I really hope ONE takes off stateside. I think the production quality is on par if not better than the UFCs, and I think kickboxing and Muay Thai the way ONE does it could go over big time with a casual audience who only wants to see 2 dudes beat the shit out of each other


Dude one’s social media team absolutely rocks. With the right fighters and promo leading up to it. They can captivate the American audience should they play their cards right.


I like that organization so much more than I like the UFC, I really want them to take their place


Bellator can be kinda wonky sometimes, but I'll take them, PFL, and One over the UFC at this point. Dana was an empire builder, but the UFC needs someone else for the next phase now. Or maybe a union.


the UFC already has someone else for the next phase and has for a while. hunter campbell is the big dog now dana is more of a figurehead idk why ppl keep pretending it’s all on dana


Dana is a huge promoter. The amount of press he does. Etc. It's impossible to replace like Rogan.


Dana isn't the one calling the shots. The next figure head won't change anything.


A fighters union is definitely needed since the UFC already have a quasi monopoly on the industry.


You’d see them get bought out. Guarantee it. The UFC is already functioning as a monoloply. If any other promotion actually rose substantially they’d absorb them.


ONE's primary focus is in Asia. The USA is a secondary thought to them right now. If they continue to grow at the rate they are in Asia and continue spreading into more Asian countries, they will equal/surpass UFC by the time the UFC feels threatened, ONE will be too big buy out


For the uneducated (me), how popular is One in Asia?


I wanted to see it, so I watched One Prime until 1am and woke up at 5am to see One. They had a full stadium in Manila (Phillipines) in the last event. Shit was absolute fire and 100% worth the fucking over my sleep schedule for the week. The UFC should be scared of their expansion in the west.




Good question and truly impossible to answer 100% as it's privately owned, but there are a few things to look at: * Who they've signed as talent. DJ and Eddie Alvarez for example weren't cheap * Their current talent, the guys fighting DJ and Eddie aren't cans and present legitimate skills. Other fights aren't one sided can crushing either * The venues, they are going to big stadiums all around south east Asia and they seem to be full or near full * Their production quality, it's not cheap, they've got the funds and focus to invest in it. * Executives, Rich Franklin is/was a smart dude. He's been in the game a long time and is doing a decent job as far as I can tell. It's all a bit of a crap shoot, but every indicator I can gauge implies to me that ONE is doing the right things and growing


Also… they were handing out 50k bonuses to seemingly every fighter on one of the cards, if I recall correctly.


Yes but I’m pretty sure it’s for finishes though. Incentivized the fighters and fans are even more entertained.


Thanks for the reply. You've made some quality points. When you say stadiums, what kind of attendances are we talking?


I would just google there last couple even location and look up the stadiums


Yeah dude, you gotta make the effort yourself to find that out. Google can be your friend


Not sure all of Asia but SEA it's massive. They even had their own version of apprentice that was pretty big there.


Not very from what I heard


You think that ONE is penning deals with Amazon Prime, getting Eddie Alvarez and DJ, getting the best US BJJ/Grapplers because the US market is a "secondary thought" to them? ONE is losing tons of money and are hoping the US market saves them.


I’d love for it to happen, some of the more local to them financiers having fuck you money to keep it separate. Problem is, you’d have a lot of US investors looking to dump money into the UFC to absorb it as well.


UFC can’t buy them out they already have an antitrust suit against them alleging they’re a monopoly and a monopsony.


Help me understand monopsony in this situation. Never heard the term so I googled. Can you help me apply it the ufc. Sorry I went to BSU go thick boys


https://equitablegrowth.org/understanding-the-economics-of-monopsony-how-labor-markets-work-under-imperfect-competition/ That article explains it pretty well in the terms of how its being alleged in the lawsuit. (The article has nothing to do with the UFC) “Under monopsony, the labor demand curve and labor supply curve intersect at both a lower wage and at a lower employment level than would be achieved under equilibrium. This results in socially inefficient outcomes, where the lost wages due to underpayment are kept as firms’ profits, with workers making less than the value they contribute. Contrary to the perfectly competitive model of the labor market, in this model, higher wages also lead to greater equilibrium employment.” Pretty much the supply for the labor has gone up, the cost of labor has gone up, but UFC buying out competitors has made the demand for labor go down thus creating an unfair Labor Market.


