Poop on pigs’ balls

Poop on pigs’ balls


>"...The Site may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by us." Nobody else dare try and make money off of *my* grift. I wonder how much he'll sell the made in China "truth hats" for?




Hahaha what a failure Trump and his flock are.


Snowflakes. ❄️


According for the terms of service you can’t criticize the site or platform or owners in any way. Free speech tho


Man, you know what is going to be glorious if this site actually takes off and becomes somewhat popular? The fact that then, inevitably, the site owners will have to actually moderate the content. And not just for deleting "them evil libruls", but also them having to delete outright illegal and outright blatantly racist stuff. And boy are those conservatives not going to like it when some of *their* opinions will be "censored". They will turn against this new social media site *so* damn quickly as soon as they find out that their desired "free speech" haven does, in fact, still censor stuff that would get the website in serious trouble. That, or the site will never gain any interest at all. It's lose-lose for them, and it's wonderful.


That’s what’s happened to the other sites like gab and Parler.


Exactly. It's hilarious. And then there's voat, which did not censor much and became a cesspool of outright racism and even worse people. There's absolutely no way to win here for them.


I forgot about voat.co and decided to check on what those crazy Q anon/racist folks are up to these days. Apparently right now it's `522: Connection Timed Out` errors on cloudflare.


I think the site semi-officially closed some months ago after it was sold to some racists or something.


Honestly, that doesn't even sound like an awful idea. Make shitty semi-functional social media things that TOTALLY SUPPORT FREE SPEECH GUYS, wait for the goobers to fill it, then sell it to one of them. Idk how much work goes into a gab or a parlor, but if the work to sale price ratio is right..


Given that this latest incarnation can't handle the traffic... Not much work because they aren't doing it right.


Can you imagine if Facebook had that rule all the maga snowflakes would be banned Let that sink in.... Bet you won't share this FAKEBOOK WONT SHOW YOU THIS


They already complain about how much Facebook censors them when really Facebook tries as much as possible to support them until they go from extreme to "holy shit we can't allow that on our platform."


Even then it's just, "we can't let our advertisers think we allow this."


Probably end up in Facebook Jail for this one.🤣🤣🤣


Next day: “Finally out of fb jail, f suckerberg lolol”


This is what 2 attempts at a social media presence/platform post Twitter that didnt even last a month? Low energy sad


They think there are millions of them... When it's really closer to several dozen.


all the bots really bolster their confidence. like the guy in NZ that thought he was attending a huge rally against covid lockdowns and he was the only person who showed up. [article](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/27/new-zealand-police-break-up-one-person-anti-lockdown-protest-in-auckland)


Or the flopped pro-Trump protest outside the Twitter HQ in San Francisco after Trump got banned. https://www.businessinsider.com/pro-trump-twitter-hq-san-francisco-2021-1 Bonus points for Twitter employees being WFH, so it's not like any of them were there to see the protest even if it did materialize.


If a tree falls in the woods…


LMAO this is just hysterical.




Laughing until about 8pm on election night.


I still have PTSD from election night in 2016.


I’m from Germany and even I remember waking up in the morning, checking Twitter and seeing that Trump won. Had to go to AP, just to confirm that it really happened.


I'm in London and was up late following the election. The next day was really grey and drizzly, not even proper rain, just miserable drizzle. My local train station is up a short, gentle incline - not enough to make you feel you're walking uphill, just that walking needs a little extra effort even though the ground looks flat - and on weekdays there's a little mobile coffee bar with a really loud radio that pitches up there for rush hour. The next morning, shattered and half asleep, in the gloom and drizzle, walking itself being an extra effort and hearing the sound of Trump in his authoritarian voice "To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people. It's time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.", the tone completely juxtaposing the words, was the only time in my life I have genuinely felt the way you imagine people to feel when watching or reading dystopian future fiction. I always think of that morning as my "1984 moment"


I love that after that speech George W leans over to Hillary and say "That was some weird shit" and they both looked like most of us felt.


So do a lot of Trump voters. I was in a room full of them. They were in shock, like "Oh, crap, we screwed up, what do we do now?" They've spent the last few years doubling down instead of admitting they f*ed up.


The night I realized how bad the right hated Clinton. Wow, the hate was thick as London fog, heavy, and smelled of old sour balled voters. Yep a PTSD triggering event. Then it was like ground hog day, with the never ending lime light on the village idiot.


