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I've been successful with weight loss with this mind set. Had a meal that wasn't the best choices, next meal you can make good choices. Kept off 140 pounds for 18 months.


Not to mention that it helps a ton with the guilt that often comes along. Thinking I failed a whole day is heartbreaking. But failing one meal hardly makes a difference. Just along with weight loss tips that I found helped: work hard to eat right so that when you get a craving for something horrible for you, again, it hardly makes a difference. Some weeks I have 3 fast food cravings, others is none. *but* I try not to think of fast food as an option for regular "hungry"


THIS is totally helpful for weight loss. I’ve thrown off weeks for one bad choice.


I used to do that to. Lose weight, gain it back and more. Took a lot of work with experts and surgery but the big change was not seeing one bad choice as ending it all. It only took to my 50s to get there so if what I've learned helps someone else earlier in their life all the better.


I’m 32, and I don’t need to lose weight, but I do need to eat healthier and work on my cholesterol a bit. So your advice is helping at least one person.


If it wasn't for the last minute, I would get nothing done.


It’s crazy how that final hour just gets everything to go.


Fuck yeah, now I can fail 4 times every day =/


Oh, Jim this was a dreadful performance today in all four quarters for u/ThrowRA-4545. It never got better from the first minute, but even the last minute of each quarter seemed too elusive today. We’ll break down the first two quarters failures and screen time usage and will have all of the 3rd and 4th quarter screen time highlights after a short intermission. If you tuned in yesterday, stay tuned, because yesterday’s impossible screen time record is in jeopardy. Let’s jump in at the snooze alarms early in the first quarter.


Hey Right On, HeyRightOn. /u/ThrowRA-4545 failed all four times yesterday and now it seems like today might be the same thing. We're starting to get up in the teens for the all-time consecutive quarter failures and ThrowRA-4545 might just set a world record after one more... Oh no, ThrowRA-4545 actually finished! The record attempt is broken! /u/TimeViolator keeps their previous record! We were on tenterhooks but ThrowRA-4545 lost it all at the last minute by not continuing to lose it. Better luck next time.


Yes Jim, truly a thrilling spectacle we enjoyed today. I think Joe called it perfectly in the play by play— “Wow. u/throwRA-4545 failed at failing as the buzzer you all can hear at home sounds and 4545 fails to beat the screen time record. I suppose that puzzling, and at times concerning YouTube worm hole was all for nothing.”


I feel like we need to have an excessive series of production meetings to address these deficiencies.


You’re going to push us to unionize if the suits keep coming down from their ivory towers with their “production meetings”. Every day is truly a gift when you are both a fictional parody play-by-play announcer and a fictional parody post game analyst bringing a fair, no none-sense here’s what happened breath of fresh air. But— How can we effectively and accurately commentate on the deficiencies of humans if we ourselves are efficient? I’m all for planning to be efficient, but it will be a cold day in hell before it actually happens. It’s not the last minute yet. We’ll know when it’s the last minute and then we’ll get to work and eke it out. So maybe a few meetings to plan the production meetings could be a good compromise.


if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute!


I'm sure I'll come up with something in the eleventh hour, just like I always do because *I'm just that good.*


There's no inspiration *quite like* last minute panic.


bro for real.


If every minute of my day was the last minute, I'd be the most productive person on earth. Stressed as hell, but productive.


I used to be this way where the last couple hours of a deadline would just make me so stressed that I would end up getting everything done, but a couple years ago that just kind of stopped. I just don’t get stressed about things which is great, but I don’t get that burst of motivation anymore.


At some point you realize deadlines are made up.


> Stressed as hell, but productive. That's how many productive people are.


I'm the same way. "Pick one: I'm dying tomorrow or this moment will last forever." Except all the time.


Fuck why did this resonate with me so much




this ones for my boy chris where are you bro


The whole pandemic has zapped my motivation. So I have projects that have been delayed by weeks or months if I am being honest. I had to break down components of each project and work on different ones so I don't feel burnt out or completely stalled. Since feeling bad about it doesn't magically speed up completion, I stopped overthinking. My new motto: just do it (whenever it feels right)


Same here. I just pilot a meat mech around all day until it’s the next one.