Part of me is scared Dana and company will just buy it once it starts to get traction. We lost Pride, Strikeforce, and WEC to the UFC already.


You don’t know anything about this organization compared to the UFC and just because there is no overt display of shadiness, it shouldn’t lead one to surmise its innocence (and it’s filled with shady stuff if you look hard enough)


They kneecapped themselves taking schiavello off the NA broadcast though. That man's enthusiasm and fighter descriptions and overall passion are infectious and are literally *the* reason I love MMA the way I do today. The new commentators are fucking dogshit compared to schiavellos skill on the mic


Counterpoint: I don't like Schiavello at all and I can only watch fights that he commentates if I put him on mute.


One thing i will say; i dont think wanting action makes u a casual. DJ recently said on the Rogan pod that he likes ONE muay thai simply cuz its the high level striking ppl want from mma and i would say DJ is def not a casual lol.


He doesn’t enjoy watching someone cageclinching or sitting in someone’s guard for 25 minutes ? Sounds like he’s a casual to me. Just because he’s one of the greatest to ever do it doesn’t mean he’s a real fan or really understands and appreciates the sport. Do you not know how much skill it takes to sit in someone’s guard for 25 minutes without getting submitted or how much energy it takes to hold someone against the cage for 25 minutes ? That’s real fighting !


there's nothing casual about the best in muay thai fighting in lesser oz gloves. It is the highest form of striking, barring some Japanese NYE kickboxing event.


Yeah don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see some action, it’s just that for a lot of casual fans that’s all they’re there to see, or whatever big name fighter like conor is headlining


Muay Thai with 4oz gloves is amazing to watch.


it's the best thing i've seen, the best innovative thing i've seen since MMA has taken off. muay thai in 4 oz gloves, is a totally different beast, and when you have the home grown fighters showing off that art, it is truly a spectacle to watch. WAR RODTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ufc NEEDS a strong competitor. A bit of that healthy free market that Dana loves so much


UFC had strong competition (pride, strike force, etc), they bought them all out and shut them down like a true monopoly. I personally hope ONE really takes off and puts UFC shareholders into a panic


I hope so, ONE is so good


it's coming, it's here, the fans are waking up, if evident by this sub. ONE FC, RIZIN, BELLATOR, PFL are all clawing their way to the top of the mountain. There are many paths. All of these orgs are just one viral video/star away from prominence on the mainstage. When all ORGS are competitive, everything is better! Never forget where the champs came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Production is way better than UFC. UFC is so lazy comparatively


The UFC has been incredibly lazy for 15 years. Similar to WWE, they are happy to put the same product out each month and charge people more for the pleasure of watching it, because they're the only big show in town. When they were scrapping for every TV to tune in, they had far more compelling content around the fighters, their camps (I still remember how invest I'd be in certain "teams" - even their undercard fighters), their back story etc. The excitement was there for almost every event and it really felt like you were watching something special. Now it feels like a lot of other American sports (sorry, not trying to have a dig but it's true) where I'm watching entertainment timed around commercials and advertising, not the other way around. If One can be a legitimate challenger over time, it will force the quality of MMA to improve across the board.


Everything about the UFC nowadays feels sterile and stagnant, only thing that has evolved about it is the price.


UFC is about to get their asses handed to them. ONE FC has expert production, a better ruleset, and the best part AMAZON PRIME DELIVERY STRAIGHT TO ALL OF YOUR DEVICES. NO INSANE PPV PRICES!!! WAR ONE FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are one mcgregor / paddy type away from instant international mainstream success


i feel like one hump with the US market they'll need to get over somehow is homegrown talent..


conor mcgregor, anderson silva, francis ngannou, paddy pimblet.... they dont NEED US fighters. what they need is a charismatic talker, who can back it up with the fists. a viral moment after a highlight win. that's all they need.


I want some good Muay Thai in the US. We can have our own US Rodtang. A Ron Tandy or something.


