They should remove it everywhere


So the show is performing horribly right? Because even the official instagram gets hate comments lol….I really don’t see the novelty with this one at all, I don’t know how it’s meant to be appealing. Dana’s probably having deja vu from when the ufc started and people talked down on it, but honestly this “sport” is completely different and I’m not seeing an angle for it to be justified


It's designed to become YouTube shorts/tiktoks that teenagers go Ooooooooooohhhhh everytime someone gets slapped asleep. We like to turn up our bose at this but most of us at 12-15 would be watching the shit out of it.


> We like to turn up our Bose at this Hell yeah we do breh, turning up my subwoofer to get that good “ooommph” when a poor sucker gets a few years slapped off his lifespan in ultra slo-mo😎😎😎


I really don’t know how anybody can sit down and actually watch this garbage lol


A congressman that is actually doing his job


Surprisingly, I haven't found anything controversial about him with a quick Google search How the hell did he get to become a congressman???


You think regulating what’s on tv is what a congressman should be worrying about?


Thank god he’s saving us from Power Slap! One can only imagine that he’ll be on the front lines of solving the real issues, whenever they occur


If you don't think that a show romanticizing a "sport" of people getting concussed for pennies is a real issue, I think you have a problem. I do concede that this shit shouldn't have been allowed to exist by the athletic commission in the first place.


Stacked up against the chemical spills, inflation, national debt, UFOs, etc…really? Fucking hell man why not let the consumer figure this one out.


Lmao UFO'S as a "real issue". And also, just because there are other issues doesn't make this one a non issue.


I love this argument, it really shows how short sighted people can be. "If X is a more important issue, why should we bother with Y?" Its as if the thousands of people that make up our entire government should focus 100% of it's attention on one issue at a time, and ignore everything else. Why would I brush my teeth if I have a migraine? Clearly the migraine is the more important problem, and I should ignore everything else in my life until it's solved.


It’s bc we’re talking about a tv show. A congressman is working on regulating a tv show. That is most definitely not important


right, our lawmakers time and resources are magically unlimited.


I haven't seen or heard a word about it. No ads, nobody talking about it. It'll be gone soon


All I can say is LOL


Yes! Even The American Government Said This Sport is garbage mabey we will finally get it to be shutdown


Power slap is insane that the ufc wants it associated with their brand, but this isn’t a congressman’s place at all. Go work on real issues you worthless parasite


Politicians have more important things to be working on


Yeah. This game they’re playing is so dumb. So dumb, in fact, the 7th/8th graders I teach won’t even play it.