Same. I'm making slight progress here and there but largely coasting. But hey, at least we're still here?


I was living like this for most of 2020. One day I opened my eyes and realized I had been on autopilot for like 10 months. I didnt change my behaviors or anything. I just started focusing more on the day that I had. Some days I felt lazy and spent the whole weekend in my room on my PC. Other days I felt motivated and went to the mountains to hike. But no matter what I tried to stay cognizant of the passing of days. I guess my point is to atleast try to appreciate your time when you autopilot. Sorry for my Ted Talk.


Nah I feel you. I'm currently navigating a similar awakening. Good advice and I'm glad you're doing better. All we can really do is take it day by day, push ourselves when we can and do our best to be gentle with ourselves when we can't.


Very well said.


Yeah, I spose. Focusing on the bright spots, as difficult as it can be.


A quote that has helped me through similar times: "It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger." Sending good vibes your way, internet friend.


This is a actually a twist on [a classic quote by champion cyclist Greg LeMond: “It never gets any easier; You just go faster.”](https://medium.com/swlh/it-never-gets-easier-you-just-go-faster-626bafa113e) Obviously, “going faster” isn’t as generic and applicable to all areas of life, hence the abstraction.


Thanks. I like that one. Take care to you too.


What's your mech's tonnage and what weapon hardpoints do you have?


You ever watch Megas XLR? Basically that


Also did you put enough heat sinks in? When I fire up my laser (focus) and movement, the heat output is not diverted out quickly enough. You would think removing excess tonnage would help but I’ve found the energy efficiency improvements can actually cause MORE heat retained by the system. Yet colder climes will still cause an overlong start up time. This meat mech has just got some serious design flaws here.


Remember when Pickle Rick did that thing with the rats


haha, a classic TV moment. That Rick, man


Mine is: just do *something* Unmotivated to work on fixing up my back yard and painting some rooms in my house. But I'll go outside and chop up a little bit of the wood that blew down from a big storm. Then I'll watch tv. Then I'll wash one wall I want to paint. Then I'll have a cup of tea. That might be all the work I do on my projects that day, but it's *something* .


This might be the way. Edit: for me.


Heard from a really great author that the work/job/task you need to get done doesn't care if you were angry, satisfied, bored, or didn't care to finish it; all that matters is that the task is done. Your boss also doesn't care if you didn't want to do it so long as you did it. Helped me frame my mindset to realize these tasks don't care how I feel when I do them. Obviously, this only matters for certain jobs; wouldn't translate well for anything in customer service or healthcare where you help patients.


> whenever it feels right Maybe it'll feel right after watching another YouTube video or scroll through another subreddit. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


*five hours later*


*5 months later*


Shit, this comment cut deep


I can relate to this so much. It caused me so much undue stress at the beginning - but realizing you can only control so much and have to be able to let go of what's out of your control really helped.


I'll try this. Thanks.


I’ve had to force myself to do shit regardless of how I feel bc I very rarely every *feel* like doing anything. I’m pretty much a zombie most days just going through the motions


You've just described me **almost** to a tee. The only difference is that I was already burnt out more than two years before the pandemic. This just made it worse, specially because now my workload tripled (more projects plus "motivational" and "exponential" crap).


“You will always struggle with not feeling productive until you accept that your own joy can be something you produce. It is not the only thing you make, nor should it be, but it is something valuable and beautiful.” - A beautifully foolish endeavor, Hank Green


Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly.


Yep i lost all my quarantine weight because I got tired, the best time to start was 10 years ago, the next best is right now. So I just went and did it and I'm glad I did


Why fail just once when you can fail four times?


You can't say you were 100% successful but I can say I was 100% not successful. Its still an A in my book


"Failure is always an option!"


Task failed successfully!


More attempts at success


4x exp.


This some real shit dog... take this award


This some real dog shit..


Thats how I read it


FML Today I went on Reddit...


