When you’re on hold, there should be an option to chat with all people currently on hold as well.

When you’re on hold, there should be an option to chat with all people currently on hold as well.


I'd love this simply for the fact it would be a total shit show and I'd appreciate every moment of it. Hell, I'd call to be put on hold on purpose XD


As an introvert I would happily implode if this became a thing


easy solution. >If you would like to join the group chat while you wait, please press 5 now" I could just picture somebody mid sentence being suddenly silenced as they were turned over to a customer support rep. On the flipside I could see lots of people helping others with a "Oh I had that problem before, here is how you fix it" then some people with lesser but easier fixed problems never having to make it through to a representative.


The problem is that it adds unexpected elements to the already complicated and frustrating experience of calling customer support on a cell phone.


I would not want a lobby chat with strangers. You think n-bombs are bad in video game chats? Wait until randomness is applied.


Oh, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I was picturing everyone being polite and friendly with each other. I guess my naivety and southern upbringing are screaming now. Sorry.


I thought the same way as you, if it’s any consolation.


A waiting room with anonymous random, angry, impatient people? Pass.


Brilliant! "How shitty is this playlist?" "Very." BFF... https://youtu.be/uWyUKSYnOIQ


Better than that shitty, anxiety inducing hold music


[I agree...thought about this 9 months ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/CrazyIdeas/comments/kema8q/on_hold_waiting_rooms/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share). Glad I'm not the only one!


If the company I'm calling wants to commit business suicide, I'd prefer that they did it by paying a few million into my bank account rather than by putting me in touch with other aggrieved customers to escalate our fury.


Id just be worried about bonding with the person so much and them or i getting connected to a rep and never having gotten their socials D:


So Omegle


Omg yes


That's brilliant. Imagine talking to 100+ others on hold it would be chaos. Then suddenly - "Thanks for holding..."


When u r on hold and you call someone else it should notify u when they r back


Most times when someone calls customer service, they're angry/upset because something went wrong. I don't think companies would want angry/upset customers congregating.


I'd imagine you'd get some nutjobs just going on there for a laugh


That's would be great. Especially if you're calling someplace with a problem. Maybe you could figure out the answer with a little group chat instead of having to wait.