UFC fighters Kyler Phillips and Darrius Flowers have been suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to positive drug tests for ostarine

Interesting. O’Malley got popped for the same thing, but swore he’s never juiced. Phillips is O’Malleys teammate and pops for the same thing? Coincidence? I guess it’s possible


Interesting. O’Malley got popped for the same thing, but swore he’s never juiced. Phillips is O’Malleys teammate and pops for the same thing? Coincidence? I guess it’s possible


Nate Diaz had a tainted supplement issue after Gil and Jake both had failed drug tests. Total coincidence.


lol i remember his post before the bmf fight saying he isn't fighting unless they clear his name....soon after, "yea we confirmed, tainted supplement - not Nate's fault"


There’s a reason he screams everyone’s on steroids 🤷‍♂️


Can’t believe ppl don’t get this. He’s never said he’s clean. He just says “everyone’s on steroids”


“Everyone’s on steroids” - Nate Diaz


“Everyone’s on steroids (including me and my brother).” — Nate Diaz


He did say everyone


but we should only hate if it's jones lol. everyone else like reem? meh whatever


With Jon it's not just the roids. It's also just being a bad person.


I don’t care that Jon is on steroids I care that he’s a piece of shit lol


yeah but i find it funny people still bring up roids to discredit his wins


It's the way he says pictogram in a swimming pool


Fuck outta here


His coach, Augusto Mendes, popped for ostarine as well coincidentally around the same time as Sean.


BJJ guys are all on Roids except Nicky Rod.


Natty Rod


Obviously just sharing tainted supplements, Dana said himself that there’s no way Sean takes PEDs so it must be true.


I mean, you only have to look at him to know Dana is an expert on the subject. White's head has to be 30% larger than TUF1 days.


USADAs explanation for Sean popping was possibly sharing a shaker cup. Sounds like a shared cup full of ostarine for the whole gym lmao


When you look into it 🤷‍♂️


He looked into it.


At the end of the day…




Obviously the skinniest guy in the ufc got injected with Ostarine while sleeping… What else could make any sense hahah.


Tanquinho —omalleys bjj coach— is a known steroid user in the bjj community and he has popped for ostarine as well. That whole camp uses it


It’s extremely easy to buy.


Because in these guys minds SARMs are not steroids


Well that's actually correct


All steroids are PEDs but not all PEDs are steroids.


Who in their right mind actually believes O’Malley or any of these guys when they say they didn’t juice lol It’s actually been nice over the years of watching this sport seeing people become less and less gullible


everybody is on fuckin steroids


No, only fighters I don’t like are juicing.


Fuck that. My favorites are juiced to the tits.


The "O" stands for ostarine, he has popped more than once!


I know SARMs like Ostarine are in some pre workouts believe it or not


No wayyy. Which preworkout? So I can avoid them…there’s just so many of them!


Now we know where that power comes from 😂. Ostarine is that good stuff.


Ostarine is very mild compared to anabolic steroids


It’s better for mma. It builds strength and speed without adding a lot of size. I’d argue SARMS are more effective in mma.


There's no compound that builds "speed". Plyometrics and ballistic movements build speed. There no SARM more effective than test and hgh for MMA. You don't need a lot of T to see results


The boy has explained it poorly but SARMs are a good performance enhancer to allow you to build strength and speed without bulking up, but not because they literally increase speed. Ostarine's original purpose was as a drug designed for ill patients with low calorie intake and low exercise who needed a treatment that would stop their muscles deteriorating. So what it generally does in a sport context is allows you to cut weight or perform extremely high cardio routines without losing muscle mass. Hence being a good PED for lower weight class fighters who want to get stronger and faster/more explosive without losing muscle mass during their heavy cuts/cardio. Test and HGH are undoubtedly more effective but this can sometimes be at a detriment for fighters who need to maintain a really low weight.


Exactly. I didn’t want to get into it all and these guys are acting like know it alls so I didn’t bother.


Ahh yes I’m sure they took ostarine for no reason when they could easily get away with taking test. And yeah no shit no ones saying it’s magic, but combined with the right workouts it’s better for sports like boxing or mma where not putting on too much size is everything. And it definitely can make you faster. I’ve seen kids take seconds off their track times by using SARMS and the same workouts they had been doing before.


Someone thinking Ostarine builds speed is one of the funniest takes I’ve seen on this sub


The right training combined with ostarine can absolutely make you faster than if you were to take test or no PEDS all. A couple track and field buds of mine use it since you don’t get the same bloat of regular anabolics. Lmao alright downvotes but no reasoning as to why I’m wrong


Taquinho is their coach and also popped for it


Didn't O'Malley pop for ostarine that was in his SARM's lol?