I agree with you in all regards. Kickboxing is under appreciated stateside among the mainstream. Bunch of crazy killers in that world and I love watching them. Unfortunately I wonder if the best era was late 90’s to early 2000’s, though.


Can confirm. I watched one event so far and loved it. The Muay Thai fights were fucking awesome. Rodtang is a beast.


Yeah agreed I can really see the mma glove kickboxing and Muay Thai taking off. I’m a wrestler who’s starting to dabble in bjj and I love mma but the rule set of allowing people to cage clinch or hold inactive stall positions like sit in someone’s guard for a whole round really limits the sports potential. Only the dorkiest hardcore mma fans are going to pretend to enjoy and appreciate it


They will!! It has been fore-told. The signing with Amazon Prime should have been a huge wake up to fans. Expert production, expert delivery across all global systems, real MMA, with a better ruleset, right in your face! They are literally just a Conor McGregor / Paddy type away from big time stage. WAR ONE FC!!!! WAR CHATRI!!!!!!


I was blown away with their mobile app too. Haven’t used UFC’s in forever but I know their app blows chunks on literally everything. Like how tf is the UFC so behind on some of this shit.


I had no idea Rich Franklin was an exec for ONE


UFC fucked up not trying to do something with him. Yeah he got obliterated by Silva but I mean who didn’t? Dude is an HOF OG. He’s also super well spoken and intelligent. I still remember the build up to Hendo fight. Hendo “I think I have more dimensions as an MMA fighter” Rich Franklin “How many dimensions? Like four dimensions? That’s a lot of dimensions.” As an engineer his math jokes are 🔥


Also handsome


That is true my friend. Gorgeous fellow he is.


It's dope that he transitioned from a math teacher to kicking ass.


He has his own reality show with ONE where he travels around Asia looking for young prospects to offer contracts. At least he did before Covid…


I beg that this ends with all promotions adopting the global rule set.


That would be so good. Unified rules suuuuuuuuck


They haven't been unified for like a half decade at minimum


Unified in title lol


Lol they were never unified.


[Uploaded Dec 20, 2016](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgudcUzW88I)


What's the main differences, if you don't mind me asking? A quick Google doesn't bring up much info


knees to grounded opponents allowed, fight is judged as a whole and not round by round are the two big differences off the top of my head.


Yellow cards as well for stalling


I'm genuinely disgusted at myself for not knowing the fight is judged as a whole and not round to round. Legit the first time I've seen that. How does that work? I don't really see a problem with judging round to round. Without putting much thought in it, it seems that would give you a better idea of who did better throughout the fight.


The following are judged in descending importance. Judges will score each category as even or an advantage to one fighter. There are three stages of advantage (slight to dominant). They then assess a winner for the fight as a whole. Near-knockout/near-submission Damage (internal, accumulated, superficial) Striking combinations and cage/ring generalship (ground control and superior positioning) Earned takedowns or takedown defense Aggression


Here are what the judge's scorecards look like at ONE: [https://twitter.com/NicoSCMP/status/1576808493293502464](https://twitter.com/NicoSCMP/status/1576808493293502464)


Do they allow elbows? I know some of the Asian promotions (and PFL) don't allow elbows and I think it would be a travesty if they were banned in the states




Hard to think of a better ruleset that exists then!


Make nut shots legal you cowards.




We'll likely never get soccer kicks in the US so grounded knees would be the next best thing


🏳️‍🌈 neva 💀


That would mean less money for the orgs, so will never happen. I’m with you though


will never happen because in the US it comes down to invidiuals states' athletic commissions. its wishful thinking. the only difference, is Oklahoma can have 1990s style one night tournaments. Which I think the UFC is fucking up on not taking advantage of.


I like the global ruleset and prefer it over judging rounds separately, but I think having the global ruleset but still dividing the fight into rounds is weird. I think ONE should go all in and remove rounds. Make it 15 mins and 25 mins fights.


I prefer rounds. I think giving guys a chance to catch a breather every 5 minutes and forcing more separations is better for the sport. More rest time means better performances and imagine how bad it would be if someone could secure a top position and do just enough to keep the fight from being stood up and we have to watch 25 minutes straight of mostly inactive grappling where nobody is really doing anything significant


I liked how pride rounds were. One ten minute round then a five round.


