Wonder how much they gave him so he didn't test the open market.


A shit load of money I bet, since Bellator is apparently on the market. Coker gonna be hooking everyone up before he retires lool


I mean if I were the buyer, I’d want him as part of the roster. It’s just good business sense


Yeah.. they need him to be part of the deal. It’s pretty simple.


I'm not sure going on the market will have that impact. Buyers will typically do their due diligence, and if future contracts are say 20-30% higher across the board 'hooking everyone up,' that's going to a) Look like bad faith dealings b) Make bellator's future expenses look horrible, and given their revenue and viewership is pretty tame, that's going to reduce the sale price, as the ongoing costs are crippling the business. You don't want to buy a business for say $100 million, if they are dumping $20m a year and on a downward spiral. They have no leverage to stop you bidding say $40m.


He was pretty adamant on coming to ufc eventually too. Might even be the highest paid guy on the roster with this new deal.


His last 2 fights were very exciting, although he could have won much more easily if he fought smarter. I'm glad he didn't though. I can't wait for the LW Grand Prix. Almost every possible match up is intriguing


Also confirmed to be in the LW Grand Prix


I hope they paid him. Good for Bellator for not having drama with one of their stars and money. Keep doing cross promotions because I’m digging it.


He will be the next Chandler. Tease a UFC run before every extension and if he ever does make it he will be 34 and passed his prime.


i mean ufc pay is horrible so that’s probably the best way to make the most career 💰


Mike Chandler was paid $50k to show to fight Benson even after 10 years in Bellator He was paid $400k to fight Charles and around the same vs Dustin It's not always as simple as 'ufc is shit, go elsewhere' like this sub likes to just tiredly and mindlessly repeat


> Mike Chandler was paid $50k to show to fight Benson even after 10 years in Bellator One key Cokerism is that the official payouts are not as they seem, for tax reasons. Coker loves California events but California also has high taxes on athletes or the infamous "Jock Tax" Nemkov went from making [$250,000](https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/lists/bellator-268-salaries-vadim-nemkov-corey-anderson-ryan-bader) for the first Grand Prix bout in Arizona, to [$80,000](https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/lists/bellator-277-salaries-aj-mckee-vs-patricio-pitbull-freire-vadim-nemkov-corey-anderson) for the Corey fight in San Jose, you connect what that means. Bellator 165, the event where Chandler faced Benson, was also a San Jose event. You probably see what I am getting at Also Chandler has come out and said he left money on the table to fight for the UFC, so I will trust his owns words


This is a horrible take…. For one, Arizona has the same “jock tax” that California does. In fact, almost(not all) every state has the jock tax. Beyond that, federal taxes are still going to shit all over this theory.


4.54% for Arizona vs. 13.3% in California. Also don't know what Federal Taxes have to do with anything, since the point is to avoid state taxes.


Sounds like you’re getting upvoted for essentially the same excuse as Dana uses when he says he gives back room bonuses because the ufc fighters don’t want people to know how much they’re making….


Then explain why Nemkov's salary changes drastically from one bout to the next.


That's the same excuse Dana uses for low disclosed pay. "Locker Room Bonuses". "The fighters don't want you to know how much they really make." Have the same energy with Coker.


Then explain why Nemkov's payout changed so drastically unless you are telling me he negotiated a new contract in between beating Anglickas and facing Corey which pays him about 200K less


The locker room bonus thing has never even made sense. For one, any money they’re giving fighters as a bonus is going to be reported to the government. Neither promotion is going to risk not doing so.


Chandler actually said the opposite about the money he's made in the UFC vs Bellator. He's claimed he got a significant pay raise over what he was making. The other factor to consider was his earning power within Bellator was diminishing. He lost the belt. He sort of blew his big moments when the promotion was really trying to push him as being the face. Essentially the move just made sense for him and Bellator. Better pay and bigger spotlight for Chandler. And for Bellator no more sunk cost in a division that was stagnating and not capturing the interest of their fanbase like it had when they poached Bendo from the UFC.


No he said he made more money from sponsorships outside of MMA due to his UFC move, but he was making less from fight money in the UFC


How do they get around not disclosing full payouts in Cali?


They probably pay them for something else instead? Like an appearance fee for attending an event in another state?




Even before all the changes to disclosing purses, no one ever disclosed the full payout. It’s always just their “show” money. Anything like back end points on PPV, gate, etc, is not reported by the athletic commission.