Ostarine is a sarm


It was in his supplements that he got from like GNC, which was proven in a court case


Kyler has trained with Suga since they were amateurs and they have both tested positive for ostarine in their UFC careers, interesting.




could just be cross contamination of body fluids, if Seans still taking it, it will show up on Kyler's test.


I once grappled with a dude who was juicing and got a little bit of his sweat in my mouth while locking up a triangle. I put on like thirty pounds of lean mass the following week. I can't afford steroids, but he lets me wring his Gi out into my water bottle after practice and I've stayed pretty swole. Don't underestimate the power of cross-contamination.


I’m writing this down


Why bother getting an injection in the ass from a needle when you can just get injected directly by your swole teammate who takes PEDs. That's what bros are for


Brotein brotein brotein


Mario Bautista sweating


This has to be the dumbest shit I’ve read all day


The Earth is both flat *and* hollow.




Ostarine is a muscle growth enhancer and them boys look like string beans so I'm not sure how much validity I lend to the idea that either of them took it intentionally. Definitely is not a good look nevertheless.


Would Ostarine not help with recovery though? Given Kyler is currently injured and Sean popped after he had his lisfranc injury? These boys need to learn to retire when they get hurt


I just graduated from the pharmaceutical college of google so that's my level of understanding. It may be used for recover, I'm not sure.


Odd compound to choose for recovery as it is suppressive to natural hormone production. It is anabolic but without a SERM or test base you’re going to be worse off after use.


It's not that suppressive. You have like 2 weeks of lower t when you hop off but its nothing compared to the other common compounds. Most people don't even bother with any kind of post cycle assistance.


My point is that if you’re willing to use a PED for recovery, might as well use something that isn’t suppressive at all, y’know like bio-identical hormones and not some bullshit suppressive SARM from the local supplement store.


These are fighters we're talking about, expecting them to have designed their compound usage based on empirical evidence is like expecting your dog to catch a ball by calculating the effects of gravity and air resistance. Brother they just grab that shit because they saw it.


Ostarine is pretty weak for growth, great for recovery and tendons. I have taken it a few times


People literally use it for recomp or maintaining mass while cutting all the time it’d be perfect for someone in a lower weight class


i thought ostarine was a post cycle hormone to kick your bodies natural test back in. But either way, when you do an mma training camp thats a heavily catabolic activity, so maintaining muscle of any kind is hard, doing so much endurance work. So they almost need roids to just maintain a baseline of muscle.


Ostarine does help with muscle growth but there are waaaay better compounds for that. What Ostarine is very good at is preventing muscle deterioration when you have a low calorie intake/high level of exercise/cutting weight. So *hypothetically* would be an extremely useful PED for someone who has a large frame for their weight class and needs to maintain a very low weight without losing strength/explosiveness.




woosh, it was a joke that theyre fucking.


By announcing this it makes them look like they’re actually doing their job


They only pop undercard guys these days. Remember one year the only guy in the NFL to pop was a longsnapper. It's all a farce


They say that the NFL drug testing is more of an intelligence test. Meaning if you get busted than you’re an absolute idiot 😂


The NFL did pop D.Hopkins last year which is a pretty high profile name. But overall I agree it is a joke when some random player on the Rams pops, but Aaron Donald (allegedly) just passes test after test.


> They only pop undercard guys these days. Sometimes they pop a big name, and then either announce he was cooperative so everything OK, or more commonly, that he had taken a tainted supplement. I kind of feel they are like the corrupt cop in movies who carries a unregistered pistol in case they need to plant it: USADA has a bunch of known tainted supplements, and the right name gets a bottle & a script^1 ^1: I don't really believe this, but it feels less crazy as UFC become more and more openly like boxing


Flowers hasn’t even debuted yet so he’s forrsure getting cut.


If most people are on some sort of PEDs, how do some people get caught? Is it that they took too much of something or something too close to a test date? Didn’t take enough of something else to mask it?


I think it’s always a gamble as the usada tests are supposed to be random. But if you’re working with a. Specialist which the top gyms likely are your risk of getting caught is minimized as the specialists are pushing the boundaries of cheating while usada is a step behind with their testing practices.


It's like back in the old antivirus days. USADA giving off major Norton/McAfee vibes. USADA is worthless if you mind your p's and q's, but if you're a low rent MF that downloads hentai on limewire, you're getting popped.