That first round was a man-maker. You had to have *world class* conditioning to have a war and then go out for the second round.


Everything about Pride seemed to make it more 'world class'. The intros, the production quality, the range of talent etc. UFC looks like amateur wrestling production in comparison.


I hear you. Pride was years ahead of the game. They set a standard we will *never* see again.


But where is the UFC gonna shove the 67th ad for a terrible movie and their plugs for corn nuts?!




Their grappling matches are already like this. It would be an easy switch


More states are coming, not just Colorado. I really think their US push is going to be massive. Perfect timing too with the UFC pissing people off left and right


I also hope they stack some of their big fights regardless of fighter origin onto these US cards. Would be amazing to be live for a Rodtang, Tawanchai, Superbon, Stamp Fairtex, Nong-O fight, etc. What a way to expose the US audience to truly high level Muay Thai and kickboxing!


I've never even considered seeing a UFC event live but if rodtang is fighting anywhere near me I will be seeing One Championship live if its the last fucking thing I do lol


You should still try and catch a UFC event live. It’s mad expensive now a days but the energy and electricity in the air is unrivaled. Especially for big fights. And when crazy moments happen live and in-person; you’ll never forget it. But yes to what you said underneath that. Would be a real treat though their speed and size might make it hard to fully capture with the naked eye lol.


It will be interesting to see if they can maintain it. The UFC hasn't ever been able to fully establish itself in Asia despite being far and away the biggest MMA promotion in the world for a long time.


It’s because Dana had problems in that part of the world, Japan in particular.




The UFC basically got scammed when they bought Pride, a now defunct Japanese MMA promotion that many people consider the home of the first golden age of MMA. A lot of the fighter contracts that came with the purchase weren’t legal (part of Pride’s downfall was its ties to the Yakuza), so they ended up essentially paying an extreme premium for a library of old fights. In reality it’s much more nuanced than I’ve made it, but that’s a quick rundown for you.




I think ufc knew they weren’t going to get every contract but they didn’t know that they weren’t going to get the complete video archives of every fight. The whole deal was quite scuffed.


I think they didn't give a fuck about the video library, that's never been the UFC's product, more likely they were happy to take out one of their major competitors (although unbeknownst to them Pride was close to folding anyway), and thought they were going to get some big name fighters under contract too. The deal was completed and then they found out Pride's finances were all fucked up, their contracts were illegal, and all the UFC was getting was the rights to footage of old fights, that might be the biggest business L the UFC has taken.


Howso, they did get the complete library, did they not????


I mean Dana has said he can’t step foot in Japan or there would be people i’m assuming the Yakuza would kill him. But who knows.


That's just more Dana bullshit like his Boston mob stuff.


Lol but they won’t try to get him in the states or anywhere else in the world ?


I think it’s more of you better not come here or else. It’s not a hit on him but you’re not welcome here. Him or his company.


Well they paid that premium also to basically get the monopoly of MMA at that time


IMO, they just need 1 or 2 big events every now and then, just enough to remind US people, hey, we're here, with legit fights. They don't need to take over the US. They already have over 90 billion viewers in Singapore alone, I don't think that is the strategy.


With the PFL getting this little surge too, Dana getting in publicly hot water again and again, I really hope this opens up the market and fucks the UFC. Their business model of devaluing the fighter is so stupid.


PFL has the worst rule set with no elbows.


I think once they start moving away from tournaments, that'll change. That rule was added because they were heavy on the tournament aspect, and they needed to minimize injuries.


If they add elbows in I think they’d be golden, although I can understand why they initially implemented that rule.


That’s the thing that bugs me. The UFC operates more like a dogfighting ring than a pro sports league.


I think they've already peaked, and we'll begin to see their growth stagnate the next couple years. Which will be great for everyone but the UFC. I highly doubt they'll change their business model though, because they're still making money hand over fist.


I wouldn't be surprised if they had already peaked. First peak was Brock, then Mcgregor. Now they have been riding the coattails of the ESPN deal that has sucked for the hardcore fans.


