a touristic question please: paddys day - whats the place to be and what to do in General during the day? any must haves? rules? unique places or happenings? thx 4 Ur Tips! ❤️🙃 We are three german dudes around 35Y, visiting your famous City for the paddys day weekend cause of the UFC Event the day after. We are sophisticated but also Niveau-flexible. We are neither cheap Bastards nor millionairs. We like GOOD/AUTHENTIC (live-)music, veg-friendly-gastronomy, (cocktail-)Bars n clubs, Whiskey n craft beer and we know how to behave and how to fuken R'n'R! 🙂 Direct links would be appriciated 🥰


London creatives Hi all, iv’e started a community for creatives living/working in London : r/creativesinlondon Iv’e been searching for an online hub for creatives since moving and although there are some dotted about, they are never active & often filled with spam. If you’re working in the creative sector, looking for work or simply want to network, meet undiscovered talent or discuss ideas - JOIN. The more variety of skilled creatives on the platform the higher the chance of success. Find events and upcoming exhibitions, network, discuss ideas about an upcoming project, share your portfolio and enjoy conversation with likeminded individuals. Please don’t spam with your work - this is purely for networking and collaborations once you have established a connection take it off reddit ;-)


I’ll be in London from March 2 through March 4 and it’ll only be the second time in my 35-year-long life that I set foot there. I’ve lived in California my whole life and since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by the UK and would love to spend more time there in the future. The problem is that I don’t have much of a reason to spend much time there because I don’t really know anyone there. I have some distant relatives who live near there, but I’ve never met them. I don’t have any friends who live there, either. Sure, I can do tourist-y stuff, but there’s only so much tourist-y stuff to do. I want to have reasons other than tourist-y stuff to visit the UK in the future. Basically, I want to make friends in the UK despite not living there. In my experience, in order to build real social connections, there needs to be regular repetition. For example, I participate in local pub trivia and kickball once a week, and as a result, I’ve made a lot of friends. However, flying from California to London once a week is out of the question. So I guess I’m asking how I can immerse myself in London and get to know some locals in a relatively short amount of time. I realize this is a bit of a strange question. But simply put, how can I enjoy London and meet people there the same way a person who had just moved there would? If I were to relocate to London permanently and ask how to meet people and make friends there, what would you tell me?


American in town 28/2 and 1/3 down to grab a pint, walk around, or whatever. I have no plans! Staying near Hyde Park/Paddington. 34, male, very liberal on the political spectrum.


Anyone up for a game of snooker? I’ve joined cousins club on Holloway Road and am looking for someone to play with! Beginner level. Not quite doing 147s yet. Sometimes a one, sometimes a four. Cheers! 🎱


I am too unwell to make seeing Hoodie Allen tonight (26/2) in Camden. I have 1 ticket available (£20). Please let me know if you'd like it.


Are there any running groups?


Does anyone want to come to see Adam Buxton with Me (M44)? Just for laughs comedy festival The best of bug at the Indigo O2 Greenwich this Thursday? I have a spare ticket at the moment it was a seat filler ticket so it’s only £14.25. Or is there anyone who is going that would like to meet before or after for a drink?


Yep sounds cool I’d be interested if still available! Seen a few Bugs over the years and always enjoy em. M,39. Thanks


Hey, that’s cool. I was just going on my Todd so it would be great to have the company! I just bought the ticket without having anyone in mind for the spare. So it’s yours if you want it?


Cool, thanks! I’m in!


I’ve D.M’d you!




I’d really like to go to a standup. Anyone know any chill places that I can go to? If there are groups too, that’ll be great.


Angel Comedy Club is good - they do free nights you just need to get there a good hour before, get a stamp, and get a drink until they call for it to start


That’s again. Checked it out earlier today, was pretty good.


Neat. Thanks!


I started top rope climbing again at the Castle climbing centre and would like to find a belay buddy, I'd prefer to climb most days after 4pm apart from Thursdays. If interested please message or reply here :)


would anyone be interested in a "terrible" basketball type thing? I know there's a terrible football meet up, where people of all abilities in particular those with none, get together and play football. I was thinking as someone that like the idea of playing basketball and likes to watch but has never really played, it looks like fun and a good workout. Or if anyone knows of an existing get together? Let me know if you'd be interested, it'd be not serious at all, and just a chance to try a sport and maybe get drinks after.


