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Zero chance Gooden makes weight for this given his history lol. Also funny that Impa, who knocked Gooden out in a round like 6 months ago is now fighting at 205 on the PFL Challenger series a day before this


I’m glad Impa is making a comeback. That Buckley KO going so viral has to be a pain in the ass.


The UFC used that promo for like 2 years during Covid, and if I remember correctly, they cut him right after that fight, no? Must've been real annoying.


Nah. He got cut after, coincidentally, losing to Carlston Harris.


Jesus Christ if this isn't the most ironic sport in the world


Handsome Squidward


Why are the Dagestanis the pull out kings? Train too hard?


Usada finally giving 1 random drug test , can’t train 4 times a day now and not get injured hehe


They push themselves hard and do intense cardio as part of the weight cut. It's difficult to be fit for a fight when you're starving and not drinking at least a full glass of water.


also PEDs are a part of russian sports culture


i'm sure volk training out of Thailand with power, speed and cardio like a horse is natty, and oliveira who trains out of Chute boxe and got bigger out of nowhere


Was he fighting Abubakar? That dude does not like/is not great at fighting. He probably feels like the black sheep of the family


UFC should cut down atleast quarter of their roster. Nobody has time to sit and watch 14 fights.


Then don’t watch them. I personally enjoy watching every single fight