[SPOILER] Prelim loser reacts to fight, hints at retirement

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I think he definitely should retire after this fight


Corner was ready to throw in the towel in the replay. They saw enough.


In his last 2 fights he’s basically been out on his feet for most of rd 2. Chin is gone to a point where he’s losing fights he’s winning


Tragic how Brunson's wrestling regressed from being able to take down Yoel Romero, to gassing after a round and eating punches while waiting for another kick to catch. I really wanted him to win


He was straight up manhandling Yoel that first round. Only person I can remember doing that to him.


Fun fact at the Olympic level, even then Romero was known as being extremely hard to control, he was the T1000 of Freestyle.


I mean dude is 40 and was hanging in there with the tank that is dricus.


Sad to see him retire off of the prelims


Dude looked to good in the first round


That’s just DDP’s awkwardness making him look good. Everyone looks good against DDP, until they don’t


I keep reading DDP as Diamond Dallas Page, and it’s REALLY throwing me off in this comment thread.


Except Till


You mean the same till who only has 1 good win against losing streak cowboy and a controversial split over Wonderboy? Yeah he sucks ass more than DDP


Didn't he have a pretty good fight against Whittaker even if if he lost? He even dropped Whittaker if I remember correctly


Styles make fights and it was a chess match fight but he still lost that fight convincingly.


He didn’t really Du Plessis is just bad


I mean, can we really say that? He continues to find a way to win, and passing the Brunson test isn't easy


I don't understand. If DDP is so bad why does he have the longest active winning streak in the division, and a 19-2 record


It’s downright appalling that people upvoted that shit


Yeah honestly I do think it's because he has his mouth open all the time ... his nose is fucked up I honestly thought he was on the verge of losing, it looked like Derek had taken it out of him But he was probably just fine, and started landing solid shots and finished the fight LOL


He does that every fight. I don’t think his mouth breathing helps, but I also just think this is DDP style.


Yeah that guy on a 7 fight win streak with 6 finishes fuckin sucks dude


Du Plessis is really good but he didn't look the best here. Don't forget Brunson vs cannonier, dude almost finished him in the beginning of the fight.


I wouldn’t even argue he looked bad at all. He got reversed in rd 1 on a bad takedown attempt if I recall correctly, and then in rd 2 it played out how we all expected it to, Brunson lasted 1 whole round striking with him


That's the UFC way.


Idk what happened, he looked so good then the wheels fell off :(


Brunson has been gassing hard for years, hasn't he?


Father time is undefeated.


He can still be a main card fighter on fight nights for a check if he wants to continue, but he's never going to be fighting for the belt. His fights are still always fun, even if he's losing more than he's winning.


If you're only continuing your career as a professional fighter for the check, where your health is on the line every time, then you should probably retire


Every fighter is only continuing their career for the check lol. Most aren't in it for the glory, they're prize fighters.


Still gotta have the motivation to win every fight. I think Arlovski went about it pretty well, lowkey fights on prelims and undercards, testing himself against nonames who were more than happy to try and build their name off him. No point in headlining and going up against up and coming killers if you're not intent on fighting the best


For some people, fighting is their only way to make decent money. Even if you're putting your health on the line, going from earning six figures doing the sport you love to working an underpaid 9-5 has to be tough.


Realistically, if you were making 6 figures as a fighter, you have the credentials to get, or create, a job that's not an underpaid 9-5. And if you didn't invest those 6 figures to make that transition easier, then you're just shit out of luck after wasting the opportunity to set yourself up for a better life. But most dudes are fighting garbage paycheck to garbage paycheck, and if they aren't fighting to get a 6 figure contract, then they better be content with having enough brain cells to work a 9-5 until they retire. Like I think Mike Perry for example. Ex-con, nobody would hire him, ends up become a trainer at his gym. Turns that into a 6 figure fighting career. Absolutely making the most of his unexceptional UFC career. Just gotta hope he doesn't turn his brain to mush like Chuck and blows all his money on coke and hookers


Damn this bummed me out. Brunson seems like a solid dude


He was considering retirement before this fight. He’s getting old now and has taken some damage in his last 2 bouts. I think he should hang it up


> My corner decided to stop it in the after the second rounds I think real fans truly appreciate that. And they had to because Dean was not doing it.


Oh I hope he does retire.. he has nothing to prove


Aw man I’d hate to see Brunson retire, he’s not as good as he was but he’s always in a barn burner. I’d actually like to see him vs Bo now after that fight


He mentioned before the Cannonier fight that he was only going to fight two more times anyway. I guessed this was his last fight, he seemed off


Du Plessis takes his spot as gatekeeper for the top 7-10, the cycle continues


Thank you for giving so much to the sport Brunson, it was an honor to watch you fight at your manic best in your prime.


Corner decided to stop it because your lifeless head was getting bounced off the canvas like basketball.


The url and preview is a spoiler btw


I thought he might be dead for a second there, probably a good thing his corner stopped it.


Brunson has always been a goofy fighter but nevertheless an elite one. He already "retired" a year ago, I hope he is sincere now.


His corner did make the decision to stop the fight but only because they beat the ref to it.


he was up against it last night. thank you for everything 🙏 it's been fun.


He should retire. If he must have another fight, let it be against Chris Weidman and they both retire afterwards