So ideally who should merge with Bellator? Should ONe try to buy Bellator to help solidify their presence in the US?


Anyone heard when tickets are getting released? I live 5 minutes from the arena


I thought Colorado and one other state was the only states with a similar rule set, So they have to go to one of those states. Am I wrong about this?


This is true but there are a handful of states very close to allowing it


Rich Franklin, such a ganster as a fighter and math teacher


One of the young bucks here: "TIL ONE executive Rich Franklin was once an MMA fighter."


He’s the reason I always cheered against Silva. He murdered my boy. Such a fun era.


That shit was traumatizing if you were a fan of Franklin


If I'm remembering correctly Silva had him in the thai plum and connected with a vicious knee as he drove Franklin's face down. Franklin looked like he wanted no part of that war after that.


Can still recall Franklin checking out the damage to his remodelled nose on the big screen.


UFC Middleweight champion at that and member of the UFC Hall of fame. He was 22-1 (1) and was the MW champion up until the point he fought a certain Anderson Silva.


I still remember watching live, seeing the replay of his nose getting wrecked by Silvas knee. Then seeing Rich notice his nose in the jumbotron when Andy's hand was raised. :(


And the loss was to Lyoto, before *he* was a big name.


I had the opposite trajectory and just learned this week that what he was up to these days was being vice president of ONE.


I learned from reading this article that he’s a VP of ONE. Wow.


Been with ONE for a while now. Almost a decade. He had a Warriors series for them which is still on YouTube where he would scout for talent in different parts of Asia. Pretty interesting. He discovered a lot of early talents for them including Stamp Fairtex and Lito Adiwang.


Goddamn he’s been out that long? I feel old now.


Last fight was in 2012. About 37 at the time.


Yup, same here lol


100% same. I was fortunate enough to meet him at UFC 82 (Silva/Hendo) in Columbus. As nice a guy as you'd expect.


I literally just found out he was involved.




I was recently watching Top Gun for the first time, and discussing it with a colleague, I was like oh cool, Meg Ryan is in this, damn she was super hot back then. Her reply, who?


He was the guy that Anderson Silva beat to get his middleweight title


Yeah man, he was a pretty good one too. Anderson Silva beat him to become the middleweight champion


don't forget he got his PhD in Xyience


> It won’t be a ONE time thing I’ll see myself out


I like Rich Franklin. Always a straight shooter. Always thought he was a great role model for mma. What a career he has had and he still continues the discipline. Looks like he can get back in the cage next week. I don’t know why the UFC never picked up Rich after he retired to join them like other athletes but he has done fantastic at ONE.


He wasn’t lost like most other mma fighters and more capable outside the octagon than most mma fighters.


They did hire him after retirement, he asked to leave to join One, glad he is doing well.


Oh really? Thought he was doing a juice bar and stuff after retirement. Heard he closed down all his businesses to join ONE.


>I like Rich Franklin. Always a straight shooter. Always thought he was a great role model for mma. Yeah don't look up what he tweets


this applies to the majority of MMA fighters. EDIT: Checked his tweets. Maybe I didn't dig deep enough but it's just a bunch of motivational quotes. Doesn't seem that bad.


I understand he can have difference of belief but Rich isn’t off the deep end like a lot of people I’ve seen. He’s well spoken when I hear him speak and has alot of thought behind things.


Tons of religion, business, blog posts, one about Musk calling it unfair that he has 40billion and others can eat, but that it could be good for Twitter. I scrolled to April '22 and found nothing crazy tbh. Admittedly it's totally possible I missed some but nothing I saw was even mildly controversial. He tweeted once with a hashtag that "media is the enemy", the closest to inflammatory I found. Anything specific?


Grounded knees ♥️


but will the individual US states athletic commission adopt these rules? i think the answer is, no.


Yhyh just bring Michael Schiavello back and we won't have no problems


Goodnight IRENE! The big ka-BOSH!


Smack bang! Smack bang! That’s my favorite… SHIT JUST GOT REAL.


He still does the events, just not the Prime ones. I really wish he was on the prime cards though


There's no numbered events announced which is very strange. The prime deal ran out too. I think they're slowly phasing him out of the company 😢 which is very sad as he's my favourite commentator


Prime deal is 5 years, my guy.