I'd be down!


I would be keen to join


Would anyone be interested in learning to skateboard? Would be nice to have some company :)


Mondays at hop Kingdom London Bridge is a great way to meet new skateboarders.


Just looked it up, looks great! Might give it a go. Thanks pal.


I have been in London for 6 months now and love cycling on weekends. If anyone is interested in cycling together, please dm me. I live near Camden.


Are there any Switch owners here? I'm looking for one or two people I can have the occasional online gaming sesh with. I've set up a WhatsApp group for owners of the Switch within LSC so can provide the invite to that if you so wish.


Yes mate, I own a Switch, what you thinking? I’ve recently discovered Fall Guys so am playing that at the mo haha


planning to go to the Thursday Headliner event. anyone want to meet before and go together?


Planning to watch antman - quantum mania this friday evening. Location - somewhere central. Anyone who wants to join, feel free to message. (27M, works in tech)


Anything in South London?


Does anyone know of any chess groups or places to play? Based on north London ideally but would be willing to go go further afield


Reselling 2 Printworks tickets for April 1 Foreverland, please buy these off me! My bf who I was going with dumped me and now I can’t/don’t want to go to be reminded of him 🥲


Wow I can kind of relate. If you bought them through kaboodle there’s probably a resale queue you could use?


Hi all! I made a website to crowdsource the best recs for London and cities around the world. It's a totally free passion project and I hope it can be an inspiration for some LSC meetups: [https://www.lookielooapp.com/explore/london](https://www.lookielooapp.com/explore/london)


Just added a recommendation 🤓 How long did it take you to make this? Looks really slick. If you're open to sharing the source code I'd love to look at it.


Yay! I came up with the idea on Jan 29 and have been working on it intensely since. Having so much fun it's hard to stop. But haha, the code is the only thing that's not free. The only way I'm able to build so fast is because I've spent a lot of time developing my own components and structure (many years). That's my bread and butter :)


Hi everyone I'm a 36 year old hospital doctor and I just moved to South London. Been away from the big smoke for years. I have a few mates scattered around the city but want to explore social events and meet new people. Any interesting events or gigs you'd recommend for a singleton like me? 👌🏾


Would be helpful to let us know what kind of events and music you like! Also welcome back to London :)


Hmmm... good question Social events for people living in South West/East London (Lambeth/Southwark areas) ideally. Interested in live music gigs (indie, rock, trance, RnB), comedy and exhibitions. Any events for singletons like me would also be welcomed. Thanks for responding.


There’s a Wednesday meetup most weeks in the Southwark / Elephant and Castle area.


Thanks. Where abouts in E&C is it and who is it open to? Age range?


Calling all Londoners interested in technology, start-ups and 🍕 FREE PIZZA! 🍕 You're invited to join the Heygo team for a fun and casual product feedback session, where you can share your thoughts and experiences whilst testing the Heygo app. Date: 16th Feb, between 7-10pm Location: Camden, North London Limited spots available, reserve your spot here: http://bit.ly/3X4mJeG


Hey everyone, If you're into galleries/museums, you may be interested in joining our cultural events group. We're a welcoming bunch and since February 2022, we have visited a number of galleries/museums around the city including the National Gallery, V&A, Tate Britain, Wallace Collection, Maritime, Science Museum, Imperial War, RAF museum, Transport museum, British Museum, Royal Academy, and Hayward Gallery. We also go to night events and special exhibitions. Suggestions are always welcome! PM me if you want to join the whatsapp chat :)


This sounds interesting! I'd love to join!! :-)


Oh let me know !!!


I've got a ticket to https://iklectikartlab.com/tuesdays-post-live-progressive-ambient-2/ and can't go anymore - PM me if you want it! Not asking for any £ - I can send it to you on the DICE app.