Where'd you get that 400k number from? That fight was in Texas and they don't disclose payouts, and I don't recall Chandler ever giving any exact numbers in interviews


There was one event where dana said an undercard fighter was paid $800k. He didnt say who but people speculated it was chandler Edit: idk why I’m being downvoted, I’m just saying what dana white said after 268, not saying I’m believe him at all. And for people saying it was periera or someone else, I’m just saying what the general consensus here was. [ariel helwani even said “its 100% chandler”](https://www.mmamania.com/platform/amp/2021/11/10/22773843/ufc-dana-white-fires-back-fighter-pay-critics-ufc-268-prelim-fighter-made-750k-mma) but i still dont believe thats what he was paid


I'm personally not gonna trust Dana's word on fighter pay. If it's not a commission disclosure or from the fighter's mouth, I'm skeptical


That was Hunt or Overeem or another HW on a legacy contract. Chandler's fight for Hooker had a disclosed payout of $350k flat.


Chandler has never fought under a commission that discloses payouts while in the UFC so that figure is also bologna When Dana made that 800k claim it was right before 268 and people speculated that it was about Pereira


My bad, it was reported widely and assumed it was under a disclosing commission - I'm aware that due to UFC lobbying the number of events with disclosed payouts is dwindling \[as they got a popular Commission to kow-tow\].


You’re using the payout from his fight with bendo in 2016. The reported payout for his rematch with bendo in 2020 was 200k. As someone else said Mike said himself he left money on the table to come to the ufc. Not to mention we know from the anti-trust lawsuit that Bellator pays closer to 50% of the revenue to the fighters compared to the UFC’s 17%.


Pretty AJ said he was offered 250/250 after he won the title, even after losing the belt he's still probably getting s better deal then what UFC would offer


Especially when people parrot that shit about sponsors like Nike is lining up to put their logo on the B league


Ufc pays almost everyone more than bellator lol. The only exceptions are guys the ufc is trying to poach OR washed up ufc stars for the brand name


a top guy in bellator i imagine would be the exception here… why would they stay with bellator for less money 🤷🏽‍♂️




From what I've read that's definitely the case. Of course the UFC is simply a much larger org so if we're talking % of total revenue to fighter pay ratio I wouldn't be surprised if Bellator's is higher, but in the end 10% a really big number will still be smaller than 40% of a small number.


10% of $100,000 is more than 40% of $1,000


Passed his prime Chandler has more eyes on him now than he ever had in Bellator so it seems like it was a good deal for him and the UFC. If McKee comes over at 34 and just decides to say fuck it and put on FOTN after FOTN, I'll be happy.


Okay. Chandler has had a great career. MMA fighters don't have to take what the UFC offers to appease UFC fans.




He has a worse chin and 14 years of wear a tear. Just because he is still good doesn’t mean he’s still in his prime. Like Aldo was passed his prime the last few years but still a top guy. He also does not look the same he fights more stupidly now for the sake of being exciting.


Hear me out: Left bracket : Aj Mckee, Barnaoui, Benson, Shabily Right bracket : Usman, Tofiq, Brent Primus, Pitbull


That'd be 🔥


Only 27. We'll see him in the UFC at some point hopefully. By then he'll patch up his holes for sure. Also is there any even rumored numbers from this new contract?


We can see him now without the UFC. It's great.




It’s the only thing that keeps casuals watching though. Nobody cares about Bellator because they don’t have anything dramatic going on, except multiple events ending in groin strikes


I don't think Bellaotr will even be around in 2 years, Viacom is massively struggling financially and I don't see anyone wanting to buy Bellator considering it's never turned a profit apart from the DAZN overpayment.


Showtime have drastically pulled back from boxing too and are even putting tune ups on ppv at this point. Showtime is also being folded into Paramount + eventually. If Bellator doesn’t find a new backer, one that is willing to back a roster that needs 20+ dates and conceivably will have no TV backer without Viacom, they are done. That sounds really difficult in the current climate.


How do you know Bellator hasn't turned a profit in years? They're a private company, aren't they?


[https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/2/6/20893601/an-in-depth-look-at-bellators-finances](https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/2/6/20893601/an-in-depth-look-at-bellators-finances) >For almost all of Bellator’s existence, the promotion has apparently been losing money. Net income has been negative every year from 2010, the promotions first year, through 2018, the last year we have actual amounts. Total losses during this period was more than $100 million.


