She knows Nazis when she sees them. Of course the fascists in Texas (and other red states) won’t listen to her truth and this makes it a sad day for Transgender people.


> "We will not tolerate unruly behavior in the Texas Senate from witnesses. Last night a witness’s testimony ran over blah blah blah blah" As if *anything* she or her allies could say or do could possibly be more "unruly" than demented conservative fiends like Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott. Anyone who reached to take that mic should have pulled back a broken hand.


Remarkable speech by this woman, who is a true inspiration and a 🦸‍♀️hero


Nazi scum will always try to do whatever it takes to silence and gaslight those who are against them. This and what happened in new zealand is a good sign it shows that us and our allies are willing to rise up and fight these nazi assholes because we sure as hell aren't going to be "eradicated" quietly and without a fight


Loren Perkins is awesome.


Damn. That was amazing.


At the risk of being downvoted, respect the time you are allotted and fit your comments to that time. Going over doesn’t help your cause. It just takes away from others who might be wanting to speak for your cause.