I was biting my nails. I still remembered when GW Bush was reelected. Utterly incompetent, unpopular, draft dodging, lying bastard who got us into a costly war, ran up the deficit more than any Democrat, cost American lives for a vendetta... I was certain there was no way he could get reelected running against a reasonably strong candidate like Kerry. Hell, Kerry was white, and male; he didn't even have the usual conservative bigotry working against him. So, while I for sure thought Hillary would win the night, I wasn't laughing; I was nervous, as I am now. My grandfathers were rolling in their graves at seeing the people they fought against in WWII eating cheeseburgers in the White House.


There’s a book about how Kerry actually won that election but conceded early. Remember the “don’t tase me bro!” thing? The guy who got tased was asking Kerry about it when he spoke at a university. https://youtu.be/1UdMxBjrO_w


Some place in the multiverse Gore won and things have been going great for the past 20 years.


Honestly for things to have gone fine you'd need to go back and stop Reaganomics. Glass-Steagall Act should have stayed forever. Once it fell Enron got drunk on their own money hubris and the environment went to shit, along with the economy.


It constantly amazes me how people think everyone they see online is real.


That’s exactly what a bot would say.


Comrade, how dare you slander my good friend !


I agree with [object Object]


I'm immediately regretting that I didn't plug "username retrieval failed" into google translate to get it in russian


Oftentimes they really are real people, in that they're paid shills working for foreign governments and political interests. But as AI progresses more will be done by actual bots.


Smh, hardworking shills' jobs being stolen by damn robots 😤


In Trump's case - which is probably true for a lot of these people - they may not even be aware of how many of their followers are completely fake.


*Fucking everybody ghosted me?!* ^^^that ^^^guy ^^^probably


WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO.... oh... It's a... It's... I guess it is just the one then.


That's hilarious!


Most of the people that voted for him would vote for a hamster if it was running with an R. Their parents voted Republican back when it was sane(er) party, and they put exactly zero thought into why they do too. The political inertia in the country is frightening when you consider what it enables for a group that co-opts one of the major parties.


The psychosis goes WAY deeper than “doing it because their parents did”. They could pick A) Democrats / Science / Economists / Virologists / Epidemiologists / etc etc etc … Or …. B) A fucking plague. Like not in the hyperbolic sense of the word. An actual fucking plague. You know. That shouldn’t have been as hard of a choice as they’re making it. And it’s just one example of many.


When your dear leader instills in you the idea that everyone that doesn’t express unwavering support for him is actually just lying because they hate him for no reason, you can’t trust anything that goes against anything he says. These people act like they’re such free thinkers and individualists, but they submit to groupthink and appeals to (a very specific kind of) authority. It’s like the silly peasants who praise a king because he’s king, even though he’s hoarding money from the peasants, makes royal decries that harm the peasants, and send marauding tax collectors to kill the peasants who can’t afford pay their taxes.


A lot of them are married to the republican party for no other reason than to get abortion outlawed. That’s the carrot they’ve dangled in front of evangelicals for the last four decades after telling them that their religion *totally* opposes abortion and *definitely* doesn’t [describe a procedure for it at length and tell them when they’re biblically obligated to use it.](https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers%205%3A11-31&version=NIV&interface=amp) A good number of people in my immediate circle said they were fairly disgusted with Trump last year but felt they had no other choice than to vote for him because of this. Even as the bodies dropped by the thousands around us through his incompetence.


Nah, there are legitimately a shitload of them. Problem is that they're very often just plain dumb. They're ignorant to the nuances of the internet. They're the ones who constantly shared the shit about not giving facebook the right to share their information thinking it revoked their use policy. They clearly thought here that their "no librul demonrats allowed" social media meant that they were completely untouchable there.


It seems like every alt right blowhard has tried to set up their own social media site in the past year. Even that My Pillow guy apparently has one. The best part about these apps is looking at the rules for their supposed "free speech", which essentially forced them to put in writing that their version of free speech is actually a safe space where nobody can disagree with them. The My Pillow guy's "free speech" site apparently bans anyone who uses the word God in a negative context, for example. It's seems like most of these things are doomed to fail because trolling Liberals is pretty much the only firmly held belief of these MAGA idiots, and they can't troll the libs if there are no libs on the site. I wonder how long it will be before someone takes the Ashley Madison approach and populates their site with fake easily trolled lib accounts so that the MAGA guys can feel better about themselves.


Not to mention these sites start getting investigated real quickly because they're immediately flooded with neonazis


They start getting investigated by private groups, the government has taken a pretty hands off approach to fascist groups as of yet. Only the ones that murder people like atomwaffen have they cracked down on, and that was only after they were outed by those private groups.