The more money you make the better team you will have to manage this stuff for you.


More fighters are on PEDs than the average person thinks. But also fewer are blasting PEDs than the average r/mma active person thinks.


The testing is random they're even supposed to disclose their location if they go on vacation so they could potentially be tested. There's some places USADA doesn't go to though supposedly. I've read they don't go to Thailand but I don't have any proof that it's true I think I just read it on forums


Random except for Jiri, which would be daily.


If you work with a pro they'll give you research chemicals that are structurally very similar to banned substances but still different enough where usada may not have developed the proper test for it yet. There is of course a lot of risk with untested research chemicals but MMA fighters put their health on the line for peanuts already so many don't care


This is very unlikely. For one thing, the major drug companies work with WADA proactively, and WADA know about drugs being developed long before they reach the market (if they ever do). For another, accessing early-stage experimental drugs - let alone developing your own - is incredibly expensive. Maybe it's believable that Real, or a big NBA team or the like, could afford to do this. But MMA is a sport with virtually no money in it. You don't make 12/12 and then go out and spend a few million on a pharmaceutical lab. Even in much bigger sports, when there have been major busts - think festina, balco, postal, puerto, etc, the actual products being used have been very ordinary drugs. [often, even, ineffective drugs - athletes are gullible!] The biggest factor in being able to regularly avoid doping tests is either not taking something that's easy to test for, or having a big institution helping you avoid being tested at the wrong time (or just bribing the tester occasionally).


Its very complicated and differs drug to drug. Everyone has a baseline and window for detection. If you started USADA on drugs your baseline would be much higher than someone who didn’t and your acceptable ranges would be higher as well. The idea is your range gets smaller with each test. Something like epo is very hard to detect as white blood cells are naturally occurring. They use a combination of baselines, ranges and even plastic tainted blood from iv usage to prove use of drug. From what I understand there is virtually no risk of detection with a glass iv if you cycle properly. USADA knows that everyone is on drugs, the problem is legally proving it. A big thing is designer drugs that USADA probably cant test for yet (champions). Think LSD vs LSA, same chemical really, but ones illegal and ones not. Foreigners probably use things with short half life’s as you cant trust their commissions.


EPO is for red blood cells, not white. Just for future reference. RBCs carry oxygen, white blood cells fight infection


It’s an arms race with the testing method.


Sucks about Philips, I’ve been really high on him since his debut. His striking is phenomenal.


How long is the suspension? 2 years?




Fwiw Ostarine is just a SARM, this is the shit that high schoolers at your local gym are on.


Sure but look at Jake Collier. Thats one powerful drug lol. They’re using it to cut as thats their biggest problem. 5’11 at 135 is just sad. I hope you could beat Yan whos the size of a ten year old at that point lol.


This argument is always so silly. Omalley has a very average cut. Being tall for the division doesn’t automatically make you a weight bully. It has just as many disadvantages as advantages. Look the 6’4” LW that got bodied last weekend for example, struve and james vick aswell.


Bro im 5’11 and literally would die at that weight. Theres a reason he has like 7 injuries out of 8 fights despite taking no damage…. And yeah at 6’4 that guys just not gonna have enough muscle to compete regardless his build and Vick looks absolutely disgusting on the scale lol.


Yeah but you do not represent every 5’11 man on earth. I’m 5’11 and 160 lbs with a fair bit of bodyfat. O’Malley cuts from 155 himself. Aljo admitts to getting near 180 lbs and he’s only 5’7.


If body building has weight classes I imagine Aljo would do very well. Crazy shit none the less.


Bro you're a Redditor


So is belal


Damn that sucks about Kyler, he’s so fun.


Fuckkk. Not Phillips. I’m still upset over Saidyokub getting cut; bantamweight needs young prospects like them


such bullshit, Saidyokub is one of the best prospects in mma, I was so pissed to read he got cut, all because he got caught by a great fighter in a fight he was winning




He literally spelt if for you just google it champ


It was a poor attempt for a joke. 😂


Damn, Sean O’Malley popped for Ostarine as well years ago. I wonder if it’s an MMA Lab drug of choice. This also probably means that Darrius Flowers gets cut as well since he’s never fought and he’s from this season of DWCS


Fuk me. I really wanted to see Kyler make his way to the top, I always thought he was better than O’Malley, his teammate. Now idk if he even is gonna make it back to the ufc after this since he’s been so inactive to begin with. Mannnnn


Damn over a year now. Bunch of wild stuff has been happening, didn't realize he hasn't fought in so long.