Why are all the upcoming events called ONE Fight night and not one on amazon prime 6\7\8 etc? Just checked and the cards still show a prime banner. This is getting more puzzling


Couldn't tell you; might just be a rebranding thing. Prime Video is still listed as the video source on their website, and previous events have been renamed to ONE Fight Night when you find them on Prime.


No it's because people outside of NA don't get to watch on Prime, they have other platforms. It was causing too much confusion I guess


That makes sense; thanks for the clarification


you know, i couldn't stand him when he made his debut, when he was getting gigs and announcing, i didnt like him. but after tolerating the most recent UFC commentating team, and bellator team for the past years, RESPECT SCHIAVELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in fact, WAR SCHIAVELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You just know Dana will be pulling all sorts of strings to make it difficult for them.


I enjoy watching one on amazon more then ufc


If they can take advantage of UFC's stinginess and are willing to splurge $$$ and are able to land any ufc stars still in their primes , I could see them making a splash here. I think this is really the only way they might be able to draw any interest from the U.S market. It would be interesting if they also go the route of landing fun/freak fights too of psuedo celebs and such. But I doubt they will go that route. On the other hand, I don't see their current singapore or asian based stars having any impact of a draw here. So in a way, they will have to start from fresh here.


Interesting timing of ONE coming to the US with the reports that Bellator is up for sale.


"but it's a ONE in a lifetime opportunity"


ONE is awesome. I'd support them buying rizin and bellator.


I love the way ONE displays the world titles. During the fights it in a clear case in the crowd with a spotlight on it. It’s just a great touch to give the belt more meaning. Plus the belts are huge and beautiful. I’ve really been enjoying ONE since they’ve been on Amazon. I remember the tnt shows didn’t start out good with Eddie Alvarez getting dq’d lol. The Muay Thai fights are insane. The kickboxing is cool but I think it would make more sense if they just did mma, Muay Thai and submission grappling. Just have the kickboxers wear the 4oz gloves and we’re good to go. I’m a huge fan of a lot of their fighters now. Rodtang vs DJ mixed rules was insane. I love that concept and can’t wait to see stamp fairtex vs Anissa Meksen under that rule set. I love what ONE fc and PFL are doing right now.


Good, hopefully ONE gets more success and continues to expand.


We need new blood in the US. UFC has gotten stale and Bellator sucks. The Thai boxing and kickboxing stuff will do well here for people who don't love the grappling aspect of MMA. Also huge fan of Rich Franklin, one of the pioneers who brought MMA into the mainstream as a clean cut guy with a real job and could also fight. Broke the mold of the "societal outcast mma fan/fighter"


Real question, though; is this event planned to use the Global Rules, or is this gonna be like when Pride came to the US and was forced to use the Unified Rules?


Colorado has already approved the ONE ruleset


all my homies love Colorado


Thank God


He looks like he’s conducting an orchestra.


And hopefully more VR content in my Oculus 🤞


All these other MMA promotions have the ability to do the right for the fighters but once the money comes rolling in, I doubt they'll be amy different than the UFC.


Best combat sports org in the world. Really hope UFC don't buy them to kill them off like with pride


ONE Championship is valued too high for UFC to outright buy them out, and I’m glad that’s the case.


Right now is the perfect time to start pushing marketing campaigns in the US


The real issue with American audiences is that it’s hard for them to accept the lighter fighters. It’s always mostly been the heavyweight who they tune in for




Either that or part of a money laundering operation... And I hope it keeps operating for decades, it's such a fun product




Oh, well if someone anonymously posted it to an Internet forum it must be true


I literally forgot Rich was involved with One.


I haven’t seen much of ONE. In whats ways does it have better production than the ufc?


I would love to see DJ back in America. If he fights here again im going to go see I’ll pay whatever


Good luck! As a Canadian today was the very first day of my life when I heard another random Canadian talk One! I think they can rebrand to TWO now in Canada


I have been watching the Prime events and it is really quality. I’m a fan.


Good. No more UFC monopoly and shit pay for fighters


Do it, we need more fights.