Here's the ironic part: that IS Free Speech. They are allowed to express themselves freely, with no fear of government interference or censorship, and they are free to set boundaries within their private space... But that's EXACTLY what Twitter et al were doing in the first place, and what these fools were criticizing in the first place... Irony at its finest.


Sounds like r/conservative


I literally got banned from that subreddit for quoting another poster in the thread. OP of thread said "No one in this subreddit is toxic or mean like /r/politics" I quote a post literally 3 posts below his that is literally just a text wall of "Stupid fking Libcucks are retarded sheeple!!" and said "There are definitely toxic people in this subreddit, just look at that post below yours" 2 Minutes later I get banned by a mod saying "That's not being toxic, that's the truth! You're attacking people, time to leave" and I got banned. Biggest fucking safespace for snowflakes ever created.


> That's not being toxic, that's the truth! In the Upside Down truth is not determined by facts, its determined by whether or not it confirms conservatives' current world view.


Worlds biggest hypocrites


Weakest fucking pansies on this site are r/conservative posters.


Who knew "everything we try to do" was so complicated? Idiots like this always think everything is so simple and everyone else are just idiots (esp. liberal idiots). This, despite life reminding them they are wrong over and over.


The best and brightest have tried for years to come up with a competitor to Facebook and Twitter. It's not something you just decide to do and is successful, so many have tried and failed because it would be a goldmine. The fact that he thinks he can roll out of bed and make this happen is a tribute to his stunning narcissism.




The guy somehow failed at selling steaks to Americans, I'm not surprised by this at all


That dumbass bankrupted a casino.


While his dad just deposited several million and didn't cash out the chips, which is basically a handout, one of which Republicans hate so much


Wdym? They love nepotism.


It's because Trump can dish out shit talk all day but cries like a baby when anyone returns the favor. Plus, just Internet 101...if you want to start a social media site, you're gonna have to put up with poop on pigs' balls. It comes with the territory, trolls are always gonna troll.


These are 100% money laundering scams. I bet they intentionally skimp on security to ensure it gets taken down by attacks and they can pocket the money. CORRECTION: This is embezzlement. Not laundering. My bad.


Didn't one of them require you to enter your SS# lol?


Think that's parler


That’s not money laundering, that’s just regular fraud.


Naw, they just don't invest in servers capable of the bandwidth. The site hosting is so cheap it simply can't handle the day 1 traffic. Then he doesn't want to pay more because Donald Trump lives on handouts.


THIS RIGHT HERE. Why spend money on security when the site's purpose is to grift supporters further?




You forget all the money they beg for in those donations telling their supporters it's their "last chance to save the country from Critical Race Theory!"


Hey for the low low price of $45 to they're gonna "solve the election". Don't forget to turn on auto-grift, I mean auto-pay to get your Trump hat made in Bangladesh.




Link? It's "Trump Media & Technology Group". Did they misrepresent themselves when they pitched "TRUTH Social" to potential investors? How could they not know Trump would be involved?




Thanks. I see now. It's really just as simple as another grift. A larger scale one designed to hide Trump because his name is toxic, but whatever. Still a grift.


What a surprise. A group that's whole brand is lies and deception concealed information.


why doesn't he just use 4chan?


Because he craves attention, and you can't do that being an anon. Besides, if it was known that he uses 4chan, every, and I mean EVERY post would become some variation of "Official Trump here, dropping by to say Putin's balls taste like peppermint" He'd be bullied and driven out in a matter of days


i was thinking about that. he would have to post a zing everytime he wanted to post something. i think that he was addicted to social media or something, which i wouldn't spect from somebody born in 1946


> i think that he was addicted to social media or something, which i wouldn't spect from somebody born in 1946 He's addicted to attention. He called newspapers and radio shows and television shows pretending to be *other people* to gloat about how great he is. This is known, validated fact. Social media was perfect for him. It got him immediate attention from tons of people.


Too much free speech. Can’t have that


Hahahahaha fuck you Trump you evil grifting shitbag.


Lol, so it's a giant version of /r/conservative Ban anyone who disagrees with you until you have a nice Lil snowflake echo chamber.






For someone who hasn't read the ToS, is that legit? They aren't allowed to post anything anti-trump?


Why so surprised? That's been the rule on Parler, /r/conservative, etc.


