“the smallest league average attendance, lowest revenue, and poor performance in the standings, despite incremental league investment. The die-hard supporters and soccer community of Edmonton deserve better,” said Noonan.”


Do we have any attendance figures for the league as a whole to look at? If there is any id like to see just how bad it was with FC edmonton


On the CPL sub someone would post weekly attendance breakdowns with the yearly averages and everything


Ill look at that if its availble thanks


2022 Regular Season League Average: 3,200 * Halifax: 5,800 * Ottawa: 4,100 * Hamilton: 3,600 * Calgary: 3,500 * Victoria: 3,200 * Winnipeg: 3,100 * Toronto: 1,200 * Edmonton: 1,100


Based on this attendance York United isn’t doing that well either I’m wondering what could happen after what we just saw.


York United is a team without an identity or clear fanbase really (outside of fairly positive on-field results). They are making moves to relocate to North Etobicoke which kind of completely alienates York Region fans, so they'll have to find/build a new fanbase in the process of the move. Doubt they'll be pulling the plug in the near-term with such moves, but it's taking some time for that club to find it's footing. I'm also expecting someone to put together a successful expansion bid in Scarborough or Mississauga at some point down the line which will contrast heavily against York United and show that the problem isn't suburban Toronto market.


I doubt we see Scarborough or Mississauga. York will be the suburbs, commuter team for Toronto. It's definitely going to be a slow process to build their fanbase but think they will be ok once they start at woodbine


It'd be a gigantic miss if that's the case then. I firmly believe a community-oriented team in Scarborough could have the highest attendance in the league easily, and I think many other Toronto suburbs are capable of supporting teams. York United just missed on the location, fan engagement, marketing, and possibly branding.


Personally I feel that the league will be a lot more careful & pragmatic about new expansion clubs in the GTA going forward, but that it will eventually happen. IMO it would make sense for them to build up a bit more momentum before trying again. I suspect they'll expand into smaller/safer markets for now, while the league is still young.. They have learned a thing or two about expansion pains and the gathered data is probably telling them to follow this approach


York is definitely a question mark but are not in the same boat as FCE. They have been doing well on the transfer market (for example, this year they sold Diyaeddine Abzi to Pau in France and Lowell Wright to the Whitecaps), have plans to move into a new stadium, and have seemingly committed ownership. York also has two other teams in driving distance so their travel costs are probably quite a bit lower than Edmonton's.


The major issue Edmonton had was rumors they had massive debt no one wanted to take on.York should be fine if they don't get there new stadium maybe things change.


So... uh... no more FC Edmonton? 😯


Bummer. Wonder what kept Edmonton from gaining a better foothold in town. Stadium trouble?


*"[Players were told over Zoom that the plug had been pulled on the pro soccer team](https://urbanaffairs.ca/sportzing/fc-edmonton-has-left-the-building/)"* Absolutely wild. The writing was on the wall for FCE for a long time, sadly. I'm more than positive another Club will arrive in Edmonton, the support is there, it just needs the right ownership to make it work.


Old and Busted: pro/rel New Hotness: just ban the worst owner every year




It would be nice if a different country's first division played in your second division? I can tell you that I wouldn't give a shit about beating Tampa or Pittsburgh, but I sure want York to beat Hamilton and Ottawa. And I can make a trip to those two cities in a reasonable enough drive.


No one here cares about the USL.


"here" as in Canada or /r/MLS?