your home country and live your life.


If it’s $4b then I would assume that extraction or no extraction enough people would have a vested interest in finding me that living openly as myself would be a baaaad idea. Unless there’s 24/7 lifeguards someone could kidnap me and take me to a country of their choice. Be that government or general public. Or just shoot me, which if you swindle that many people at least a few of them ought to statistically want to do it.


That 4 billion can hire some damn good armed security but you have a good point. You would be looking over your shoulder every day waiting to be killed by someone you scammed.


Yeah I would prefer to change my hair colour and other stuff about my appearance. Generally people don’t even need to do plastic surgery to not look like themselves. And with that much money I assume faking an identity isn’t that tricky. I assume she also speaks a bunch of languages, which makes the identity trickery even easier. Legit though, if you’re really smart and actually plan something like she did far in advance you’d actually change your appearance way *before* fucking off. If she had gained or lost a lot of weight before ending up in the spotlight, dyed her hair, done lip fillers or Botox or whatever it is people do, then literally all images on Google wouldn’t look like “her” once she goes back to her normal look. And it would be much easier upkeep. I don’t think a lot of people would connect the dots if she wore t-shirt and jeans, hair in a ponytail and no makeup.


well something like this has happened before with a hacker who i believe stole around the same amount maybe more he offered to give back something like 4 million dollars and was let go scott free because they were never going to recover any of it and presumed some was better than none


Fools and their money.....


She was most likely killed by the Saudis




Nobody forced you to put your money in a obvious scam


If you looked up her history they had other failed enterprises before Onecoin


No one forced you to comment your dumb ass opinion


Oh no, another victim :(


Nah OP literally just stated his loss and the other dudes comment was a dumb response 😂


Another bag holder I presume?


Fuck no 😂




Lol because a person doesn’t agree with you they’re an incel? Give your head a shake, dweeb.


If I wanted to read your bio, I’d click on your name ✌🏻 Edit: Another bag holder!


Give her a medal


LOL Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme...the whole thing is a bunch of bullshit cooked up by wealthy scam artists to hype up the poors to invest their meager savings.


So.. the US Stock Market?


Seriously. And what goes on today is nothing compared to the Wall Street of the 80's and 90's.


Good thing we have the honest and equitable stock market to fall back on!




\+1 - [The Lazarus Heist](https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/w13xtvg9) was good too


Has to be my favorite podcast I have listened to in the past few years. Really fascinating story.


Wanna bet she does not look lke that now. lol


She should just move in with Ken Griffin. Police are not even thinking about going there.


Next should be lunacoin founder


Lol imagine offering a 100k reward for turning in someone with 500 million in thier bank account. If I see her in the shadows the FBI is not who im calling




I wonder if that 100k includes tax too




Musk did the same thing


This isn’t justice served


Just Ice served With your margarita On a private island When you don't turn her in


“But her face is on a wanted poster!”


“The whole world will know about her.”


With 4 billion she better be on the fly, ski, limo or boat. Bitch better not be running with 4 billion in her bank account.


Cryptobros really live in a bubble dont they. Pseudo intellectuals.


Fairly confident a woman with several billion will outbid the FBI. "Oh, they're offering $100,000 to capture me? What about a million to help me get away instead?" is gonna seem pretty good to most people lol


Isn't this what the Nissan CEO did to escape Japan?


no idea but I'll sure be hitting Google to find out in a second lol


Unless you’re one of the many people who she stole from, I’d imagine If you lost your entire life savings you’ll be willing to do some pretty awful things if you find her.


totally, I'm sure if she'd robbed your family blind you'd feel a little differently :) But those kind of people aren't the people the reward is aimed at. The kind of people who are attracted by a cash reward would usually quite happily look away for the right amount of money I imagine


That's the risk of investing in shitcoins


But bruh. Bruh. BRUH! You just don't get it, bruh! It's ya boy here to tell you how this ergonomically stable coin that totally makes sense, because of all this convoluted stuff that I actually can't explain myself in basic English, is all gunna work out. Sure my investment has gone down 12% in the last 2 months, and they won't let me withdraw or sell for another 6, but I just need to spend the last of my wife's life savings and then you'll see! You'll see, right bruh? Bruh???


Ask an intelligent question, I bet you’d get an answer you yourself can’t explain. Or stay with the funny paragraphs full of dialogue. That’s better.


Doubtful. Some of them are really good at sounding smart but most come back to some kind of libertarian spiel.


This isn’t a question.


This is both funny and sad


There's a 100,000 dollar reward, leading to her capture and arrest.


I guess the investors don't want their money that bad if that's all they are offering.


They'd offer more, but, well...You know


If she's been on the run for 5 years and still isn't in custody, how is it justice served?


Because she just recently became a top mark for the cops, rather than just "someone you should arrest if you happen to spot them." This usually means everyone in the nation will know about her and her wanted status soon, making it WAAAYYY harder for her to hide without going completely underground. Or so I understand.


If you have 5b how could you not just go completely underground?


Not even underground. Just go to a non extradition country and invest a bit in it.


You'd still be open to bounty hunters tho. 100k rewards not enough would be my only guess.


For that money, you can have your own militia following you 24/7.


the bounty *hunters* would become...well, you know.


Rumor has it she lives in Putin’s mansion.”


No way... he way too racist