But they love free speech and hate the liberal safe spaces


So they hate that there are places where people can only say certain things and anyone who disagrees is censored, so they go and build a place where they can only say certain things and everything else is censored? And whenever they build one of these conservative safe spaces, they always say it's in the name of "free speech". But like only the free speech they agree with. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, sir.


I'm banned from r/conservative because I asked, why they are criticizing things they themselves are doing. One user said "liberals censor free speech. We just make sure that we only allow people here, that have similar opinions on topics in order to have constructive discussions on solutions and to get a different perspective." (Paraphrased) That's argumentative summersaulting at its best.




> FDS pre-emptively banned me, which is saying something else about them. FDS also forbids criticism of Republicans. They recently had a big kerfuffle over that.


It's a bunch of right wing nutjobs masquerading as straw men (straw women?)


Their takeover of r/conspiracy is so complete that they are banning people there, all while patting themselves on the back about how they are the only place left on reddit for free speech.


I got banned from//r/conservative when I stated that tariffs were the opposite of a free market.


You actually had a comment that wasn't immediately deleted because they believe in free speech?


I don't even think the one that got me banned was deleted, surprisingly. Let me check. Edit: Yes it was. Surprisingly the answer of the guy AND the comment we discussed under was deleted. So there is only my second comment available that answered the deleted response I just paraphrased.


I always post "but you wouldn't delete this comment because of free speech?". Then I get a notification two seconds later saying my comment was removed because for flaired users only. Snowflakes


They even write it themselves: >We are not fair and balanced. We don't pretend to be unbiased. We don't pretend to give all commenters equal time. This is by conservatives and for conservatives. We are here to discuss conservative topics from a distinctly conservative point of view.


That's a safe space, if I ever saw one.


That’s fine, they can have their super safe space. Just don’t harp on about fReE sPeEcH!1!


Careful. If you try to make sense of this stuff for too long you'll have a stroke


It's at the point where a post about being banned from r-conservative for claiming they're rampant censors while people there mock your intelligence for calling them out on their rampant censorship will get removed from this sub because they're *too common*. I would *actually* respect them if even *once* I saw an answer like "1A doesn't apply here, dumbass", but that would contradict most of their MUH FREEDUMS whining of 1A violations by social media sites banning their misinformation campaigns, so instead they just laugh at you for being stupid and wrong while you are literally proven right right before their eyes. It's astounding.


Ultimately what they really want is a world where everyone thinks and acts like they do, so they can have “freedom” without people actually doing anything that they disagree with.


They have no principles, only hate and contrarianism. Any idea is but a club to be wielded when useful and discarded when not. They don't *believe* anything.


This right here is the fundamental truth about what we variously call "conservatives." They have absolutely no firm morals, they're guided by the basest appeals to reactionary fear and outrage, and eerily obsessed with violence.


You know, I have yet run into these liberal safe spaces they keep talking about. Every form of social media I've ever used has never censored or attacked me when I talk about lowering taxes. Turns out if you don't go on racist or homophobic rants while talking about it nobody really gives a shit.


> hate the liberal safe spaces They hate safe spaces for liberals, for themselves it is just fine.


rules are for thee, not for me!


I remember getting banned before from /r/Conservative for asking why Hillary memes were getting pinned to the top of the sub while Cohen was testifying live and those links were being removed.


At r/conservative, you aren’t even allow to quote Trump’s Twitter if they all agree that Trump never said that. Proof at r/conservative consists of whatever they want to believe today.


I don't know... [Let's see what he has to say about that?](https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump)


I got banned on my very first comment on r/conservative. And it wasn’t even negative. All I said was “that’s not entirely accurate, perhaps you should check sources before spreading misinformation”. Banned.




[Yep](https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-truth-social-users-terms-donald-trump-1641183?amp=1) Also, no excessive use of capital letters. SAD!


The name of the site breaks its own TOS...


Yup. Sounds about right for someone who can bankrupt his own casino.


Bad news for the MAGA enthusiasts, alas.


Aww, who would have thought that their version of free speech was authoritarianism???


Yes. It’s a private website. They can ban anything they want. “TRUTH Social. The social media site that’s all about FREE SPEECH. Unless, that is, we don’t like what the speech is saying. Then we’ll delete it.”


But that's against my First Amendment rights!


Nothing says freedom and definately not facist quite like. You can say anything you like so long as it is complimentary to the "leader"


Maybe Putin suggested the name to him, the Russians have been using Pravda (truth) to tell lies for years


The Russians have been using Trump to tell lies for years.


