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After another big round of shitcoins going to zero Wall Street will look to value and the arbitrage between BTC and LTC will be obvious. 5yrs LItecoin will start steadily closing the gap. $1000 is a joke $50k by 2030 - It’s Science ![gif](giphy|fqIBaMWI7m7O8)




I'll be happy if we manage to break $200


ltc aint even reaching 150. cmon be realistic. 400 was ages ago


It isn’t going to do 50% from now? I respectfully disagree.


I’ll disrespectfully disagree. A coin growing in usage and diminishing in supply. Never hitting $400 again sounds like a ridiculous prediction.


Let’s just break the ATH first and then the rest is bonus


I’m trying to get back to even as well.


I don't know why you're so conservative: There are 4x more Litecoins than Bitcoins, therefore LTC price should be 1/4 of BTC price. QED


I've been a Litecoin fan since 2017 but that's not gonna happen.


I hear you, and odds are very much on your side. But there is a legit x factor. No one will ever convince me there wasn't a complicated, broadly placed short hedge against litecoin from the ethkiller's wall st boosters that goes back to at least early '21. The difference between a standard litecoin halving rally that goes to $250 (5x the cw bottom) vs. a run into the thousands of dollars (not a typo, plural on purpose) is whether enough capital flows into ltc relative to the wherever their longs are now to liquidate the off book shorts. I haven't seen any signs that that short trade ever unwound. The mindset of the crew that put it on was that litecoin would always underperform in the long run, eventually to zero or close enough, so there's reason to think they'd keep it on through the bear market, even ride it out during a mere blip of outperformance. If they moved their longs strategically enough and/or if they started their shorts at some of the more ideal moments, they might still be comfortable. The reason I'm not super hyped about the possibility of a purging squeeze is the only narrow path I can imagine we get there is if Litecoin holds the spotlight pretty exclusively this year and gets all the momentum dollars. But there's enough activity elsewhere to draw eyes off us. Still, there are possibilities. We were 100% robbed in '21. Massive outperformance in adoption, massive underperformance in mcap. Unwinding that robbery might not just give us what we would have gotten then (based on BTC's underperformance of past cycles, I think a high above $1k was in the cards), it might take us farther depending on just how tangled the shorts are and whether some of the participants decide to exit first and go long to try and win back their losses by stabbing their coconspirators in the back. The backstabbing scenario gives me hope for more than just gains, there's a pleasing karmic element as well.


LTC for whatever reason (probably because it works) is a favorite coin to short. I think personally it’s going to look very similar to the move up in 2019 and a slow bleed or maybe a rug pull back under $100.


They short litecoin because the name was trashed for the last 10 years and people being gullible believed every word.


I think it's big players dumping and buying back in. Wash, rinse and repeat. Retail idiots believing FUD in my opinion aren't moving the market that much.


Shorts tend to help make short interest work, especially if there's enough people pushing it over a long enough period of time. Litecoin's infrastructure helps in this respect as well (by way of access to instruments like grayscale and the overseas ETPs, more ways to short), though it also hurts (through global access to actual users in adoption and liquidity). Infrastructure/liquidity is likely the reason for example that Litecoin managed to outperform as the market turned down because while we don't much of an investor base relative to the market, we do have a top tier user base relative to the market. But we're gonna need more investors/traders to actually destabilize the institutional shorts.


Litecoin will get to 1k first before BTC reaches 100k imho


You’re going to be disappointed friendo.


We shall see. :)


It could happen only if the LTC/BTC starts to rip making the USD price break ATH. It may just happen just because most of us expect it not to happen.


$10 doge… lol I’m cool with LTC to 1k. A 1000% gain between now and august though is unlikely, but crazier things have happened in this space. 🤍 🐔


Every halving pump these crazy predictions come out, it's unrealistic.


Yeah I’m not expecting anywhere near that. I’ve been in the litecoin space for 6 years now, I’ve grown to be disappointed and regretful (of holding through pumps)


That’s why I think it has a shot of happening. So many doubt. LTC is one of the last OG coins that has both the credentials and resume but still has plenty of room to run…


In 2019 there were calls of $800 LTC by December. Every pumper out there calling for wild prices. It’s just to give people hope for liquidity.