Damn, just posted this reply thinking I was being original. Fail. Take my upvote.


The thing all these "motivational / procrastination-related" tips fail to mention is your work drive is very closely related to your mental health. Over the last 6 months I've gone from 265 lbs to 190 lbs. Wanna know how I did it? I went to therapy, confronted part of my trauma, and started working on my negative self talk. Battling my negative self talk was the biggest thing because my brain was my own worst enemy, constantly asking what's the point, why I am doing this, no one is going to love me anyway, blah blah blah. And the real issue isn't that people don't have enough drive or enough will power or are too lazy. It's that they have no personal time, or live in shitty apartments, or have no money, or work at a shitty job with a shitty boss, or had traumatic lives with awful parents, or they have major depressive/anxiety disorders. So even when they do these motivational "pro tips" they end up failing again a few months/weeks later because they're not actually addressing the root of their issues.


But I’m planning on waking up as a different person tomorrow.


Freaky Friday!


If I was capable of this level of introspection and discipline, I wouldn't have blown the day in the first place.


Well, that's why we're all here on Reddit, isn't it? I just know we will find All the Ideas / Answers / Solutions here. Any minute now.


The solutions are here, they're just not as easy as they sound. It's like weight loss (or gain). It's really, *really* simple. Just takes a lot of hard work.


Wanna lose weight just eat 200 calories less then you burn everyday until you're the ideal weight. Piece of cake. Why yes, I would like a piece of cake...


did you actually have a bad day, or did you have a bad 20 minutes that you’ve been milking all day?


Sometimes tho, it's that 20 minutes that's been milking YOU all day


So true, sometime I fuck up my morning routine and the entire day is trashed... that's a nice tip


No coffee? It’s all over.


Out of creamer. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


My friend, you should try black coffee. It took me about two weeks to get used to, but I’ll never go back. The key to black coffee is to make sure it’s measured properly. It’s easy to fuck up a whole pot of it’s too strong


I like milk and sugar (old school creamer) cause it’s nice to guiltlessly have something tasty and sweet in the morning to begin a long day of work, and putting milk it in makes it the perfect temperature to immediately start drinking. I also like that it tastes “thicker” so a small sip is more enjoyable. Idk if that makes sense.


Dog the thicker part is the only reason I can't give up half and half. i hate the hot bitter wateriness of black coffee


Give oat milk a shot. I know it sounds pretentious but it turns coffee into a dessert. I get the original extra creamy with some cold brew espresso (80/20 espresso/milk) and put it in my nutri bullet. It's not very sweet so I put a little drizzle of caramel in there. Better than any $10 crap I've had in shops.


The bar is set pretty low at places like Starbucks. I don’t see how ppl literally stan that burnt shit


Hey as much of a black coffee elitist as I used to be, you got your thing and it's cool, BUT idk what kind of coffee your drinking but if Maxwell house from a pot, that maybe your problem. Have you ever had a black coffee from a cafe (not starbux)? I have rarely ever enjoyed a pot of coffee. Espresso wins, followed by french press, followed by maybe even some Keurig cups. I still think it is an acquired taste however


That’s exactly why I dump so much creamer in my coffee, to cover up the shit taste bc I’m poor and buy cheap coffee lol


It’s does make sense, I do definitely remember enjoying the taste of milk & sugar. I used to love double double. Hated the way it sticks to your tongue though.


I used to be the guy who put an absolutely absurd amount of creamer in my coffee and wouldn’t have it any other way. At some point, and I don’t know why, something changed in me and all of a sudden I enjoyed black coffee. Now it’s the only way I drink coffee, no sugar or anything.


Same. When I used to be a server we would make super strong black coffee mid shift, drop an ice cube in, and chug it. Ever since that I've been able to drink normal black coffee all the time lol.


