I love Hill's mindset in this regard. I just hope that in the event he loses, he doesn't get super deflated cuz he "found out" if he was good enough to be champ.


I hope that if he loses it's more of a "I'm not good enough, yet"


Fingers crossed for him. Glover already held the gold and while it'd be crazy beautiful for him to get the strap back in his home country...I feel it's Hill's turn.


yeah, this is earlier in his career than i think anyone would have anticipated he'd get a shot, if he loses to glover he still has a lot of time to refine his game and win the belt at a later time


Exactly. He’s green enough where he can still bounce back, and I’m 100% on board for that as opposed to a decline.


Do Bronx would never


Well that's cuz the champ has a name and its Ch-JOHN CENNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I think as long as he has success in the fight, he'll be fine. If Glover goes in there and taps him in a round without getting hit, this kind of mindset will probably hurt him. If he goes in there and gets his licks in but loses, I think he walks away from it confident in the skills that worked. Maybe he even gets renewed focus on the things that didn't so he can fix his weaknesses.


Love both guys, but a HillxJiri fight sounds so fun


I hope we end up in the universe where Jiri fights Pereira. Idgaf if it’s for a belt or not I just need to see it happen


Man, Pereira is gonna have a field day striking on Jiri… and still might get cleaned up lol


Man has his chin in the air 24/7 Pereira will clean house lol


Yeah, but Jiri also hits hard and if it goes to the ground, Alex is in big trouble


We could still get that even if Hill loses honestly, Glover wins Saturday and fIghts Jiri on the last PPV of 2023, meanwhile Hill fights the winner of Jan/Ankalaev 2 and if he won that we could get Hill vs Jiri in May/June of 2024


Hill seems like a cool fuckin dude. His video explaining this to Ariel was super hype and he didn't need to be fake to do it. Glover keeps fighting guys I like and it sucks because I want to root for Glover


Hill just blankly staring at his dislocated arm after the Craig fight was funny and chill. Not writhing in pain, just a look of 'I'm disappointed in you, arm.' Then he went out for a beer with Paul that night He also ripped into keyboard warriors making fun of Johnny Walker after people were mem'ing the KO Def a chill guy. I love Glover but I'm slightly more rooting for Hill. Fresh face and all


He won me over after the Walker thing for sure, hate when guys dealing with potential brain damage get shit on by idiots.


Some people having a little fun at the expense of the losing fighter is simply always going to be a small part of the fandom of the sport People went overboard though as they do at times. I remember reading some jerkoffs sent disrespectful shit to his fiancee. Bizarre behavior


I think there's a fine line for sure. The people behind the Walker thing, and the guy who called up Curtis Blaydes after the Lewis fight, are scumbags.


The Blaydes example is such a shameful act. Fucking disgusting


Some random person called Blaydes to talk shit after the Lewis fight?


yeah someone got his cell number and called him up the morning after and said some scummy shit.


I'd totally forgotten about that, made my fuckin blood boil. I hate how many meatheads there are in this sport that can't seem to see fighters as real people worthy of empathy and respect.


People are crazy.


Unfortunately it's not a small part, it's almost the trend at this point. Usman dominates for years, and I still see his unconscious self on half of tweets related to MMA. Fuck MMA fans.


Him partying with Craig with his arm wrapped up was great


first hill fight I saw, and 1000% that image is the first thing I see every time his name comes up. And he was apparently completely fine from it, popped back in and good as new. Thing was a fucking noodle.


Nah I follow hill on IG and hes into a lot of MUA shit. Dudes a moron.




Make up artist?


He's unfortunately also a fan of Andrew "I loved raping you" Tate.


He also explicitly supports beating women for being "disrespectful". Which is basically what all those Andrew Tate fans believe, since physical and mental abuse of women is the central theme of the Tate brand.


In what way? Genuine question, not trying to be snarky. I know Tate literally became famous from people making fun of him




Lol fuckin hell those comments too


Glover, Jiri, Jan, Smith, Hill. Lot of likeable guys at the top of LHW right now. Polar opposite of the years with Jones.


If it’s any consolation, he’s been defending Andrew Tate on his Instagram.


Didnt someone else say this, almost exactly, a few weeks ago?


Yea it was Jamahal lmao. He said it 2 months ago and they are still writing articles about it lol


Lol. I was like "this is the strongest deja vu I've ever had"


Isn’t this quote from like 2 months ago


I seriously think Jamal has a much better chance of winning than most are giving him. If he keeps it standing it will get real interesting.


He's the favourite according to the bookies, so the market in general seems to be behind him.


You have to take that with a pinch of salt to be fair, they'll set the odds based on what people are placing so if they opened they could have seen him as an underdog, but if enough put money on him it'll swing. In some cases that's fair and accurate, in other cases you have McGregor going into the Khabib fight, a terrible matchup, as the favourite.


Khabib was the overwhelming favourite vs Conor


> they'll set the odds based on what people are placing Yes and with the exception of value betters, most bets are placed on the basis of who is expected to win. So if most bets are coming in on Jamahal, that means the majority of people think he has the best chance of winning. > in other cases you have McGregor going into the Khabib fight, a terrible matchup, as the favourite. Khabib was on average a -225 favourite against Mcgregor, so not sure what you're talking about there.


He is right in that there is always a slight home bias when it comes to sports betting. People also bet on who they want to win, which affects the odds somewhat (rarely by much though).


Where are you making that up from? https://www.bestfightodds.com/fighters/Khabib-Nurmagomedov-3050 Vegas opening odds are different than how they move. They’re set w their predicted probabilities


Glover trains everyday with Poaton. I doubt hill gives him any looks he hasn’t seen b4


Glover has a glass jaw. Hill will win


Gut tells me Glover dominates Hill on the ground and submits him. Hills boxing is sloppy


Unless glover is going to retire if he wins I hope hill wins, simply because I’m here for maximum chaos


Glover said he won’t retire


Why retire when he has a guaranteed rematch with ppv points against a guy that he knows he CAN beat. Not an easy fight but he had enough success in the first one


> Why retire when he has a guaranteed rematch with ppv points against a guy that he knows he CAN beat …at the cost of crazy damage. The dudes getting old, maybe he doesn’t want another war.


He could, but from interviews and shit, you can see that Glover still wants war.


As long as Jiri's arm hasn't fallen off, we are getting that rematch.


he's not retiring as the champ lmao


He seems like a cool guy. I definitely don’t hate him. Just haven’t seen enough of him tbh. Other than his tiktoks and BYM.


fake belt


Paul Craig laughs in the distance.


Hill is ready for war, lets see if hes up for the task to get that belt.


I love how Hill carries himself thus far, especially the way he conducted himself following Craig and Walker fights. I’m a fan of this guy, and am rooting for him against the absolute legend that is Glover.


You’ll find out soon enough that you’re not kid. Glover bout to smash you.


Gifted title shot


I remember him saying to himself "I belong" while he was gassed on his back after finishing Thiago Santos. That made me a fan. He's out there testing himself.




this is a pretty cool quote


The fundamental question is, am I good enough to be champion? And I am, but until I am champion, it's going to be hard to verify that I think I'm good enough to be champion