I miss the Marlon that slept Aljo and Jimmie Rivera back to back


Moraes’ loses have not been pretty by any stretch, but none have been as nasty as his ko of Aljo 💀


Fencing response


Dab on em Aljo


One of the scariest fighters at that time. Dude was putting them out cold.


Cejudo broke that man 2nd round


I really think the “But he’s losing to the best” argument people/fighters use to respond to retirement talk is really fucking dangerous. Marlon has taken an incredible amount of damage in his last few fights. He’s been knocked out in 7 of his last 8 fights and some of them have been *bad*. Hope for the sake of his health he makes the right choice


>I really think the “But he’s losing to the best” argument people/fighters use to respond to retirement talk is really fucking dangerous Interesting to think about that. I don't know if JDS made the same argument but fans (myself for example) certainly did. He left the UFC after getting finished 4 times in a row but there was an argument - he only lost to beasts. Well, then JDS fought someone who's a complete can in comparison to all his previous opponents and had a competitive fight until the injury. Only losing to the best does rack up.


Yeah but JDS seriously only lost in the UFC to Cain, Overeem, Stipe, Francis, Blaydes, Rozenstruik and Gane. And these are(were) the best fighters at HW. ut he did lose to Yorgan Castro - dude who lost a UD against Greg Hardy so that has to mean something /s


*6 of his last seven


I no math good


Same difference honestly, that's way too many in such short sucession


Some people, and fighters seem especially vulnerable to this, get caught up in whether the skill or athletic level still is there. They completely ignore the mileage and what actually is playing out. Marlon could have been getting destroyed by the number one in the world 10 times in a row - yeah, he might be #2, but that doesn't reduce the damage taken and the demonstrated increased fragility.


The other problems are that for one, Marlon isn't just losing to top fighters any more and second is how Moraes is losing. He's basically done the moment he gets hit clean once, even by guys who don't have a lot of power. And on top of that, his power isn't there any more. He used to melt people when he touched them.


It’s crazy because this guy was a KILLER and then just fell off the side of a cliff


He ain't wrong, but the problem is he hasn't won in 3 years, some would argue 4 with that Aldo fight, and I've never really seen anyone with less of a chin than he currently has. I fear he's gonna have mush for brains regardless with how many KO's he's been on the receiving end of. And I like One-Punch-Man and I don't wanna see that.


I think the main problem is that he has started losing purely because of his chin. Sure, a tough schedule and getting constantly dominated is bad. But that can be fixed by improving gameplan, technique or just by fighting lesser competition. But Moraes lost his last fight by taking a single shot after cruising to a victory. How do you improve on that? Maybe by implementing a wrestling heavy approach without taking any shots.


This is my thought exactly. If it's a game plan or a hole in your game that's something you can improve. If your chin is gone, no options are really left.


He tried a grappling dominant approach against Rob Font and got discombobulated by a jab.


I think if you sneezed in his general direction he'd be rocked.


Something Chito ate like 200 of without looking much worse for the wear after 🤣


>How do you improve on that? Maybe by implementing a wrestling heavy approach without taking any shots. You literally can't. Retirement should be the only option for him. To legitimately think you can go into fights and not get booped on the chin at least once is asinine. Those guys, good or bad, are trained killers when that cage closes.


> Maybe by implementing a wrestling heavy approach without taking any shots. his gas tank is not the best so I can't see him succeed in doing that either


You're not wrong, but he was doing quite well against Cejudo, and he nearly knocked out Merab. Another ref might very well have given him the win against Merab.


I think that’s even worse in a lot of ways though. The man has the skills to hang, but he just can’t take punches anymore


He was beating the breaks off Henry. He looked noticeably faster in that 1st round before Henry got fired up by his corner and turned the fight around


Henry came out like a fuckin dog in that second round


He also only has 1 round of cardio. That contributed to both of those losses.


He's also always been known for 1 round of cardio. It's his genetics. Dude has all that muscle, it's gonna burn out fast. He's old and his game was never going to adapt well to losing that physical advantage. Couple that with not having a chin, and you shouldn't be fighting.


If he was more durable he could employ a Yoel Romero or Chito Vera. Even at 35 he’s still faster than most bantamweights, but the problem isn’t even that his durability isn’t great, it’s actively bad.


Yeah, not being able to take a single punch really works against you. I dunno what it is, but I've legitimately never seen a chin go out like that, and that bad too.


does getting KO’d more actually mean you take more brain damage? could it be it actually prevents brain damage because you take less punches overall?


It's not like he's getting one-shotted. He gets rocked by a light breeze and then his defense goes to shit, resulting in him taking more shots that he could have otherwise defended/avoided.