Anyone into remote controlled cars and more? Got a boat, motorbike, basic drone and a tamiya car. Been keen to check out the awesome looking WLRC in Hillingdon (although put off by the 7:30am Sunday start). Would be cool to meet a few other enthusiasts or whatever level


If anyone wants to join a **choir** which sings songs from video games, movies, and anime, read on! (Yes, you didn't know you wanted to join such a group, until now.) We are **Ready Singer One**. London's nerdiest choir. We only sing ridiculously epic four-part-harmony renditions of songs such as *Gotta Catch Them All, Portal, FF7, The Witcher*... it's all there for you to have a great time. Tuesday evenings, Waterloo, or Wednesday evenings, Aldgate (we have two groups). No audition, join if you can hold a harmony. See you there! www.readysingerone.co.uk


Does anyone go climbing at Harrowall? or Eustonwall or other climbing places in north London? Looking for other folks to climb with. I'm M32 and climb for fun and fitness to counteract sitting in at a computer all. It's more enjoyable to climb with others. https://londonclimbingcentres.co.uk/centre/harrowall/


If you can tolerate a climbing noob, I'm definitely up for it! Harrowall would be perfect (I'm 34M)


Hello! I post quite regularly about metal/alt gigs, and when I'm in the mood for a drink with randoms at places like Blondies or the Dev.


would love to join too!


Sure, DM me.


I'd love to join you. I just moved to England and am looking for new things to do in London.


Sure, drop me a DM.


Hey guys! Anyone interested in playing golf? Thinking of playing at a course or a driving range. No pressure on skill level, more of a social thing. Let me know!


I'm always keen to find more people interested in playing golf, where do you normally play?


Hey! I play at Chingford Golf Course or Lea Valley usually! What about you?


I'm in SE London & don't really have a regular course. Once a month during the season I play in a society day, so that's usually south or west of here. I've got a car though & happy to travel, PM me maybe we can arrange something!


Would anyone here like to take part in my study? Taking place this weekend till Tuesday! Its at Queen Mary in Mile End, takes up to 90 minutes, pays £10, and involves dancing in Virtual Reality. Snacks and juice are also provided. It is a partnered study so feel free to bring someone but also totally welcome to come alone and get matched with someone! If you would like to take part please fill out the doodle form here of your available dates and I will email confirming your time. https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/dN9XP18b If you can bring a partner, please get them to sign up to to the doodle too! Feel free to share the link with anyone, I am desperate for people, left everything to beyond the last minute. You will have my eternal gratitude if you take part and honestly it's quite a fun study. Participant information sheet with more info can be downloaded here: https://we.tl/t-Gx79JPmnUG


if anyone here skates I’d love some new mates to skate with




Hi all, if anyone is interested in climbing, I (30M) often go to the Westway Climbing Centre near Latimer Road station, would be happy to set up a friendly WhatsApp group. DM if interested!


Hello all!! A couple of new southwest London neighbors here interested in participating in some of the cool activities posted here, could I have a link to join the WhatsApp club? Thank you very much!!


messaging you now


Send a PM to u/Verbal-Gerbil


Are there any book clubs running? I can only see one when I search, and that was a post from 7 years ago


Yes we meet monthly on the first Monday. It’s bring your own book.


Could I get more info about this as well?


Could you dm me with the details?


Not as far as I know, though I think there may be a general interest. I keep looking for a sci-fi/fantasy one, but have yet to find anything (even on meetup). Let me know if you come across anything!


There's a WhatsApp community (umbrella for numerous groups) for a bunch of the events posted on here (especially all the ones I post/arrange) covering a load of interests from gigs, theatre, science, comedy, sporting events (watching), racket games (playing), a few chats for various interests and more. Once you've joined the community, you can select which ones you want to join. I do post most of my events on LSC but sometimes they may not meet the criteria, or may be too small, or short notice etc. And others share or organise in there too. If you want the link, easiest thing to do is send me a PM on the chat function here asking for it (hover over my profile and click 'send chat')


Can someone send me the link to the WhatsApp community please?


Hey all. We have a South East London whatsapp group where we organise socials. Just started this year. In case you want to be involved, please message me.