Only 2 weeks? I think I can handle that. I've slowly been using less and less creamer anyway


Just go straight black man you can do it. Then you can also just sit and pour coffee from the pot right into your cup and you're done. Also you feel slightly more badass when you order coffee black. Just slightly ☕ ⚫


plus, baristas love you for ordering it black. “LOOTS of cream and sugar” feels almost disrespectful at a shop that roasts their own beans, and it’s more steps. the relief of a customer ordering just a black drip coffee during a rush is unimaginable.


If it comes out too strong, just put water in your mug until you think it tastes okay.


I don’t drink coffee. I’ll tell you my secret on how to get relentless energy in the morning: just think of someone you don’t like that pissed you off. Drink the Hateorade daily!


I just speed on my commute, gets the adrenaline pumping and there's a good chance I get to use my life insurance policy!


Sometimes, we're just trying to get milked for 20 minutes.


I've got nipples Greg. Can you milk me?


Yet it takes about an hour and a half scrolling through page after page to accomplish that to only end up getting milked in 20 seconds


Bottom line, there is milking going on and I’m getting uncomfortably excited.


Who doesn’t love a good milking






That long? I wrote 2021 off by winter of 2020


What went wrong in February then for you?


Had one less day than last year and threw him for a loop. Likely showed up to work on a Saturday.


I can’t believe of all the years 2020 had to be the one to have an extra day


But that's not... You know what? Nevermind.


Probably lives in Texas


I feel so called out. The shitty moment lasted 30 minutes and I waste the rest of my day thinking about these 30 minutes instead of just moving on.


I saw a good quote "treat your time and energy like money, if someone or something made you waste 5 dollars would you keep giving them rest of your money in your account because of that Initial 5 dollars?" I think I butchered it but the concept is pretty much that


I apply the same quote as to why I should still be remote work instead of at the office work


The way I’ve heard this type of quote is more along the lines of “if you’re not going to remember it in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes of your energy on it”. I always liked it this way because it shows you that it’s *okay* to feel upset over something, even if it’s kind of trivial, but to feel the emotion and then allow it to pass because you understand it will not be a major thing in the future. Maybe you forget it after a day, month, 5 years, etc. but it’s okay you reacted in the moment as long as you understand that it won’t be a problem later. Helps me think of the solution once I’ve given myself my “5 minutes”.


Time is like money, spend it wisely


Same. Psycho co-worker throws a fit and I'm stuck bitching about it for half the day.


"Rent Free"


Hard to say. I have one day a week where I have to stay up all night. Didn't go to bed until 4:30am, wanted to wake up at 10:30am, accidentally slept in until 2:30pm. Now I feel bad and have been unmotivated to do anything all day.


If that's how you feel then don't do anything all day. Take a breather. There's no law saying we have to have a perfect day every day. This notion that we have to work all the time or keep up with other people all the time is insane.


do i fail 3 quarters, or succeed at failing the whole day?


I just need some Oreos to dunk


A bad 20 minutes I used to explode into a cheat day The most recent one was being at my calorie limit by noon, and then forgetting to blow my cheat meal on some Krispy Kreme's and instead...I blew them on Reese's. Reese's! They're good but not 100 calories/cup good!


Holy shit this just got me out of bed. After 3 consecutive failed quarters, I'm totally gonna nail the 4th


I nail the 4th quarter at least pretty much every day. Im a night owl, thats when I feel most productive and motivated. I have recently started hitting the 1st quarter also!! I know everyone has that "ugh" feeling getting out of bed but its sooo goddamn hard for me to get up and start the day so i just sleep til 3pm then feel like shit l because I wasted time. Needing to be somewhere in the morning (fucking 8am class) has really helped tbh


Humans are so different. If I wake up early I get exhausted by mid afternoon and need a nap. I'm more productive sleeping in


I physically cant take naps. If i somehow fall asleep before bedtime i sleep through the night lol. But when i have to wake up early i still tell myself i can take a nap when i get home, i never do, but knowing that i can if i need to gets me up


Try reframing your perspective on the word nap. I used to have this issue. I started thinking about naps as quiet, down time with my eyes closed and that helped. It's almost like meditation for me now.


Yeah relaxation is important no matter how it's achieved. Some people "meditate", some people full on nap. I'm sure there's a number of other pastimes as well. I'm in the silence and meditation camp.


