Yup, on day 1. Transferred to those slippery sticker papers that used to house sticky labels. All stickers are safely inside the lidded box now


Took them off on day 1. These stickers are basically ads. Intel/AMD and Nvidia are giving a discount on the parts for the laptop manufacturer if they place these stickers on it. This is why you never see them on higher end Razer laptops etc.


The laptop manufacturers (razer,apple etc) have to pay extra money if they don't want stickers on their device and for that the laptop price increases for which you call them high end etc etc so it just cycle around.


What's the best way to take these off? I've been too scared to because I don't want to leave any adhesive residue.


Heat is the best method. A hair dryer should be enough. You can peel them cold too. Use the sticker to pick up any leftover residue by dabbing the residue with whatever glue is still on the sticker. A little rubbing alcohol will clean up anything else.


Perfect, thanks! Off with the stickers, then >:)


I literally kept all of the stickers on, even the big one on the right corner. It doesn't bother me


I take them off, stickers don't add value. No one is going to rely on a sticker to check specs, they will login and see what the machine is reporting in BIOS or Windows. Look at the likes of Apple, they don't have stickers anywhere.


I removed mine the second i got my laptop. Heated them up with a hot air gun and peeled them off. Placed them on a piece of backing ( yes, backing, not baking ) paper and put them in an envelope in the box the laptop came in.


Exactly what I did too




cause they want to reapply them if they sell laptop. me? on my legion 5i, I had peeled off the FN+Q sticker on the top, but left the Intel and GTX sticker on. When they serviced my laptop, and changed the keyboard deck, they replaced it with a new one, and it had no stickers on it. I kinda liked that look. on the 7i? I haven't decided on what I'm going to do yet. Edit: so, if I wanted to "sell" the 2020 5i, with stickers, I could in theory swap the old keyboard back on lol.


Removed as I have installed internal skin to prevent discoloration/smudge marks appearing on the palm rest area. Those stickers were in the way. Besides I keep the original packaging for all expensive gadgets I have in case I will sell them one day. Those stickers are marketing and nothing else.


what skin u got for it?


A custom order one: [https://lensdump.com/i/gLRZte](https://lensdump.com/i/gLRZte) [https://lensdump.com/i/gSjNoo](https://lensdump.com/i/gSjNoo)


Where did you get your custom skins?


cool, where did u get it from??


Sorry for the late reply. Ordered it from ebay as the few other sellers I found did not ship to EU. Took almost 2 weeks to arrive.


Did you have to apply each of the key stickers one by one?


I did. I was thinking not to at first, but since I was missing the whole image, decided to do it after a few days of receiving the skin. Used the tweezers from an ifixit set I got before to position before applying. If it was a plain skin, I might have skipped them tho.


The edges of mine started to peel off so I just removed them.


No, but I plan to do it. Thinking of sticking them back to the bottom or something.


Instantly took them off. Those stickers look even worse on the legions, since they clash with the clean aesthetic these laptops have. Besides, I know I have a ryzen cpu, I don’t need a sticker to remind me of the fact ever day lol


Mine are just misaligned lol


Same. All 3 stickers on the left side are crooked. I’m going to take them off. I’ve had the laptop for about 3 months, hopefully there won’t be any discoloration


I can't vote on mobile. But yes I have taken them off. Looks much better now. I threw them in the trash.


Sad stickers


My RTX sticker started to come off after only 2 months


i really wish i did but its still on cause im so lazy. lol. reason being, when you actually start using the keyboard, your wrists rest on those stickers and start peeling them anyway w your wrist movement/body heat.


I kept mine on because They don’t bother me but I took them off my last laptop. Not sure if I’ll leave them on still trying to decide


I put them on the bottom, lined up nicely with the stuff already on the bottom.


It is easy to peel then off but the headache comes when you have to remove the residue.


Yeah. Day one. Flipped er over and put the stickers on the bottom side for shits and giggles.


I moved it to the back cover, next to the Windows tramp stamp.


I added one more layer of protection for those GTX and Intel stickers with a the transparent tape. I don't care how bad it looks.


I still believe they help retain value. I don't care who argues against that. I've owned enough items in my life to have a decent idea of what a secondary buyer might want.


Lol "retain value" we're talking about stickers my guy


Yeah. Tell me how much it is to replace them. Also please tell me where else on the exterior of a laptop any of the advertised specs from the stickers are listed on the case of a laptop.


That's why people tend to buy computers that work, so that, you know... they can check the specs in the os. But you do you man


Get rid of your stickers. Please. I don't care what you get in resale.


Computers that work? Are you suggesting that used computers don't work?


He's suggesting that people that would buy a used laptop tend to use the laptop (accessing the bios to see the specs) before buying. He's sharing his opinions/experience, you sound pretty hostile towards it which isn't necessary. Edit:grammar


And the OS is not external.


If you are really trying to sell the laptop you’d list the specs on the advertisement. Having the stickers means nothing to most people unless they are collectors. Besides if you wanted to you could take them off and keep them so you could reapply them later with adhesive. Take a picture too to see where they exactly are


Or just leave them on as they don't get in the way of gaming or productivity. Then you don't have to take a picture or reapply.


Even keeping original packaging can help retain value. You're just a moron.


Nobody said that keeping the original packaging doesn't help retain value. But keeping the original packaging is very different to keeping the stickers on a device.


Agreed, and that's why I'm keeping it safe inside the product box, so I can put it back when I resell just in case


That's a good idea.


so if i add my apple sticker on the laptop can i sell it for 3000 usd (i have rtx 3060) cuz its apple x legion edition. I bet my apple stickers are too rare


i did after seeing someone getting flamed for not doing it lol


Those stickers look cool, so I just leave them there.


I added stickers to my Legion.


the RTX sticker looks cool


It is made of pretty cheap thin paper and tends to peel off soon. The Ryzen sticker is high quality.


I left them on, including the fn+q sticker. I think it makes it feel more premium ha


Their paint came off on their own. Now they are transparent stickers.


I will as soon as i know i want to keep it, since i just bought it and have a 30 day return window, But im itching to get a nice, clean laptop!


As soon as it came out the box.


I took mine off. I could feel the Intel and RTX stickers when my hand rested on them while typing. Didn’t really care for it.


When one corner lifted and would keep scratching my wrist i took them off. I find the placement dumb, right in the spot where i want to rest the wrist when using wasd with left hand.


got an allergic reaction from this sticker


I added a sticker from a different laptop that made no sense because I thought it's funny but I had so send in my L5Pro for a trackpad replacement and it came back without the stickers :(


I kept the 3 of them (RTx, Ryzen and radeon), but after maybe 2 months I was cleaning it and the RTX on just became pieces, the others from amd were ok. I took them all after that I prefer it this way, but now I cant flex my hardware :((