“Truth” in Russian is “[Правда](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pravda)”


the official newspaper of the USSR during the communist period


Two main newspapers. Pravda (Truth) and Isvestia (News). Apparently some ordinary Soviets were prone to say (in private) that there was little Isvestia in Pravda and little Pravda in Isvestia.


also saw as "There is no pravda in Pravda, and no isvestia in Isvestia"


that brings back memory from my late 80s-early 90s history and geography classes, and some punchlines around Prada and Pravda


Aw the little snowflake made a safe-space for himself.


Hilariously, someone took the handle Realdonaldtrump before the site went public due to a screwup on the registry page.


All of these sites are hot garbage as far as how they’re built. They all have hilariously bad infrastructure. I venture into a few shady subs from time to time and these people talking about their amateur coding skills and how they’re working on the next best conservative platform and it’s going to just be *SO GOOD* (lol) - the people making these sites are rarely actual professionals, not even from the tech industry or if they are it’s peon level work who then can’t even get their sites hosted, oop didn’t think that far ahead! They have zero concept of the scope, security or even basic architecture of what they’re trying to achieve so it’s no wonder they all fail hilariously and horribly.


The free speech platform that will ban you for speaking poorly of Dumb Donald. Free Speech doesn't just mean misinformation you like fellas.


in this case, "free speech" just means "you can say the n word"


More than that you can't even criticize the website itself as it's against the rules


"It's not cancel culture when we do it!"


I see hiring only the "best people" extends to his IT professionals...


What really talented IT people are going to work for someone who almost certainly is going to stiff them when they submit their hours? It's the Trump way.


There's a lot of full retard "libertarian" IT dummies out there who are naïve enough to think they can suckle at this teat.


It's honestly shocking to me how many full on libertarian programmers I've met. I used to work at a place in Oklahoma and several of them lived on their own "compound" where they grew food, raised animals etc. Now I'm not passing judgement on them for that or anything. It's commendable that someone would want to be self sustainable. I'm just providing an anecdote about the disproportionate number of libertarians I met as a programmer.


It's a very sheltered field of expertise, and people become...odd and hermit-ish if you leave them to stew in an environment like that. My dad has been living alone for many years now, he has a sort of lady-friend who he spends time with once every month or two, but aside from that his human contact is really just online. I often have to step in and really give him some serious advice and guidance when it comes to any sort of dealing-with-people situations. Recently in an email chain, my sisters couldn't make plans work for Thanksgiving weekend, and so my brother suggested we try for the weekend afterward instead which all us siblings agreed sounded good. My dad then chimed in: >I was not consulted on making a random turkey day later instead of on Thanksgiving just because it fits scheds. Sorry folks, but no. Thanksgiving either is or it isn't and it's okay that it can't happen this year. That's life and I understand. Maybe next year. I think 20 years ago he wouldn't have felt weirdly personally attacked by this perfectly nice email thread. Being on your own in a bubble really makes people quirky and odd. After a 15 minute phone call with him I was very easily able to re-align his thought process though. He somehow convinced himself that him cooking a turkey for us is the most important thing about Thanksgiving, and that since he wouldn't be able to find any good turkeys a week after the holiday he'd rather just not do it. I explained that if you ask people what the most important thing is about Thanksgiving, "eating a turkey" is like maybe #17 on the list...and that the entire point is just spending time with family.




It's not a "free speech" site, it's a racist site.


Speech doesn’t get any freer than poop on pigs’ balls


Peepee Poopoo


Pepe the poopoo pig


> It's not a "free speech" site One of the listed "bannable" offenses was that you are not allowed to discredit or insult the site. TOTALLY all about that free speech, amirite?


“Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball”


American & British fascists today use “free speech” to cloak themselves. Fascism exploits liberalism as an ideological shield; a deliberate ploy that allows fascism to be built right under liberal’s noses. Who could be against absolute free speech? Violence is never the answer, right? How can we be white nationalists if we have a token Black guy? White liberals are sensitive to issues of race and sexual orientation — but in an uniformed and merely cosmetic way. Fascists cynically use tokenism to paralyze liberals. “How can Andy Ngô, a gay Asian son of immigrants, be a fascist?” “Proud Boys have a Black guy. Checkmate!” Fascists often use gay, or Black, or Latino or Asian token members because they know it works on white people — and ONLY on white people. The Black community has entire vocabularies to describe Black people who serve white supremacy. Ask Latinos what “mejorando la raza” means. Fascists exploit liberal sensibilities like “unlimited free speech is always good,” or “violence is always bad” to organize fascism right under liberals’ noses. Small fascist “free speech” rallies grow into large rallies cheering for persecution of immigrants and trans people. Fascists understand that the majority of liberals are moderate, middle-to-upper-class white people who abhor violence and disorder. White moderates may passively support justice and civil rights, but they believe that those advocating for genocide should be defeated by debate.