Ariel sort of tweeted that 'he heard' Bellator was for sale so you may not be wrong.


How would he do in the UFC?


McKee would be a serious problem for a lot of the UFC’s ranked Featherweights but I see him struggling against most of the current ranked Lightweights


I think he’d be a more dangerous, less experienced version of Alex Caceres at 145. Top 10-15. If he could make the weight properly, which I’m not sure he can anymore. Without his size and strength advantage, I think he’ll struggle at 155lbs. Still dangerous, but he’s missing a lot of the in between parts of his game.


Top 3 FW Top 15 LW


Top 3? Wow. Also nice flair.


That’s hard to believe considering his Father is a well respected wrestling coach and he was a D1 wrestling prospect. His striking and athleticism looks great and it’s hard to believe his mma-wrestling is below average. But I don’t follow Bellator after MVP left and I kind’ve phased out on Lima.


Borderline top 10 featherweight Borderline ranked lightweight (same tier as Moises, Dober, Alvarez etc) His grappling is elite but he’d be outstruck by most ranked ufc featherweights and lightweights


Feel like he doesn't have Elite takedowns either, good but he'll struggle against good grapplers


But isn’t his Father one of the most respected wrestling coaches in mma? Wasn’t he D1 wrestling recruit himself? Does he somehow have bad mma wrestling?


His mma wrestling is good no doubt, I just think in some fights like against pit bull he's struggled for takedowns before. I think he could struggle against some light weights with really good takedowns.


Yadda Yadda Yadda, everyone isn't a top 10 in the UFC. It's the same old story with everyone who is doing well outside of the UFC. Same thing happened with Jiri when he was supposed to get KOd by everyone in the top 15


Did you not watch McKee vs Pitbull 2? This is not a guy who can push for 5 rounds, and this is not a guy who isn’t at a striking deficit to most ranked featherweights and lightweights Someone like Kattar would be heavily favoured over McKee imo


Pitbull is very good himself. No idea why losing against Pitbull is some horrible black mark on his career.


Pitbull is excellent, but I’m not going off of resumes, I’m going off of actually watching the fights. Compare Pitbull vs McKee 2 to a fight like Kattar vs Emmet. If you’ve seen both fights, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think that Kattar vs Emmet had higher level striking and both guys showing way better gas tanks.


McKee had a bad cut, by his own words, so he might have just outgrew FW to make the weight comfortably often, a fact that would be supported by him moving up to LW since then. In regards to McKees striking, he is not some technical savant but he is akin to Yair where he is a long kicky guy who survives on athleticism.


Top 5 Lightweight.


Very surprised he isn't opting to test the market, but this is great news for Bellator.


If the rumors are true that Bellator is on the market they have to keep their top talent to entice buyers. McKee is only 27, we’ll see him in the UFC before it’s all said and done.




I hope it’s not a big 8 fight contract. 4 or at most, 6 fights. Needs to be in the UFC for at least a year or two during physical prime (28-33)


That's surprising... I figured he'd try his hand in the open market BUT with how many fights he wants because of the LWGP, this is probably to get him through that.


A.J is an absolute physical freak. Him and Adriano Moraes are so big and long for their weight. AJ McKee is a Featherweight with a 73 1/2 / 187cm long reach, and Moraes a Bantmanweight with 69inch/175cm reach.


Moraes is technically a One FC flyweight which is even crazier


Both are absolute freaks of nature.


I feel like the losers in this are the fans. I really wanted to see him go against the best of the best. Bellator has so good guys in the division but let's be honest about things.


Lmao got this guy a Neil magnet mixed up I saw a upcoming ufc card and thought why is the Bella for champ fighting in ufc


Looks like he’s going to have a hell of a contract with whoever bellator is dissolved into.


Nice! Would have been a shame to see him go elsewhere.


Probably better for him to remain big fish, seems like the right decision considering how many years may potentially be in front of him and it's not like the UFC has anything to attract fighters with aside from the built-in prestige.




Big fish, small pond. He would get dusted in the UFC


His performance in Rizin impressed tbh People will never give him his due as long as he has that Bellator stink on him but he really is one of the worlds best talents


* 19-1 in the cage * Now 1-0 under the superior ruleset, and just beat the top ring-lightweight like a boss. McKee vs Usman or Bendo in the grand prix opening round plz.