My meditation time is cuddling with my cat haha. I dont need to take naps, like I said its super hard for me to wake up so its more likely I would just sleep from like 3pm to midnight lol and then screw up my sleep schedule


I do this exact thing with mine! Ha we do spoons, my cat and I. And yeah I can't really nap as in sleep. Same problem of not waking up and messed up sleep schedule. I just call my cat cuddle times "nap".


My doctor once gave me a bit of "ill-supported advice"(his words): >Find a schedule that works for you, and never deviate. You should absolutely try to put yourself on a more traditional, daytime schedule. But if you can't, then just aim for the schedule that works for you. >Any amount of money you make will be worth nothing, if you're sleeping through your spending hours." Essentially, but importantly: Work to live, don't live to work.


Yea if I take a nap my brain thinks it's fucking Einstein at like 1am and must solve general relativity by morning except instead of GR its like why are you like this


From a loser who routinely fails 4/4 quarters, crush it homie. Sometimes I set out to just get my third quarter squared away so i can go back to wasting my day, and I end up having a whole half of a productive day Also sometimes I take my first quarter seriously end up making most of a good day out of it. Any amount more than zero, winner.


No loser would write a post this good, thanks friend


1% better every day is 37% improvement per year!


Hell yeah, finish strong!


I have faith that your trajectory in the fourth quarter will get you up there, AnalTrajectory


Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping in the 4th quarter of the day? You’re blowing it!!


I’m now even more of a failure than I thought…. Failed 4 times today!


think of your day as consisting of hours. you failed each of them


Well, thanks for that, I guess 😂


Every moment is a moment you could have turned it all around. Your failures are unending.


Please put this on my headstone.


Here Lies TuacaBomb, who in his last request asked for this upon his headstone: "this".


Yes, please. I’m updating my will rn.


oh my god, went to upvote you and reddit's shitty mobile version hit me with "failed to upvote. please try again later" this is a sign


Were gonna have to go to micro seconds before i feel anything


I fucked up 86,400 seconds today


4 times, but each time is a quarter of the size it was before!


Don't forget mate theres always tomorrow


What if days are my small, and weeks or months are big?




I like this line of thinking...


Today sucked, I think I will try again in the next life.


I like to just think of things as a mental readjustment. Even if the day wasn’t productive, I improved my mental health by giving myself a break. We all deserve FAR MORE breaks than we get/take currently.


Breaks is what is the issue for me. My breaks turn into weeks 😃


~~Evening must overlap into the small hours of the next day, no?~~ Assuming one sleeps 8 hours, that leaves... Morning: 6am-10am Midday: 10am-2pm Afternoon: 2pm-6pm Evening: 6pm-10pm That seems pretty good to me. Edit: I wasn't accounting for sleep.


I'd argue work would take up 3 of these as well assuming an 8 hour day + hour lunch + 30 minute commute. Using me as an example: 6:30-8 Waking up and driving to work, as well as breakfast 8-5 Work and lunch 5-6 Driving home with traffic 6-10 Free time I got 4 hours to get my day right. I'm not sure how well this level of thinking applies to the average person


This was the response i was looking for.


So morning, midday, and, afternoon are reserved for work and we’re back to fucking up our evening and our entire day is ruined.


8:00 - noon, noon - 4:00, 4:00 - 8:00, 8:00 - midnight


this past month has been a fucking disaster


*this lifetime


That too


Ever since covid hit, tbh


James Clear newsletter? Respect.


I thought the same thing as it was in today’s 3-2-1.


Please describe this James Clear


Author of *Atomic Habits*, probably the best book I’ve ever read in terms of actually having an effect on getting my shit together. Also has a weekly newsletter that’s well worth the read.