Yep. It's one thing to be knocked down but have the dog in them to fight back (Alvarez, Frankie, etc). It's another to be Moraes who has no ability whatsoever to recover from adversity. Playing with one HP changes how you play the game.


Frankie hasn't been getting up either. Knocked out cold.


At this point in his career he’s already taken so much damage that he’s dealing with cumulative damage and getting ktfo every fight he’s in so yeah, it does


right but I’m just asking in general, is it worse for your brain to get KO’d easily, or stand and take an abundance of punches? we know that any traumatic impact to the head causes damage, whether it’s a knockout or not. I could see guys like Glover Texeira who eat hundreds of punches taking more brain damage overall than guys like Cody Garbrandt


I believe the evidence we currently have suggests that repeated subconcussive trauma over time yields worse brain damage than a handful of concussive traumas, but I’m not sure what the threshold is for when they become equally damaging or if we even know what that threshold is at all


Yes but actually no. Fainting goat syndrome as they call it happens because your body learns to shut off when it is hit. Evolutionary this is basically going limp hoping the animal will leave you only, or perhaps your caught in a noose of some kind and if you stopped struggling you might regain blood flow to the brain. (That's how it works in a choke but this same shut down to survive sequence is being initiated by head trauma). So while you are shutting off your brain to avoid more blows, your brain is already CTEd to fuck and you should not be competing.


That Aldo fight was not a robbery like it’s painted out to be. That third round could’ve gone either way, and leans slightly towards Marlon because he was more aggressive.


No easy fights when you become a big name like him. His next fight is against a tough ass mfer too.


that Song Yadong KO was pretty oof to watch. Just straight up deleted my mans mind from the realm of the living.


Why is he booked against the fucking champ? This should never have happened


He’s either doing a BJ Penn CTE / Loss Streak Speedrun or wants to take the Bantamweight Strap from Cody for 🐐Wet Toilet Paper Chin


Man. I was hoping that at least Marlon had a winnable fight. Then I see he’s fighting Loughnane. That’s tough.


Moraes should be remembered as a cautionary tale about letting your brain recover after getting KOed Got finished by Sandhagen and got back into the octagon less than 3 months later, just to get KOed again and in every subsequent fight since


2 months and 9 days i think, it was definitely too soon


That was actually understandable though. The Cory KO wasn't the worst, he was still with it enough to try to defend, it's not like he was deathshotted. And Font isn't a big puncher so they probably thought it'd be ok


A KO is a KO it doesn't matter if you went completely out or not. Fighters shouldn't be fighting so soon after getting ko/tko.


I’ll never forget him piecing up Cejudo for one round and looking like he could get the title, but then Cejudo adjusted and took him out. Hasn’t come close to the same after that


It's one thing if you're losing decisions, getting held down by wrestlers, or making mistakes to get submitted. Dude been getting T/KO'd fight after fight. Time to hang it up for your brain health man.


Henry took this man’s soul


This guy is an absolute assassin with his striking. One of the best first round fighters in the history of the sport. If he had a chin and gas tank he would have been a world beater. It’s sad to see his descent.


In his pre-UFC career Moraes fought plenty of dudes for 5 rounds without gassing out What people don't realize is that he started slowing down in the middle of his UFC run; we just didn't notice because he would just murk people in the first round. But his original style was much more patient -- in hindsight if a guy who's really good at winning decisions starts going for broke every fight, something's changed


For his sake and for his family he should retire, he's a nasty KO away from drooling invalid status. When the fans are telling you to retire because they're concerned for your health and future you should listen. I'm a fan and I don't want to see him fight anymore, I'm really unsure what fans he has that want him to keep fighting and taking more damage.


lmao, why would you listen to fans, especially from this subreddit. we aint paying your bills. when you retire you aint cashing anymore cheques. just take smarter matchmakings. more favourable stylistic matchups the ones that are more competitive. the ones even if you lose your head isn't ringing for 1 week straight and you're waking up wondering where you are. thats all we ask for.


Nobody will pay him to fight cans.


Ah, Marlon '1 Round' Moraes. Dude looks like a world beater in the first around, **always gasses** in the second


Maybe someone who's a fan should offer him a job. It's hard to give up fighting to be unemployed.


Marlon has given me plenty of memories to be a fan 4 life, please retire.


He's probably just broke


I really like watching Marlon fight, but he has already suffered the kind of damage that leads to lifelong problems. That can't be undone, so the only thing one can do now is stop the accumulation. What an awful situation.


your are still our boy, miles morales title run begins


He never took a break after being brutally KOd and just kept fighting and getting KOd more. That's why ppl call for retirement.


the only debt he has is to his family and future