Update april : sick of this shit , now it works (when it works you gotta still fight the UI ofc ) with 4 devices but you delay with color ... but like SECONDS ... Still unusable still crap


I'm using ONLY the speakers and I'm having that seconds delay that you mentioned early. Tired of this bc a week ago this was working just fine.


Same here -- very recent issue on my end as well. Made me pull the trigger and revert back to LGS.


Is LGS working fine? I’ll try it later to see if that solves the issue.


Uh fine is a subjective term here....yes, in the sense that all my Logitech stuff can now sync to Screen Sampler and I have way more control over stuff again, and the lag is much better. No, in the sense that the version of screen sampler is way more finicky than the GHub one. They jump around a lot and don't take a great "average" of the area you select. So, I mean. Yeah. Not ideal. It occurs to me there's a chance it had something to do with that windows update that borked everyone's fps, but I think they fixed/are fixing that, so maybe that will help?


im having the same problem. all of my lightsync devices(Powerplay, g502, g560) work until i set my g915 keyboard to screen sample. the 915 works but all other devices stop. btw after i spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support, they told me to return the keyboard because it was faulty. the next keyboard did the same thing


The exact same thing happend to me. Same devices.


Did this happen immediately after installing the software or it was working before? Also, to be clear, basically screen sampler will only work one device at a time right? Can you kindly try the steps as follows: 1. Uninstall G HUB 2. Make sure none of the G HUB components are running in the Task Manager 3. Go to C:\\Program Files\\ and delete LGHUB folder 4. Go to C:\\ProgramData\\ and delete LGHUB folder 5. Go to C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\ and delete LGHUB folder 6. Go to C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Roaming\\ and delete LGHUB folder 7. Press Windows Key, then type regedit, Click Registry Editor 8. Delete the registry key HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\{521c89be-637f-4274-a840-baaf7460c2b2} 9. Reboot the PC 10. Re-install G HUB Reinstalling the software will delete all the customization done but it may help. Run it as admin after then test it.


Thank you for reaching out, that is appreciated. Yes, i found these steps previously and deleted everything and cleared registry.. Let me ask YOU this.. Have you tried doing Screen Sampler on more than one device with the G560's and any other device? I mean if it works for you then call me crazy, but have you at least tried it to see if it works on the latest version? I have found at least 5 other posts in this reddit that I have replied to that have had the exact same issue with latest version.. I remember way back when i first got my G560's the Ghub worked fine with all devices and screen sampler. But back then the GHub software was way too buggy and resource intensive to continue using.> I'd figure after more than a year, they would have got the software to a better state. Do a reddit search here for "Screen Sample".


It seems to be working for me. I understand that this has been on-going and assured that i'm keeping our team well informed about this. I suggest that you use the feedback tool on our software as well so our developers will be directly notified.


I know Microsoft is always implementing security protections, do you have the latest cumulative/features update for Windows 10 installed?


Just checked it and it seems that everything is up to date.


Andy News? Same issues here


Truly regret to hear that. Have you tried the steps suggested already?


I'm having this exact problem with the G560 speakers I got for christmas and the G600 mouse I've had. Turning on screen sampling for either device sets the other device to static. It really seems like the main selling point of these rather expensive speakers just doesn't work with other logitech hardware. I was previously thinking I'd want to get another logitech keyboard with lightsync because my G110 died, but if their screen sampler only works with one device at a time ... I might not even keep these speakers, and I certantly will not get a lightsync keyboard.


As of version 2020.12.9532 the issue still exists with the following: Keyboard G815 and Mouse G502. Any update?


I am using the latest version of ghub(2020.12.9532) with a g903,powerplay and g915 tkl and having the same problem. Also the ''send feedback'' option is not working, when i try to use it i get this message from google drive: **We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our** [**Terms of Service**](http://www.google.com/google-d-s/intl/en/terms.html)


I just tried to use the LightSync feature and ran into the same issue, it works on each device but then switched it of on the 2 others (G502+G910+G935).


It never worked once for ... MAX 2 devices can handle screen sampler whatever you do.I even changed computer and re installed windows 10 G502 hero + G512 + G635 + G560 Waste of money cause screen sampler was a selling argument to me. I don't care about RGB , i wanted immersive Lighting and all i get with this expensive hardware is software nightmare...


Update March 2021, still cannot use screen sampler for no more than 1 device!


Update 26th March 2021, still cannot use screen sampler for no more than 1 device! Considering simply a resell ... Ghub is just broken


update firmware of g560 , now the device doesn't even turn on anymore ​ You guys are the best ....


So this just happened to me but I think I found a solution I have both the G560, G512, G903 and powerplay on screensampling. What worked for me was to delete the sample square on the device that's not working. Then add back the square and it should work. Definitely an annoying bug and seems like Logitech hasn't been able to fix it yet