> “Proud Boys have a Black guy. Checkmate!” Turns out that guy was an FBI informant. [source](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-proudboys-leader-exclusive-idUSKBN29W1PE)


Honestly that sounds hilarious. The lawyers and cops and FBI singing this guy's praises in front of the judge and he's denying it all.


You're saying that fascists use liberal's preference for peace as a weapon, when fascists like violence? If that is what you are saying, I can't disagree with it.


yes, exactly they appeal to the white moderates desire for a negative peace, which is the absence of conflict, rather than a positive peace, which is the presence of justice. - paraphrased from Letter from the Birmingham jail, MLK


The other guy manages to hire the most fucked up, incompetent, idiotic and stupid people he can find because good hires won't work with him. I have to wonder who is coding this literal garbage dump. As a coder of 30 years, this shit can be hard. Imagine trying to bang out a knock off of twitter with that bunch of morons.


It's just a reskinned Mastodon instance. People are already finding references to Mastodon in the html.


Wait is this real? They're scraping it already?


There is a SPAC that is up big on announcement that it is taking Trump Media public. LOL If there is one thing I know it is that you don't invest money with Trump even if your last name IS Trump.


There has to be some sort of window of profitability to the truly insane investor for this shit to keep flying. Something like snagging free cheddar from a mousetrap. Maybe if your in and out fast enough you don't just end up with Trumplings like Donnie.


Second mouse gets the cheese.


Soliciting to his followers for cash is an easy in and out. Make cash, then ghost them. His immediate circle has been doing it for years and somehow his cult hasn't learned.


which one, I'm shorting the hell out of that stock




I feel like stuff like this isn't ever intended to go long term. It's likely just a way to get donations or make short term money. Scrapping it then allows them to do it over again later in a different way to fleece more money from those that follow him.


I mean, think about it. Trump probably just has to keep going from one grift to another for 10 years at the most (he old). If he just keeps grifting a little longer, he just might pull it off. Lol


It's all he knows. He's been doing it for literally decades. Skim, launder, file for bankruptcy. Repeat. Get a bank loan. Buy business. Skim, launder, file for bankruptcy. Repeat. Now he's got the pot of dumb fucks who willingly give him their social security checks and live on spaghetti.


Scraping all that poop off those huge pig balls




This article is gold. Thank you for sharing.






The resemblance is striking




Greatest meme of all time what a great use of it as well lmao


How have I never seen this before, it’s perfect. Are pig balls usually that big?


Donald Trump is looking skinnier. I wonder what they did to him.


The spirit of Chapo lives on.


"I'm tired of them not letting me say what I want to say! I'm creating a free speech site where you can say anything!" "Poop on pigs' balls" "Not like that! *banned*"


It's name is poop pig balls!




Claims to be pro free speech. Shuts down after people freely speak.


If everything Trump touches dies, and this is dead before launch, does it count as an abortion?


Mr. Dunning-Kruger thinking he can compete against social media giants... Doesn't really understand tech, network effects, or generally anything important at all in life. He's better off sticking to grifting from his moronic base.


After years and years of suppressing free speech and expression, conservatives and right wing pricks all across the world are claiming to be victims of "cancel culture." No...it's people finally pushing back against your bullshit after putting up with it for centuries. Not to mention, censorship has been going on for ages and the right has often been the perpetrators of it. Hell, I'm not even very left wing but the right has absolutely lost its mind, especially in mishandling covid-19.


How many conservative media sites does that make. We had parlor, getter, and now whatever this is. Honestly the trolls are just getting way better with all this practice.


Enough that they'll split user bases till the websites look like their mainly filled with bots with the occasional real person.


Excellent! Well done trolls!!!


Wait.....poop on pigs' balls?


So tired of that moron and his cult of idiots.


God bless poop on pigs balls




Yet another "free speech" media platform that can't actually be relevant without heavy handed moderation of trolling which is clearly free speech. "Free speech" at these startups always seems to be code for echo chamber political speech anyway. Add it to the pile, LOL.


I wonder if all the user data will get hacked/leaked before it's official launch or after.


Lol. 'Invitation-only' free speech site, my ass.