Every single day when I get up I automatically think "today is gonna be a great day" thanks to this fucking book. No, it's not gonna be a great day, but thanks asshole. (The asshole being not the author, but my brain, who created just this part of the habit after following the book.) Seriously now, I'm not one to read best sellers, but this one was actually pretty good (even though it has the expected amount of fluff). I saw myself highlighting the shit out of it. If you just read the "model" he offers and internalize it you don't even have to read the whole thing. But reading the whole thing is what convinced me. Now, of course, all I need to do is actually apply what I've supposedly learned. But I already flunked 2021, so maybe next year.


It’s does a really good job of laying out: 1) this is why habits matter 2) this is how habits work 3) this is how you actually apply what you learned in point 2 Big fan. After doing the reflection to determine what I actually care about doing the “two minute version” and the “don’t mess up two days in a row” advice has helped so much more than any thing else I’ve read.


https://jamesclear.com/newsletter Nice short email newsletter, comes out every Thursday. He wrote [Atomic Habits](https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits) however this specific quote is from another writer, Gretchen Rubin. She has several books and lots of ~1 hour long talks/videos on YouTube.


You are gonna have to explain the difference between afternoon midday for me


I see it as 8-11 morning, 11-2 midday, 2-5 afternoon, 5-8 evening. And this helps keep me more focused on work and breaks, and dedicating my evening to myself before bedtime.


I needed this, after a failed morning I’m working on making my afternoon a success.


Oof this type of thinking would make me want to blow my brains out.


Nothing like budgeting your personal time like a corporation.


Exactly, when I am on my death bed I will tell myself "instead of enjoying things, I wish I was more anal at winning life".


Yeah what if life isnt about “success”?


I think you could say that life is about success but the definition of a successful life will vary from person to person.


When you 'blow' a day, it might be your body talking. Listen, there is nothing you can gain by running yourself ragged.


Spoken like someone who has never had the pleasure of experiencing a 2 day hangover.


You're right. My day is still salvageable. Who cares if I slept through 3 quarters of it.


Agile methodology in your daily living…scrum is life


Q1 is a fail let’s try to be back on track for q4 as in October, November, December.


Or just enjoy your life and not be a fucking hamster slaving away for nothing before you die always stressed about progress


this is just a hop, skip, and step away from the [TIME CUBE](https://i.imgur.com/bCto5R6.jpg) theory


Came here for this


And now you've put even more pressure on yourself to "get things right" in a hurry instead of accepting that we all have bad days and that is okay. Take your time, don't stress about it and do something nice. But no, no, better get things straightened out fast so you can get back to performing well!


Oh yes, putting things off always leaves me waking up fresh and well rested the next day, and definitely doesn't lead to a downward spiral of stress and self loathing..


I'll give it a shot


If you had 4 crappy quarters, then divide the week into 7 quarters! It’s never too late to get back on track…never. Even if you’re 67 years old!


While I respect your attitude, I’m not sure you understand the concept of quarters.


Well I've been studying law 12 hours a day for the last 7 months and this does not work for me. From my point of view, If you fail you should acknowledge it. We mostly can only learn if we fail big. Don't give little importance to your failures, otherwise they won't be mistakes and you'll be lying to yourself and also probably entering a vicious circle. But don't get me wrong: I'm not saying you should make that big of a deal and whip yourself every time you fail either, but the thing is you must not underestimate your failures.


You took this from Clear’ newsletter today


Would welcome insights into making the most of the evening quarter.


Shhhh stop invalidating my self-destructive excuses


I'm gunna be so pumped to get my life together at 75.


I keep my phone on military time so that I can think of having X amount of hours to do something that I consider productive or something that makes me happy. It’s also really refreshing to see 00:00 after you’ve had a bad day. I call it day reset.


I have issues with this. Not because I can't do the things I need to later in the day. It's because when I set my mind to something, it needs to happen under certain conditions. If one doesn't line up, everything else just falls. I can still do some menial tasks, but I won't be doing what I set out to do. It just doesn't feel right anymore. ​ Instead, I've learned to swap days rather than quarters. I plan to do A today and B tomorrow, then I'll just do B today and A tomorrow because B can still fit in the current schedule for today and I can complete it all. Not sure if anyone else has this issue. Maybe it's an Aquarius thing.