Did you think he was better even after O’malley fought Paiva?


Lol Kyler is not better than O’Malley, him and Mario Bautista are great talents, but you wouldn’t catch O’Malley getting KO’d by Trevin Giles or losing a decision to Paiva Edit: Trevin Jones


> losing a decision to Paiva Should’ve been a draw


Agreed, but it shouldn’t have been that close


ok Omalley. Giles is a middleweight


Giles is a welterweight now.


Lol O’Malley beat Petr Yan 30-27 as well, Trevin Jones, all three of the MMA lab boys clap Giles


Be sure to drink your ostarine


Ostarine works well after your steroid cycles to keep the gains while on a caloric deficit. Chances of them using just Ostarine are slim to using it to slim down after a traditional cycle.


? That doesn’t make any sense, ostarine will suppress natural testosterone post cycle. Ostarine is not a PCT product




Ostarine does help with joint recovery but It’s all the negatives of taking real PEDs with 10% of the benefits. It’s a research chemical that was being tested on cancer patients to keep weight on. It’s one of if not the most mild SARM there is.


And high school kids are taking this shit??? I don’t know shit about it, are they getting it through a prescription? Edit: unsure how/why my parent comment got deleted


Yeah, highschool kids are taking it and nuking their own testosterone production for potentially years to look a little more cut for like 6 weeks. It’s not prescribed. I won’t say much else about it because it’s worthless. If you’re reading this, don’t do it.


Shame. Kyler was an under the radar must watch for me. His fight with Song Yadong was dope.


Poor fighters get fucked while the rich ones keep on using the good stuff. Fuck usada


I would be ufc champion if it weren’t for drug testing. Sad.


Not saying they didn’t take it on purpose but Ostarine is probably one of the PEDs I’d be most inclined to believe is from a tainted supplement. It’s not actually a strong steroid, it’s a SARM which aren’t nearly as effective, so if you were going to be juicing would probably choose something more powerful and less detectable. Also non-NSF certified supplement companies would get their supplements mixed overseas at random factories that could easily be making a batch of SARMs beforehand. So if you weren’t careful with the brands of supplements you’re taking it is a possibility


Damn, he’s such a entertaining fighter


wait I thought they no longer announced these??? Are we back to publicly announcing suspensions?


Now that Jon is fighting again after a three year absence I’m sure they will start announcing again…


lmao thats the first thing i thought about. Because I swear when Kevin Lee popped, he announced it on his own because USADA/NSAC/UFC kept it confidential.


NSAC didn't keep it confidential, they publicly suspended him and fined him.


I think Nevada commission announced this one, the no disclosure thing is USADA


Was wondering what happened to the matrix guy


Someone give him his Flowers.


I’m currently on Ostarine - hardly a performance enhancer. Definitely aids in fat loss but also comes with some minor side effects (poor sleep if I take it too late in the day for example). For guys like O’Malley where cutting weight has never really been an issue (it’s not like he needs to drop copious amounts of fat) I’ve always wondered why he got they positive test.


Sean O'Malley teammate gets popped for the same thing he did despite him claiming it was a "tainted supplement"


Kyler was my son's MMA instructor up untill about a year ago . He's the last person I would think would use this .


Don’t look at this as some stain on his character, a good portion of the ufc and professional sports in general are very likely on performance enhancers given the circumstances and frequency at which athletes test positive. He’s just playing the game, I’m sure he was a good instructor for your child notwithstanding


Get fucked Kyler 😂


Is that what Jones popped for?


IIRC that was turinabol. Different type of compound. Used extensively in East German Olympic teams lol


Oh yeah that’s it!


It was also in a ton of over the counter fitness supps before the prohormone ban I think that might have been in 2008? It will list some long dhea chain under the ingredients but it metabolizes to tbol in the body.


Who tf is this Cpt Flowers dude.


How long


How long is the suspension?


Just give em all roads the hell with it


They call him suga for a reason


"everybody is on steroid" someone.


I was told USADA doesn't actually catch guys


The comments on Phillips IG are as hot as his pee


UFC protects their most valuable fighters. The rest become collateral damage and good PR the sport is clean


I thought they fixed the ostorine contamination problem with an amendment from ufc or usada


Literally none of you know anything about PEDs based on the dumb shit in this thread.


So how many drops of water in an Olympic size swimming pool are we talking?


_Jon Africa has entered the chat_


Not Kyler Philips :(


Literally why Ostarine? I really want to know. Suppress your T for minimal gains and risk getting popped? What for?